A hedgehog in need is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes.


It was a Beautiful day at the Farm & Foghorn Leghorn is humming a Tune

Foghorn Leghorn: (Humming) Do Dah, Do Dah (Humming) Oh the Do Dah Day (Grabs a 2x4 & Spanks Barnyard Dawg at the Bottom with it & runs away)

Barnyard Dawg: (Chases Foghorn, while Barking until he didn't notice that he's tied to his Dog House with a Piece of Rope & End up choked himself & Fell down & Barks at Foghorn)

Foghorn Leghorn: Ahhhhhhhhh SHAD UP (Hits Barnyard Dawg with his 2x4) Heh Heh Heh, Love that Dog (Lies down under a Tree) Heh Heh Heh, Love that dog

Krinkinko:Um why are you hitting that dog sir?

Foghorn Leghorn: Because I get, ah say, I get bored easily & just who the heck are you Sonny Boy?

Krinkinko:I'm Krinkinko the hedgehog and you better stop hurting that dog before I take it!

Foghorn Leghorn: Go, ah say, Go away boy, your bothering me (Turns Krinkinko to a Plate) How about take a ride this time for yourself (Throws Krinkinko like a Flying Saucer at Barnyard Dawg)

Barnyard Dawg: (Spots Krinkinko as a Plate) A flying saucer, little man from Mars (Takes Hit) Ow, what the?

Droget:Oh,No! I need to save Krinkinko! (Runs all the way to Patricia the skunk)

Barnyard Dawg: Who are you Green Hedgehog?

Plate Krinkinko:Well I'm not much of a hedgehog right now. Bite that old man for me!

Barnyard Dawg: Hmmmm, Sounds like someone I know & it's that Rooster Foghorn Leghorn, here's what we gonna do? (Whispers to Krinkinko)

Plate Krinkinko:What?

Barnyard Dawg: Trust me, I know how to Knock out that Rooster

Plate Krinkinko:Then do it!

Barnyard Dawg: Ok


Foghorn Leghorn: I don't, ah say I don't know what's that Green Hedgehog doing here, but I'll counter attack him along with that Dog with my Good Right Arm (Flex his Muscle, but it's gone Flabby) Hmmmm don't look so good, Muscles are getting kind of flabby, I'll go do some Excercises to build them up, First Push Ups, then Chin Ups (Doing Push ups) 1, 2, 3...


(With Droget)

Droget:Ms. Cute wiitch lady please help my friend!

Patricia: I'll help you, who is Hurting your Friend?

Droget:Foghorn Loghorn!

Patricia: Really, let me help you (Hops on her Broom) Hop on, Droget!

Droget:(Does as she asks)

Patricia: Notice, how I ride Side saddle, it's proves that I'm a Lady, Hold on (Rides on her Broom on her way to a Farm with Droget, leaving Thick Black Smoke behind her)


Foghorn Leghorn: (Doing Chin-Ups) 86, 87, 88...

Droget:Sir,turn my friend back or we'll do it!

Foghorn Leghorn: Uh Oh, Frog, ah say That Frog is like a Tatoo, it gets under your skin, Heh Heh Heh or you do what exactly?

Droget:Turn him back into a hedgehog.

Foghorn Leghorn: (Turns Droget into a Plate) Fortunly I always learn Magic Tricks for..for such an Emergency (Throws Droget like a Freesbye at Krinkinko)

Plate Droget:Well this sucks.

Axebox:Yo' rooster! Who's your hot skunk friend!?

Foghorn Leghorn: What the? Ah say what are you talking about boy?

Patricia: I'm Patricia the Skunk & I forgot something (Uses her Powers to summon a Cooking Pot with Foghorn in it & starts making a Fire)

Foghorn Leghorn: What is she, ah say What is she doing?

Barnyard Dawg: (Puts more Sticks & 2x4 in the Fire) Here you go, nice & Toasty

Foghorn Leghorn: Heh, heh, heh, Patricia can't be serious (Notices that he is in a Cooking Pot) YEOW (Hops out of the Cooking Pot & crashes on a Barrel of Water) I just, ah say, I just notice that Dog is up to no good

Plate Droget:Then turn us back!

Axebox:Come on Patricia lets take a walk.

Patricia: Ok


Foghorn Leghorn: (Connects the Pipes from where he is stading to Barnyard Dawg's Dog House) (Holds a TNT) This is gonna cause more Confusion than a Mouse in a Bulless Show (Chuckles)

Plate DKrinkinko:Get the wand and turn us back so we can fight Loghorn boghorn or whatever his name is!

Patricia: Ok (Looks for her Wand)

Barnyard Dawg: (Lits a Match & blows it through the Pipes & made the Match Lits the TNT)

Foghorn Leghorn: Uh Oh


Patricia: (Founds her Wand) Found it & I'll take care of that Rooster

Foghorn Leghorn's feathers fall off after the Explosion

Foghorn Leghorn: Fortunly, I always keep my feathers numbered for...For such an Emergency (Picks up the Feathers & walk back into the Barn)


Foghorn Leghorn: (Picks up the Dog House with Barnyard Dawg in it, to the Cement Truck & Set it on the Target & Looks in the Cement Truck) What the, ah say what the heck happen to all the Cement (Sits down on a Rock) I betta think through this to see what happen (Spots Patricia) What in the, ah say what in the world?

Patricia: (Uses her Wand to Levitate Wet Cement) Hi Foghorn Leghorn, Long Time, No See (Releases the Wet Cement & Lands it on Foghorn Leghorn)

Foghorn Leghorn: (Turns into a "Thinker" Statue)

Barnyard Dawg: Well smartypants, watch you gonna do now?

Foghorn Leghorn: Don't Bo, ah say Don't bother me Dawg, can't you see I'm Thinking

Patricia: (Turns Krinkinko & Droget back to normal with her Magic Wand) There, Much Better (To Audience) Of all the Roosters in the world, I've turned one to a plainless rock

"That's All Folks"

The End