Amy of Wrath is an Episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

Amy sues revenge on L.O.S.E.

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It was a beautiful day in the Jungle & the Druken Stork was talking to himself

Druken Stork: Wow, what a day (Hiccups) 15 Deliveries & 1 to go (Hiccups) everyone is glad to see the Stork. (Hiccups) Here Stork, Here's the toast to the new baby. Aw have another. Come on Bottoms Up!

(The Baby Gorilla got out of the Sack & wanders away)

Druken Stork: One for the road. I can't mistrist a Toast! You gotta be socia...(hiccups) You gotta be soci...(hiccups) You gotta be socialable with the Hospata...(hiccups) the hospata...(hiccups) You just can't resue them (hicupps) Well I betta be going, That Mother Gorilla is getting worried (looks in the Sack & Notices the Baby is gone) Gone? Oh No! I'll be dismissed, kicked out of the Stork Club. I just gotta find a Baby somehow



Voltar: We need to figure out what Evil Plan are we doing today

Red Menace: Maybe we can find someone & help the Stork who is searching for a Baby Gorilla

Doktor Frog: But how? How are we gonna find a replacement? He just gotta have a baby somehow

Amy: (Singing) "I Dreamed of Sonic, he's the Light Blue Hedgie"

Doomageddon: (Appears & notices Amy singing, grabs a Stick & knocks her Out)

Amy: (Sings Slower & Dumber) I...dreamed....of Sonic, he's the..Liiiiiight, Bluuuuuuuuuue, Heeeeedgiiiiie (Knocked out)

Voltar: Good Boy, Doomageddon

Red Menace: (Carries Amy)

Doktor Frog: Well, That'll do, let's go


Druken Stork: (Notices L.O.S.E) Huh?

Voltar: (gives the Stork Amy in a Red Female Baby Costume) Here you go

Druken Stork: Oh thank you League of Super...(hiccups)..League of Sup...(Hiccups) Leauge of Super Evil, so long (Carries Amy in a Sack)

Voltar: Perfect!


Elvis & Mama Gorilla is waiting for the Baby

Druken Stork: (Gives Mama Gorilla Amy mistaken as a Baby) Congratu...(Hiccups) Congra...(Hiccups) Congratulations, your a Mother (Hiccups) (Leaves)

MAMA Gorilla: Elvis, the stork brought us a Baby. Our baby is here!

Elvis Gorilla: (Excited & feeds 3 Gorillas with Bananas in their Mouths & comes back to the Cave)

Congar: (to Audience) What's his Problem?

The bag is closed and Elvis & Mama Gorilla are both excited, until they open the bag, which reveals Amy Rose & they had Arkward faces.

Elvis (the male gorilla) goes to get a club to hit Amy with, but Mama Gorilla stops him.

MAMA: (Shrieks) (Stops Elvis) Oh how could you after all she is our Baby, no matter what she looks like, she's still your Daughter!

Amy: (Wakes up) Ow, what a bump (Notices she's wearing Female Baby Clothes) Hey, what happen? It's those L.O.S.E. they'll pay for what they done to me.

MAMA: (Laughs) Come to Mama my sweet little baby

Amy: Baby? Oh No! (Tries to get away, but Mama got her)

MAMA: Naughty Baby mustn't try to get-away. Mother Pat (Spanks Amy at her Bottom for running away from her) Here Elvis, kiss your Daughter

Elvis: (Roars at Amy)

Amy: (Cries) Daddy scared me

MAMA: (Hits Elvis on the head with a Rolling Pin) Stop scaring the Baby

Amy: Say this promise to be fun. I'll get those League Of Super Evil later. Eh, so I'll be a monkey (Pretends to be a Monkey)


As Elvis rocks Amy's cradle rather unpleasantly, he tried to rock it very fast making Amy really hurt, but Mama stopped him by knocking him on the head with her Rolling Pin & Elvis went back to Rocking Amy's Cradle still looking rather unpleasantly.

After a few minutes of rocking Amy to sleep, he tried to sneak away

Amy: (Opens her eyes)

Elvis: (tries to sneak away until...)

Amy: (Cries) Waah, I wanna drinka water! Waah, I wanna drinka water!

Elvis: (dumping a bucket of water over Amy)

Amy: (emerges from the Water)

Elvis: (Has a grin on his face after dumping Amy with a bucket of water over her)


Elvis: (Plays horsey with Amy)

MAMA: That's nice, play horsey with Baby

Amy: Giddy up, horse. Giddy up!

Elvis plays for a few seconds, he grins at Amy then sends her flying up into the air, then lands on Elvis

Amy: Hello Daddy

Elvis: (Roars & then chases Amy again)

Amy: MAMA! (Climbs up to Mama) Daddy scaring me again

MAMA: (clobbering Elvis with the rolling pin)

Amy: That's it Mommy, give him another & another. (does the same) Bad ol' daddy.


MAMA: That's nice, Elvis. (chuckles) Keep baby happy (Leaves)

We see Amy hitting Elvis Gorilla on the head with a Baseball bat

Elvis: (Roars, then breaks the bat in half)

Amy: MAMA!

Elvis: (Covers Amy's Mouth & gives Amy another Baseball Bat)

Amy: (Continues hitting Elvis on the head with a Baseball Bat)

While this is happening the stork is already taking to MAMA about his mistake, then gives her their real baby

Druken Stork: And so (Hiccups) I finally found your real baby (Gives Mama their real baby) Sorry madam if I cause you inconfe..(hiccups) sorry if I cause you any incon...(Hiccups) Trouble. I guess the League of Super...(hiccups) Evil must've gotten me the wrong Delivery, but everything is fixed now. (Hiccups) So long (Leaves)

MAMA: (yells) Elvis look! The Stork brought us our real baby! Awwww isn't he cute

Amy: Real Baby? (Looks at Elvis nervously)

Elvis: (Grins at Amy)

Amy: Mother

Elvis: (Roars at Amy)

Amy: (Hitting Elvis with her Piko Piko Hammer & Runs away, changing back from her Baby Girl Outfit into her Normal Outfit & hides in a Tree)

Elvis: (lifts the Tree up, leaving Amy unprotected)

Amy: EEK! (she runs away from Elvis)

Elvis: (Drops the Tree & goes after Amy)

Amy: (Walks on a Tightrope to the other side keeping Elvis at bay threatening to cut it if he crosses it) (Grabs a Knife) Take one step on that rope & I'll cut it

Elvis: (instead pulls the entire opposing cliff-side to him in one effortless yank of the rope)

Amy: (Laughs Nervously) My, what big muscles you got?

Elvis tries to hit Amy, but she got away to the bottom of the cliff

Voltar: Did you see that?

Red Menace: Yeah I did

Doktor Frog: Let's help that Male Gorilla

Voltar: Alright, let's do this! (Evil Laughter)

(Meanwhile at the Bottom of the Cliff)

Amy: Phew, well I guess I gave him the slip

When Elvis, Voltar, Red Menace, Doktor Frog & Doomageddon sees her, they throws a huge boulder toward Amy

Amy has no idea that there's a boulder coming towards her, but moves away when she sees MAMA coming

MAMA: ELVIS! Guess what the baby said? (while she steps right into the spot where the boulder should land! The Boulder lands on MAMA's Head & the boulder goes into Pieces)

Elvis & L.O.S.E. realizes their misfortune of what just happened, and tries to apologize to MAMA.

Elvis & L.O.S.E.: (Gibberish) But? But? (Gibberish) But? (Gibberish, which gradually turns into Sobbing & then Crying)

MAMA: (begins to hit Elvis & L.O.S.E. with the rolling pin off-screen)

Amy: I'd like to see them eeh-ooh-aah-ooh and but their way outta this one!

Druken Stork: (Appears with a White Sack) Congratu...(Hiccups) Congrat...(Hiccups) Congratulations, your a mother (Gives Amy the Sack) (Hiccups) (Leaves)

Amy: Mother? (Looks in the Bag & notices it was Spongebob & Patrick Star with Lumps on their Heads & in Diapers)

Spongebob & Patrick: (Jumps onto Amy's Arms)

Spongebob: We've found you our presious little Mommy (Kissing Amy)

Patrick: Ooh I love you mommy! I love you so much!

Amy: (Sighs)

"That's All Folks"