Amy Safari is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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It was a beautiful day & Amy is walking through the park of Station Square

Amy: (Sighs) It's a beautiful morning, the sun is shining, the birds are singing & there's nothing that can possibly ruin this beautiful...


Amy: Hey, What's that? (takes a look & it's Smoke & Mirrors)

Smoke & Mirrors: (Attacking the City)

Amy: Oh my goodness, who are you guys?

Smoke: (Talks Fast) I'm Smoke & this is my Brother Mirrors & we're here to cause havok in your town!

Sonic: (appears with Tails & Knuckles) Not if we have anything to say about it

Amy: Sonic! Your here

Sonic: Don't worry, Ames. We got this

Mirrors: You think so huh? (throws the Prison Prism at Sonic, Tails & Knuckles trapping them all inside)

Amy: (Gasps) Sonic!

Knuckles: Let me outta here

Tails: Amy, run for it !

Sonic: Don't worry about us, we'll be fine

Smoke: (grabs the Prison Prism with Sonic, Tails & Knuckles inside) And now you Spoiled Pink Brat, your next ! (unleashes her Giant Sword)

Amy: (jumps a bit & runs off)

Smoke: Let's get her!

Mirrors: I'm right behind ya sis!

Smoke & Mirrors: (chases Amy)

Amy: (hides inside a Rabbit Hole)

Mirrors: Where'd she go?

Smoke: She escaped, but no matter. We'll find her later, right now we got the whole townspeople to capture

Mirrors: Right !

(Smoke & Mirrors starts throwing Prison Prisms at the Townspeople capturing them)

Amy: (Hears the whole thing) Why those dirty little villains. They can't capture my Sonic like that. Of course you realize this means war!


(At T.U.F.F. HQ)

Dudley & Kitty: (playing "Go Fish")

Dudley & Kitty:......................................

Dudley: Do you have any 7's?

Kitty: Go Fish!

Dudley: Darn it !

Amy: (appears) Dudley! Kitty! I need your help

Kitty: What is it, Amy?

Dudley: We're out of Donuts?

Kelswick: We're out of t,t,t,t,t,toast?

Cheif: Are we attacked by D.O.O.M.?

Amy: No, it's Smoke & Mirrors! These 2 Villains have captured Sonic, Tails & Knuckles & these 2 are trapping the Townspeople with their Prison Prisms or something

Dudley: Prism Prisons?

Kitty: Prissy Pitties?

Cheif: Pippy Piggies?

Amy: No, I said Prison Prisms

Keslwick: Sorry Amy, we're kinda st,st,st,st,stuck of this new Tounge Twister, that was really tr,tr,tr,tr,tricky to say it out loud

Amy: (Sighs) Let's just go stop those 2, ok? Cause we got Sonic, Tails & Knuckles to save

Dudley: Right ! To the T.U.F.F. Mobile !

(Amy, Dudley & Kitty hops in the T.U.F.F. Mobile)

Amy: Hey, can I drive?

Kitty: Drive? What do you know about driving the T.U.F.F. Mobile?

Amy: Tons. Like the windshield wipers are right here. [pushes a button]

Kitty: Don't touch that button, that's the... [Amy, Dudley, Kitty & the T.U.F.F. Mobile folds together into 1 origami swan] ... Origami Button.

Amy: Sowwy


(Amy, Dudley & Kitty heads out to Station Square in the T.U.F.F. Mobile with Amy driving)

Kitty: I can't believe I let a 12 Year Old Hedgehog driving the T.U.F.F. Mobile, is she too young to drive?

Dudley: (flapping his tounge with the wind) Nope

Amy: Don't worry Kitty, I have my own Pink Cabriolet. I even race with my car in a Racing Competion. I got nothing to worry about

Kitty: I hope so

Dudley: Are we there yet?

Kitty: No

(5 Seconds pause)

Dudley: Are we there yet?

Amy: Not yet, Dudley

(5 Seconds pause)

Dudley: Are we there yet?

Kitty: No Dudley

(4 Seconds pause)

Dudley: Are we there yet?

Kitty: No!

(3 Seconds pause)

Dudley: Are...we there yet?

Kitty: Yes

Dudley: Really?

Kitty: NO!

(2 Seconds pause)

Dudley: Are we there yet?

Kitty: No!

Dudley: Are we there yet?

Kitty: No we're not !!

Dudley: Are we there yet?

Kitty: Noo!!! (zips Dudley's Lips shut, litterally) Now you be quiet

Dudley: (muffled) Sorry

Amy: (Sighs) And I thought Sonic was Impaiecent

(Amy, Dudley & Kitty arrived at Station Square)

Kitty: (sighs) Finally!

Dudley: (unzips his Lips) Let's go get Smoke & Mirrors & free Sonic, Tails & Manic from those Prissy Preaties they have!

Amy: That's Prison Prisms, Dudley

Dudley: Man I gotta work on that Tounge Twister

Smoke: Well, well, well. If it isn't Amy Rose, Dudley Puppy & Kitty Katzwell

Dudley: Man she talks fast

(Amy, Dudley & Kitty hops out of the car)

Mirrors: (teleports behind them, like he appears out of nowhere) Hello there! I see your cat friend still has 9 Lives

Kitty: And I also have my 10 Claws! (slashes Mirrors)

Smoke: Mirrors, are you ok? Are you hurt?

Mirrors: Nah, Kitty Katzwell just stratched me (fell into Pieces because of Kitty's Sharp Claws) And now I'm in HORRIBLE PAIN!

Smokes: Why you little...! (floats in the Air)

Dudley: Ok, that was cool, yet creepy

Mirrors: (puts himself together) Ow, you'll pay for that!

Smoke: (slices Kitty's Whiskers off with her Giant Blue Sword)

Kitty: Uh-oh! No whiskers, no balance! (tries to balance herself, but falls)

Amy: Kitty are you ok?

Kitty: I can't get up because without Whiskers, I have no balance

Amy: That could be bad

Smoke: (laughs evily) And now Amy & Dudley, your both next ! (prepares to slice Amy & Dudley in half with her Giant Blue Sword)

Dudley: Wow, that's one big sword

Amy: Sorry, but Dudley, Kitty & I have to go somewhere, so we'll give you a simple farewell adiue

(Amy & Dudley starts running for their lives while carrying Kitty, before Smoke Chops them in half with her Giant Blue Sword)

Smoke: After them!

(Smoke & Mirrors goes after Amy, Dudley & Kitty)

Dudley: Got any bright ideas?

Amy: Hmm, we need to stop them. Follow me!

(Amy & Dudley carries Kitty to the Ice Cream Palour, while Smoke & Mirrors are right behind them)

Smoke: Where'd they go?

Amy & Dudley: (appears as Ice Cream Men (And Woman in Amy's Case)

Mirrors: Have you seen Amy, Dudley or Kitty around here?

Amy: Nope, but try our new Ice Cream Flavour

Dudley: That'll be $1 each

Smoke: Well, I am kinda tired & all, I like one

Mirrors: I like one too

(Smoke & Mirrors gives Amy & Dudley $2 & Amy & Dudley gives Smoke & Mirrors Green Ice Cream, which is acculty Wasabi on an Ice Cream Cone)

Smoke & Mirrors: (Licks the Ice Cream [Wasabi]) Mmmmm (felt their tounges are burning their mouths spew out fire) OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! (goes out to find Water) HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT! (Spots a Big Water Fountain & dumps themselves in it, drinking water from the Fountain to cool their mouths down) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,

Amy: I hope they like our Japanese Wasabi Ice Cream

Dudley: It looks like Ice Cream, but it's Hot in the inside.

Kitty: (appears from the Ice Cream) Uh oh! Still no Whiskers! (tries to balance, but falls)

Amy: (carries Kitty) It's ok, I gotcha!

(Amy, Dudley & Kitty goes back to the T.U.F.F. Mobile)

Smoke & Mirrors: (appears again with Banages around their Tounges)

Smoke: (muffled because of the Banages around her tounge) Amy Rose, Dudley Puppy & Kitty Katswell, feel my wrath

Dudley: Nanny Hose, Cudley Mucky & Billy Batswell, peel my rat?

Smoke: (Annoyed) (peels the Banages off of her Tounge) OW! I said, "Amy Rose, Dudley Puppy & Kitty Katswell, feel my wrath!" (unleashes her Giant Sword again)

Dudley: Oh that makes sence now

Amy: Dudley, LOOK OUT!

Dudley: Ooh, shiny Coiner! (bends down)

Smoke: (tries to slice Dudley in half, but fails when Dudley bends down, cutting down the Tree instead & the tree is about to fall on her & Mirrors)

Mirrors: That can't be good

Smoke: RUN!

(Smoke & Mirrors got crushed by the Big Tree)

Dudley: Nah, it's only a Bottlecap

Amy: Let's get outta here!

Amy, Dudley & Kitty: (hops in the T.U.F.F. Mobile)

Amy: Hold on guys, I'm backing up! (shifts vehicle into gear but ends up driving forwards through the wall, running over Smoke & Mirrors in the process, instead of backing out) Whoops! Sorry, I Probably should have read the manual first.

Kitty: You think?


(At Kitty's apartment at night; Amy & Dudley carries Kitty inside and sets her down)

Kitty: (angry) Grrr.. huh? (loses balance) Still no whiskers, aagh! (falls into vase upside-down and struggles to free herself but fails)

Amy: Sorry Kitty, but you'll be safe here for the night from Smoke & Mirrors and get my Sonikku back!

Kitty: Anywho, this place has a high-tech security system. (flicks switch to reveal laser security grid) There's no way Smoke & Mirrors could get in here unless someone was stupid enough to open a window! (window is opened)

Amy: (sweating) Sorry, it's hot in here. I don't wanna be sweating like a Hedgehog. Oh wait, I am a Hedgehog, I don't wanna sweat like a Chameleon (Kitty's eyes narrow in anger)

Dudley: CHAMELEON?! (grabs Kitty & uses her to smash Amy, but Amy dodges more)

Amy: Whao! Sorry, that I said that out loud

Kitty: That's ok

Amy: And what are we talking about again?

Kitty: The Window that has been opened by you

Amy: Oh

(Smoke & Mirrors appears from the Vent)

Smoke: It is we, Smoke & Mirrors!

Kitty: Dudley, did you forget to install the Security System in the Air Vent?

Dudley: Knew I forgot something, sorry still thinking about my chew toy

Smoke: Oh Dudley! (throws a Ball through the Chute)

Dudley: BALL! (chases after the Ball)

Kitty: There's no way your gonna make me go crazy like Dudley

Mirrors: (throws a ball of yarn down through the Chute)

Kitty: Must...get...BALL OF YARN ! (chases after the Ball of Yarn)

(Dudley & Kitty got trapped in the Prison Prisms)

Amy: Uh Oh!

Smoke: Uh oh indeed! (holds up 2 Prison Prisms with Dudley & Kitty inside of them) 5 down & 1 more to go

Amy: Yipe! (goes outside the Apartment away from Smoke & Mirrors)

Smoke: Mirrors, we gotta go after her

Mirrors: Right !

(Amy goes in door to door in & out with Smoke & Mirrors going after them & it's like they done a Crazy Corridor. Because they done crazy stuff while going in & out of the doors in order, opposite, out of order, different patterns, even Amy accidently chasing Smoke & Mirrors & then finally Smoke & Mirrors ends bumping into each other)

Smoke: Where did she go?

Mirrors: I don't know, we've lost her

Amy: (by the Staircase) Yoo Hoo! Mr. & Mrs. Japanese!

Smoke: OHHHHHHHH! After her!

Amy: (notices Smoke & Mirrors) Oh No!

Smoke & Mirrors: (about to Grab Amy)

Amy: (trips Smoke & Mirrors down the Stairs) Whoops a daisy!

Smoke & Mirrors: (falling down the Stairs)


Smoke & Mirrors: (feeling dazed, but regain their footing)

Smoke: Never mind her, we still have the Prisoners in our Priggy Piggies! Oh Drat! I mean Prison Prisms!

Mirrors: Oh great, now they got you doing it

Smoke: Never mind let's go!

(Smoke & Mirrors makes a run for it back in their lair)

Amy: Hold on Sonikku, I'll save you! (rushes to T.U.F.F. mobile and tries unlocking it with remote control keys; instead, it takes off into the air and the exhaust burns Amy & the T.U.F.F. Mobile explodes while it's in the sky) (coughing) Oh man, I Really should have read the manual. (shakes off the Exhaust off of herself) Much better. I need to think of something else to ride on but what? (thinking until a LightBulb appears above her head) That's it ! Thanks Mr. LightBulb

LightBulb: (his eyes & mouth appears) Your welcome (floats away)


(Amy is driving in her Car: The "Pink Cabriolet" from "Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing")

Amy: (driving her Pink Cabriolet to Smoke's & Mirrors' Lair) (sighs) It's a living

(She arrives at Smoke's & Mirror's Lair)

Amy: I made it (notices a Moat around the Lair)

"More Coming Soon"