Angry Amy Birds is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes Also Marks Rik And Cervantes' first Appearance

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It is a beautiful day & in Amy's House, Amy is spring cleaning

Amy: (dusting with a Feather Duster) There, everything is all sparkling clean (sighs) It's time for me to relax (sits down on her Chair) (watches a commercial about "Angry Birds") Wow, this game must be popular on the brand new IPhone & IPad. But I don't have those types of Phones & Pads

Rik: It really is...

Amy: (notices Rik) Oh hello there Rik. It's really nice of you to visit me. I was spring cleaning & now I'm done.

Rik: hey.... what ya watchin?

Amy: A Commercial about Angry Birds, why?

Rik: eh..... those things will rot your brains the first time you look at them

Amy: Don't worry, I'm not gonna buy that game, because it's just like you said. After all, I am spring cleaning

Rik: eh....I'll be back later on I'm gonna go shop....

Amy: Ok, so good luck with that. Goodbye now


-a few moments later-

Amy: (cleaning the House) There we go

Rik: -walks into amy's house with beady eyes-

Amy: Hi Rik, how's your trip to the shop?

Rik: -falls flat on his face than goes to sleep-

Amy: (sighs) Oh dear (carries Rik & puts him down gently on the Sofa) There you go

Rik: -snoring- pigs stole eggs..........birds fly........pig jail......justice!

Amy: Uh, Rik? Rik, wake up. Rise & Shine

Rik: -sleepwalking out of amy's house-

Amy: Rik? Are you ok? Come back here! (goes out of the house & goes after Rik) Rik, Come Back!

Rik: walks out of his house with a big slingshot-

Amy: Rik what are you doing with that Giant Slingshot?

Rik- plants the slingshot to the ground and gets on the slingshot-

Cervantes: what's rik doing?

Amy: Oh hi Cervantes, it's Rik. He's Sleepwalking

Cervantes: i think he's heading twoards the PIG FARMS!!!

Amy: (gasps) Oh no! Rik, Stop!

Rik: -gets on the slingshot then flies off-

Amy: Rik, WAKE UP!

Cervantes: it's no use we've gotta chase him down!

Amy: Right, let's go (chases after Rik)


-3 hours later-

Cervantes: where is he?

Amy: (spots Rik in the Mud with the Pigs) There he is!

Rik: -snoring-

Amy: Rik!

Rik: wha...huh? why are here? WHERE'S BARK?!

Amy: Who?

Rik: -drops an interupption- WHY DO I SMELL LIKE BACON?!

Amy: That's because your in a Pig Pen with the Pigs

Rik: gross but cool

Amy: You need to take a bath, because you've been sleepwalking imitating like your in Angry Birds: The Popular Mobile Game

Rik: yeah I guess so...

Amy: (sniffs & covers her nose) (nasley) Follow me, Mr. Rik & let's give you a bath


(In the Bathroom)

Amy: (puts Rik inside the Bathtub filled with water) There, now hold still. It might tickle a bit. Make that a lot (holds up 2 Scrubers, 1 for each hand)

Rik: -laughs a lot-

Amy: Hold still please (scrub-a-dub-dub's Rik with 2 Scrubers, cleaning him)

(As Amy keeps on scrubbing Rik with 2 Scrubbers, the soap begins to cover up Rik slowly & we can only see his eyes through the soap suds)

Rik: -blinks twice-

Amy: Ok now hold still please, this water might be cold (dips a Bucket of Water onto Rik washing off the Soap Suds)

Rik: -starts to shudder and chatter teeth-

Amy: There your sparkling clean (gives Rik a Towel) Now please get dressed while I wait outside at the living room, ok? (goes to the living room)

Rik: -dries off and hair frizzes to 7 feet-

Amy: Whao, your hair is getting fuzzy, let me smooth it down for ya (grabs a hair brush & brushes Rik's Hair to keep the hair down) There

Rik: thanks, anyways I'm gonna go sleep

Amy: Ok, but just in case your sleep walking again, I'll handcuff you to your Bed, so you can't go sleepwalking anywhere

Rik: wait what?

Amy: (handcuffs Rik to his bed) There, now you won't be sleepwalking anywhere

Rik: alright then....

Amy: Ok then. Goodnight

Rik: -starts to go to sleep-

Amy: (is in her Pink Pajamas with Sonic's Face on them) (sighs) (to Audience) I just love Sonic, cause he's my boyfriend (hops into her Pink Bed & goes to sleep)

-chirping sounds start to get louder-

Cervantes: AMY HEY AMY WAKE UP!!!!!!!

Amy: (wakes up) Huh? Cervantes? What are you doing here? It's the middle of the night

Cervantes: you need to be quite like me do you hear that?

Amy: (whipsers) Oh sorry. (listens & she hears chirping sounds) It sounds like Birds Chirping

Cervantes: it's coming from the room rik's sleeping in

Amy: Let's go check it out (goes into Rik's Room & notices something) Uh, Cervantes? You may wanna take a look a this

Cervantes: at what.........the ?

-Birds putting headphones on rik-

Amy: Wait a minute, I notice those birds from anywhere. It's the Angry Birds from the Mobile Game

Cervantes: they do exsist -faints-

Red Bird: Hello Amy

Amy: How did you know my name?

Red Bird: As you can see, we've noticed that your friend Rik is Sleepwalking or some sort

Amy: Yeah, imagine that

Cervantes: -wakes up and faints again-

Amy: Oh dear

Blue Bird: Don't worry, she'll be back up in a couple of minutes

Amy: I need to stop Rik from sleepwalking again, can you please help me?

Red Bird: Don't worry Amy Rose, we'll help you stop Rik from Sleepwalking

Yellow Bird, Black Bird, White Bird, Green Bird & Big Brother Bird: Yeah!

Cervantes: TOAST!

Amy: Cervantes, are you ok?

Cervantes: -kips up- never better

Amy: Oh good. By the way, is Rik sleepwalking again?

Cervantes: I don't think so......

Rik: -snoring-

Amy: I think it's best to let him sleep this time, ok?

Cervantes: all right then thank you birds!!

Red Bird: Your welcome

Amy: Come on, let's go back to bed


Amy: (sleeping)

(We see the Angry Birds watching Rik sleeping, keeping an eye on him)

Cervantes: -sleeping on the couch but then falls off of the couch-

Red Bird: (whispers) Rik's still sleeping

Blue Bird: (Whispers) Yeah, good thing we're keeping an eye on him

Yellow Bird: (Whispers) We sure did

Rik: food.....

Angry Birds: (notices Rik) Huh?

Rik: foood.....

Black Bird: What's he saying?

Red Bird: He said "Food"

White Bird: What kind of food?

Red Bird: I have a feeling I know

Rik: -starts to drool alot-

Green Bird: What should we do when Rik is sleepwalking?

Big Brother Bird: We should warn Amy & Cervantes & go after Rik.

Red Bird: Good Idea

Rik: -eyes open- FOOD!

Angry Birds: Uh Oh!

Rik: -struggles to get out of the bed- FOOD, MEAT, FOOD, MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue Bird: What's happening?

Yellow Bird: I don't know, but I had a bad feeling about this

Rik: -starts biting the handcuff-

Black Bird: What's he doing?

White Bird: He's biting the Handcuffs? What for?

Rik: FOOD!

Green Bird: Wait, what kind of food?

Cervantes: -starts to wake up-

Amy: (starts to wake up) What's that?

Cervantes: Rik..... -runs to the room-

Amy: (runs to the room) Rik? Are you ok?

Cervantes: -shoves two meat sticks in rik mouth- HERE!

Rik: -eats down the meat sticks-

Amy: Thanks Cervantes, I thought Rik's gonna go sleep walking again

Rik: -quietly falls asleep-

Red Bird: Anyways, is there anymore insanity in Rik's Family?


(The Angry Birds keeps on watching Rik)

Cervantes: -watches jack chop-

Amy: Uh Cervantes? What are you watching on TV?

Cervantes: this blender commercial why

Amy: Oh ok then. I wonder how Rik is still doing?

Rik: -busts down the door with one of the birds on a slingshot aimng at amy-

Amy: Eek! I guess that answers my question!

Angry Birds: Rik's gone mad!

Rik: oh hello amy I wake up with a handcuff and birds LOOKING AT ME!!!!!!

Amy: Why have you gone sleepwalking?

Rik: I'M WIDE AWAKE!!!!!!!

Amy: Oh good then why did you bust the door down?

Rik: hello? HANDCUFFS?!

Amy: Oh right, let me help you with those (Takes the Handcuffs off of Rik) There we go. Sorry about that.

Rik: Food! -shoots the birds with a slingshot around the house-

Amy: Rik, Stop it right now! (picks up an Orange Angry Bird) This might work (shoots an Orange Bird with her own ACME Slingshot at Rik)

Orange Bird: WHEEEEE! (lands on Rik)

(Orange Bird Inflates himself into a Giant, causing Rik to lose balance & got crushed by Orange Bird)

Rik: -high pitched- okay now I'm hungry

Orange Bird: (Shrinks back to his normal size) I'm Orange Bird !

Amy: What do you think of the new Orange Bird?

Rik: -flat- I think I need air

Amy: Hold on (pulls out an ACME Air Pump & puts the front end of the tube into Rik's Mouth & starts pumping air inside of Rik)

Rik: thanks

Amy: Your welcome.

Rik: alright I'm startin to feel better

Amy: Now then, why are you acting like your in the Angry Birds Game?

Rik: 'cause I payed it all night

Amy: Oh ok then. Maybe you should go to sleep. You'll proberly forget about it in the morning.

Cervantes: ehhhh........

Amy: Trust me

Cervantes: probably not


Amy: What?


Cervantes: yeah......about that.........

Amy: Cervantes, is there something you want to tell us?

Cervantes: I painted them to easter eggs and hid


Cervantes: what? it's my favorite holiday

Amy: Uh, Cervantes? I think you made those Angry Birds even more angry

Angry Birds: (gets even more angry at Cervantes)

Amy: (whispers to Cervantes) Run

Cervantes: I second that -runs- AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Angry Birds: (starts chasing Cervantes)

Amy: (To Audience) I guess those Green Pigs aren't the only ones who made these Angry Birds really Angry

"That's All Folks"

The End