Daffy Duck Company is an Episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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It was a beautiful day & Daffy hasn't have a single call in 7 Months

Daffy: It was 7 Months ago that I made my own Company & no one is here to call us. No Employees want to be hired by yours truely, I need someone like they are like family to them (Evil grins) Hmm? Time to bring Jack & Blaze THC a visit (Goes out through the Door)


(At Jack & Blaze THC's House)

Jackline:(Laughing because Her sister Stardust is tickling her)

Jack: Ok Stardust, play nice with your Sister

Stardust: Ok daddy.

Jackline:(Accidentally light her daddies shoe on fire)

Blaze THC:(Giggles quietly) Jacky

Jack: Yes? (Sniffs) Uh Stardust, something's burning

Blaze THC: Your shoe is on fire.

Jack: (Notices his shoe IS on fire) YEOW, Ow, ow, ow, ow (Goes out the Door & dives into the Lake) Ahhhhh! Much better

Skate Jr.:(is throwing up)

Blaze THC: I am going to make Skate Jr. some Chicken noodle soup.

Jack: (Drys himself while going inside) what's wrong with Skate Jr.?

Blaze THC: He has the Flu maybe we should call Double D to come watch the Kids while we go set the ingredients for the soup ok?

Jack: Ok


Daffy: It's a good thing I bring these to help me (Has box of "Acme Fire Starters") (we see a box filled with little tiny boxes) (Grabs one of the Tiny Boxes & throws it at Jack & Blaze THC's House making ablaze at their house)

Blaze THC:(Aborbs the flames and calls Edd to come watch the kids)

Daffy: WHAT?! That didn't work

Edd: Excuse me (Enters) Can I help you with something?

Jackline:(Having a nap)

Jack: Hello it's Skate Jr. He has the Flu

Edd: (appears with Ed) Don't worry, I'm happy to help (Grabs the Medicine for Skate Jr.)

Ed: Aw it's kicking, the little whatyoumaycallit

Daffy: If 1 isn't enough, I'll use a whole box (Throws a whole box filled with Fire Starters & it cause Jack & Blaze THC's House ablaze even more

Jack: Oh no, let's get outta here (Grabs Stardust & Jackline out of the House) Now Kids, don't move till I tell you to (Goes back to find Blaze THC) Blaze the Hedgecat, where are you?

Blaze THC: I am in the compurter room!

Skate Jr.:(Coughing)

Jack: (Goes into the Computer Room, Grabs Blaze THC (bridal style) & Skate Jr. & goes out of the House) (Puts Blaze THC & Skate Jr. down) I got this, CHAOS SPLASH! (A huge wave puts out the Fire) There. Who've could've done such a thing?

Daffy: Hello there

Skate Jr.:(Throwing up)

Daffy: Ew

Edd: (Feeds Skate Jr. with Medicine) There, give Skate Jr. only one spoonful of Medicine every day until he's feeling better, got it?

Jack: Got it

Edd: Goodbye now! (leaves)

Ed: Wait for me Double D! (follows Edd)

Blaze THC:(Rage Builds up when she notices Daffy)

Jack: Oh no, it's that Black Duck again

Daffy: I need your help with the Company, well I'm working at a Hotel called "Daffy Duck's Hotel", I need some employees

Jack: Well we have to pay the Bill anyways. The cost for the damages are exactly $25,000.

Daffy: Either Employee or Burned House?

Jack: Fine, but you betta pay us $25,000 or my wife is gonna burn you to a crisp

Daffy: (Gulps) Yes Jack (Whispers to the Viewers) How Naiev can you get?


(At Daffy Duck's Hotel)

Jack & Blaze THC are wearing Hotel Employee Outfits

Jack: We look Stupid

Blaze THC:(Hisses) I'd rather have GUN shoot me on the spot

Jackline:(Crying because she is hungry)

Jack: (Feeds Jackline)

(The First Guest has arrived)

Daffy: Welcome to Daffy Duck' Hot...You!

Bugs Bunny: Eh? What's up Duck?

Daffy Duck: On no you don't your about to take all the Credit, so out you go, out out out! (Pushes Bugs Bunny out the Doors) And Stay out! (closes the doors behind him)

Bugs Bunny: Someone has betta teach Daffy some manners & that someone is going to be me


Jack: (Notices Bugs Bunny behind the Window) Look, Honey. It's Bugs Bunny. Can I help you?

Bugs Bunny: Eh, I got an Idea (Whispers to Jack & Blaze THC)

Jack: Got it. (To Daffy) Uh excuse me, I think you should go to the Shops & buy some food. Here's a list (Gives Daffy a very Long List)

Daffy: Some List huh?

Jack: And we'll guard the Hotel, just in case, ok time to go now, bye (Pushes Daffy out the door & closes the door)

Daffy: Ok (Goes to the Shops)

Jack: Daffy's Gone.

Blaze THC: So it is safe?

Stardust:Is it daddy?

Skate Jr.: (Needs his meds.)

Jack: (Feeds Skate Jr. some Medicine) I believe it's time for this hotel to be under new Management


Daffy: I'm back. (Notices all of the Customers come inside the Hotel) Wow, I must be on a role this time (Notices the name has been changed from "Daffy Duck's Hotel" to "Bugs Bunny's Hotel") WHAT?! That's Rabbit's Name has replaced mine?! (Goes inside the Hotel)

Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up duck? Your just in time to be an Employee of Bugs Bunny's Hotel where we should never deny a guest even the most Ridiculous request

Daffy: Grrrr (Wears an Employee Outfit) Fine

Jack: Daffy, can you carry me, my wife & my children to my room?

Daffy: And how am I suppose to do that? You got both legs that aren't broken

Jack: The Plack (points to the Plack)

Blaze THC:(Snickers)

Daffy: (Grumbles)


Daffy: (Carrying Jack, Blaze THC, Stardust, Skate Jr. & Jackline to their Room) I'm...getting...tierd. Here's your...(Falls on his belly) Room

Jack; Thanks

Blaze THC: I hope we can get some peace like in a monestary

Daffy: There, now can you left me alone

Jack: Oh Daffy, can you give us a Massage?

Daffy: (To Himself) Oh No (Goes to their room & massages Jack & Blaze THC after Jack & Blaze THC took off their Shoes) This is Hummiliating

Jack: Ahhhhhh! This is good, but be careful, I'm ticklish

Blaze THC: Hey Daffy can you help me get Jackline to sleep, I still can't seam to get her to sleep and can you get Skate Jr. some soup?

Daffy: Ok, coming (Grumbling) (Rocks Jackline to sleep & gives Skate Jr. some soup at the same time)

Stardust: Play with me Daffy (Holding up Nerf Guns)

Daffy: (Gulps) Oh no (To Stardust) Ok, how much ammo you had in those toy Guns

Stardust: Each Mag holds Six darts.

Daffy: (Chuckles) Only 6 Darts, is that all?

Blaze THC: But she is going to use a 30 Dart Mag like Me and Jack (Pulls out Stampede)

Jack: (pulls out Stampede)

Daffy: Mother

Jack: Fire!

(Jack, Blaze THC & Stardust fires Darts at Daffy)

Daffy: (Got stuck to the Wall) What did I go wrong?

Stardust:(Grabs Vulcan EBF 25)

Daffy: Not again

Blaze THC:(Giggles)

Jack: Fire 2!

Stardust:(Empties all the bullets on Daffy)

Daffy: (runs away) AHHH!!!

Jack: What's up with him?


Daffy: (hears the Phone Ringing) What is it now?

Darkstorm:(Walks in)

Daffy: Hello? Is anyone here? Hello?

Darkstorm:(Punches Daffy) Room on the top floor

Daffy: (Flys up the Roof & comes back down to the Ground) Ouch!

Darkstorm: Oye did ya hear me?

Blaze THC: Hey Darkstorm, Hey Daffy get him a room next to me and Jack!!

Daffy: (Slurry) Don't worry, I'll get there, right..(bumps into a wall) Ouch, there (Goes inside a room next to Jack & Blaze THC)

Darkstorm: Sup Jack

Jack: Hey Darkstorm, by the way Blaze, what room did you sent him in?

Blaze THC: The one next to us

Daffy: (Notices it was dark) Hey, where are the lights. I can't see a darn thing

Darkstorm:(Turns on the light)

Daffy: Oh thank you, what room is this?


Daffy: Well then, I just want some customers because their aren't any for over 7 Months

Jack: Oh Daffy.

Daffy: Oh no

Jack: I need your help with one teeny tiny thing

Daffy: And what would that be?


Daffy: (Notices Jack is in the Bath Tub having a Bubblebath) A Bubblebath?! Why would I give you a Bubblebath?!

Jack: Because that's what my wife said you would, now be sure to make my back extra shiny clean

Darkstorm: (Burst out laughing) This halarious

Daffy: That's it, I HAD ENOUGH! I'm leavin!

Jack: Don't forget your payment, you pay us $124, since you refuse to give me a Bubblebath that's an extra $175 for a total of $299

Daffy: (His jaw drops)

Blaze THC: Or would you like to speak to our financial adviser (Motions to Darkstorm)

Darkstorm:(Cracks his knuckles)

Daffy: (Gulps) Fine (Gives Jack & Blaze THC $299) I may be a coward, but I'm a greedy little coward

Jack: And our house is fixed, we can go home now.

Daffy: How am I gonna pay back?

Jack: Don't worry, there's 1 Job for you to do & we'll pay you back

Daffy: Phew, I wonder what can that be?


(At Jack & Blaze THC's House)

Daffy: (Scrubing Jack & Blaze THC's Back with a Scrubber)

Jack: Ahh that feels soo good, right Blaze?

Blaze THC:(Meowing) *Purring* Yep

Daffy: (To the Viewers) I hadda asked, I HADDA asked

"That's All Folks"

The End