Catastrophc Blast is an Episode from "Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes"


The Newspaper says "Blaze the Cat arrives in Station Square"

It was a beautiful day in the City & the News that Blaze the Cat walks into town

Blaze: Lets see if there's anyone there?(looks in the Alley way)

Then the 5 monsters named Meltdown,Xplode,Thunder,Corroder & Rotor are walking down the Street

Rotor:(the Orange helicopter monster is excited about there monster pals)Oh boy,Oh boy,what should we do first,How about we play catch?

Meltdown:Nah(the yellow monster Slaps Rotor)

Rotor:How we chase cars,Huh?

Xplode:Nah(the Red monster slaps Rotor)

Rotor:How about we...

Thunder:Nah(the grey monster slaps Rotor)

Corroder:Nah(The green monster Slaps Rotor)

Rotor:How about we chase a Cat?(takes cover himself)

Corroder:Cat,did you say cat,we haven't chase a cat in years

Xplode:But where would we find a cat?

Then they heard singing from Garfield from "The Garfield Show"

Garfield:(Humming Until he saw 5 monsters)Doo,doo,duh,da,de,di,doo

Thunder:Lets get him

The Monsters did & they chase Garfield into that alley way

Garfield:(closes the wooden door)

Meltdown:He went in there

Rotor:I'll show that cat who's messing with

Thunder:(stops Rotor)oh no you don't,let me & my 3 monsters take care of that Cat

Rotor:Atta Boy guys,(turns to Camera)There my Heroes

Later inside the Alley Way

Garfield:Oh No,there After me(Sees Blaze)Quick Help me!

Blaze:What is it?

Garfield:It's those monsters, There going hurt me

Blaze:Not on my watch,You hide Stranger

Garfield:My name is Garfield(Hides in the Trashcan)

Xplode:Alright where is he?

Blaze:Alright you monsters,This is for hurting Garfield(Fire her Fireballs at those 4 Monsters)

Rotor:Atta Boy,Guys give him the old 1,2

The 4 monsters appeared all Burned up & Speaking Gibberish


Xplode:She ha-ha-ha-ha have F-F-F-F-Fireballs

Thuder:She Fe-Fe-Fe-Female C-C-C-C-C-C-Cat

Corroder:She is M-M-M-M-Mad

Rotor:(looks to see Garfield)Your Kidding me Guys,I'll take care of him,(grabs Garfield's Tail)This is for hurting my Pals(Smashes Garfield 3 times & Spins him around & lets him go,Sends Garfield flying to the Trash can)


Garfield:I don't even like it one(spits)Bit


Rotor:See I've tooken care of him & if you can take care of him,I can too

Meltdown:Your Right let me & my 3 monsters finish this

Rotor:Atta Boy Guys,Give him the old 1,2

Xplode:We'll give him the Old 1,2 & a 3,4,5 & 6

The four monsters (except Rotor) charged in the Alley Way & Found Garfield

Corroder:There you are

Garfield:(Scratches an inch away)

Thunder:Ha Ha Ha,look he's trying to scratch us

Meltdown:Ok come on Scratch us,We dare you scratch us

Blaze:(Scratches them with her Sharp Claws)Gotcha

The 4 monsters shred to pieces & then put back together & Ran away


Blaze:That's Right(Throws them out of the alley)And your outta Here!

Rotor:That's my Pals?What's going on guys

Meltdown:Look out his a killer

Xplode:And Blaze Scratched us

Thuder:Keep those Cats away from us

Corroder:Let's get out of here

The Monsters (Except Rotor) ran away

Rotor:What's that all about

Garfield:Blaze you saved me

Blaze:Your Welcome

Rotor:I'm no harm to you guys anymore

Blaze:(thinks of an Idea)I got an Idea



Blaze is walking Lady like with Rotor & Garfield getting all Excited

Rotor:Oh boy,Oh boy

Garfield:Oh boy what should we do first,How about we play catch

Blaze:Nah(slaps Garfield & Rotor)

Rotor & Garfield:(turns to Camera)Blaze is our Hero

"That's All Folks"