A Duck and a Leopard Geecko is an Episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes with only Pheya Fence the Duck, Rose Fence the Leopard Geecko & Taz the Tasmainian Devil


Rosa:*Searching for Sonic*

(There are about 500 types of Animals heading Rosa's way)

Pheya:*Picks up Rosa*


Animals: (Passing Pheya & Rosa)

Rosa:Whats Going on?

A Turtle is coming this way

Turtle: The Tasmainian Devil is on the loose, RUN RUN, Run for your lives (Runs passes Rose & Pheya)

Rosa:Only Swellows Eat Me!

Turtle: You don't understand, he can eat Every single Animal even you guys (Gives them a Book about Tasmainian Devil) RUN FOR YOU LIVES (Runs for his life)


(Just then, Taz the Tasmainian Devil shows up by Spining around & Around super Fast then stops & thens Growls & Snarls & then found Rosa & Pheya)

Rosa:You can't eat me,I'm half Bulbasuar!

Taz: (Shows them the Book that he ALSO eat HalfBreeds & Half Bulbasuar, anything that is HalfBreed)

Rosa:Bulbasuars Are Poision type pokemon!

Taz: (Shows them that he ALSO Eat POKEMON, even Poison Types without been Infected)

Pheya:*Uses Heart Swap,It swaps thew two people into each others body*

Taz: GRRRRRRRRROWL (Takes off his Pheya Costume) ROOOOAR (Chases Rosa & Pheya)

Pheya:*Picks up Rosa,& Flies away*

Taz: (Roars & then founds a Charizard & Hops on it & Flys after them) (Gibbrish)

Rosa:To Freedoom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taz: (Appears behind them riding on a Charizard) (Roars at Rosa & Pheya)

Rosa:You can't touch this!

Taz: (Grabs Rosa & Pheya) How come you looked like Duck & Leopard Geecko, Duck & Leopard Geecko


Taz: (Ties them up & Puts them in a Cooking Pot) (Humming)

Rosa:You can't eat Pheya!The're is only one of her!

Taz: (Puts Apples in their Mouths) (Gibberish) (Tossing the Salad)

Rosa: *Mumering*"I make you fat,Then you can't do anything about that!"

Taz: (Still Tossing the Salad with Dead Animals)


Taz: Your my Main Course, Duck & Leopard Geecko


Taz: (Licking his Lips)


Just then Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) & Sweet Scent the Skunk appears

Jack: How about some Wild Turkey Surprize?

Taz: Wild Turkey Surprize?

Sweet Scent:What?

Jack: (To Sweet Scent) Shhhhh, I got an Idea, I'll go Discrat Taz while you rescue them ok

Sweet Scent:*Walks over to the pot*

Jack: (Dresses as a Chef) 1 Wild Turkey Suprize coming up (Starts Singing "Atsa Matta for You?" while he makes the Wild Turkey Suprize out of TNT & finally he Serves Taz with Wild Turkey Suprize made out of TNT) Eat up while it still a sizzle

Taz: (Eats the Wild Turkey Suprize) Mmmmmmmmmm


Taz: (Black Covered) Pardon

Jack: There, gotta go now, Bye (goes to Sweet Scent, Rosa & Pheya)


Jack: (Grabs the Apples out of their Mouths) Let's get outta here

Rosa:There is still rope on me!

Jack: (Unties Rosa & Pheya) There, Let's get outta here (Runs)

Rosa,Pheya,&Sweet Scent:*Run*

Taz: Huh? (Spots them Escaping) (Roars) (Chases after them)

Jack: He's gaining on us

Rosa:*Jumps on Jack"s head*

Pheya:*Jumps on Sweet Scent's Head

Jack: Sweet Scent, how strong is your Spray?

Sweet Scent:I only have a good spray!

Jack: We're in a Problem here (Points to Taz)

Sweet Scent*Runs Faster*

Jack: Were in a Tight Spot, but you had to unlock you inner Skunk, Sweet Scent

Taz: (Grabs Sweet Scent) Mmmmmmmmmmmm

Sweet Scent:*Uses Toxic*

Taz: Ha Ha, Ha...Ha, Ha.......Ha Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Knocked Out)

Jack: You did it Sweet Scent, you unlock your Inner Skunk

Pheya:She unlocked her inner Stunky!

Jack: Well Done Sweet Scent

Sweet Scent:Now I'm not speacil!

Jack: Never mind that, let's lock him in a Cage (Traps Taz in a Cage) Do you like a Skunk to attend to?

Taz: (Wakes up) Oh No, Oh No (Close the Blinds that says "Do not feed the Animals")

Rosa:*Laughing*You can't eat now!

Jack: Well what do you know, looks like he's not Hungry (Hugs Sweet Scent) Don't worry, your Good Spray will come back right!

Sweet Scent:*Farts the Scent of Fried Tazmain Devil*

Jack: Mmmmmm, Yummy, your Good Spray is Back Sweet Scent

Rosa:Smell that Taz? We are going to Fry you!

Taz: (Breaks out of his Cage & Runs Away) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Jack: What's his Problem, Sweet Scent?

Sweet Scent:I don't know.

Jack: It just goes to show you that Miracles always happen in Small Packages

"That's All Folks"

The End