This is an Episode of Amy Rose and the looney tunes.

(Starring Blaze THC, Jack Hedgehog, Daffy Duck, Amy Rose, Baby Thrash the hedgehog and Baby Blackfire the Hedgehog)


Jack: (feeding Baby Blackfire the Hedgehog with a bottle of milk)


Jack: We're so happy together as a family, it's so nice to be together with our 4 beautiful children

Blaze:Lets hope that no issues come our we

Jack: Yeah, especially from that wacky black duck, Daffy.

Blaze:(Licks her hubbies ear)

Jack: (chuckles) That tickles.

Blaze THC:(mEWS)

Jack: (kisses Blaze THC's cheek) I wonder what should we do today?

Blaze THC: Dunno, Crank Call Yosemite Sam?

Jack: Might as well give it a shot.

Blaze THC:(Picks up the phone and calls Yosemite Sam)

Yosemite Sam: (on phone) Hello?

Blaze THC: Hi, This is the gold bank of Jessica Ghost Town and we made you the legal owner of the hole town and its large amount of gold

Yosemite Sam: Well Hot digity dog! I'm rich! I'm strucking rich! I'm a millionare! I'm a trillionare! I'm a zillionare! I'm rich! I'm rich! I'll get there right away! (hungs up the phone)

Blaze THC:(Laughs)

Jack: Nice one!

Blaze THC: Back when I was a teen, I crank called dad so many times, he still dun know

Jack: Wow.

Blaze THC:(Licks)

Jack: Can I try a crank call please? I got a good one

Blaze THC: Sure

Jack: (picks up a phone & calls Verminious Snaptrap)

Snaptrap: (in D.O.O.M. HQ) (on phone) Yello?

Jack: Yes, is Anita Bath here?

Snaptrap: Anita Bath?

Jack: You sure do! (laughs)

Snaptrap: (gets angry) Hey! Who is this?

Blaze THC:(Lights Snaptraps tail on fire throught the telephone)

Snaptrap: (screams & then starts running around like an idiot) My tail is on fire! My tail is on fire! (jumps in the water) (sighs happily) (notices that he's inside the shark tank) Uh oh! (screams as he is attacked by sharks)

Jack: (laughs even harder) Nice one honey. (kisses Blaze THC's cheek)

Blaze THC: :3

Larry: (on the phone with Snaptrap) Serves you right, Snaptrap! Na, na, na na, na! (blows a raspberry)

Blaze THC:(Makes a Large Anaconda appear behind Larry)

Larry: (notices the Large Anaconda & then screams after he is attacked by the large anaconda)

Jack: (laughing) Strong finish there, Blaze THC, my beautiful kitten (hugs Blaze THC)

Blaze THC: Well I try (Goes to tend to Blackfire)

Jack: (hungs up the phone) I wonder how Amy Rose is doing with her son, Thrash?

Blaze THC: She is ok, Odds are we may have to worry about Daffy though

Jack: Speaking of which, where is Daffy?

Blaze THC: Dunno (Picks up Blackfire)

Jack: I'm not sure either. Oh well, Amy Rose & Thrash are coming to visit us today.

Blaze THC:(Heh


Jack: Well what do you know. That must be them now. (goes up to the front door & then opens it)


Amy: (holding Thrash in her arms) Hello Jack. Hello Blaze THC.

Jack: Hi Amy & Thrash, please come in & make yourself at home.

Amy: Okie dokie. (carries Thrash inside to the lounge room & then sits down on a chair) Thank you for inviting me & my baby boy, Thrash for a visit.

Jack: You are very welcome.

Amy: So how's you day today with your family?

Jack: It's great. (sits down on a sofa)

Amy: Say, Blaze THC, what about you? How's your day today?

Blaze THC: Ok just got home from the hospital.

Thrash:(Playing with his moms fingers)

Amy: (smiles) Well, I'm glad that your feeling better. (tickles Thrash's tummy) Coochie, coochie, coo.

Thrash:(Sucks on his moms thumb)

Amy: (giggles & then plants a kiss at Thrash's forehead gently)

Thrash: :3 (Hugs his moms hand)

Jack: (hears another knock at the door) Huh? Someone's at the door.

Amy: I believe we have another guest at the front door.

Blaze THC: We aren't expecting

Jack: I'll get it. (goes to the front door & opens, only to get klonked in the head by a mallet, multiple times) (feeling dizzy) Buttermilk biscuits. (falls down on his belly through the front doorway)


Jack: (feeling dizzy, seeing stars) Did some-buh, did someone knock?

Amy: Oh dear! (goes up to Jack) Are you ok?

Jack: (still feeling dizzy, still seeing stars) Anybody got the number of that truck?

Blaze THC: (Lights his shoe on fire)

Jack: YEOW! (jumps up high & lands in a pond)


Jack: (reappears from the pond) Thanks Blaze THC. I remember when someone did that trick against me since we first met in the arctic.

Blaze THC: Daffy?

Jack: Bingo.

Amy: (sighs) Why does Daffy want to bother you? Does he have a grudge on you & your family?

Blaze THC: In a way

Jack: Yes.

Amy: He would be back for more like a threatening haiku

Blaze THC: Droll

Jack & Amy: Who?

Blaze THC: Not a who, it is a saying of Discust

Jack: Oh.

Amy: I get it. (to the Audience) And of course you will realize that this means war.

Jack: Let's head back inside, lock our doors & remain alert.

blaze THC:(Mews)

Amy: (heads inside)

Jack: (carries Blaze THC bridal style, back inside & begins barricading the doors & the windows)

Amy: (helps Jack locking the doors & the windows so Daffy Duck can't get in)

Blaze THC:(Gets so Volcano hot sauce)

Jack: Hm?

Amy: Say Blaze THC, I wonder what's the hot sauce is for?

Blaze THC:(Points to the tacos

Amy: Oh ok then. But be careful, sometimes the tacos can give someone flatulence gas.

Blaze THC:(Drinks the entire bottle of hot sauce)

Jack: (notices Daffy hiding in the bushes) Daffy's back.

Blaze THC:(Throws Hot Sauce induced Fire Balls)