Amy Safari is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes.


It was a Beautiful Day & Knuckles, Mandy & Eustace are Shopping in the Mall

Knuckles: Wait, I Change my Mind, Stack in Order the Cookies, Fruit and Food.

Bag Boy #1: Sir, please! I already bagged it by color, and in order of each item's discovery by man.

Knuckles: Customer's always right; that's what everybody likes about us. Now, mush! [claps hands twice]

Eustace: That's right, you Edchina (to Bag Boy #2) and you started over you stupid Bag Boy, I want everything in one bag.

Bag Boy #2: Yes, sir.

Eustace: But I don't want the bag to be heavy.

Bag Boy #2: But, this is possible, sir.

Eustace: What are you, a Stupid Dog? Just do it, you stupid Bag Boy.

Mandy: Hey, hey, watch what you're doing there, Cooked Goose. You're bruising my Food

Knuckles: (poking Bag Boy 1 with a stick) Hurry up! I can't stand here jabbing you all day.

Bag Boy #1: Ow! Stop. Bag boys have feelings, too, you know.

Knuckles: Less Talking, More Walking.

Silver: Eh, excuse me. Is there a problem here?

Knuckles: No, I can handle it. (To Bag Boy #1) I'll get you, Squealer. (Slap Bag Boy #1)

Bag Boy #1: That's it. On behalf of Sack Stuffers Local 199, I'm calling a strike! (throw the food in the floor and jump on the counter) Strike! Strike! Strike!

Bag Boys: Strike!, Strike!, Strike!, Strike! (Leave the Groceries Store)

Knuckles: ooh, the Bag Boys goes on strike, ooh, I'm Terrifying.

Silver: Sir, Please go Home.

Knuckles: Can i Conserved the rubber stick.

Outside, is Bag Boys on Strike.

New Report: And that's the Bag Boys goes on strike outside the Grocery Store.

Inside, the Groceries Store

Silver: Enjoy your food, sir.

Jack: Those Bag Boys will not ruined my Superbowl Party.

Shadow: Superbowl Party?

Meanwhile, Outside the Grocery Store

Jack: Let the Superbowl Party starts now. (A Giant Stick knocks Food out of his hand) Hey!, I was leaving.

Bag Boy #1: For the Next time, i'll knock your hat, sir.

Jack: Yikes!

A Newspaper read "Cut off the Food Supply including Pies"


Meanwhile, In Knuckles House

Knuckles: So hungry. There's gotta be some food left. [pulls a Couple of cans out of one of the cabinets, and reads their labels] Waggin' Beef? Corn Nog? Where did we get all this Junk?

Marge: Most of it was sent by relatives who couldn't see very well.

Tails: [looking in through the kitchen, holding up a birds' nest] Hey, I found some eggs! The mother abandoned her nest. [a large black bird flies up to Tails and pecks at him aggressively, knocking him to the ground]

Sonic: Guys, I Found something.

Jack: What is it?

Sonic: I found a piece of Yummy Cheese

A Mouse Bites Sonic Hand

Sonic: Yeow

A Mouse Grabs the Cheese & goes back into his Hole

Jack: Well, were Doomed

Eustace: I'm Hungry

Jack: Why would the Bag Boys won't let us

Knuckles: Because Mandy, Eustace & I Made them Fired

Jack: You, thanks to you Three, Now were gonna be even more Hungry, I'm so Hungry that When ever I'm Talking to you, My Stomach is Talking to Me (Stomach Growls)

Mandy: I don't eat in Public

Amy: (Appears) Hi Guys, hows it going...Oh (Sees the Others with Empty Stomaches) I see your all are Hungry

Jack: Yeah, My Arm can't stand it much longer (His Stomach is chomping on his Arm)

Amy: I see your Point, Guess what I bought

Sonic: Could it be a Stash of Banana's

Amy: No, (Shows them the Golden Giraffe) I brought this Beautiful Golden Giraffe

Eustace: Oh Man, I Need Food NOW !

Amy: But there's something tied to it, A Message (Reading) "Congratulations you brought the Golden Giraffe & your the 1,000,000th Customer to buy something in the Artifact Shop, you Won a Free Trip to Africa with Your Friends"

All (Except Amy): Africa?!


The Plane Lands on African Airport & coming out of the Airplane is Amy Rose, Jack, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mandy & Eustace

Amy: (Appears in a Pink African Clothes) We're Here

Jack: Wow, it's nice, But how are we gonna find some Food, like Bananas

Amy: You'll find something if we Work Together

But the Others are already Gone

Amy: Guys, Where'd they go? (Spots them going Wild) (Gasps) They've gone Wild (Chases after them)


Amy: Come out, Come out, Wherever you are (Spots Jack eating Bananas) There you are

Jack: (Sees Amy & Runs away)

Amy: Oh No you don't (Chases Jack)

Jack: (Looks at Amy & Crashes to a Tree & Got Knocked Out)

Amy: Oh Dear, are you ok?

Jack: (Wakes Up) Wha?

Amy: How did you feel?

Jack: I'm fine, I've Gone Feral

Amy: The Others will be Feral if we don't do something, we've gotta Catch them


Amy: (Hides behind the Rock) (Spots Tails) I'll use this Sleep Dart to make the Feral Ones Sleepy (Bends the Bamboo Stick into a Arch & Fires, the dart went around the rock, but it ended up at Amy's Behind) Yeow (Goes to Sleep)

Jack: Too Much Angle, I'll try again (Fires the Sleep Dart & Keeps on Missing the Dart while the Dart keeps going around the rock, he waits for the Next one, but when he looks at the Other side at the Rock, the Sleep Dart went the Other way around & ended up at Jack's Behind) YEOW, Too Much Angle he says, Sheesh (Goes to Sleep)

Amy & Jack: (Wakes up) (Catches Tails in a Cage)

Amy: It really hurts in the Behind

Jack: Yeah, somtimes it's like having a Vacinsination Shot in a Doctor's Office, Brother


Jack & Amy: (Spots Knuckles & Mandy)

Jack: There they are

Amy: (Sets up a Snare Trap) There now lets go

Jack & Amy: (Hides behind the Tree)

Eustace: Hmmmmm

Mandy: Grrrrrrr

Jack: This is gonna be more fun than a Flea Circus on a Dog's Back hehehehehehe

Amy: Uh Jack

Jack: Yes?

Amy: Look at your feet

Jack: (Looks at his & Amy's Feet to see they are on the Snare Trap)

Amy & Jack: Uh Oh

Eustace: (Trapped Amy & Jack with a Snare Trap) Gotcha Hehehehehehehehehehehehe

Amy: You know what, I'm thinking that he is even Nastier than Eggman

Eustace & Mandy: (Got caught in another Snare Trap)

Eustace: Grrrr, let me go

Mandy: Let me go, NOW !

Jack: (Cuts the Rope setting Amy & Himself free & falls to the Ground)


Jack & Amy: Ow

Jack: Eustace & Mandy Captured


Jack & Amy: (Spots Knuckles & Sonic)

Jack: Knuckles

Amy: Sonic

Sonic & Knuckles: (Roars)

Jack: They've gone Super Feral

Amy: We've gotta stop them (To Sonic & Knuckles) Sonic, Knuckles, It's time for you to stop being Feral (Pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer & Smashes them with it) I'm sorry

Sonic & Knuckles: (Knocked out)

Jack: That's all of them


Amy & Jack: (Carries Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Eustace & Mandy back to the Plane)

Jack: We Got Loads of Bananas (Carries about 1000 Bananas) What do you think of our Adventure, Amy?

Amy: Now that is one African Size Adventure (Winks at Camera)

"That's All Folks"

The End