j"Amy's Late Halloween Episode!" is a Amy Rose & The Looney Tunes cartoon.


After getting a whole lot of insults for being witches, the Sark, the Witch Sisters (inculding Patricia), and Witch Lezah meet up with each other. The Sark of the Slough makes up a plan, with her potions, she'll curse the insulters on Halloween, in which they'll become the person they hate so much (Atleast their species). They must put out the curse until next year's Halloween comes, in which they never get the curse off. Will our heroes be cursed forever?


(At Amy's House)

Amy: (carving faces on a pumpkin, making Jack-o-Lanterns) There we go. The Jack-o-Lanterns are all done.

The Sark: (Making potions)

Amy: I wonder what should I wear for Halloween today? (thinking) I got it. (goes inside the changing room & puts on a Witch's Costume with a Black Witch Hat, black dress and Black Boots instead of her original red dress & red boots) (holds her Magic Wand & a Witch's Broom) There we go.

The Sark: ....

Amy: Now I'm ready for Halloween. Maybe Sonic might notice me in a Cute Witches' Outfit (goes off to find Sonic)

Sonic: !!!! (Hides behind The Sark of the Slough)

Amy: (looks around) Sonikku, where are you?

The Sark: Ummmm, he's not.... here? ^^

Amy: Aww. I thought he was here. Oh well. Maybe I can find him later (skips away)

The Sark: (Whispering to Sonic) Okay, lad. You can go.

Patricia, Selina, Abby, Laura, Jasmine, Michelle, Zoey, Bessy, Molly, Marsha, Victoria, Nina, Anna & Penelope: (arrives)

Patricia: Hi there

???: (Mocking the Sark)

Patricia: (to ???) Who's there?

???: (Kicks)

Patricia: Ow! That hurt.

???: (Growls)

Selina: (to ???) Hey! Nobody hurts our sister.

???: (Barks)

Abby: (to ???) Don't you (barks) at me mister. Now who are you?

???: (Looks like Jim, except he has scuffier fur and looks more fierce) Name's Jonah, or Anti-Jim.... (Snarls) shut up, Mbaya!

Laura: Well would you please stop hurting my sisters? Or else.

Jonah and Mbaya: (Snaps)

Witch Lezah: (uses her magic wand to make pies appear & then throws the pies at Jonah & Mbaya)

Jonah: Whaaa...?

The Sark: (Activates a spell on Jonah and Mbaya)

Jasmine: Never mess with us Witches or else.

Michelle: Yeah

The Sark: (Sends them to New Guniea)

Jonah: (Randomly on Skype) Hey, gals, thanks for the vaction! We're having a good time!

Zoey: (to The Sark) Thanks for stopping Jonah & Mbaya for us.

The Sark: (Nods) Those two..... those two are the Moebian counterparts to Jim and Yugi ---or just Yu---, you know? The rottweiler-greyhound mix and the pocupine that lives with Foghorn...?

Bessy: Oh ok then.

Molly: How can we stop these Moebian Counterparts from making fun of us?

Marsha: Any ideas?

The Sark: Yes... (Whispers to them the plan)

Victoria: How postively mischievious.

Nina: Just the way we like it. Especially Laura.

The Sark: (Giggles)

Anna: Yeah let's do it.

(Spongebob100: By the way, what does The Sark look like anyway?)

(The Sark of the Slough is considered an ugly wolf. Her pelt color is unknown, but it's always a state of constant alarm. She has one green eye like true wolves of the Beyond, and one yellow, like an owl. Here's what she might look like)

What Big Ears you Have

What the Sark might look like.

(Spongebob100: Ok then)

Penelope: Yeah!


Amy: (still looking for Sonic) Hoo yoo, Sonic the Hedgehog, come out, come out, wherever you are?

"Friend Owl": (Grumbling) Twitterpated....

Amy: I wonder where Sonic is? (to "Friend Owl") Hi there. Have you seen my boyfriend, Sonic the Hedgehog?

"Friend Owl": Oh, pardon me. But I've never seen a "Sonic" around here. What does he look like. (Muttering - "boyfriend"? She's twitterpated!)

Amy: He is a blue male hedgehog that is the fastest being alive. He wears White Gloves, White socks & Red shoes.

Friend Owl: No, never seen him. Never seen a hedgehog!

Amy: Well now you do cause, I'm a Female Hedgehog. But thanks for asking though. (spots Sonic) There he is. Hi Sonic, what do you think of my Witch Costume for Halloween?

"Sonic": (Malfunctions, explodes and a note is seen in place of it)

Friend Owl: (Reads) "Dear Amy, I know that you always chase me, but you need to give it a rest, woman! So I left a robot me in place. Gotta thank Tails for this! Anyway, would you please stop chasing me and leave me alone? I promise I'll love you if you do that! Your target, Sonic the Hedgehog."

Amy: (sighs) I guess it's time I can calm down for a change. Anyways, I guess it's time for trick or treating.

Friend Owl: Halloween? I heard they cancelled it!

Amy: Aw what?! Why?

Friend Owl: Because of some mutt and his porcupine friend.

Amy: Yu & Jim's Anties did this?!

Friend Owl: Yes....

Amy: How could they? That's cruel & low even for them. They're gonna pay.

Patricia, Selina, Abby, Laura, Jasmine, Michelle, Zoey, Bessy, Molly, Marsha, Victoria, Nina, Anna & Penelope: (appears with The Sark & Witch Lezah)

Patricia: Don't worry, we've taken care of them for now.

The Sark: For now.... but they'll be back, I can sense it.

Amy: What are we gonna do?

The Sark: I've got a plan...

Amy: Really? What is it?

The Sark: (Whispers the plan)

Amy: Wow, that's actually a good idea.

The Sark: (Nods)

Selina: Let's do it.

The Sark: (Agrees)


Zaktan, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: (making Jack-o-lanterns)

Jonah: (Sneaks with Mbaya in a disguise) Shhh..

Reidak: What's going on?

Avak: Not sure, but it's best to stay out of it.

Jonah and Mbaya: (Tip-toes quietly)

Zaktan: What's that all about?

Jonah: (Bumps into a lamp by "mistake", which falls on one of them) Oops! My bad.

Thok: Ow! That hurt!

Jonah: Trust me, I didn't mean to do that.

Thok: I sence that you & Mbaya will be in great pain.

Jonah: Mother.

Zaktan: Who is this mother you we're talking about?

Jonah: By that I mean.... "help."

Vezok: Are you kidding me?

Jonah: (Faceplam) Here's the deal. I'm gonna make a little challenge. You lose and die, the others leave.

???: And if you lose, you leave them alone and never come back.

Jonah: (Growls) Jim.

Zaktan: Alright, alright. But no one is gonna die & no one is gonna be a zombie, ok? Ok?

Jonah: Fine... challenge accepted.

Amy: Hi Jonah.

Jonah: ?!

Patricia, Selina, Abby, Laura, Jasmine, Michelle, Zoey, Bessy, Molly, Marsha, Victoria, Nina, Anna & Penelope: (appears right behind Amy)

Patricia: What kind of challenge did you accept, Jonah & Mbaya?

Jonah: Well... Eheheh.

Jim: Tell us.... hey, I kinda like that line.

Amy: We're here to stop any villain that ruins halloween. So we grab you something special.

The Sark: (Appears) A very special present...

Selina: Yeah. And we're gonna let you have it.

The Sark:  GET EM', GIRLS !

(The Witch Sisters uses their magic to put a curse on Jonah & Mbaya)

Jonah: (Takes a look in a mirror and sees that he's a cat, cringes)

Amy: So what do you think of your new looks?

Jonah and Mbaya: (Run away as soon as she says it)

Abby: Guess they don't like they're new looks.

Laura: That's good, cause they deserve it.

Witch Lezah: You said it.

The Sark: What? No funny ending?

Zaktan: Uh, Amy?

Amy: Yes? (notices the Piraka as Mobian Cats) (gasps)

Zaktan: I think that spell of yours not only affect Jonah & Mbaya, it also effects US AS WELL! MEOW!

The Sark: You gotta love the classics.

"That's All, Folks"

The End