Bird Fight is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

Depression hurts, Sonic can help

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Swellow:I'm bored of Sky Partrol!Theirs nothing fun in the sky.

Blu: Hey there

Jewel: Hi

Swellow:hi,I'm Swellow the Swellow!

Blu: I'm Blu

Jewel: I'm Jewel

Nico: Hi, I'm Nico

Pedro: And I'm Pedro

Rafeal: I'm Rafeal & welcome to Rio

Swellow:Rio?I'm Going to have to tell my Friends about this!

Pedro: Yeah, good luck we're off to a Big Party

Nico: Yeah, big party, you got that right Pedro


  • With Noctowl,PoPo,and Pidgeot*


PoPo:Hey Noctowl!


PoPo:It's me PoPo:

Noctowl:Oh,Hi PoPo!

Pidgeot:Have you seen Swellow?I can't find him!

Swello:Hey guys!Come with me,We're going to Rio!



Pidgeot:Come on Guys!We are going there!


(At the Party)

(All of the Birds are Dancing)

Pidgeot:It's ....... Beautiful!

Nico: Welcome to Paradise, the only place for Birds is to let loose, have fun & dance dance dance!

Noctowl:Wheeeeeee!*Flying around*We can get away from Sky Partrol!

Pedro: Yeah, let's have some fun with Samba (Turns on the Samba Music) Let's get down

  • Staraptor looking from afar*


Nico: (Stops the Music) What did you say?


Thok: (Walking) I'm hungry for some Brazilian Stew, where can I find it (Looks in the Book) Brazilian Stew. Ingredients: Brazilian Birds, 4 Potato...Brazilian Birds, how can I find it (Spots a Party) Eh, That'll do

Staraptor:What are you doing?

Thok (he peeks at the Party) Uh Excuse me

Altaria:*Flies down next to Staraptor*

Staraptor:Pathetic Monster.

Rafeal: Ok guys, let's all calm down & get back to dancing

Thok: Anyways, I'll be making Brazilian Stew

Swellow:Brazilian?Me no Brazilian!

Delibird:I'll Save you!I got this in the bag cuze I have a bag!

Thok: Well hardy har har

Blu: Just leave us alone & we'll get back to do some Samba and further more...

Thok: (Roars loudly)

Blu: Never mind

????: (Squaking)

Thok: What is it, Nigel, I'm busy?

Birds: NIGEL?!?!

Staraptor:Who's Nigel?

Nico: We'll talk about him later

Thok: What is it?

Nigel: (Squaking)

Thok: Ok, if you insist (Puts Nigel inside) There

(We can hear a lot of Squaking & fighting noises)

Thok: Huh?

Honkrow:What's happening?I'm sleeping!

Thok: (spots Every Bird in the Party is Sleeping) Thanks Nigel, Now I can make Brazilian Stew


(At the Jungle)

Thok: (boiling the Pot of Boiling Water)

Noctowl:*Still awake*

Thok: (Ties the Birds so they can't get away) There, now I'm gonna make Brazilian Stew

Noctowl:I'm not a Brazilian Bird,I'm an American Owl!

Thok: Whatever, it doesn't make a difference anyway

Barivairy:What are they doing?!While I train my Scout they decide to be a Stew?

Thok: (Puts all of the Birds into the Cooking Pot) Now into the Pot (Reads the Book) Now let's see uh "add 5 Carrots into the Pot and...

Blu: Look it's a Bird Swarm

Thok: Shad up & start sizzling (Spots about 500 Brazilian Birds coming after him & Attacks Thok) Hey Ow Oh Ouch, get it off, get it off, get it off of me, get it off me, Ow Ow Ow

Braviary:*Attacks Thok*

Mandibuzz:*Does the Same*


Mandibuzz:Well,Well,If it isn't Brav.

Jewel: Come on, let's get out of here & get back to the Party

Rafeal: You got it, come on everyone let's go

Pedro: Freedom!!

Braviary:*To Swellow,PoPo,Noctowl,and Pidgeot*No more Parties!

Thok: Get him Nigel

Nigel: (GOes after them)

Thok: (Laughing) (He notices that he & Nigel's left Leg is being tied to a Rope together) Ha ha, ha ha, ha...ha, ha......ha Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Nigel pulls the rope while flying & Thok being pulled by Nigel) Ahhhhhhh

Mandi:*To Nigel*Who are you?

Nigel: I'm Nigel & you know I'm not a Preaty Birdie, Preaty Birdie

Thok: (While Nigel is Talking, Thok kept being hit by Buildings, Fruit Stands & Other Obstacles) Wow, who knew Nigel is Strong

Mandi:*To Nigel*I'm Mandi,The most Evil Mandibuzz around!

Nigel: I'm still going after those Preaty Birdies

Mandi:Want me to help?

Nigel: Sure

Thok: A little help here

Staraptor:*Bows at Mandi*

Thok: Now he tells her (Got hit by a Cactus) Oww

Blu: Oh Dear, this is bad

Jewel: We need to defeat them, but how?

Pedro: Hey, remember last time that Nigel crashed to a Power Source

Blu: Yes

Nico: Because they are gonna crash into it again

Rafeal: It's worth a try, someone has to Blind them & sends them to the Power Source

Braviary:I will!

Blu: Ok Good Luck

Baviary:*Flies over to Nigel*

Mandi:*Attacks Baviary*

Braviary:*Throws Mandi into a Tree*

Nigel: You are gonna get it, Preaty Birdie (Chases Bravialy)

Thok: Whaoooooooooooo

Braviary:They don't call me Brave for nothing!*Takes off*

Pedro: Go get him Tiger

Nico: You can do it


Chatot:*Whistle in Nigel's Face to Blind him*

Nigel: I can't see, I can't see

Thok: (Spots a Power Source that Nigel was about to crash) Ohhhhhhh No

Nigel: (Crashes to the Power Source & Accidently Electrecutes himself & Thok)


Nigel & Thok: (Blown away back to the Jungle)


Thok: Ouch

Mandi:Those Buthoons!

Blu: That's 2 down, 1 to go

Mandi:I'll have to call my Team!

Braviary:*Attacks Mandi*


Braviary:*Throws Mandi into the Jungle*

Mandi:You haven't heard the last from Me!



Blu: Thanks for your help

Rafeal: You can come back to Rio anytime

Braviary:I'll here soon,but right know I have to train my scout Chatot.

Nico: Ok Bye

Pedro: See ya later, aligator

Braviary:*Flies off*

Chatot:*Flies off*

Jewel: I'm gonna miss them

Blu: I wonder what happen to that White Piraka Monster & Nigel

Rafeal: Maybe they got hit by a tree or something


(At the Jungle)

Nigel: (His feathers have gone from White to Black) I hate those preaty birdies

Thok: (Tangled in a Tree) Well they taught me into it

"That's All Folks"

The End