An ARATLT's Christmas Carol is a Christmas Special from "Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes" with Zaktan portraying as Ebenezer Scrooge...or is he?

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Special Guest Stars: WWE Superstar "The Undertaker" as Jacob Piraka & Jessica Struss as the main antagonist, Zaktan's Ex Girlfriend, "Zoo Zoo Ju Ju"


While Zaktan is alone in Christmas, an imposter of Zaktan is out there & her name is Zoo Zoo Ju Ju & she is framing Zaktan by pretending to be him, but with a hatred of Christmas, fooling everybody in Christmas Eve. With Zaktan being framed & gone on a Christmas Carol Themed Adventure thanks to Darkstorm's plan & Zoo Zoo Ju Ju's hatred of Christmas, will Zaktan convince everyone that he's been framed by Zoo Zoo Ju Ju herself?


(It was a snowy day & everyone is in a holl jolly christmas spirit, except one...& it's "Zaktan / ??? ??? ?? ??")

"Zaktan"/ ??? ??? ?? ??: (walking through town)

Zaktan's Son: Merry Christmas Father

"Zaktan"/ ??? ??? ?? ??: Bah, Humbug! Why do I even care about this holiday anyway?

Zeendahk:But Dad....

"Zaktan"/ ??? ??? ?? ??: No buts, Zeendahk, my son! (arrives at his office) (notices a sign that says "The office of Jacob Piraka & Zaktan") (sighs) You see son, my partner Jacob Piraka died 7 years ago, but he's a good piraka lad. You know what he did, son?

Zeendahk:(Sighs) Business

"Zaktan"/ ??? ??? ?? ??: And rob the witters & swindle the poor. Now your getting it son. (goes inside his office)

Zenndahk:(Heads home almost crying)

Darkstorm: (Notices)

"Zaktan"/ ??? ??? ?? ??: (groans) Kids today. (notices Darkstorm as his aprentice) Darkstorm! What are you looking at?

Darkstorm:(Grabs Zaktan's Throat)

"Zaktan"/ ??? ??? ?? ??: Hey! Did I tell you to grab my throat like that? Huh, no. Now get to work!

Darkstorm: I quit, I am done cleaning up your mess Zahktan (Walks off)

"Zaktan"/ ??? ??? ?? ??: Ahh, who needs you anyway! I can clean it up all by myself you know! And by the way, my name is ZAKTAN! (as Darkstorm is gone) Well of all the nerve. I gotta count my money, but first I need an aprentice. Whoever it is, it had to be a piegon, not an actual piegon. But who would be stupid enough to get a job as my aprentice? Hmm...


(With Darkstorm)

Darkstorm:(Is at home)

Amy: (notices Darkstorm) Hi Darkstorm, Merry Christmas.

Darkstorm:(Summons the Ghost of Jacob Piraka)

Amy: Uh Darkstorm? I said "Hi". By the way, what are you doing?

Darkstorm: Take a guess

Amy: Your trying to change Zaktan's spirit by summoning the ghost of his partner?

Darkstorm: Bingo

Amy: Just asking. Anyway, Merry Christmas Darkstorm.

Darkstorm:Merry Christmas

Amy: Thanks Darkstorm.

Darkstorm: Jacob

Jacob Piraka: (appears to be a Blue Piraka with Green Armor & has loads of chains around him) Why have you summoned me?

Darkstorm: You old partner

Jacob Piraka: (sighs) I haven't seen my old partner Zaktan, ever since I died 7 years ago.

Darkstorm: He has gotten worse

Jacob Piraka: Even worse than me?

Darkstorm: Don't get started

Jacob Piraka: Alright, maybe I can change Zaktan's spirit. It's for Christmas after all.

Amy: So what can I do to change Zaktan's Spirit? I really love to help.


Amy: (waiting for an answer)


Amy: Oh thank you so very much.

Darkstorm: You can let me go now

Amy: Sorry, but I'm not touching you.

Darkstorm: Then Who is

Blaze THC: Merry Christmas Uncle

Amy: Hi Blaze THC, merry christmas.

Blaze THC:(Nyan)

Amy: (hugs Blaze THC) We need you & your husband's help. It's Zaktan. He's become a Scrooge.

Blaze THC:(gIGGLES) Torrment and torrture *Calls Daffy*

Amy: That's a great idea. Why not be the ghosts of christmas to teach Zaktan a lesson. What do you say, Blaze THC?

Darkstorm:(Calls Daffy)

Daffy: (on the phone) What?

Darkstorm: Your needed

Daffy: For what?

Darkstorm: Pays good

Daffy: Did you say "Pay"? What's the job?

Darsktorm:*Whispers the plan)

Daffy: You want me to do that? But why?

Darkstorm: He treats his own son like dirt, mistreats the needy and hates Christmas

Daffy: Just like Ebenezer Scrooge & me?

Darkstorm: But you both learned you lesson

Daffy: There's something else you might learn & it's "Once a bad guy, always a bad guy."

Darkstorm: This will work

Daffy: Fine, but don't say I told you so. (hangs up the phone)

Darkstorm: *Growls*

Amy: So Darkstorm, who did you called?

Darkstorm: Daffy

Amy: Ok, so Blaze THC, Daffy & I will help Zaktan turn a new leaf.

Blaze THC: yEP

Amy: I hope this works.

Darkstorm: It will


(At 7pm)

Zaktan: (walking towards his home) (sighs) What a day & this is really the best time of the year. And that's Christmas...(notices a note) Huh? What's this? It's a note from my pals (reads) "Dear Zaktan, if you notice this note that we've wrote to you, you know that we're all gone for the holidays, see you later, From Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok". (sighs) All alone again. Oh well. (about to open the door)

the floor creeks

Zaktan: (hears the floor creeks) Mice. (Sighs) Never mind, I'll take care of that later.

????: Zaktan

Zaktan: Huh? (looks around) Who's there? (shrugs) Oh well (goes inside the house & goes up stairs to his room)

????:(gETS Louder) Zaktan

Zaktan: (goes inside his room) Whoever's there, I certainly know Spinjitsu

Jacob Piraka: Zaktan

Zaktan: (notices Jacob Piraka) Jacob Piraka? What are you doing here? I thought you we're dead 7 years ago.

Jacob Piraka: I am here to warn you

Zaktan: Warn me about what? An attack from Dr. Eggman or something?

Jacob: Your Soul is in danger, many have tried to warn you, christmas is a joyfull time and look at me, dead and I can help right my wrongs

Zaktan: (raises his eyebrow) What do you mean "right your wrongs"?

Jacob: All the bad things I have done to innocent people

Zaktan: Seriously?

Jacob: THere is a remdemption for you

Zaktan: Really? Where? (looks around)

Jocab: Tonight you will visited by 3 spirits, and each will be more terrifying than the last

Zaktan: (in thought: Now where have I heard that before?)

Jacob: before warned, if you learn nothing, your soul is doomed *Disappears*

Zaktan: (chuckling) That's gotta be a trick, cause I've already heard that one from the Flying Dutchman in Bikini Bottom. But I have one question, "What just happened?" Oh well, maybe I'll find out in the morning. (goes to bed) Nighty night. (goes to sleep)

(But what Zaktan didn't know is a Pink Piraka with Green Armor, wearing a Zaktan Suit is watching him with an evil smile on her face, not before leaving)

"Zaktan" / ??? ??? ?? ??: (from the background, evil giggling) All according to plan.

Zaktan: (still snoring)

voices are heard

Zaktan: (talking in his sleep) Mm, who's....(sleeping)


Zaktan: (wakes up a bit) Ok, ok, I'm up. Who's there?

Ghost of Christmas Past: GET UP

Zaktan: (fully awake) Ok, Ok, I'm awake. By the way, can I help you?

GoCP: I am here to haunt you

Zaktan: (confused) I don't get it. I've seen scarier. So you must be the first spirit, right?

GoCP:(Rips his face of and screams in rage)

Zaktan: Cool. Now he's all mad, even more awesome than before. I'm getting a glass of water, I'll be right back. (goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water)

A pair of skeletal Hands grab him

Zaktan: (notices a pair skeleton hands) Ok, you got me. Joke's over: (takes away the skeletal hands & then drinks a glass of water) (sighs happily) Much better. (goes back to his bedroom)

"Zaktan" / ??? ??? ?? ??: (from outside, looking through a window) Hmm?

Zaktan suddenly is in his past

Zaktan: (notices everything in his house are brand new) Whoa, nice. Everything's new again. I wonder who made everything new again.

GoCP: Ahem, your a ghost dude, so which means *Grabs him and tosses Zaktan Through a wall*

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: (arrives)

Reidak: (suddendly catches Zaktan) Hi Zaktan, we all decided to come back.

Zaktan: Hi guys. By the way, this is the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Hakann: Ghost?! (notices the GoCP & screams) We're getting out of this house! (takes Zaktan, Reidak, Vezok, Avak & Thok through the doorway & starts baracading the doors, walls & windows with the Ghost Proof Steel)

Zaktan: No wait !

Hakann: (takes Reidak, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok inside a closet & makes it ghost proof that no ghost can ever get in)

Vezok: Hakann, what's got into you?

Hakann: It's because a ghost is after us & we're not gonna let this happen. And we will stop the beating of those Ghosts Dead Hearts

Avak: But we're not ghosts

Hakann: Not yet, at least we're safe inside this Ghost Proof Closet & Zaktan is immune as well

Thok: Let's find out.

GoCP: Exuse me if Zaktan didn't abuse his son, than who did?

Reidak: Properbly an imposter disguising as me.

GoCP: Oh *Turns out to be darkstorm as he takes off the costume)

Vezok: Darkstorm?! What are you doing here dressing up as the Ghost of Christmas Past?

Darkstorm: To find the Truth *Pulls out cell phone and calls Amy and Daffy* Call off guys, Zaktan didn't do this, it was his ex

Amy: (on phone) Ok then

Daffy: (on phone) Now what do we do?

Avak: Amy & Daffy? What are they doing here?

Darkstorm: *Smiles) Lets teach her a lesson *Hangs up) Piraka wanna join?

Zaktan: Sure. Although I can't remember how did my ex girlfriend broke up with me, but I'll do it anyway.

  • At her house)

"Zaktan"/ ??? ??? ?? ??: (arrives back in her house) (taking off her Zaktan Disguise) Let's see, creating a Zaktan disguise: Check. Wear the disguise & go out in public as the angrier Zaktan: Check. Attempting to frame Zaktan to be the new Ebeneezer Scrooge:...(takes off the mask) Check! Oh Zaktan, I had to do it to you cause you've broken my heart all of because of you belittling my name, which is Zoo Zoo Ju Ju! (growls) How I hate my name!

somethin in her house falls and breaks

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: Who's there?

The walls oozed slime

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: (notices) Slime?! (calms down) Oh wait, they always do that. Oh well, time to frame Zaktan even more.

evil laughter is heard

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: Who goes there? (picks up a gun) I got a gun & I'm not afraid to use it.

the lights go out suddenly, when the come back on Ju Ju's hands are covered in blood

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: (notices her hands) What the?!

Darkstorm is on the floor and the carpet is stained with blood

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: What kind of trickery is this?

????: You killed him

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: Good because I wasn't gonna show his face ever again anyway, now get lost!

more angry voices scream in her head

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: Gooood! Yes! Yes! Feel the anger! Feel the aggression! That's all I needed to hear! Your negative energy really powers me even more. (hears a familliar ghostly voice)

Zaktan's Voice: (ghostly & quietly) all gonna pay.

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: Zaktan? Show yourself ! I can take the Anger, the Aggression, the Rage & the Negative Energy, like Discord.

Darkstorm:*Gets up with Glowing orange eyes)

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: (notices) What the?!

Zaktan: (appears as a green holographic ghost, floating in mid-air)

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: Darkstorm?! Zaktan?! What's going on?

Zaktan: (normal voice) Your framing days ends now. Give up & change to your niceness or else?

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: I'll never stop until I see you dead!

Zaktan: Alright, your asking for it ! (summons the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present & Future)

They appear

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: Zaktan, who are those guys?

Zaktan: These are the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present & Future. And they are here to change your spirit by showing you your past, present & your possible future.

Past:*Floods her head)

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: Hey!

images of her past come up

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: What's happening? What did you do to me?

her happy childhood pops up

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: What the?

Zaktan: Remember your happy childhood, Zoo Zoo Ju Ju?

???: And how it went bad

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: (gasps) (to ???) Who's there?

Past:(Skips to the Horrible events)

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: What's going on? How did you know all of those events I have.

Past: I show events of your past

Zaktan: You felt desperate after all of those past horrible events.

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: (felt a bit bad) I...uh...(shakes his head, snap herself out of it) What am I saying? Of course I feel bad, because of you Zaktan, you belittled my name!

Zaktan: It's just a little humor. Don't you get it? Do you even have any humor yourself?

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: (as she is thinking, everything goes back to normal) Well, I...huh?

(Zoo Zoo Ju Ju looks around to see that everything's back to normal)

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: Now where did they go? I don't see them. I knew it! It was all a dream. Now I can go back to sleep. (goes to sleep on her bed, snoring)

?????:(Deep voice) ZOO ZOO

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: (yawns) What's going on now? (notices Zaktan, still a green holographic ghost) You again?

Zaktan: It's not over til' my new friend & I say it's over.

Present:(Shows her th current events)

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: Who are you & what are you doing?


Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: Darkstorm, what do you want now?

Darkstorm: I am the ghost of christmas yet to come

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: And I'm the orange cat who's names start with "G". Hardy Har Har.

Zaktan: Show her. (snaps his fingers)

Darkstorm:(Summons a crystal Mirror to show her future)

Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: What is this now?

Zaktan: This is your future.

Darkstorm: Your in a grave, alone and cold and Afraid

Zaktan; And...everything else begins to digitize? Because of an unknown power?

All minus Zoo Zoo Ju Ju: What?

Darkstorm: Surprising that your not caring Zoo

Zaktan: Guys hold up for a minute. Look at this. (points to the crystal mirror, showing the future that the entire planet beginning to digitize by an unknown force) I think I recognize that pattern.

Darkstorm: Ok

Zaktan: (gasps as he recognize the familiar pattern belonging to) No, it can't be! Not him!

Darkstorm: ?????????/

(What they didn't know is Zoo Zoo Ju Ju begins to shed her skin, revealing her true form, which is actually a Giant Male Orange & Red Piraka with a name on his chest)

Zaktan, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: (turns to the Giant Male Orange & Red Piraka & they are in shock, disbelief & horror)

Zaktan: Uh, Darkstorm?

Darkstorm:(A bit repulsed, but not scared

Giant Male Orange & Red Piraka: Hello Darkstorm we have meet at last. It is I, Snowstorm's creation, the Piraka Doomageddon Virus all along! Thanks to you entering the dream world inside Zaktan, we will now be able to digitize the external world.

Zaktan: Wait, we?

Piraka Doomageddon Virus: Yes. Prepare to be assimilated, resistance is futile! (lashes his virus wires at Darkstorm first, electrocuting him, getting inside of Darkstorm's mind, controlling his brain)

Darkstorm:(Roars) I highly doubt you controlling me

Piraka Doomageddon Virus: And I higly doubt you resisting me. (powers up, getting inside of Darkstorm's mind, controlling his brain even faster, electrocuting Darkstorm's brain)


Piraka Doomageddon Virus: (still electrocuting Darkstorm's brain, glitching it, shutting it down, causing Darkstorm to collapse, as the virus gaining full control of Darkstorm's body)

Zaktan: (stands back)

Piraka Doomageddon Virus: (In Darkstorm's body, opening it's red eyes) Thank you for releasing the Piraka Doomageddon Virus. Goodbye. (lashes out his red wires, each of them digitizing anything it touches)

Amy Rose, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak, Thok & Jack: (arrives with Blaze THC & Daffy)

Amy Rose: What happened?

Zaktan: We we're duped from the start. We gotta destroy the virus before it's too late.

Avak: It may not be like the Christmas Carol goes, but we'll have to do it for saving Christmas!

Zaktan: (charges)

Amy Rose: Don't worry, Zaktan, we got this!

[The gang run at Piraka Doomageddon, only to be blocked & blown away by Piraka Doomageddon's vicious attacks]

Piraka Doomageddon: (traps Jacob Piraka & the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present & Future in ghost proof cages)

Jacob Piraka: (tries to escape, only to get electrocuted)

Zaktan: (is left standing) Darkstorm, no!

Piraka Doomageddon: (feeling Darkstorm's body changing into a Piraka slowly) There is no more Darkstorm, only Piraka Doomageddon. [sends giant red Zamor Sphere flying towards Zaktan] Now die!

Zaktan: (dodges the Red Zamor Sphere) AAH!

Daffy: He's just too fast & he's gonna turn the entire planet into an Evil Piraka Paradise if we don't stop him ruining Christmas!

Zaktan: Too fast? Christmas?

Jack: What are we gonna do?

Amy Rose: There has to be a way!

Zaktan: (notices the christmas presents near Piraka Doomageddon & gets an idea) That's it!

Darkstorm's spirit: Care to elaborate

Zaktan: On the count of three, you guys make a break for the christmas presents & start opening them & the cages as many as you can. Trust me, these presents are a surprize.

Amy Rose: Ok, we got it. But what are you gonna do?

Zaktan: Me? (stands up) I'm gonna save Christmas! Ok, 1, 2, 3! (charges at Piraka Doomageddon)

Zaktan & Piraka Doomegeddon: (begins tackling each other)

Amy Rose, Jack, Daffy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: (begins opening the presents & the cages as many as they can)

Darkstorm's spirit: wow

(Sorry bro for being MIA for a long time)

"More Coming Soon"