BroomStick B.F.F.F.L is an episode from "Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes&quot


It was a scary night in the Haunted House of Witch Hazel & she is cooking up Stew

Witch Hazel: Well lets see 2 toads legs, Crocedile teeth & Cow Hooves. A cup of wasp knee, a spider, some glue...(checks her cook book & skips across the hall) For little Old Folk & Poison Oak

(She comes up to the Poison Oak Plant & cuts it with her wire cutter & skips across the hall again until she spotted her magic mirror)

Witch Hazel: Magic Mirror on the wall,who is the Ugliest one of all

A Genie appears inside the Magic Mirror

Genie: As I always said avow, there's no one Uglier than Thou (Dissapears)

Witch Hazel: Well I always check for every day, I'm afraid I'll be getting Preaty as I grow older (Stops for what she said) Preaty (Crackling)

Meanwhile outside

Katie & Sadie we're going Trick or Treating in Halloween

Katie & Sadie: (Dressed as Witches with Green Witch Masks on, with Katie in a Red Witch Costume & Sadie in a Blue Witcch Costume)

Katie: This is gonna be fun.

Sadie: Me too, pity that only comes once a year.

Katie: Which house should we go next before we get some shut-eye

Sadie: How about that one? (points to Witch Hazel's House)

Katie: Ok, but this house is kinda scary, too scary to me.

Sadie: Oh my gosh me too.

Meanwhile back inside Witch Haszel's house

Witch Hazel: This Soup would be perfect if only I have some...


Witch Hazel: Guests. (runs to the front door) COMING CHAPS! (opens the door)

Katie & Sadie: TRICK OR TREAT!

Katie: Do you have any treats for 2 Teenage Witch Twins?

Sadie: Yeah, we're the Witch Twins

Katie & Sadie: Can you tell?

Witch Hazel: (Confused) Witch Twins? I don't remember seeing them at any of the union meetings.

Witch Hazel: But my, oh my (giggles) don't you two look like the Ugliest Twin Witches I ever saw (giggles, but Stops for what she said) Wait a minute, Ugliest Twins? (zooms off to find the Magic Mirror) (nervous) Magic Mirror on the wall, who is really the Ugliest one of all?

Genie:(Spots Katie & Sadie in Witch Costumes by the Front Door) Thou wert the ugliest one, 'tis true, but those creep are twice uglier, far than you") It is true that there is someone uglier than thou times 2, even more uglier than you (Dissapears)

Witch Hazel:(Gets jealous of Katie & Sadie, but hatches an evil plot) DARLINGS !!! (brings Katie & Sadie inside her Cottage) Come in, come in, come in, come in, come in !

(Witch Hazel, Katie & Sadie we're sitting on their chairs)

Witch Hazel: I warned you dearies. I might gonna lure all of your Ugly little secrets. I like what you've done with your Hair

Katie: (ruffling her fake hair) Do you like it?\

Witch Hazel: Like it? Oh it's absolutely Hideious!

Sadie: Thanks we made it ourselves.

Witch Hazel: There's nothing like doing yourselves. Oh but I must not be a selfish host. Now then you two wait right here while I go make some tea & cookies for you two (goes off to the kitchen) Now go make yourselves home (dashes off to the kitchen)

Katie: You know, that lady is very nice to us

Sadie: Oh my gosh me too

(Witch Hazel made Beautiful Potion out of Beauty Supplies for Katie & Sadie & then pours it on 2 Tea Cups)

Witch Hazel: (sings) A Cup of Tea-ee, a Cookie & you-hoo (serves 2 Cups of Beauty Potion to Katie & Sadie) Here is your tea Ladies. Drink it all up.

(The 2 Girls we're about to drink their drink, but they put the cup back down)

Witch Hazel: Come on, come on, drink it, drink it already.

Katie: Oh thank you, but lets take off our Masks Sadie, they'll get wet & messed up

Sadie: Ok Katie.

Witch Hazel: Mask?

Katie & Sadie: (Tooks off the Witch's Costume)

Katie: Yep it is Halloween you know

Sadie: Yeah it is

Witch Hazel: (looks at Katie & Sadie in amazment) Wait a Minute. Your Humans?

Katie: Of course we are

Sadie: We're Katie & Sadie, we're B.F.F.F.L's. Do you know what that stands for?

Witch Hazel: (dashes off, leaving Katie & Sadie confused)

Katie & Sadie: (shrugs)

Witch Hazel: (Checks the Book to see the missing Ingredient: 2 Human Hearts) Aha!

(Back with Katie & Sadie)

Katie: Sadie, I had a bad feeling about this Nice Lady

Sadie: Ditto, Katie

Katie: Lets get out of here

Sadie: Ok then. You know, our delicate inner sense of danger warns me that there's something faintly unhealthy in the atmosphere of this cottage

Katie: Do we have that anyway?

Sadie: Not sure

Witch Hazel: (appears with a Meat Cleaver behind her back, blocking their way)

Katie & Sadie: Eep!

Katie: Uh, pardon us, Maam, but uh, Sadie & I got a lot of trick-or-treatin' to catch up on so I'll bid you a civil adieu

Sadie: Yeah so uh, see you later.

Katie & Sadie: (Make a get-a-way before Witch Hazel chops them) AHHHHHH !

Witch Hazel: (Chases Katie & Sadie throughout the house) HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!

Katie & Sadie: (ran past the Flying Broom Closet)

Witch Hazel: (stops in front of her Flying Broom Closet & zooms inside it) Hi-Ho Silver...(soars through the halls on her Flying Broom) AWAY!

(Suddendly her Broom just sweeps the floor & Witch Hazel fell to the Floor while her broom sweeps away)

Witch Hazel: Silly me, that was my sweeping broom.

Katie & Sadie: (hides from Witch Hazel)

Saide: Phew that was close

Katie: Thank goodness. Group Hug.

Katie & Sadie: (hugs each other) EEEEEEEEEEEEEE !

(Suddendly a Bottle of Perfume was lowered to the ground)

Katie & Sadie: (Spots the Perfume) Perfume! (Grabs the Perfume) It's Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, MINE !!

(They didn't know the Perfume was tied to a String)

Witch Hazel: (holding a fishing rod) (felt a strong tug & Reels in Katie & Sadie,then she Captures with her net) (to Audience) 2 in 1 catch today's my lucky day

Katie & Sadie: Oops.


Katie & Sadie: (got tied up together looking scared) (Gulps)

Katie: What are we gonna do?

Sadie: I don't know

Witch Hazel: (Sharpen her Axe) There that'll trim a hair (Stops for what he said) Trim a Hare (Crackling & zooms offscreen) (pokes her head back onscreen at the side) But I'm really splitting humans (chuckles) (zips up to Katie & Sadie & was about to chop Katie & Sadie)

Katie & Sadie: (had Sad Puppy Faces)

Witch Hazel: (Stops for a moment looking confused)

Katie & Sadie: (Sheds a Tear)

Witch Hazel: (changes her from findesh to emotional & stared Crying ionto a table as she drops the Clever)

Katie & Sadie: (felt sorry for Witch Hazel

Katie: What's the Matter?

Witch Hazel: You two reminds me of Cathy & Pathy

Sadie: Cathy?

Katie: And Pathy?

Sadie: Who are they?

Witch Hazel: My 2 Black Kitty Cats (Crying)

Katie: (Released from the rops) Ohh now that's just sad.

Sadie: (Released from the ropes as well) Yeah, but you gotta move on & forget (Brings Witch Hazel her Cup of the same Beautiful Postion)

Katie: Here drink this

Sadie: It'll make you feel better

Witch Hazel: (Drinks the entire Potion & then...)


(Witch Hazel transforms from a Witch into a Beautiful Lady)

Witch Hazel: (felt herself & looks shocked & zooms off towards the Magic Mirror)

Katie & Sadie: (looks shocked as well)

Katie: What just happened?

Sadie: I don't know. Guess I brought the wrong tea to her, huh?

Witch Hazel: (Beautiful Voice) Magic Mirror of the Wall,who is the ugliest one of all

Genie: (appears) Ugly isn't the word & how, but the exact words for you are (Bop-Hope Voice) ROWR ROWR! (tries to grab her)

Witch Hazel: (dodges) EEK! (runs off)

Genie: (soars out of the mirror after her on his magic carpet)

Witch Hazel: (Hops on the BroomStick & Flys away with the Genie flying on a Magic Carpet in hot pursuit of her)

The Genie chases the now beautiful Witch Hazel out of the house, as they soared away by the light of the full moon)

Katie: Would you look a that, Sadie?

Sadie: Yeah Katie, it's a Magical Genie with Light Brown Hair chasing a Flying Sorcerous

Katie & Sadie: (laughs)

"That's All Folks"

The End