"Amy & The African Trio" is an episode from Amy Rose & The Looney Tunes.

"Amy & the African Trio"
Season Six, Episode 99
Production Code: July 19, 2012
Airdate: Septempber 23, 2012
Director: Spongebob100, VenomTheEchidna
Story: Abeeku, Kafei and Anu, a Meerkat and two Lions, are relaxing when suddenly, Snakes appear. The Trio goes to Timon and Pumbaa for help, but they get scared, too. In order to defeat The Serpentine, they get help from Amy Rose. Can they defeat the Snakes?
Written &
Storyboarded by:
VenomTheEchidna, Spongebob100
"Veggie Rampage"
"Amy Rose and the Cartoon Planet"

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A Meerkat, and two lions can be seen relaxing in The Elephant Graveyard.

Abeeku (Meerkat): [Sighs] This is the life!

(Suddendly they heard hissing from a snake)

Anu: Ay, what's that?

(Suddendly we see 4 Serpentine Snake Tribes appear out of no where, Hypnobrai Snakes, Fangpyre Snakes, Constrictai Snakes & Venomari Snakes)

Abeeku: Hey guys, heheh. I-if you want to e-eat a meerkat, t-then eat..... Timon! Yeah! Heheh! [Nervous Smile]

(Just then Skales [the General of the Hypnobrai] appears along with Fangtom [the General of the Fangpyre], Skalidor [the General of the Constrictai] & Acidicus [the General of the Venomari] )

Abeeku: Ummm, "Hakuna Matata"?

Skales: I am Skales, leader of the Hypnobrai & this is Fangtom, leader of the Fangpyre, Skalidor, leader of the Constrictai & Acidicus, leader of the Venomari. And we're all here for lunch. Namely you three.

Fangtom: Everyone, ATTACK!

(The 4 Serpentine Tribes charges at Abeeku, Anu & Kafei)

Abeeku: AHHHH!!!! ['Him, Anu and Kafei run all the way to the jungle] Timon, Pumbaa! You gotta help us!

Timon: Hey guys

Pumbaa: What are you guys running from?

Kafei: [Points to the snakes] They're gonna eat us!!!

Timon & Pumbaa: Who? (notices the Serpentine) IT'S THE SERPENTINE!!!!

(Just then the Serpentine surrounds Timon, Pumbaa, Abeeku, Anu & Kafei)

Pythor: (appears in thin air, because he has invisibilitiy) BOO!

Abeeku: AH!

Pythor: I am Pythor P. Chumsworth, the last & the general of the Anacondrai.

Abeeku: Why are you guys trying to eat us anyway? I mean, i can understand me and Timon since we're meerkats, but why the lions and the warthog?

Skalidor: You two Meerkats can be great appitisers, those Lions are the main course & the Warthog is for desert

Acidicus: And we're all hungry that we can eat all of you


(The Serpentine gets closer & closer towards Abeeku, Anu, Kafei, Timon & Pumbaa)

Timon: Guess this is it ! No matter what happens, I'll always like you Pumbaa

Pumbaa: Timon, I ate all of your Grub Stash when you weren't looking

Timon: You what?!

Pumbaa: Sorry

Timon: Why do you always have to be a crazy...(notices the Serpentine getting ready to pounce) AAAH!

(Just then, Simba attacks them from behind)

Fangpyre Soldier: Look, another Lion to eat !

Hypnobrai Warrior: More food to eat !

Skales: Shall we attack them & the new lion?

Pythor: We shall. Cause it's not enough! Get them & the New Lion !

(The Serpentine charges & then tackles at Simba)

(A pink hedgehog Bonks the snakes on the head with her rather large mallet)

Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: What the?!

Amy: Stop right there! You Serpentine Snakes are not gonna eat anyone!

Pythor: It's Amy Rose

Fangtom: And she's holding a Piko Piko Hammer!

(Two of her sidekicks, Cream and Lily the Echidna, appears)

Skalidor: And she brought company!

Acidicus: What should we do Pythor?

Lily's Energy Blade.

Pythor: Serpentine, get them!

Amy: Cream, Lily. Let's do this!

Lily: Agreed. (Pulls out Energy blade)

Amy: (starts attacking the Serpentine with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Lily: [Slashes at them with her Energy Blade]

Cream: [Throws Cheese at them]

Pythor: AAH! (got attacked by Cheese)

Lily: You can't escape me! (Attacks)

Amy: (attacks the Serpentine) And then they were 5 Generals. (looks at Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus)

Pythor: Pull back ! We need to regroup!

(The 5 Serpentine Generals retreats along with their Serpentine Tribes)

Anu: So, uh, thanks for saving us.

Amy: Your welcome. By the way, my name is Amy, Amy Rose.

Cream: I'm Cream the Rabbit, and this is my Chao, Cheese.

Lily: Lily the Echidna.

Kafei: Echid-what?

Abeeku: An Echidna. You never heard of that speimen?

Amy: My friend Knuckles is an Echidna as well if you want to meet him. He's at Angel Island.

Abeeku: Thanks, but no thanks. By the way, i'm Abeeku. And this is Timon, Pumbaa, Anu and Kafei.

Kafei: You forgot Simba.

Amy: We forgot about Simba! (turns to Simba) Are you ok, Simba? Did the Serpentine hurt you?

Simba: [Groans] Just some scars.

Amy: That's good. By the way, did the Fangpyre bite you?

Simba: No..

Amy: (sighs in relief) That's good, cause once the Fangpyre sink their teeth in, they can turn anyone & anything into a Serpent.

Zazu: [Lands by Simba] Sire, Kiara's hurt!

Amy: By who?

Zazu: The Hyenas!

Simba: Kiara!

Amy: We betta hurry & fast !

Simba: [Runs off]

Amy: Come on guys! (follows Simba)

All: [Follow Simba and Amy]

Pythor: Are they gone?

Skales: They're gone now Pythor

Pythor: We gotta figure out a way to stop Amy Rose & that Lion name Simba, but how?

Fangtom: How's about we need help from those Hyneas that attacked Simba's Daughter.

Skalidor: Hmm, that might be crazy enough to work

Acidicus: Do you think it's a great idea Pythor?

Pythor: Well, I say...."Showtime"

???: Those hyenas are as dumb as a rock. I could help, for i am wise as a owl...

Pythor: Who are you?

???: Mukha. Though i am just a Meerkat, i am very cunning.

Pythor: I am Pythor P. Chumsworth & this is Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus & we're the Generals of each tribe of the Serpentine.

Mukha: Pleasure to meet you.

Pythor: Now then, let's go.

Mukha: Right.

Pythor: Come, we must stop Amy Rose & Simba, together. I believe this is gonna be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Amy: We're here. We came as fast as we could.

Simba: Kovu, is Kiara alright?

Amy: (To Kovu) Is she ok?

Kovu: Not really, Simba.

Amy: Oh dear. We have to help her

Lily: [Starts to heal Kiara]

Amy: Wow Lily. Your begginning to learn Chaos Heal, just like Patricia the Skunk.

Lily: ....I already know it.

Amy: Oh yeah, right. (giggles nervously) Anyways, I need to tell you about each tribe of the Serpentine.

Lily: ........What?

Amy: The Serpentine Tribes. Each Tribe of the Serpentine has their own special abilities. For example, the Hypnobrai has Hypnotic powers & they'll control you if you look them in the eye. The Fangpyre can bite more than can chew, cause they can bite you. Once they sink they're teeth into the skin, they're venom can turn anyone & anything into a Snake. The Constrictai are very strong & they can dig underground & they also have super strong grips & once they grab you, they will not let go, no matter how much you we're struggling. The Venomari can spit they're venom right into your eyes. Making you hallucinate into seeing your greatest fears. And finally, the Anacondrai are the most feared snakes in all of the Serpentine, thankfully there's only 1 left & it's Pythor P. Chumsworth. The Anacondrai has the ability to become invisible & can swallow people whole. Does that straighten you guys out?

(But they didn't answer because they got scared of all of the Serpentine's Abilities & Advantages.)

Amy: I'll take that as a maybe

Lily: {The only one not scared along with Simba and the other Lions;fearless] So what? Kaa can mind-control, and i know a guy who's a vampire.

Amy: You do? Who?

Lily: Some hedgehog. Forgot his name.

Amy: Don't worry, you'll know who his name is. In the meantime, we have to protect Kiara & the other lions before the Serpentine or the Hyena's get to them. And don't worry Cream, we'll stop the Serpentine.

Cream: [Puppy eyes] Are you sure, Miss Amy?

Amy: Yes, I am sure. Cross my heart & hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.

Anu: A cup-what?

Amy: A Cupcake.

Kafei and Abeeku: What's a cupcake?

Lily: [Sighs] A cupcake is a sweet cake used for eating and a lot of people love to eat it! There!

All (Except for Amy, Lily and Cream): [Beat] Oh.

Amy: Now then, let's go stop the Serpentine together.

Cream: Right!

Teniahk:(Darkstorm's Daughter, Roars)

Kafei: Sis?

Teniahk:(Stands on 2 legs) Who are you

Kafei: Name's Kafei.

Teniahk: How do you know me

Kafei: ...I thought you were someone i knew.

Teniahk: Try me

Amy: Hi Teniahk, it's nice to see you again.

Kafei: Teniahk?! That's my little sister's name!

Amy: We'll try finding the Serpentine with these (holds out a box of ACME Heat-Seeking Goggles)

Lily: Uh, Amy. Kafei was saying something.

Amy: Oh right, sorry.

Lily: (Slaps Amy for no reason) (Just kiddding XD)

Amy: Ouch, that really hurt Lily.


Amy: Uhh, yeah.


(At the Elephant Graveyard)

Pythor: Well this is it, the Elephant Graveyard.

Skales: Now what do we do?

Mukha: (Shrugs)

Fangtom: In order to invade Pride Rock & attack Amy Rose, Cream, Lily & the Lions, we need to grow our army.

Mukha: (Whistles and Cape Dogs and Hyenas appear in a group)

Skalidor: That'll do

Acidicus: Yeah

Pythor: We will attack in dawn!

Skales: Yes, we will

Fangtom: And let's just say that we Fangpyre can bite more than we can chew.

Shenzi (Pack leader): You've called us. Anything you need?

Pythor: We want you & your hynea pack to take down Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Lily the Echidna & those Lions at Pride Lands so that we can take over the Pride Lands together.

Damuria (Cape Dog pack leader): Hm, seems like a good idea.

Teniahk:(Summons her Katana's)

Pythor: We will show those heroes that we have the power to take over Pride Rock!

The packs: (Howl)

Pythor: Let's go take over Pride Rock!


(Back at Pride Rock)

Banzai: So, we just... attack the guys?

Shenzi: Obviously...

Pythor: Right & soon they'll be in for a big surprise.

Damuria: (Nodds)

(The Villains begins to charge at Pride Rock)

(With Amy & the other Heroes)

Amy: (notices something in the distance) Uh, guys? You may wanna take a look at this.

Timon and Abeeku: (Sees the Hyenas and Cape Dogs charging at them)

Amy: (spots the Serpentine with the Hyenas & the Cape Dogs charging at Pride Rock) It's the Sepertine & they brought reinforcements. Get ready guys!

Lily: (Takes out her Titan Enegy Blade)

Timon: (hops on Pumbaa's Head)

Pumbaa: (getting ready to charge)

Abeeku: (Sharpens his claws; his small fangs are seen)

Amy: (pulls out her Large Piko Piko Hammer)

(The Lions roar)

Amy: Let's go!

Abeeku: (Nods)

(Our heroes charges at the Serpentine, the Hyenas & the Cape Dogs)

Pythor: Everyone, ATTACK!

(The Serpentine, the Hyenas & the Cape Dogs charges at the heroes)


A Cape Dog in real life.

Amy: Let's get them! (uses her Piko Piko Hammer to smash the Serpentine)

Abeeku and Lily: (Slashes at the Hyenas)

Skales: (tries to hypnotise Cream)

Kafei: (Slashes at Skales with her claws) LEAVE HER ALONE!!!

Skales: Ah! (shakes his head)

Fangtom: (about to bite Kafei)

Amy: Remember Fangtom, your asking for it ! (throws 2 pies at Fangtom, 1 for each of Fangtom's Heads)

(Foghorn, Pepe, Speedy and Timon's Meerkat Colony appear)

Lily: (Grins) I managed to get backup.

Amy: Nice work.

Skalidor: (wraps his Snake Tail around Simba's Body by using his strong grip) I got you now!

Lily: (Slices his tail off)

Skalidor: I guess I felt your prencence, after all (his cutted tail falls off) Hey! That's my tail. I don't have any legs (falls on his back, growing his tail back)

Acidicus: (spits Hallucinating Venomari Venom at Lily)

Abeeku: God-modding again, eh? Well, if YOU can do it, i can. (Undos the spell)

Acidicus: Huh? Not so fast (spits the Venomari Venom at Abeeku)

Abeeku: (Dodges and pokes his eye)

Acidicus: (yelps in pain)

Pythor: Bring in the Battle Serpentized Snake-Elephants from the Elephant Graveyard !

(The Serpentine brings in the Battle Snake-Elephants who we're been bitten by the Fangpyres. The Battle Snake-Elephants are like elephants except with Snake Skin & large Anaconda Snakes as the Trunk of the Battle Snake-Elephant)

Amy: Whao! Uh Guys, please tell me that the Fangpyres bit the Elephant Skeletons from the Elephant Graveyard

Foghorn: Well, those, ah say, those Elephant Snakes or whatever, ah say, whatever they are, are going down!

Amy: Pythor why did you & the Serpentine turn those Elephant Skeletons into a Snake Creatures?

Pythor: Let's just say that the Fangpyre can bite more than they can chew.

Amy: Figures. (to the heroes) Guys, we betta be careful not to get bitten or get stomped on

Cream: (Nods)

Amy: We need a group of 5 to stop them each. The First group will have to stop the Hypnobrai without looking them in the eye. The Second group will have to stop the Fangpyre without getting bitten. The Third group will have to stop the Constrictai. The Fourth group will have to stop the Venomari without getting spitted on. And the 5th Group will have to stop Pythor, cause he is the last of the Forbidden Anacondrai. I'll take on Pythor. While the rest of you make your decision on which tribe your gonna stop. Cream, you go first

Cream: .....I'll take on the Venomari.

Amy: Ok Cream. Watch out for their Venomari Venom, it causes people to hallucinate.

Cream: (Nodds)

Amy: Lily, your next.

Lily: Fangpyre...

Amy: Ok, so watch out for the Fangpyre's Teeth, once they sink their teeth, they can turn anyone into a Serpent. So try wearing some Steel. It can protect your skin from the bite of the Fangpyre. (gives Lily the ACME Steel Armor)

Lily: FUR, Amy, fur. (Puts it on)

Amy: Oh ok then. Sorry. Anywho, anyone else?

Abeeku: Ehhh, the Hypnobari, or whatever?

Amy: Ok Abeeku, watch for the Hypnobrai's Eyes, never look them in the eye or else your hypnotised. All you need to do is to never look at the Hypnobrai in the eyes.

Abeeku: (Nods)

Amy: Anu? Kafei? How about you two? Which Seperntine Snake are you two facing?

Anu: .....Constrictai...

Amy: Be careful of their grip. The Constrictai has incredibly strong grip. Once they grab you, they we'll not let go. Instead of struggling, just losen the grip a bit by being calm & relaxed. I'll take care of Pythor. Anyone else?

Kafei: I'll help....

Amy: Thanks Kafei.


Kafei: (Growls)

Amy: Anu, Teniahk, Simba, Nala, Foghorn, Pepe & Speedy? Which Serpentine Tribe are you gonna face? Starting with either Anu or Teniahk

Anu: .....I said Constrictai.

Amy: Alright, sorry. Teniahk Simba, Nala, Foghorn, Pepe & Speedy? Which Serpentine Tribe are you gonna face? Starting with either Teniahk or Simba.

Teniahk:(Unsheathes her blades) Kafei, you have a sister that has my name?

Kafei: ....She's..... not really my sister.... but, yeah...

Amy: Foghorn Leghorn, Pepe Le Pew & Speedy Gonzales? Which Serpentine Tribe are you gonna fight with? The Hypnobrai, the Fangpyre, the Constrictai, the Venomari or the forbidden Anacondrai? Starting with Foghorn, then Pepe Le Pew & finally Speedy Gonzales.

Teniahk:(Charges at Venomari)

Amy: (charges at Pythor)

Foghorn: (Takes on the Hypnobrai)

Teniahk: Blood LAZER (Shoots a red beam at Venomari)

Venomari Scout: (got hit by the laser) AHH!

2 Hypnobrai Warrior: (tries to hypnotise Foghorn & Abeeku)

Teniahk: (Whistles) Hey *Turns into the Destroyer Serpent* (Teniahk is a Black and Red Snake that even the serpentine fear)

Abeeku: (Slashes at the Hypnobrai with his tiny claws without looking at them, making them bleed slightly)

Hypnobrai Warrior: (shakes his head)

Constrictai Soldier: (grabs Anu by the throat & then starts choking Anu)

Anu: (Calm, even though eyes are bloodshot red)

Fangpyre Scout: (about to bite Lily)

Lily: (Throws a coconut at him)

Patrick: (Randomly appears) DAHAHA! Dat guy got hit with a Coconut!

Skales: (looks at Patrick) What are you looking at, Tubby?!

Patrick: Tubby? (Gets angry) NOBODY CALL ME TUBBY!! (Punches Skales)

Skales: (got hit in the eyes) My Eyes!

Pythor: Skalidor, stop him!

Skalidor: I'll take care of him. (attacks Skalidor)

Patrick: (Goes insane) I DEFY YOU, SERPENT MEN ! (Attacks them)

Skalidor: We're the Serpentine! (wraps Patrick around with his Long & Strong Snake tail)

Squidward: (Cheering) This is the best time of my life!

Accidicus: (notices Squidward) What are you looking at?! (spits his hulluciating venom at Squidward)

Squidward: (Every living thing he now sees looks like Spongebob) Noooooo!

Acidicus: (laughing)

Pythor: That'll take care of them. Now my Snake Elephants, Attack!

(The Serpentized Snake Elephants charges at the heroes)

Amy: Watch out! (throws 2 Coconuts at Skalidor)

Skalidor: (got hit in the head by 2 coconuts, causing him to let go of Patrick)

Patrick: (Chuckles)

Amy: Watch out! Here comes the Snake-Elephants.

Squidward: (Turns Insane after having too many visions of the Spongebobs) Heh heh.... giant Spongies...

Amy: (climbs onto a Snake Elephant that Pythor is on) Pythor! Your asking for it!

Pythor: Your gonna get it Amy Rose.

Amy: We'll see about that

(Amy Rose fights Pythor with her Piko Piko Hammer while Pythor fights Amy back with his Serpentine Staff)

Squidward: (Back to normal) SPONGEBO--...b? Waaait a second, i don't even know you people!!

Amy: Pepe & Speedy, watch out for the Serpentine!


Kafei: (Growls)

Pythor: Forget it Amy Rose, there's only one way that'll combot us.

Amy: What is it, Pyhtor?

Pythor: Only the Sacred Flute can stop us from rampaging, but still I broke the last of the Sacred Flutes.

Amy: (holds up the Sacred Flute) Like this one, Pythor?

Pythor: (notices this) Oh no

Amy: (plays the Sacred Flute, causing the Serpentine to cover their ears in pain)

Teniahk:(Ears Bleed)

Kafei: (Sees Teniahk) Amy, YOU IDIOT!!! Teniahk will most likely go deaf because of YOU!!!

Amy: I'm sorry, but it's the only way to combat the Serpentine & drive them underground. Look! (points to the Serpentine)

Serpentine: (covers their ears in pain) (screeches in pain) (runs off, back into their Serpentine Tombs)

Pythor: Get this Music away from me! (runs back inside his Serpentine Tombs)

Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: (runs back in their Serpentine Tombs)

Lily: (Relief)

Amy: That was close. I'm sorry Teniahk. I hope there's no hard feelings.

Teniahk:(Turns to her humanoid form)

Teniahk (Lioness): Sis

Kafei: (Nuzzles her "sister")

Amy: That was close. We've stopped the Serpentine.

Teniahk:(Halfbreed)(Cleans her ears)

Abeeku: Hey, uh, Squiddy?

Squidward: (Goes crazy again) Homina Homina Homina....

Abeeku: (Rolls his eyes)

"That's All, Fol-

Abeeku: (Jumps out of the Green Screen "paper") No!! This is NOT the end, trust me!!

Director: (Facplam) Abeeku, we know you just want more screen time. (Abeeku smirks a nervous smile)

Amy: And remember Abeeku, I'm sorry to say this but, "Your asking for it" (throws a coconut cream pie at Abeeku)

Abeeku: Gah ! It isn't that funny!

Squidward: (Stuck in the middle with Spongebob and Patrick laughing at him for going crazy) Somebody kill me....

Abeeku: And that's the- (Random stuff fall on him) end.

Amy: (sighs) I guess that everybody wants to get into the act. (winks)

"That's All Folks"

The End