Bully for Boots is an Episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tune

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It was a beauitful day in spain for a Bullfight, we see a Matador getting ready for the bull fight

Then El Toro comes bursting through the Doors & looks at the Matador. Then the Matador smiles & then frowns

El Toro: (Grins, getting ready to charge)

Matador: (takes one step back)

El Toro: (Almost ready to attack)

Matador: (Takes another step back)

El Toro: (charges at the Matador)

Matador: (runs off leaving his cape)

El Toro: (Goes through the Cape & starts chasing the Matador)

(Now we see something digging underground with a Buzzing Sound & emerging from the ground was none other than Amy Rose)

Amy: Here I am Sonic! (looks around) Hey, wait a minute. This doesn't look like the Picnic Grounds to me (takes a look at the map) I knew I should've made that left turn at Albuquerque. Oh well, I betta ask this gentleman in the fancy outfit. Uh excuse me? (the matador ran past her & Amy catches up to the Matador while they still running) Um, pardon me sir, but would you please tell me the shortest route to the Picnic Grounds of Station Square, where my Sonikku is at now?

(The Matador annoys her & climbs up to the stands leaving Amy very confused)

Amy: (stops) Uh, are you ok sir?

El Toro: (stops behind Amy, steaming her tail)

Amy: (Gets irratated) Hey! (slaps El Toro) Stop steaming up my tail & my behind. What are you trying to do wrinkle my Tail & heat up my behind?

El Toro: (goes far away from Amy, but still in the building)

Amy: Let's see, Picnic Grounds of Station Square, hmm

El Toro: (chalks up the points of his horns like a pool cue)

Amy: Enter Las Vegas, go to the high road to the Station Square grounds...

El Toro: (rams Amy out of the bullring)

Amy: (She sails into the air) Of course you realize, this means war (crashes to the Ground) Ouch!

(Then a little orange cat jumps in front of Amy)

Amy: (notices a little cat) Oh hello there. You must be a cute Pussy Cat. I'm Amy Rose. What's your name?

Puss: Iam Puss in Boots at service *He takes off his hat and bows to her*

Amy: I'm Amy Rose. When I was asking someone for directions to Station Square, a Bull just rams me out of the Building.

Puss: I do know the way there

Amy: Thanks, but first I had to deal with the Same Bull who has rammed me out of the building. So here's the plan (whispers to Puss)

(Back with El Toro)

El Toro: (takes his applause for claiming his latest victim, but it is short-lived)

Amy: (Re-enters the bullring in a Pink & Red matador garb with Puss) Ole

El Toro: (Spots Amy & Puss & begins to charge at them)

Amy: (standing still)

El Toro: (closing in on her)

Amy: (reveals his cap to El Toro)

El Toro: (accidently bumps into something behind the red cape)

Amy: (reveals the cape to be an Anvil behind the cape) (takes her applause as the audience gave flowers to Amy) (sniffs a Flower) Ah, neat public

El Toro: (feeling dazed)

Amy: Ok Puss, your turn (gives the Red Cape to Puss)

Puss: (Holds out the cape) Toro toro

El Toro: (looks at the Red Cape still looking dazed)

Amy: I got it (whispers to Puss)

(Amy & Puss makes El Toro follow the Cape up to the Bull Shield accompanied by a lively underscore of "La Cucaracha", where his horns pierce it. Amy & Puss bends the horns down like nails and, thinking he's got him at bay

Puss: That will not hold him for long

Amy: (Chuckles) What a gull-a-bull. (Chuckles as she pointing to El Toro) What a nim-cow-poop

Unaware that the bull can detach his horns and strike back, Toro proceeds to bash Puss in the head, which knocks him unconscious.

Amy: Puss? Are you ok?

Toro proceeds to bash Amy in the head, which knocks her unconscious.

Amy: Ouch


El Toro: (sharpens his horns)

Amy: Uh, pardon us mac (placing an elastic band around the Toro's horns and using it as a giant slingshot to smack him in the face with a boulder)

Puss: (Comes to holding his head) Any other ideas Amy?

Blaze THC:(Appears) Olay, Olay

Amy: Hi Blaze THC

Toro charges back at Amy & Puss, right in the buttocks.

Amy & Puss: (Crashes to a Wall)

Amy: Ouch

Toro: (Takes the applause, but it was short-lived again as he saw Amy & Puss)

Amy: (returns with Puss, this time in a large sombrero doing a little dance and slapping Toro on the face in tempo to the tune of "Las Chiapanecas")

Toro: (walks to Amy & tries to punch him but is slapped by Amy)

Amy: (does a dance & then comes back & then slaps Toro again & he & Puss zooms off offscreen)

Toro: (walks after Amy & Puss, but stops reliesing that Amy & Puss could be behind him, takes a look from behind, but Amy & Puss we're right in front of him this entire time & Amy slaps Toro again)

Amy & Puss dances more, Toro goes after them and then Amy & Puss disappears under the sombrero, but not before Amy honking Toro's nose


El Toro once again sharpens his horns (this time with a much more irritated look on his face)

Amy: Ok Toro wherever you can spare a time


Amy: ( has prepared a booby trap for the bull, composed of a double-barreled shotgun hidden behind the cape) Booby Trap

El Toro: (charges towards the cape, and somehow the shotgun previously in Amy's hand enters Toro's body and stops at his tail, firing a bullet from one of Toro's horns when he flicks his tail (and the shotgun) on the ground) (Realizes that happened, he flicks his tail on the ground again, firing another bullet from the other horn) (Grins at Amy, Puss & Blaze THC)

Amy: Uh Oh

El Toro: (chases Amy, Puss & Blaze THC shooting at them while Amy, Puss & Blaze THC dodging the Bullets, but Toro eventually runs out of bullets) (runs off & comes back with a Box of Elephant Bullets [with Explosive Heads] & "reloads" by swallowing all of the elephant bullets, but when he attempts to test-fire...)


He instead explodes, gun and all

El Toro: (scroched with his Horns started to droop)

Puss: (Starts to laugh) Now he will charge at us

Blaze THC: Heh

Puss: Blaze get on the door, I will get some oil and glue

Amy: (laughing) What an Imbescile! What an Ultra Maroon (laughing) (notices El Toro) Uh Oh

El Toro: (Charges at Amy, Puss & Blaze THC)

(Amy, Puss & Blaze THC are cornered by the bull behind barred gates. Awaiting certain death (they writes a will and says they're prayers), Amy, Puss & Blaze THC miraculously opens the gates like a garage door, sending Toro out of the bullring and into the horizon

El Toro: (Stops)

Amy: Ok, let's get to work

(So Amy, Puss & Blaze THC builds something offscreen)

Puss: (Looks into the horizon) He coming back!

Blaze THC:(Scratches behind Pusses ears)

Puss: (starts to purr)

Amy: Then let's do this!

Toro: (runs back to the bullring, not anticipating that Amy, Puss & Blaze THC has laid out a Rube Goldberg–like contraption of axle grease, a ramp, and some platforms on the bull's path)

(The grease and ramp send Toro airborne over some glue, a sheet of sandpaper, a protruding matchstick, and a barrel of TNT which explodes when Toro flies by. Still in the air and in shock, Toro finally crashes into a wooden bull shield with his hindquarters sticking out of the shield)

Amy, Puss & Blaze THC holds up the cape with the words "THE END" etched on it

Amy: Olay!

"That's All Folks"

The End