An Awkward Romance is the sixth episode of Ashley Thorn & The Tiny Toons.  


When troubling to find a partner for the Prom Dance, Basil finally finds himself a gal. Though, there's some problems... the girl he asked has a boyfriend, and humorous rumors spread the school that they'll actually get together post-prom! Oh, and did we mention that the girl's boyfriend plans to beat the snot out of Basil after the Prom, as well? How will our protangonists ever get out of this mess?! Find out!


(A group of students are seen chatting about the upcoming Prom)

SpongeBruno: Wow! The upcoming prom is coming up.

Paul Star: Cool. Who are you bringing to the prom?

SpongeBruno: I'm taking Blu Berri to the prom. How about you, who's your girlfriend?

Paul Star: What's a girlfriend?

SpongeBruno: (sighs) Oh boy.

Ashley: It's ok Paul. Blur & Shade we're my choices, but I believe that Shade is a good guy inside.

Tide: Hm... not sure on who I'll bring.

Cobra: Me neither.

Basil: Um... I'm open, Ti-

Tide: Sorry, but not interested.

Malcom & Rex: (arrives)

Malcom: Hey Basil.

Paul Star: You know him?

Rex: Yeah, we do.

Malcom: This is Basil, the pupil of Benson. Our mentors' Mordecai & Rigby's boss.

Rex: So what's going on with you guys?

Ashley: Today's the upcoming prom & we're getting ready for tonight.

Malcom: Oh shoot! I forgot on who to go with.

Rex: Me too. I hope there is chocolate cake!

Basil: (rolls his eyes) Uh, yeah...

Malcom: Don't worry Basil, there is still plenty of fish in the sea. You'll find a girlfriend sooner or later.

Basil: (sighs) Fine...

Rex: You know what means...

Malcom & Rex: Matchmaking time! (does a bro fist)

(The school bell rings for lunch time)

(At the Mess Hall)

(We can see all of the students are eating their lunches.)

Malcom & Rex: (with Basil)

Malcom: Ok, Basil. This school has tons of available girls. All you have to do is look around & let your heart guide you to the perfect girl. You got all that?

Basil: ...I guess?

Malcom: Good. Now then, don't be shy & just be yourself.

Rex: Good luck.

Basil: ... (sighs, looking for a girl he can ask to the prom) (mutters - "This is pointless... none of them will accept me.") 

(A hedgehog girl *not Ashley* bumps into Basil)

Platinum (the hedgehog girl, pupil of Silver): Oh! Um... (blushes in embarrassment) Sorry, Basil. I bump into people like that constantly... I should really watch where I'm going. Anyway, you okay?

Basil: (he turns red from blushing; is completely speechless)

Platinum: Uh, Basil? Do you... need to see the nurse, or something?

Malcom & Rex: (steps back, leaving them Basil & Platinum alone)

Basil: Uh... would... would you... (rapidly) Would you go to the Prom with me?!

Platinum: Oh, I'd love to, Basil! But... only as friends, okay?

Basil: (sighs) ...Okay.

Malcom & Rex: (looks at each other)

Malcom: Well... it's a start.

Rex: Yeah. I guess your right.

Malcom: I believe it's time that Basil will let him work his relationship naturally.

Rex: Ok, that does make sense.

Basil: (approaches the duo) So, how did I do?

Malcom: Your doing good.

Rex: Yeah, your off to a good start.

Basil: Oh... uh, okay. You sure I did good?

Malcom: Don't worry. You're doing great. Just relax & you'll be fine.

Basil: ...Alright.

Rex: Alright then, let's get ready for the prom.

Basil: (jumps into the air, trying to act a little more enthusiastic; many students just stare at him) Oh... I thought that was a good time for that.

(scene cuts to a male red cat in hiding)

The Cat: (smirks) Think you can take my goirl to da Prom, huh? Think again!

("A few boring hours later..." time card is shown, we then cut to Ashely and the group again)

Ashley: Hi guys, how did you go on finding Basil a friend?

Malcom: We're going just fine. We've found a friend for Basil.

Ashley: That's great!

Spongebruno: Yeah, that's great. We have only a few hours to the Prom.

Paul: Yeah, this is gonna be fun.

Rex: Yeah. Did you see the sparkles in Basil's eyes?

Malcom: Looks like he has found the perfect partner.

Rex: I wonder who would be taking to the prom?

Malcom: Hmm...

Malcom & Rex: (looking around for their girlfriends of their own)

Ashley: How about them? (points to Foxy Fox & Lisa the Echidna)

Malcom & Rex: (shrugs & goes up to them)

Foxy Fox: What do you two want?

Malcom: Um, hi. Today is the prom and...

Lisa the Echidna: Get lost.

Foxy & Lisa: (begins attacking Malcom & Rex in a fight cloud)

Ashley: (winches) Ooooh, maybe not...

Foxy & Lisa: (kicks both Malcom & Rex back towards Ashley)

Malcom & Rex: (sliding towards Ashley's feet, feeling battered & bruised)

Ashley: Oopsie, I've forgot to mention that both Foxy & Lisa are both very bad girls, who are pupils of Fiona Fox & Lien-Da the Echidna.

Malcom: (groans in pain) Now you tell us!

Rex: Talk about a serious cat fight!

(A pair of yellow, slitted eyes watch them)

Ashley: (helps Malcom & Rex get up) There we go. It's ok, we'll keep looking for your dates, Malcom & Rex.

Malcom: Ok then. Let's keep looking.

Rex: And this time, no bad girls who are too wild, ok?

Ashley: I know, Rex. I know.

Malcom: (notices a pair of yellow, slitted eyes) Huh? What the...?!

Ashley: Malcom, is something the matter?

Malcom: Someone's watching us!

Rex: Say what?!

(The figure comes out of hiding, revealing himself to be a red cat​)

The Cat: (cackles) So, ya assisted that twoirp gumball machine in stealing my goirl, huh? Well listen up, bubs! I ain't gonna deal with this! By the end of prom, that kid will be beaten to a pulp!

Ashley: Oh my, and I thought Scaryrahk was the only bully around here.

Malcom: We gotta warn Basil.

Rex: And fast!

Ashley, Malcom & Rex: (runs off to find Basil)

Basil: (almost finished preparing for tonight) Annnd done! (sweating) Phew...

Ashley, Malcom & Rex: (goes up to Basil)

Ashley: Basil! We have a problem.

Malcom: There is a male red cat that wants to beat you into a pulp!

Basil: (scoffs) Yeah - I doubt it! You guys probably just want to intimidate me or something...

(The cat illogically appears before them)

Basil: Pffft... what threat is he?

(the cat conjures balls of flames in each of his hand)

Basil: On second thought, you're right.

Rex: Yeah, that's what we're saying the whole time.

Ashley: (turns to the cat) Dude, just leave us alone. We're in the middle of getting ready for the prom.

Rex:(turns to the cat) Yeah, just get the math out of here, pal! And besides we haven't even catched your name.

The Cat: ...Fireball.

Malcom: Wait, you mean "The Fireball"? The pupil of Blaze the Cat? That was you?

The Cat: (shrugs)  Hey, who else would it be?

Rex: Scaryrahk? The Top Bully in the school?

Fireball: (in a deadpan tone) Point taken.

Ashley: Look just leave Basil alone, ok? Please?

???: Fireball? Fireball! 

Fireball: (turns around only to see Platinum) Eh?! Platinum?

Malcom: Hey Platinum.

Rex: (facepalms) Man, we're totally dead.

Platinum: Fireball... I know you're better than this; please, leave Basil alone! We can even get back together... somehow.

Fireball: (rolls his eyes) Listen, babe,  let's just ditch these freaks. Then y'know... (looks at Platinum lustfully, smirking)

Platinum: (slaps Fireball firmly across the face) This is NOTHING like you, Fireball! What the hell has gotten into you? You're acting so... vain, and callous.

???: (in the shadows) He's perfectly fine, children... (cackles, revealing himself to be none other than Merval Dr. Gumbo's Koopa henchman from the Christmas special)

Platinum: (turns to Merval) YOU! (holds the Koopa in mid-air using her psychokinesis) What did you do to him?

Ashley: I believe if Merval is here, Dr. Gumbo can't be too far away. (to Merval) What's going on here? Why are you here?

Merval: (shrugs) oh, we just came to have a little fun... by causing havoc that is.

Rex: We?

Dr. Gumbo: (with Merval) Yes. We. Also, we attend to brainwash his mind with the brain washer! (holds up a electronic helmet, called the "Brain Washer".)

Malcom: What?! You did this?! If you do, then change him back!

Dr. Gumbo: Nope.

Ashley: (gets a bit irritated) Excuse me, but is that a word?

Basil: (in a monotone voice)  And I'm just standing here.

Dr. Gumbo: Well, well, well, what do we have here. You must be Basil, Platinum's new boyfriend. (to Platinum) By the way, you can put him down, after all I'm inviting you to the prom.

Platinum: (drops Merval to the ground) By the way, Basil's just a friend...

Dr. Gumbo: Seriously? Merval & I we're justing yanking your chain. Although, we're still gonna have Fireball knock the stuffings out of Basil ! (to Fireball) Get him!

(the young cat obeys, roundhouse kicking Basil)

Ashley: Fireball! Stop!

Ashley, Malcom & Rex: (grabs Fireball, trying to hold him down)

(they begin to sweat; it becomes severely hot and humid)

Merval: He's out of control...!

Dr. Gumbo: (to FireBall) Phew. Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Ashley: (wiping the sweat off of her face, panting) No... "but" your butt's on fire!

Dr. Gumbo: Wait, what? (notices his rear is on fire & then begins screaming, running around in circles, as te fire begin to burn him) AAAAAAHHHHHH! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!

Malcom: We gotta stop Fireball before he burns the whole school down uncontrolably!

Basil: Uh... is it just me, or is this plot all over the place?

Rex: Just stcik to the story & help us stop Fireball already!

Ashley: Besides, without the school, there isn't gonna be a prom. Now please help us!

Basil: (annoyed, grumbling) Fine, then...

Ashley, Malcom & Rex: (pulls out a hose & aims it at Fireball)

Rex: We got this! Hey, Fireball! Over here!

Fireball: (turns to the trio and Basil) Your "intelligence" is only surpassed by your naïve behavior... Prepare to be vanquished!

Platinum: (in her inner thoughts - "Fireball... I'm sorry I have to do this to you.") (the hedgehog flings a desk at the cat using her telekinesis,  rendering him unconscious)

(one of the teachers take notice, and immediately grabs Platinum by her denim jacket)

Platinum: What? No! It-it was an accident, I swear! Please... this was all unintentional!

The Teacher: (rolls her eyes) That's always their excuse... now, anyone else wish to join Ms. Platinum after I take the injured student to the nurse?

Ashley, Malcom, Rex & Dr. Gumbo: (looks at each other)

Rex: (quickly) Gotta go, bye!

Ashley, Malcom, Rex & Dr. Gumbo: (zooms off, leaving clouds of dust shaped of themselves behind, before it dissolves 3 seconds after they are formed)

Malcom: (far away, to Platinum) Sorry.

Basil: (laughing nervously) I... really should be going to! (sprints off) 

Platinum: Fine...

(Later that evening...)

(Fireball is seen recovering)

Ashley: (with Malcom & Rex) Fireball, are you ok?

Basil: (in the room) Hey, Fireball... um, I'm sorry about your injuries.

Fireball: (smirks) Once I recover, I'm still gonna kick your a--

???: Fireball? I'm sorry I hurt you... but still. Could we get back together someday?

Fireball: (rolls his eye) You're still so naïve, Platinum... but that's what I like about you.

Rex: (to Fireball & Platinum) Really? Since when did you two meet?

Basil: (facepalms) Have you been paying any remote attention throughout this time?! It's been heavily implied that they were once in a realationship. (groans in annoyance) Idiots...

Platinum: Uh, Basil? I think he meant it the other way around.

Basil: (eye twitches) This is when I start punching into walls and everything, right?

Platinum: (shrugs) Pretty much.

Ashley: Uh huh.

Basil: (outbursts, kicking into walls and flipping a desk, though it lands on its legs successfully; in response, he just pushes the papers on it off of it)

Platinum: Yeaahh... so, on with the show, then?

Ashley: Yep, to the prom.

(At the prom...)

Tide: (leaning on the punch table alone, waiting for her partner albeit impatiently) "Hm..."

(The entire class of Acme Looneversity are dancing to the beat of the music, even Eduardo is dancing around with a plant in a flower pot)

Eduardo: What lovely leaves you have. (Pulls the plant from it's roots) Uh, oh, it's a wig. (Places the plant back in the pot of dirt) Sorry.

Ashley, Malcom's & Rex: (arrives inside, wearing their formal clothes)

Malcolm: Uh hey, Tide.

Rex: Ok Basil, good luck & be careful out there. And if anything happens to you, we will be there to help in case you have injuries, concussions, broken bones...

Tide: (giggles) "I don't bite~..." (clears her throat, blushing) "But anyway..."

Malcom: (chuckles nervously) So Uh... Tide... (Blushes) Do you wanna... Uh... You know, uh.... Care to dance... With me?

Tide: (blushes once again) "Uh... sure."

Ashley & Rex: (keeps on the look out for any danger)

Malcom: (holds out his hand to Tide)

(she takes it)

Basil: (sighs, with Platinum) "Uh, hey... I'm sorry about that incident that happened." (blushes) "Uh... oh, right. You still have feelings for that cat, don't you?"

Platinum: (smiles) "Basil... you're really sweet, but... I'm just not prepared for another relationship. Maybe when I'm over him I'll... consider dating you, okay?"

Basil: (smiles somewhat sadly) "Y-yeah... right."

Platinum: "Hey don't be so glum, why not dance , uh, you know, with me?" (she offers her hands)

Basil: "Uh... I don't dance, sorry."

Platinum: (sighs) "Suit yourself, then~."

Ashley: Oh my, this is a bit difficult. Rex seen anything? (No answer) Rex? Hello? (Notices Rex dancing to the dance floor) (sighs) Rex wants to party. So be it. (Continues looking around) Hmmm... No sign of danger, but it's a nice party though. (Smiles)

Malcolm: (dancing with Tide)

Ashley: Oh who am I kidding, this is fun! (Begins dancing as he sees Blur & Shade) There they are. (Goes up to Blur & Shade) Hi, Blur & Shade. (Blushes a bit)

Blur: "Yo!"

Shade: "...Hey."

Ashley: How are you two doing tonight? Very well, I hope.

They nod.

Ashley: That's good, so I was wondering if you two would join me for a dance? Please?

Shade: "...Hmph, fine." (crosses his arms)

Blur: "Heh, sure."

Ashley: Alrighty then. Let's dance. (Begins dancing with Blur & Shade)

Blur chuckles, scratching his head; Shade simply scoffs.

Ashley: (smiles) I'm glad that everything is having fun. I know Rex would.

Rex: (continues dancing, spinning his head to the beat)

(That's All, Folks!)

(end of episode)