Episode 42 of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes. This is Kimiko's first apperence in the series.


It was a beautiful day & Amy is walking by herself in the Woods

Amy: I hope Elmer Fudd didn't catch me

?????: *running and screaming*

Amy: Wait a minute, please?

????: *stops* *pant* Pant* You got to help me, Ms. Some hunter is trying to shoot me!!! I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!!!

Amy: Sounds like it's Elmer Fudd & there he is now

Elmer Fudd: (Sneaking) Shhhhh, Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet, I'm hunting Wolves, Hehehehehehehehehehehe

Kimiko: MEEHHHH!!! *Runs around in circles flailing her arms in the air*...What season is it?! *looks left and right* *sees a sign* WOLF SEASON?! YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?!

Amy: Don't worry, I'll go knock out Elmer Fudd (Puts Kimiko inside a Tree) Now Don't move till I'll tell you too, ok?

Kimiko: *nodding* Okay.

???:(Hidden in the shadows)



Piraka Cheif: I Piraka Cheif, the Cheif of the Piraka Brotherhood, demanded Avak to go get a Hedgehog & a Young Wolf for Lunch, Now Go

Avak: (Goes out of the Door)

Piraka Cheif: And don't come back till you get us a Hedgehog & a Young wolf to eat them for Lunch (Throws an 8 Ball at Avak's Head at the Back)

Avak: Black Balled Again, I guess I'm going hunting



Kimiko: Huh?

Kimyko: It is me Kimyko the Lycan (Turns to her werewolf form)

Avak: (In his Hunting Clothes) (Spots Elmer) hello

Elmer: hello Avak, hehehehehehehe

Xenrahk: Oh What are the odds, Pfft novice hunters.

Avak & Elmer: (Pulls out his Gun & Fires at Xenrahk)

Xenrahk:Wait (Sniffs) I smell Werewolf (Pulls out Sniper Rifle and Ak 47)

Kimiko: *pointing behind Kimyko*

(But Xenrahk, Elmer & Avak falls into a pit that Amy made)

Xenrahk:(Being a xenomorph He Climbs out)

Kimyko:(Power Jumps to a different tree)

Elmer & Avak: AMY! (Climbs out of the Hole)

Kimiko: So thats your name, Ms.Pink Hedgehog.

Amy: That's me

Xenrahk: Heres the plan you guys find the Werewolf and I'll find your hedgehog, deal?

Avak & Elmer: DEAL !

Amy: Of course you reliesed this means war

Kimiko: I may not look dangerous, but I gots claws! *pulls up her sleeves revealing sharp claws*

Xenrahk:It is too bad that I shot a blue Being four times in the leg.

Kimyko: Uncle Sonic.

Amy: He can't do that to Sonic like that, I'll get him (Throws a rock far away & it made a Noise)

Xenrahk: I plan to eat him as prme Ribs or maybe Baby Back Ribs.

Amy: Or Maybe SUPER SMACKDOWN (Knockes out Xenrahk with her Piko Piko Hammer, Knocking him out Cold)

Xenrahk:(Awakens and Bites Amy's Leg and begins to crush her bone)

Amy: (Smashing Xenrahk with her Piko Piko Hammer) Down, Down, Down I said Down Boy

Xenrahk: Gooodnight (Acid blood leacking and Lands on a Whoopie Cushion Kimyko left)

Kimiko: NNAARRGGEENN BARGEENNN *Takles Xenrahk and pathecticly hits him*Take this and that and this, Meanie!!

Amy: (Wraps her Bandages around her Waist) Xenrahk's a Nice Hunter, Esssh (Knocks Out Xenrahk, 1 more time)

Kimiko: Ms. PinkieMousie, Who is Uncle Sonic that Kymiko was talking about?

Kimyko: He is the fastest thing alive and Aunty Amy loves him.

Kimiko: Fastes thing alive?! Wow!

Amy: (Ties Xenrahk to a Tree) 1 down, 2 to go


Xenrahk: (Cuts himself down)

Avak: Do you where'd they gone too?

Elmer: I don't know

Xenrahk:(Lands on a Cream Pie) It hate pie!!!!!

Amy: I put that Pie there, now come on let's go

Avak: That was the Hedgehog

Elmer: And the Wolf

Kimiko: (Talking to Amy) Okay *sticks her tounge at Avak and Elmer then runs draging Sonic by the Quills*

Amy: (Runs with Kimiko)

Kimyko(In Werewolf form): Lookin for me?

Xenrahk:(Slips on a banana peel)

Avak & Elmer: (Chases after Amy & Kimiko)

Kimiko: Ah! *gets a TNT out of nowhere gets a match, lites it and throws it at them* Take that, Meinies!

Avak & Elmer: Ahh (Tries to blow the Fuse out)


Avak & Elmer: (Black Covered)

Avak & Elmer: (Shakes off the Black & goes after Amy & Kimiko)

Kimyko:(Throws Stink bombs on Avak and Elmer)

Avak: Oh Dear


Elmer: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh (Prepares to fire)

Amy: (Grabs Kimiko & Kimyko & runs)

Makuta:(Chopping Trees)

Amy: It's Makuta (Knocks Makuta out cold)

Avak & Elmer: (Notices a Tree is about to fall on them)

Avak: Tim...


Avak & Elmer: (Got crushed)

Avak: ...ber

Amy: (Spots the Pink Cabriolet, puts them in the Back seat & they Drove away) Let's get outta here

Sonic: Anyone care to tell me why I am here?

Kimiko: You almost got shot by those hunter meanies back there.

Amy: Right now your in my Car, The Pink Cabriolet

Sonic: Say What?!

Avak & Elmer: (Appears from the Back of the Car) We gotcha now

Amy: (Stops the Car)

Avak & Elmer: (sent flying & Crashed into the Piraka Lodge)


Avak: I guess I'll be the Grand Piraka Cheif, eh for being the only active member

Sonic:Xenrahk is a good liar.

We see Elmer & the other Piraka members covered in Bandages

Amy: Goodbye (Drives in her Pink Cabriolet with Kimiko, Kimyko & Sonic to the Sunset)

Avak: That is if no one has any objections (No one answered) So ordered (Hits the Table with his Hammer, sending the 8 ball flying & landed on his head, getting a lump on his head) Aw Man, Black Balled Again

"That's All Folks"