Blaze THC Takes A Bath is an episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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(It was a beautiful day & inside Jack's & Blaze THC's house, we see Jack noticing Blaze THC looking dirty)

Jack: (notices Blaze THC's body looking filthy) Whao, looks like it's that time again. Bath time!

Blaze THC:(hISSES)

Jack: Come on, let's go get the water started. (goes to the bathroom)

Blaze THC:(Runs)

Jack: (notices that Blaze THC is not with him) Huh? Where'd you go?


Jack: You know you're gonna have to get in that tub, Blaze THC..

Blaze THC: NO

Jack: Now Blaze THC, we can do this the hard way, or the easy way, or the medium way, or the semi-medium-easy-hard way, or the sorta hard with a touch of awkward-easy-difficulty-challenging way...

Blaze THC: hONEY IS THAT Jonic behind you

Jack: (looks behind) Really? Where?

Blaze THC:(Gone)

Jack: (looks back to see that Blaze THC is gone) Wha? (squints his eyes) So that's how you wanna play it, huh?


Jack: (goes inside the closet & brings out a ball of pink yarn) Oh Blaze THC, I got a ball of yarn for you. If you want it, come & get it. Fetch! (throws the ball of yarn trying to go through the opened bathroom door, but the pink ball of yarn boomerangs back to Jack) Huh? (reads the box) " "New" ACME Boomerang Kitty Ball of Yarn: Really Works!" Oh man.

Blaze THC: heh

Jack: Gotta think of something else (throws the box behind him, but the box boomerangs back and hits Jack at the back of his head) Ow!

Blaze THC:(mEWS)


Jack: (has a bomb strapped on his chest) Blaze THC! There's a bomb strapped to my chest!

bLAZE THC: Sits)

Jack: It's gonna explode in 3 seconds unless you take a bath!...


Jack: ...Please...

(the bomb explodes, leaving Jack black covered)

Jack: Ow!

Blaze THC:(nICE tRY)



Jack: (not black covered anymore) I am now going to assault your mind with subliminal messages. (trys to assault Blaze THC's mind with subliminal messages, sending random pictures of all of the things to take a bath to tell her to take a bath, but suddendly he accidently assault her mind with a picture of a scottish girl)

Jack: (notices this) Doh!

Blaze THC:(hURLS)

Jack: Sorry you had to see that (leaves, feeling embarassed)



Jack: (on the phone) Hello, Fancy French Restaurant? I've got a naughty female hedgecat here who won't take a bath. What? Can you say that again? Slow down. It's like your speaking some other language! [hangs up]



Jack: Hey Blaze THC, how about some leapfrog?


Jack: I'll take that as a yes. Who's gonna go first?


Jack: (flips Blaze THC, but accidently cause Blaze THC to the wall instead of throwing through the opened door to the bathroom)


Jack: Oops, sorry.



Blaze THC:(Growling)

Jack: Hey Blaze THC, how about some leapfrog?


Jack: Not again.

(The Bomb explodes, making Jack black covered)

Jack: Ow...again!



Jack: (holding a dollar bill)... I've got a crisp dollar bill for the next female to take a bath in this house!

Mr. Krabs rides in in a tub and takes the dollar

Jack: Darn it! And I said FEMALE!



Jack: (dancing like Spongebob did in a Spongebob Squarepants episode "Gary Takes a Bath") (notices that Blaze THC just stands there) (sits down) That didn't work either huh?



Jack: (dresses up as a Pirate) Blaze THC! Blaze THC! Look what I found! It's an old, pirate treasure map revealing a location of buried pirate treasure in this very house. Come on, honey, let's go get that treasure. Whoo! Ok, honey, now 40 paces to the left. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10...

(A few seconds later)

Jack:...24, 25, 26, twenty seveeen,... (notices the X painted on the Bathroom door & feels nervous when Blaze THC looks subspecious) 40. The treasure must be in here! [opens bathroom door to see a bath tub filled with water which is painted to look like a Treasure Chest] Wow, Blaze THC, look! A pirate treasure chest.

Blaze THC:(vERY Suspicious) It is the bath tub 

Jack: What are you talking about, this isn't the bathtub. [Kicks away a paint can] It's treasure. Look, dabloons. [shows 2 bars of soap] Don't drop 'em... (puts the 2 bars of soap) and take a look at this broach! [shows a rubber ducky]


Jack: (takes off the pirate costume in anger) I don't know what a hedgecat would want with a broach! Now why don't you just do me a favor & get into the tub?! [tries to throw Blaze THC in the bathtub but is unsuccessful]

Blaze THC:(Appears at his side)

Jack: Get in the tub! [tries to throw Blaze THC in the tub but is unsuccessful again]

Blaze THC:(Appears on top of him)

Jack: Get in the tub!! [tries to throw Blaze THC in the tub but is unsuccessful again]

She appears on his chest

Jack: (blushes) Get in the tub... [tries to throw Blaze THC in the tub but is unsuccessful again] (notices that she appears on the other side)  In the tub... [tries to throw Blaze THC in the tub but is unsuccessful again] (notices that she appears on her back) IN THE TUB! [tries to throw Blaze THC in the tub but is unsuccessful again]

Blaze THC:(Reappears on the ceiling)

Jack: (looks up) (his eye twitches in anger) Now Blaze THC, get down from the ceiling right now & take a bath, please. (jumps up & wraps his arms around Blaze THC's waist, trying to hold on & pull her down from the ceiling)

Blaze THC: (Hanging on)

Jack: (notices that is hanging onto Blaze THC & looks down to see that he is very high above the floor & the bath tub) Uh Blaze THC, could you...?

The lotion on her body makes her slippery

Jack: Whao, what kind of lotion did you have on you? (tries to hold onto Blaze THC, but he is slipping) It's really slippery.

he slips off

Jack: BLAZEY! (falls inside the bath tub filled with water, causes the water to wash off the paint from the bath tub)

Blaze THC: Hahahaha

Jack: (his head, shoulders & upperbody emerges from the water) Alright, that's it, Blaze THC. You have duped and/or frustrated me for the last time. So, if I can't get you to come to the bath, I'll just have to bring the bath to you. (gets out of the bath tub & pulls out a Large ACME Water Cannon & fills it up with water from the bath-tub)


(In the Living Room)

Blaze THC:(Licking her paws)

Jack: (offscreen, in singsong voice) Psst, oh Blaze. (enters the living room with his ACME Water Cannon) Bath delivery! (fires his ACME Water Cannon at Blaze THC, firing Water at her, but misses)

Blaze THC:(sCREAM-Mews and runs)

(The Water that Jack blasted missed Blaze THC & hits the armchair instead)

Jack: (normal voice) Come back here, Blaze. I have something to "chair" with you. (fires more water at Blaze THC with his ACME Water Cannon)

Blaze THC:(Runs past dirty dishes)

(The water misses Blaze THC & hits dirty dishes, which cleans and stacks them]

Jack: "Dishes" more like it. (tries to fire numerous ammounts of water at Blaze THC, but we're all unsucessful)

Blaze THC: (Runs Outside)

Jack: (goes outside as well) "Water" you waiting for, Blaze.

Blaze THC:(Shriek Mews in a tree)

Jack: (notices that Blaze THC is in a tree) (gets the ladder & sets the ladder on the tree & starts climbing up to the top of the tree) Aww, stuck in a tree? It's time to clean up your act, Blaze. [fires large ammounts of water at Blaze THC, then his ACME Water Cannon eventually runs out of water) I'm out of ammo, at least I've bathed Blaze THC.

It is a record and the mews are repeating

Jack: (notices that it is a record & goes up to it) What the?! It's just a Record. But if that's a record, then where is Blaze THC?

Blaze THC:(ha hahaha haha *Moving the ladder*

Jack: (looks down & notices Blaze THC moving the ladder) Blaze THC! How did you get down there?

Blaze THC: So gullable dear *Knocks over the ladder*

Jack: Ooooh! Ok, please bring that ladder back up this instant.

Blaze THC: Nope (Takes off her Shoes)

Jack: (gets on his hands & knees) What are you doing? Why are you taking off your shoes?

Blaze THC: Free country

Jack: I know it's a country, but please I beg you to take a bath & get this over with.

Blaze THC:(Steps in mud)

Jack: Please, whatever you do, do not dive in that mud puddle! Please I beg of you, I'm giving you 3 seconds to get away from that mud puddle. 1...

Blaze:(Drops her jacket)

Jack: 2...

Blaze:(Unbuttons her shirts first button)

Jack: 2 and a half...

Blaze:(Unbuttons the second)

Jack: Don't make me say "3"!

Blaze:(Unbuttons the third)

Jack: Blaze!

Blaze:(Removes her top)

Jack: (blushes) Please don't.

She has a tank top on

Jack: Blaze! (bends even more forward) Please, I beg of you, Blaze TH...(falls off the tree) Ciiiiiiii! (lands in the mud puddle with a big splash) Now I'm a dirty boy.

*In the house*

Blaze THC:(Are you washing behind your ears baby

Jack: (in the bath tub) (starts washing his ears with a bar of soap) Yeah, yeah, Blaze. I'm getting behind my ears.

Blaze THC:(Licks her leg clean)

Jack: Blaze THC? I'm sorry the way I acted. I was just trying to help you to be squeaky clean.

Blaze THC: Keep scrubbing

Jack: Ok, ok, I'll keep on scrubbing. (keeps on scrubbing his body)

Blaze THC: Thats all folks

"That's All Folks"

The End