DarkstormMania 6-5000 is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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Darkstorm: (On his Extreme Gear)

Jet: It's about time you got here

Wave: It's nice to meet you

Storm: Uh, what's his name again?

Jet: It's Darkstorm, Storm

Storm: Oh ok

Darkstorm: I don't have For this (Hit the Turbo and Zooms off)

Jet: Babylon Rouges, After him!

Jet, Wave & Storm: (goes after Darkstorm on their Extreme Gears)


Jet: Hey, where'd he go?

(The Babylon Rouges tries to find Darkstorm, but crashes into something that they can't see & it's Darkstorm)

Jet: Ow!

Darkstorm: (Decloaks and Excapes)

Jet: Oh no you don't !

(The Babylon Rouges rams into Darkstorm's Extreme Gear)

Darkstorm:(Growls and tires to kick Jet off his board)

Jet: (Dodges) Ha! Missed me!

Storm: (rams into Darkstorm, trying to knock him out of his board) Take that !

Darkstorm:(Jumps and Backflips off his Board and shoots Storms and Jet's Extreme Gear and Disappears)

Jet & Storm: (Dodges)

Wave: Now where'd he go?

Jet: (Bumps into something that they can't see & it's Darkstorm yet again) Ow, that hurt !

(The Babylon Rouges rams into Darkstorm)

Darkstorm:(Grabs Jet and Pushes him off the Board)

Wave: (Catches Jet) Gotcha!

Storm: (grabs Darkstorm by the Throat) No one messes with our Boss! (slams Darkstorm on his Board, weakening Darkstorm's Board & spins him around & lets go of him, making him crash land on Transylvania)

Darkstorm:(Extends his Wings and Lands)

Jet, Wave & Storm: (flys down to Darkstorm)

Jet: Nice job Storm

Storm: Thanks Boss

Darkstorm blends into the darkness

Jet: Where did he go?

Wave: He dissapeared

Storm: Where could he be hiding?

Jet: Ah, never mind him, let's head back

A black and orange Werehog attacks Jet and Knocks him off his Extreme Gear

A Black Werehog does the same to Storm the Albatross

Jet & Storm: Whao! (falls to the ground, leaving holes of themselves)

Wave: (hops off her extreme gear & lands) Guys, are you two ok?

Jet: Yeah, we're ok

Storm: My Body hurts

The werehogs howl like werewolves

Jet: Whao! Nice Werehogs?

Wave: Hey, wait a minute. Take a closer look Jet

Jet: Huh? (notices the Werehogs) Whao! So what's your point, Wave?

Wave: Do these Werehogs look familiar?

Storm: I don't think so

Jet: Me neither

The Sun Rises and the Werehogs turn into Thrash and Shadow

Jet: Hey, wait a minute. Your Shadow & Thrash in your Werehog Forms, what are you doing?

Shadow: Same to you, we are training

Storm: Training? For what?

Thrash: DAD!!!!!

(Mind Playing as Sonic)

Sonic: What is it, Thrash? Is there something you want to tell me (notices the Babylon Rouges) Jet?

Jet: Sonic?! Looks like we meet again

???:(Grabs Wave Stealthy and Without sound)

Storm: We'll settle the score like last time!

Sonic: Alrighty then, Babylon Rouges. Uh, just 1 Question though: We're they suppose to be 3 of you?

Jet: Of course it's only the 3 of us, Me, Storm &...(notices Wave is Gone) Wave? Where'd she go?

Storm: I don't know boss

Jet: Well, where could she dissapeared to?

Sonic: I think she's somewhere in that building over there (points to a Haunted Castle of Transylvania)

Storm: A Haunted House?!

Jet: Come on Storm, don't be afraid of an old Haunted Castle, now come on, let's go find Wave

Darkstorm:(His and Wave's secret love had been going on for a while) What saps

Jet: I heard that !


(They arrived at a Haunted Castle, home to Count BloodCount)

Sonic: (rings the DoorBell)

Count BloodCount: (opens the Door) I am Count BloodCount, how may I help you?

Sonic: Uh yeah, we're here to find Wave

Jet: Have you seen her?

Count BloodCount: Please come right in & I'll show you to your rooms

(Everyone enters inside)

Storm: But we're not tired

Count BloodCount: You must need Bed Rest before you can find your friend Wave

Jet: Alright !

Darkstorm:Sure why not, I get a room with a guy that is trying to kill me

Count BloodCount: (shows everyone the Room) Here's your room

Sonic: Whao, nice

Count BloodCount: Enjoy your stay, your gonna need it (closes the Door)

Storm: (notices & picks up a book titled "Magic Words and Phrases") Magic Words & Phrases

Sonic: Sure, Reading we'll pass the time

Darkstorm:(Opens the Door to go for a stroll and look for his secret Girlfriend)

Jet: Where are you going?

Darkstorm:Out (Slams the Door)

Storm: (Shrugs & starts reading) There we're powerful & Useful Magic Words you may now see in...

(As Storm Continues reading, the Count sneaks up behind him, Jet, Sonic, Thrash & Shadow and is just about to strike)

Storm: (Reads) "A Most Powerful & Useful Magic Word is Abra... Abracadabra"

(when Storm says "abracadabra", turning the Count into a bat)

Sonic: Whao, there's a Big Mosquito & it's a big one, litterally

Jet: (grabs a Fly Swatter) Stay here you little...(swats Count/Bat mistooken as a Big Mosquito)

Count BloodCount/Bat: (feeling dazed) (dizzily flies out of the window)

Storm: Check this out! "There's another Most Powerful & Useful Magic Word is Hocus Pocus"

(As Storm said "Hocus Pocus", it causes the Count to turn back into a vampire and fall into the moat surrounding his castle)

Agathe & Emily, the 2 Headed Female Vultures watches the Count fall down to the Moat

Emily: Anyone we know, Agatha?

Agatha: No. Splendid-looking specimen, though.


Darkstorm:(Finds Waves Tail Feathers)

Jet: (appears with Storm & Sonic) Did you find anything that can lead us to Wave?

Darkstorm:(Shows the Tail feathers)

Storm: It's Wave's Tail Feather!

Jet: She must be close by

Sonic: Well then let's go!

Darkstorm: No, I will alone

Storm: Ok, but I just learn these Magic Words & they are Abracadabra & Hocus Pocus

Darkstorm: Just stay here I'll Handel finding Wave (Runs)

Storm: Ok then

Sonic: Now what?

Jet: I'm sorry, but I can't wait any longer (grabs Storm) Come on Storm, let's go find Wave ourselves

Storm: Ok boss!

Jet & Storm: (runs off to find Wave in the Haunted House)

Sonic: Guys! Darkstorm told us to stay here and... You know what, I'm getting bored already (goes after Jet & Storm)

(In the Dungeon)

Darkstorm: WAVE!!!

Count BloodCount: (Is getting ready to Strike)

Storm: (Humming a song called "It's Magic") Abracadabra

Count BloodCount: (turns to a bat when Storm says "Abracadabra)

Jet: Another one? They oughta screen this place! (sprays the bat with a fumigator)

Count BloodCount: (hanging UpsideDown coughing)

Storm: (Humming the same song) Hocus Pocus

Count BloodCount: (turns back into a Vampire & falls flat on his face)

Sonic: Guys, there you are

Darkstorm:(Picks up Waves Scent)

Jet: It's Wave's Scent, she's close by!

Count BloodCount: (Appears in front of them) I'm a VAMPIRE!

Storm: Oh yeah? Well Abracadabra (Turns into an Albatross Umpire) I'm an Umpire!

Count BloodCount: Hocus Pocus! (turns into a Bat) I'm a Bat

Storm: Say, I'm a Bat too, Abracadabra (turns into a Baseball Bat)

Count BloodCount: (puts on his Glasses) You won't hit a bat with glasses would ya?

Storm: (clonks the Count on the Head making him feel dizzy)

Count BloodCount: (Dizzly goes through a Hole in the Floor)

Darkstorm:(Claws into the Wall)

Count BloodCount: Hocus Pocus! (turns into a Vampire & picks up the Floor Stone) I'll crush you!

Storm: Abracadbra!

Count BloodCount: (turns into a Bat & got crushed) Hocus Pocus (picks it up & he feels dazed)

Storm: Abracadbra!

Count BloodCount: (turns into a Bat & got crushed again) Hocus Pocus (picks it up & he feels dazed even more)

Storm: Abracadbra!

Count BloodCount: (turns into a Bat & got crushed for the 3rd Time) (comes out of the Floor Stones)


Wave: (in Background) Guys, is that you?

Jet: It's Wave! Let's go!

(Remeber Wave and Darkstorm are in love)

Wave: Darkstorm, get me outta here, please?

Jet: What?! Oh Come on

Storm: How do we get you outta here, Wave?

Darkstorm:Stand back (Pries the Bars off its hinges)

Count BloodCount: That's it, no more Mr. Nice Guy, this means war (tackles Darkstorm)

Wave: Darkstorm!


Jet: What do we do?

Sonic: I got it (whispers to Storm)

Storm: Oh ok

Count BloodCount: (Bites Darkstorm)

Darkstorm's armor like skin is impenatrable and causes Bloodcounts fangs to shatter

Count BloodCount: (covers his Mouth & runs off & comes back with new Fangs as a Bat) I'll crush you!

Storm: Abraca-Pocus! (which gives vampire his human body and a bat's head) Hocus-cadabra! (the vampire now is only a head with bat wings) Newport News! (turns him into Witch Hazel) Wow, I'm getting good at this! Walla Walla, Washington! (and the Count is turned into a two-headed male vulture)


Storm: Hey, why are you calling me that?

Darkstorm: Not you, the vamp

Storm: Oh sorry

Sonic: (spots Agatha and Emily, who are just outside the castle) Yoo Hoo, oh Girls!

Emily: Look Agatha, it's a Hedgehog

(They both look inside to find Count BloodCount as the 2 headed Vulture)

Agatha: Emily! Look, we found our Love Life again!

Count BloodCount: (horrified to find himself the object of their amorous pursuit all over again) (flees the castle with the female vulture in pursuit as Sonic watched in amusement)

Agatha: It's so nice to have a nice romantic fellow again

Emily: And I also like it to Agatha

Agatha: Me too

Sonic: Well that's that, now how to break Wave out of this Cage

Darkstorm: Can't it is Titanium

Storm: I can help

Jet: Alright Storm (to Darkstorm) Heh! There's no way he can break Wave out of this...

Storm: Done

Jet: Cage? (notices the Cage was Gone & looks shocked) But how did he...?

Storm: What? I just said "Abracadabra" & then it dissapeared just like that

Wave: Thanks Storm

Storm: Your welcome Wave


Storm: What?

Sonic: Let's just find a Telephone to the Airport & go home

Storm: Here's one (answers the Phone) Hello? I'm here to book a Flight for me & my friends here. Ok we'll hold (humming) Abraca-Pocus

(The Bat wings appear on Sonic's Back)

Sonic: What the? (grabs the Phone) Hello? Airport? Cancell the Book of our Flight, we'll fly home instead, thanks for asking though (hangs up phone) When we get back Home, you can make my Bat Wings dissapear, ok?

Storm: Ok

Jet: Let's go

(The Babylon Rouges, Sonic & the others fly home, with the Babylon Rouges on their Extreme Gear & Sonic flys back on his Bat Wings)

Darkstorm:(Shivers and Gets on his gear)

Sonic: What? Never seen a Hedgebat before? (to Audience) I guess he doesn't

"That's All Folks"

The End