Ashely Thorn, the mentor of Amy Rose.

"Acme Looniversity Freaks" is the pilot episode of "Ashley Thorn & The Tiny Toons".


(It's a Beautiful Day at the Warner Bros. Studios & Amy Rose is telling Sonic about having an Apprentice)

Amy: Sonic? Do you ever think that one day, I would have an Apprentice?

Sonic: I dunno...

Amy: Hmm, what should we do? How do we get our own Apprentices?

Sonic: How about in Acme Looniversity?

Amy: That's a great idea, Sonic! How's about we call everyone we know to Acme Looniversity & get their Apprentices too? Come on, it'll be fun.

Sonic: Sure!

Amy: Let's go !


(Amy, Sonic has gathered everyone around in front of Acme Looneyversity)

Amy: Ok everyone. The reason that Sonic & I gathered you all around here in front of Acme Looniversity is that we're gonna have our very first Apprentices.

Shadow: Hmph...

Spongebob: Oh boy, this is gonna be fun!

Patrick: Yeah!

Knuckles: Soo, we just.... teach the kids?

Amy: Eeyup.

Vector: Okay...

Edd: Okay.

Eddy: But how?

Ed: Table for two.

Zaktan: Let's go get our own Apprentices


(3 weeks later, begining of School)

(We see a Red Hedgehog Girl waking up from bed & it's Ashely Thorn)

Ashely: (Yawns, wakes up to see it's 7:00) Oh boy, today is my first day of school ! I gotta get ready ! (goes into her changing room to change into her Regular Clothes just like Amy's Clothes, only Pink with Black Trimmings & a Black Vertical Line on each Boot) Perfect ! I'm ready to go to School ! (brushes her Teeth) (goes to the kitchen & has her Breakfast) (puts her Red Backpack on, walks out of her house & walks to School)

(A green hedgehog with blue eyes and four short quills was running by Ashely, it was Blur the Hedgehog)

Ashely: (notices Blur the Hedgehog & felt her heart beating loudly) (Sighs) Wow, who is that Beautiful Hedgehog? Maybe I can go ask him. (goes up to Blur) Hi there, my name is Ashely Thorn, what's your name?

Blur: (Stops) Hm? I'm Blur, Blur the Hedgehog!

Ashely: Wow, that's a nice name. It's nice to meet you, Blur the Hedgehog.

(A Yellow fox appears with a green echidna)

Ashely: Oh hello there, my name is Ashely Thorn.

Echinda: Uhh, hi... my name is... Ditzy the... Echidna...

Ashely: Hi Ditzy (to the Yellow Fox) And who are you?

Fox: I'm Tim, but everyone calls me Vincent.

Ashely: It's very nice to meet you Vincent. I'm heading to school, I wonder what kind of School we're going to.

(They all get there)

Ashely: The "Acme Looniversity". Wow, let's go.

SpongeBruno & Paul: (appears)

SpongeBruno: Hi, there. My name is SpongeBruno & this is Paul Star.

Paul: Duh, hi.

(Shade, Elusive, & Bloodshot appear)

Shade: Well, well, well, if it isn't Blur the Hedgehog.

Ashely: Who are you & how do you know my new friend, Blur?

Shade: Hmph, we've met before, i am Shade the Hedgehog, the Mentor of the famous, cool, unlike Sonic,


Shadow the Hedgehog.

Ashely: Oh right. I'm the mentor of Amy Rose.

SpongeBruno: Wow, I can't wat for the first day of Acme Looniversity

Paul: Yeah!

Bloodshot: It is the first day, you idiots!


Bloodshot, mentor of Rainbow Dash.

Paul: (goofy laughter) I'm an idiot ! (laughing)

Bloodshot: (Sighs) Whateve's.

Eduardo, Edwina & Edric: (appears)

Eduardo: Hello my name is Eduardo, the mentor of Ed

Edwina: My name is Edwina, a Female Ed, the mentor of Edd

Edric: And I'm Edric, the mentor of Eddy

Daffy: HEY! Gold, Fireball!

Gold and Fireball: (Appear, sighs) Yes, Mr. Duck?

Daffy; You guys are late for class!

Rocker, Blazer, Sharkbait, Cobra, Digger & Frozone: (appears)

Cobra: What's up?

Elusive the Bat: What Daf said. (Goes to class)

Rocker: Uh huh.

Blazer: Eeyup.

Ashely: I'm ready.

Shade: (Goes)

Oswald, Scarlet, Leather, Shaw, Lassie, Jefferey, Fizzy, Darwin Jenkins, Laurina, Bretta, Travis, Ester, Hank, Christine, Bailey, Becky, Chuck, Troy, Hailey, Jan, Nathan, Eugene: (appears)

Daffy: Well, don't just stand there!

Oswald: Sorry. It;s just that I'm so pysch to be here ! This is so...

Ashley: Awesome?

Oswald: Yes, Awesome ! WHOO HOO!

Rocker, Blazer, Sharkbait, Cobra, Digger, Frozone, Oswald, Scarlet, Leather, Shaw, Lassie, Jefferey, Fizzy, Darwin Jenkins, Laurina, Bretta, Travis, Ester, Hank, Christine, Bailey, Becky, Chuck, Troy, Hailey, Jan, Nathan, Eugene: (sits down on their seats)

Scaryrahk, Ladyrahk, Snakeyrahk, Stonerahk, Darkrahk, Icerahk, Malcom, Rex, Dizzy Kong, Monti & Bampuu: (appears & sits down on their seats)

Daffy: Okay, can somebady tell me some Toon... err... traits?

Rex: Wow that's gotta be hard.

Malcom: Come on Rex. It's easy.


Malcom: (chuckles) Whatever, I'm just trying to help.

Rex: By the way, I don't even know what Toon Traits really are.

Fireball: Anvils?

Daffy: Correct!

SpongeBruno: TNT?

Daffy: (Nodds)

Gold: Pianos?

Paul: Bombs?

Daffy: Yes and yes.

Edric: (shrugs) I got nothing

Eduardo: Nope nothing in my head

Daffy: Well, i'm done anwsering questions anyways...

Edwina: So what's next?

Ashley: I don't know.

Amy: (appears) Hello Classmates.

Shade: (Whispers to Bloodshot and Elusive) Here comes the stalker!

Amy: In this class, we'll teach you about outsmarting Elmer Fudd. I have one of my friends, Zaktan to be our special guest.

Zaktan: (appears) Hi there

Amy: And we also have Elmer Fudd to join us

Elmer: Hullo, my name is Elmer J. Fudd & I'm a hunter. (does his tradmark laugh) Hehehehehehehehehe.

Bloodshot: Hmph..

Amy: Here, we'll show you how it's done

Elmer: (aims his Gun) Say your prayers, Pink Hedgehog. It's Hedgehog Season

Amy: (gently pushes Elmer's Rifle towards Zaktan) Piraka Season

Zaktan: Oh no you don't. (shoves Elmer's Rifle towards Amy) It's Amy Season!

Amy: (gently pushes Elmer's Rifle towards Zaktan) Zaktan Season

Zaktan: (shoves Elmer's Rifle towards Amy) Amy Season!

Amy: (gently pushes Elmer's Rifle towards Zaktan) Zaktan Season

Zaktan: (shoves Elmer's Rifle towards Amy) Amy Season!

Amy: (circled the Rifle in front of her, reversing the flow) Amy Season.

Zaktan: (shoves Elmer's Rifle towards himself) Zaktan Season, FIRE !

Elmer: (blasts Zaktan with his Rifle)

Zaktan: (got his head upside down) Hey' what's going on? Why's everything upside down?

Ditzy: What about... cats chasing... mice?

Amy: (readjust Zaktan's Head back to the right position) A very good question, Ditzy. We need the professionals for the game of "Cat & Mouse" & I know just the guys to do it. Tom & Jerry, can you please come in & show the students a demonstration of the game of "Cat & Mouse"?

Tom and Jerry: (Nodds)

Amy: Good & begin.

(Tom starts chasing Jerry, while Jerry tries to run away from Tom)

(Jerry whacks Tom with a frying pan)

Ashley: Ouch, that's gotta hurt.

Bloodshot: I know, right?

Amy: And that's how a game of "Cat & Mouse" is done. Any more Questions?

AppleBuck Ehh, nope.

Amy: Good. Let's move on to our next lesson, shall we?

Ashley: Okey dokey.

Blu Berri: Okey dokey lokey!

Amy: Ok our next lesson is about ACME Equipment, for example: Wile E Coyote tries to use ACME Equipment to catch that Roadrunner, but it's always funny when all the ACME Equipment backfires on Wile E Coyote.

Midnight Shine: I have a question, Mrs. Rose, about how many ACME Equipments are there?

Amy: Good questions, there's countless numbers of ACME Equipment, you'll never know how many ACME Equipments are there. Now then, name some ACME Equipment that Wile E. Coyote used.

Ashley: ACME Sneakers?

Amy: Correct.

Rubis: ACME Rockets?

Amy: Right. Anyone else?

Edric: ACME Cannons?

Amy: Correct.

Eduardo: ACME Slingshots?

Amy: Yes, that's correct.

Vince: Meh, i gots nothings.

Amy: Ok then.


Amy: Oh, it's Lunch Time.

Blu Berri: Yay!!

SpongeBruno: I guess I am hungry for food (laughs)

Paul: Yeah, let's eat !

Ashley: Ok.


(At the Cafeteria)

(We see the Cafeteria Staff are none other than Timon & Pumbaa)

Timon: Step right up & get your food right here.

Ashley: (holding out her tray)

Pumbaa: Here you go madam (picks up some food with her Soup Ladle & puts the food on Ashley's Plate)

Ashley: Thank you. (goes to find a Table & sits on one of the chairs)

Timon: Enjoy the food kid.

Ashley: (eating her food)

Rubis: (Puts her lunchbag on the table) Ugh! Everyone's eating like a pig! Don't they know how to eat, the proper way? (Sighs and eats "properly")

Ashley: Sorry.

Rocker, Blazer, Sharkbait, Cobra, Digger & Frozone; (starts eating the Food)

Cobra: Delicious.

Edwina: Guys please, don't talk with your mouth full

Rocker: What did she say?

Eduardo: Yum food, yeah! (eats the Food like the 6 Junior Piraka did)

Shade: (Grins) Hey look, fellas! It's Little Miss Prissy! (Points to Ashley)

Ashley: Hardy, har, har. (continues eating her food)

Bloodshot and Elusive: (Laughing out Loud at Shade's joke)

Ashley: That's not funny, please stop making fun of me.

Shade: Hmph, fine.

Ashley: Thank you.

Shade: (Blushes) umm, no probs, Hedgehog.... *Blushes even more*

Ashley: (giggles)

Shade: (whispering to Elusive and Bloodshot) hey guys, umm, i think i....

Bloodshot: What?

Shade: (Still whispering) I.. have a crush on.... Ashley. (blushes)

Elusive: (Whispering) Then ask her out or something.

Shade: O-okay..

SpongeBruno: Hey Paul ?

Paul: Yeah, SpongeBruno?

SpongeBruno: Do you think you ever had a date before?

Paul: Wait, what's a date again?

Blu: (Giggles) It's a fruit, silly!

SpongeBruno: Hi Blu Berri

Paul: Hello Blu Berri.

Blu: Just call me Berri, or Blu! Orrr, PEACHES!! Or was it-

SpongeBruno: You must be Blu Berri, right?

Berri: (Nodds)

SpongeBruno: My name is SpongeBruno, I'm the mentor of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Berri: Of course i know you, silly!

SpongeBruno: (blushes) (laughs) I guess you do.

Berri: (Giggles)

SpongeBruno: So uh...(clears throat) Would you like to go out to have a date with me, Blu Berri?

Berri: (Blushes) Sure..

SpongeBruno: Thank you. Let's go get ready for tonight, Blu Berri

Blu: (Grins)

SpongeBruno: Bye Paul, Blu Berri & I are getting ready for our date.

Paul: Oh ok, I'll catch up with you later, I guess.


-With Shade and Ashley-

Shade: So, um, how's it going?

Ashley: I'm going good, how about you, Shade?

Shade: (Circles her) Good..

Ashley: (giggles) It's very nice to meet you Shade.

Shade: (Grins) Hey, wouldn't you like to go on a....

Ashley: Ok, Shade

Shade: (Shurgs)

Ashley: I love to go on a date with you Shade.

-With Malcom & Rex-

Malcom & Rex: (eating their Grilled Cheese Deluxe Sandwiches)

Rex: Mmm, now that's a good Grilled Cheese Deluxe

Malcom: Yeaa-uhh! By the way, who are those guys over there? (points to Buster, Babs, Plucky & Fifi)

Rex: Those might be the Old Students from Last Year, that one of our teachers we're talking about.

Malcom: Do you think we should ask them or something?

Rex: I'm not sure, I thought that you do the honours

Malcom: Hmm, I don't know. But let's continue eating lunch anyway.

Rex: Oh ok then

Malcom & Rex: (continues eating their lunch)

Plucky: Well of course we're the old Students!

Malcom: Well, I'm Malcom, I'm the mentor of Mordecai

Rex: And I'm Rex, I'm the mentor of Rigby

Malcom: So, who are you guys?

Buster: Name's Buster Bunny!

Malcom: Nice to meet you.

Rex: And what about you guys? (points to Babs, Plucky & Fifi Le Fume) What's your name?

Babs: Babs, this is Plucky and Fifi.

Malcom: Nice to meet you guys.

Rex: Yeah, nice to see you


(Back at class)

Ashley: (comes back inside class) I'm Ready !

Amy: Good, everyone here?

SpongeBruno: I'm here

Paul: Me too

Eduardo: I'm here too

Edwina: I'm ready for some more Education Mrs. Rose

Edric: Ok, I'm ready too.

Malcom & Rex: We're ready.

Rocker, Blazer, Sharkbait, Cobra, Digger, Frozone: We're ready as well.

Oswald, Scarlet, Leather, Shaw, Lassie, Jefferey, Fizzy, Darwin Jenkins, Laurina, Bretta, Travis, Ester, Hank, Christine, Bailey, Becky, Chuck, Troy, Hailey, Jan, Nathan, Eugene: Us too.

Ashley: Looks like everyone is ready.

Amy: Okay, we're actually gonna do a test today!

Oswald: Awesome!

Rest of the Class: Awww...

Oswald: What? Was it something I said?

Amy: (Passes out the tests)

Spongebob: Make sure you remember to bring out your #2 Pencils & please remain seated til everyone finishes their test

Patrick: Yeah

Spongebob: And no cheating, please.

Amy: Ok everyone, let's start your test & begin.

Ashley: (starts the test with her #2 Pencil)

Ditzy and Blur: (Starts)

SpongeBruno & Paul: (Starts)

Eduardo, Edwina & Edric: (starts)

Rocker, Blazer, Sharkbait, Cobra, Digger, Frozone: (starts)

Oswald, Scarlet, Leather, Shaw, Lassie, Jefferey, Fizzy, Darwin Jenkins, Laurina, Bretta, Travis, Ester, Hank, Christine, Bailey, Becky, Chuck, Troy, Hailey, Jan, Nathan, Eugene: (starts)

Malcom & Rex: (starts)

Monti & Bampuu: (starts)

Scaryrahk, Ladyrahk, Snakeyrahk, Stonerahk, Darkrahk & Icerahk: (starts)

Boggy B Jr.: (Starts)

Dizzy Kong: (Starts)

Shade, Bloodshot and Elusive: (Starts)

Midnight, AppleBuck, Sweetiepie, Rubis and Blu Berri: (Starts)

Booster Bo: (starts)

Vince, Gold and Fireball: (Starts)

Spongebob: Good luck

Patrick: (to Amy & Spongebob) So what do you guys wanna do while they're doing a test?

Amy: (Shurgs)

Spongebob: I don't know. Would it be funny if Eggman has his own apprentice?

Patrick: Yeah, it'll be real funny.

Amy: (Giggles)

Patrick: (Chuckles)

(After the Test)

Spongebob: Ok Class, it's time to tally up your results & see how you've done

Ashley: Okey dokey.

(They hear nothing but cricket sounds)

Spongebob: Okay? Let's see what you have done. (checks the Tests) Hmm, so far, so good. I guess you guys are doing good at tests.

Sweetiepie: Yay.

Spongebob: Looks like you guys are doing great. Great job everyone.

Apple Buck: Thank ya.

Spongebob: Your welcome.

Blur: No probs.

Malcom: Yeah, no trouble at all

Rex: No problem

Tim: (Nodds)

Spongebruno: Ok, so what's next?

Amy: You'll have Sports at the Gym, good luck in sports kids.

Tim: (Raises an eyebrow) What does sports have to do with learning to be a toon?

Amy: Don't worry, you'll learn soon enough. Our Sports Teacher is Sonic the Hedgehog. Now then off to sports for Sports Comedy.

Spongebruno: Ohhhh, Sports Comedy

Paul: I get it now. Uh did I?

Tim: (Raise a finger while his jaw is dropping and eye twitching)

Ashley: Yes Tim?

Tim: (Slams his head into his locker repeatedly)

Ashley: Never mind.


(At the Gym)

(Everyone is here in the Gym for Sports Comedy)

Sonic: K! Everyone here?

Ashley: I'm here

Spongebruno, Paul, Eduardo, Edwina & Edric: We're here

Blur, Tim, Ditzy, Shade, Elusive, Bloodshot, Fireball, Gold, Midnight, AppleBuck, Sweetiepie, Rubis and Blu Berri: Here.

Rocker, Blazer, Sharkbait, Cobra, Digger, Frozone, Oswald, Scarlet, Leather, Shaw, Lassie, Jefferey, Fizzy, Darwin Jenkins, Laurina, Bretta, Travis, Ester, Hank, Christine, Bailey, Becky, Chuck, Troy, Hailey, Jan, Nathan & Eugene: Us to

Dizzy Kong: (Since he can't talk, he pulls out a sign that says 'Here')

Boggy B Jr. I'm here as well

Ashley: Looks like everyone is here for Sports Comedy, Mr. Sonic

Sonic: Then let's juice!

Blur: Totally!

(Everyone begins training for Sports Comedy)

Sonic: (Faceplam) You're doing all wrong, guys! Look! (Dribbling a basketball passes it to Shade but he doesn't catch it. He ends up getting hurt)

Cobra: Sorry, that's our first time (tries to jump on the trampoline, but his jump on the trampoline is so strong that he crashes through the ceiling) Ouch! Get me down !

Rocker: What did he say? (lifts up the Weights, but breaks through the floor) AHHH!!!


Rocker: (from below the floors) I'm hurt...really bad !

Ashley: (tries to do acrobatics, but gets tangled in the ropes) Help?

Malcom & Rex: (tries to balance on the balance beam, but falls off, landing on the ground) Ow

Spongebruno, Paul, Edwina & Edric: (tries to do some jogging, but accidently trips themselves, falling towards the floor) Ouch

Eduardo: (runs) Look at me run ! (trips himself, causing him to slide across the hall & crashes through the wall) Call a Doctor

Ditzy: (Puching a punching-bag really fast, but it ends up hitting him back, with Ditzy repeatedly saying 'ow')

Hank: (tries to jump off a hurdle, but crashes into it by accident) Ow!

Oswald: (goes through the Tire, but got stuck in it) Um, a little help here?

Blur: (Struggling to pull him out, crashes into the wall)

Sharkbait: (tries to pull Oswald out, but trips a Dumbell & falls on his back)

Oswald: (broke free out of the tire, by tearing the tire apart by accident) Never mind

Blur: (Annoyed)

Oswald: What?

Bloodshot: (Running on a Giant Hamster Weel, but runs too fast and is spinning)

Shade: (Laughs, but gets hit by 100 basketballs)

Lassie: (wobbling on the basketballs & falls on her butt) Easy there, my booty is breakable

Ditzy: That's... enough.... for... now.... Nrg... (Faints)

Ashley: (panting) I feel so tierd

Scarlet: I can't feel my face (falls on his face)

Spongebruno: (panting) Is that all, Mr. Sonic?

Sonic: (Nodds)

Paul: (panting) Wow that was fun

Edric: Yeah & painful

Eduardo: Uh Eddy? Where are the old students?

Edwina: A very good question Eduardo

???: They passed...

Ashley: Thank you

Frozone: Who are you?

???: The name's Blade! Mentor of Jet the Hawk! And this is Tide and Whirlwind.

Blade, Tide, and Whirlwind: We're the next Babylon Rouges!

Cobra: Well I'm Cobra! Mentor of Zaktan! And this is Rocker, Blazer, Sharkbait, Digger & Frozone.

Rocker, Blazer, Sharkbait, Cobra, Digger & Frozone: And we're the 2nd generation of the Piraka!

Blade: Hmph.

Cobra: Grrr!

Blade: (Trips Cobra)

Cobra: Hey! Why you little...!

Tide ans Whirlwind: (Grins) Vultures!

Rocker, Blazer, Sharkbait, Digger & Frozone: (gets mad) Grrrrrrr!

Cobra: (sarcasm) Very funny, Blade. Very funny!

Blade: (Pushes Cobra away) Not that you're my TRUE rival. (Glares at Blur)

Ashley: Guys, let's try to get along & be friends ok?

Spongebruno: Yes people, let's be smart & bring it off

Shaw: Speaking of which, where is Fifi Le Fume?

Malcom: I'm not sure, we haven't met her yet

Rex: Malcom & I are about to meet her now

Blade: What can i do, Red? i'm a bully.

Paul: Who's Red?

Blade: (Points to Ashley) Or, it's that sly, greedy fox who has a Shop. Dey call im' Crazy Redd.

Ashley: Do you think Redd is a mentor of Fiona Fox?

Blade: Nope, he don' even know a Fiona. (

Spongebruno: Then who is the mentor of Fiona Fox?

Blade: (Mutters- Good, these people are Naive) No-one.

Malcom: So, do you know where Fifi Le Fume is at now?

Rex: Well, where is Fifi Le Fume?

Blade: (Shurgs)

Malcom: We have to find her Rex.

Rex: Oh please, don't tell me that we have to find her

Malcom: I already said that

Rex: Oh right

Ashley: Let me help you.

Ashley, Malcom & Rex: (searches for Fifi Le Fume)

Malcom: Fifi Le Fume

Rex: Fifi

Tide: (After them) Wait!

Rex: What do you want with us now?

Malcom: Sorry about Rex's Behavior. By the way, is there something you want us to talk about?

Tide: I'm going to help. You can't just go with a trio.

Malcom: Oh ok then (blushes) I guess your the mentor of Wave, right?

Tide: (Nodds) Why are you blushing?

Malcom: Well, uh. You look cute.

Tide: ?

Rex: (sighs) Let's just go find Fifi Le Fume ok?

Tide: O..kay.

Malcom: Fifi? Where are you?

Rex: Fifi Le Fume? Where are you?

(A Bucket of white Paint falls)

Malcom: Aww What?

Rex: What just happen?

Malcom: I don't know, but I don't wanna know.

Rex: Well then let's keep looking

(Furrball is seen getting chased by Fifi, miskating him for a Skunk because of the white stripe on him from the paint)

Malcom: We've found Fifi !

Malcom & Rex: OOOOOOOHHHH !!

Tide: ....What.

Malcom: What? Never heard of it? Mordecai & Rigby taught us that

Tide: Eynope.

Rex: Oh ok then.

Tide: ...

Malcom: Hey Fifi, what are you doing?

Furrball: (Thinking - Help me!)

Rex: That Cat must've be chased by Fifi. What should we do?

Malcom: Sorry Rex, but I have one that you'll don't like. Hold still (paints Rex Black & then paints a white stripe on Rex's Back) There

Rex: Now what?

Fifi: (Chases Rex and Furrball)

Rex: HELP!

Malcom: (groans) Now I have to go in after them. I gotta help myself from doing this, but... (paints himself black with a white stripe on his back & glues a fake skunk tail on his bottom) There. Hey Fifi, if you want me, come & get me.

Tide: Wait! (Puts a fake skunk nose on Malcom) there. Go on.

Malcom: Thanks Tide (comes towards Fifi Le Fume)

Fifi: (Chases Malcom)

Rex: Thanks Malcom

Malcom: Your welcome Rex, we're not slackers!

Ashley: What's going on here?

Tide: (Shurgs)

Ashley:(notices Fifi) Hi Fifi Le Fume

Fifi: (ignores Ashley)

Malcom & Rex: AHHH!

Tide: Love stinks, doesn't it?

Ashley: (sighs) But Fifi does have a heart with Malcom & Rex. Well mostly Rex.

"That's All Folks"

The End.