Dashing Darkstorm is an Episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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It was a hot day in the Desert & we saw Wile E Coyote chasing the Road Runner

Road Runner:

Speedius Rex

Wile E Coyote:

Canis Idioticus

Wile E Coyote: (gaining up on the Road Runner)

Road Runner: (Sticks his tounge out) BEEP BEEP! (runs even faster than ever, causing fire to appear on the Burn Tracks by the Road Runner)

Wile E Coyote: (slows down & stops & looks at the direction where the Road Runner run off wide eyed & his jaw drops) (thinking until he heard a sound of a MotorCycle from the Sky & looks up to see Patricia the Skunk riding on her Flying Broom with Blaze THC)

Patricia the Skunk:

Beautius Skunkius

Blaze the Hedgecat:

Halfbreedius Hedgiecatous

Patricia: Isn't this fun, Blaze THC?

Blaze THC: Yep

Wile E Coyote: (Licking his lips) (Grabs his Knife & Fork & goes after Patricia & Blaze THC on Patricia's Flying Broom)

Patricia: Look, the coyote has come to play with us, let's play tag (tags Wile E Coyote) TAG! Your it! (zooms off with Blaze THC on her Flying Broom leaving behind White Puffy cloud of Exhaust)

As Wile E Coyote is still chasing the 2 Girls, the Fog from the Broom gets thicker & thicker, we can only see Wile E Coyote's Ears & Patricia & Blaze THC's Heads

Patricia: Hi there!

Wile E Coyote: (Got stardled & got angry at Patricia & Blaze THC until he notices something isn't right here, he didn't hear his feet stomping on the ground, he stretched his foot beneath the Fog, then his Hand trying to feel the ground & then finally he looked down to see a Valley below him)

As the Fog Clears up, Wile E Coyote notices Patricia & Blaze THC still on Patricia's Flying Broom & he's in Mid-Air. So with only seconds Wile E Coyote falls from the Sky for 10 seconds & crashes to the ground offscreen


Blaze THC: (Loses Balence, Falls and Breaks her arm)

Patricia: Oh dear (Goes down to the bottom of the Cliff) Blaze THC, are you ok? (Uses her Magic to fix Blaze THC's Arm) There

Blaze THC:(See's Roadrunner) hey (Waves and Pulls out a bag of Bird seeds)

Roadrunner: (stops in front of Blaze THC & Patricia)

Patricia: (Hops off) Hello Mr. Roadrunner, would you like some Bird Seeds?

Roadrunner: (Nods Yes)

Patricia: Ok (pulls out a Bowl & puts it on the Ground & pours a bag of Bird Seeds onto the bowl filling it right up to the top) There you go, enjoy!

Roadrunner: (Starts eating the Birdseed like he's pecking at the birdseed)

Patricia: I wonder if we gonna keep the Roadrunner as a pet, Blaze THC. What do you think, Blaze?

Blaze THC: He can crash at me place to keep safe From Wiley

Patricia: Ok then, let's go (hops on her flying Broom) Hop on Blaze, we'll lead him to your house

Blaze THC:(Pets Roadrunner and Rides side saddle) Mind If I do this (Puts on wiches hat) Darkstorm his have a costume party at his place

Patricia: Go ahead, be my guest

Blaze THC:(Snaps her fingers and her Witch costume appears and Cackles)

Patricia: And away we go!

Blaze THC: Follow us Roadrunner

Roadrunnder: Meep Meep!

Blaze THC:(Confused)

Patricia: Don't worry about it, now come on, let's go before that Coyote catches us

Wile E Coyote: (gets up & tries to capture Patricia, Blaze & the Roadrunner)

(A boulder lands on Wile E)

Patricia: Huh? Who did that?

???:Aunty Blaze your going as a Witch to?

Blaze THC: Teniahk you look ADORABLE


Halfbreedius Lioness

Patricia: Anyways (puts on her Witch's Hat) Let's fly! (Flys her Flying Broom up to the Sky with Blaze THC & Teniahk)

Blaze THC:Whaaho, lets hope Jack is ready

Patricia: I hope so too

Roadrunner: (Follows the Girls on foot)

Wile E Coyote: (gets out of the Boulder & thinks) (Gets an Idea)


Wile E Coyote: (Grabs a Giant Net & waits for Blaze THC, Patricia, Teniahk & the Roadrunner)

Teniahk:(Teleports everyone and herself to her home)

Wile E Coyote: (Gasps) (Grumbles) (traps Blaze THC, Patricia, Teniahk & the Roadrunner, they went too fast, dragging Wile. E Coyote & stops flinging Wile E Coyote to a Cliff & falls off)



Wile E Coyote: (While the Road Runner is munching on desert plants, Wile E Coyote attempts to drop a hand grenade on him, Patricia, Blaze THC & Teniahk. However, the grenade, by pure misfortune, drops onto a power line and is hoisted directly back to its owner, instantly wiping the laugh off his face. The grenade explodes, and the coyote lets go of the stop perforce. This, however, causes a second grenade to be thrown up to Wile and explode on him as well.)


Wile E Coyote: (Hears a whisper & turns to see Darkstorm) (Gulps)

Darkstorm the Halfbreed:

Halfbreedius Rex

Darkstorm: Don't try anything funny, I don't want my Party ruined

Wile E Coyote: (Nods yes)

Darkstorm:You girls ok?

Patricia: We're fine & we even have a new friend

Road Runner: Meep! Meep!

Darkstorm:(Holds out a clawed hand) hello

Road Runner: Meep! Meep!

Patricia: He's Cute


Wile E Coyote: (starts his painful trapeze act trying to catch Blaze THC, Patricia, Teniahk & the Road Runner, but ends up getting scraped on the ground, hitting the top of a tunnel and hit by the face by an ACME truck)

Patricia: Ouch, that's gotta hurt!

Jack: (Appears) Hey guys, what's going on?

Jack the Hedgehog:

Super-Speedius Hedgehog

Darkstorm: Party at my place

Jack: Wow! I would love to come

Darkstorm: See you there

Jack: See you there. Hi Blaze THC, how's my Cute Wife doing today?

Blaze THC:(Meows) Good

Jack: Good (kisses Blaze THC) I love you, Blaze THC my lovable Witch

Patricia: (Carries Patty & Keren) Awww that's so sweet, I love Anu


Keren the Anuskunk:

Anubius Skunkius

Patty the Skunk:

Jazzius Skunk

Blaze THC:Me and the Girls are going to Patricia's to get Witchy

Jack: Ok Blaze THC, see ya at the Party

Patricia: Come on Girls, let's go get Witchy!

Patty: (Giggles)

Wile E Coyote: (Comes back & gets another idea)


Wile E Coyote: (loads a firework into a slingshot and prepares to fire it at the Road Runner, Blaze THC, Patricia, Patty, Keren & Teniahk for an Ambush, but it explodes on him first)

Patricia: Ooh, that's painful

(The Road Runner & the Girls go inside Patricia's House)


Wile E Coyote: (Having mined the Ground with a giant firework in front of the door, the coyote has logistical problems with the match. His first attempts has the match burn his face)

Road Runner: (gives the Coyote a lit match. As soon as Wile lights the fuse, the Road Runner disappears, causing the coyote to chase after him. The Road Runner then stops next to the firework, signals for the coyote to stop, and points at the sizzling firework before he dodges the explosion, leaving Wile to take the entire blast)


Wile E Coyote: (Black Covered)

Darkstorm:(Growls) I am Warning you


Wile E Coyote: (To hopefully squash the Road Runner, Blaze THC, Patricia, Patty, Keren & Teniahk, the coyote flips a rock across a high outcropping, rather predictably leading to the entire outcropping breaking off. Wile continues to flip the rock over, and it is only when the rock ends up in the air above him that he realizes what is happening. He runs through the air to avoid being squashed directly by the rock, and the piece of outcropping lands on a rock to create a see-saw. Wile lands on the right end, while the rock smashes onto the left end and sends the coyote up into a rockface, then down onto the see-saw again before he flips the rock onto himself)

Patricia: He never gives up, does he Blaze?

Blaze THC: Nope


(At Patricia's)

Blaze THC: Now lets make some Witch cloths)

Patricia: Ok!

Wile E Coyote: (hides in a Closet to attack the Road Runner, Blaze THC, Patricia, Teniahk, Patty & Keren to bash the Road Runner & the girls with a sledgehammer. But the hammer falls off and the stick bashes the Coyote and chases him outside the House & into the distance)

Blaze THC:(Makes a Witch Costume)

Patricia: (Making Witch Costumes) This is fun!

Blaze THC:(Puts hers on the Colors are Purple and Red)

Patricia: (Puts hers on the Colors are Pink & Black)

Patty: (makes a Witch Costume & puts her on the Colors are Purple & Black)

Road Runner: (Makes a Witch Costume & puts his on the Colors Blue & Purple) Meep! Meep!

Patricia: Ok Keren & Teniahk, here's your Witch Costumes, what colors would you like?

Keren:(Runs to the wall, runs up it, Back flips and her witch costume comes up Sand Color) Daddy taught me that

Teniahk: Red

Patricia: (Makes a Witch Costume for Teniahk & puts hers on the Colors Red & gives the costume to Teniahk) Here you go Teniahk. Now we're all ready to go to the Party! Let's fly on our Flying Brooms to the party

Teniahk:(Tears a part of her costume around her stomache)

Patty: What is Teniahk doing?

Keren: She says it helps her alot

Patty: Oh

Patricia: Patty & Keren, would you like your Skirts Short, Medium or Long?

Patty: Medium please?

Tenaihk:(Reciting lines from Mecbeth)

Patricia: How about you Keren? Short, Medium or Long Skirt?

Keren: Same as Sis's and Cob webbed please

Patricia: Ok (makes cob webs on Keren's Skirt) There (Puts Sparkling Sparkles on Patty's Skirt) There you go Girls. I'm so proud of you two (hugs Patty & Keren)



(In Night Time)

Wile E Coyote: (Back in his Butte, reading a book about Ninja Fighting) (Grins)



Wile E Coyote: (Appears on the Mountain Dressed up as a Black Ninja) (Jumps off a Mountain & lands on both feet & runs really fast towards the Party at Darkstorm's House & hides behind a Cactus, then behind the Wall & hears Party Music & notices the Power Lines & grins)

(Inside Darkstorm's House)

(Everyone is having a great time)

Jack: (Dressed up as a Pirate) ARGH! How do I look?

Darkstorm:(As Legolas)

(back from outside)

Wile E Coyote: (opens the Power Box & cuts the Wires to kill the Power)

Jack: Hey, you shut off the Lights?!

Darkstorm:(Snaps his fingers and the torches on the wall light up)

(Wile E Coyote appears as the Torches on the wall light up)

Wile E Coyote: (Attacks Darkstorm with his Ninja Moves) (notices the Road Runner & the Girls & gets ready tackle them, but those are only Decoys) (confused)

Road Runner: (appears in his White Ninja Outfit) (gets ready to attack)

Wile E Coyote: (Gets ready to Attack also)


Patricia: Girls, we gotta stop Wile E Coyote, together as a Team! It's time to put our Witch Spells to the Max!

Wile E Coyote & Road Runner: (attacking each other with their Ninja Moves)


Patricia: Blaze THC, we gotta help Darkstorm & the Road Runner

Blaze THC:Uncle Darkstorm Grimwar is in his library

Patricia: Then let's go get it from the Library

(The Girls goes inside the Library while the Road Runner kicks Wile E Coyote's Face)

Wile E Coyote: (unleashes his 2 Swords)

Road Runner: (unleashes his Golden Claws)

(The both fight each other with the Weapons)

Blaze THC:(Grabs the Grimmwor)

Patricia: Ok, let's stop that Coyote!

Blaze THC:(Tries to open the Grimmwor)

Patricia: Here let me help you (helps Blaze THC open the Grimmwor)

Patty: Patricia, that Coyote is scaring me

Patricia: Don't worry, we'll beat that Ninja Coyote. Ok Blaze THC, let's do this!

The Grimmwor Refuses to open ancient script appears saying "I open at the Close but I open to my master"

Patricia: (sighs) Darkstorm!

The Grimmwor opens

Patricia: It works

Patty: Wow!

Patricia: We can do this Blaze THC

The Grimmwor opens to a page with a pure dark spell

Patricia: Are you sure we're gonna preform a Pure Dark Spell?

Blaze THC: Do we have a choice?

Patricia: Ok let's do this!

The Spell translates from halfbreed to english

Patricia: Ok we can read it now, let's preform a Pure Dark Spell, Blaze THC

Blaze THC: It is a song

(The Song is Volcano by Dethklok)

(Wile E Coyote & Road Runner stops & they both take a bow. As they did that Wile E Coyote broke into Pieces)

Road Runner: Meep Meep!

Wile E Coyote: (puts himself back together) (gets ready to fight again until he notices Patricia & Blaze THC with Darkstorm's Grimmwor) (Gulps)

Patricia: Let's do this !

Wile E Coyote: (holds up a sign that says "Mother")

Blaze THC:We Climb Molten Rock
Sweating Bleeding We Can't Stop
Dream Demons Whisper Spells
To Punish The Dwellers In Earthly Hell

Starved Still We Reach The Top
Close Our Eyes Look Toward The Gods
Summon Fire From The Earth
Incite The Flames We Fear Not DETH

Magma Heats
We Fear Not DETH
Darkened Hills
We Fear Not DETH
Molten Rock
We Fear Not DETH
Volcanic Kills
We Fear Not DETH

Patricia: (notices the Pure Dark Spell is working) It's working

Wile E Coyote: (tries to make a run for it, but he got stuck on Glue)

Road Runner: (holds up the ACME Super Glue) Meep Meep!

Wile E Coyote: (Does the Pop Eyes from Shock)

Patricia: As they say for Cannies, Sick him, Dark Volcanic Dragon! (Cackles like a Witch)

Wile E Coyote: (tries to get his feet off of the Super Glue, but it's super strong)

Dark volcanic Dragon:(Attacks)

Wile E Coyote: (got hit & got slamed into the Wall & falls on his belly) (noticies he was free from the Glue) (unleashes his 2 Swords)

Dark Volcanic Dragon:(Roatrs)

Wile E Coyote: (Charges at the Dark Vocanic Dragon & starts slicing & dicing the Dark Volcanic Dragon into pieces with his 2 Swrods & when he stops, he takes a bow)

Dark Volcanic Dragon:(Chops Wile E. in half Clean)

Wile E Coyote: Hmpf ! (jumps to attack the Dragon again, but his half is right off while he's jumping) (he notices & then stops) (grabs his two halves together & heads to the First Aid Room)

Patricia: That's painful. But he's not done yet

Wile E Coyote: (Comes back with himself back together into 1)

Patricia: He's not giving up

Vol:(Roasts Wile E.)

Wile E Coyote: (licks his Fingers & uses his wet fingers to put out the flame on his head)

Patricia: Blaze THC, shall we do the honours together?

Wile E Coyote: (Jumps a bit & makes a run for it)

Patricia: (hops on her Flying Broom) Come on Blaze THC, let's go after that Coyote!

Blaze THC: (Cackles)

Patricia: (Puts Blaze THC on her Flying Broom) Let's get him (rides her Flying Broom after Wile E Coyote)

(Regular Fear)

Wile E Coyote: (notices Patricia & Blaze THC coming right behind him & tries to run faster) (notices more Witches coming after Wile E Coyote)

Blaze THC:(Cakcles) Man this is fun

Patricia: I know, right? (Cackles like a Witch)

Wile E Coyote: (notices about 1000 Witches including Patricia & Blaze THC are chasing him) (runs faster, but falls off a Cliff)


Wile E Coyote: (gets up, notices Patricia & Blaze THC with 10,000 Witches surrounding him) (does the pop eyes again)

Patricia: Blaze THC & I are not alone

Darkstorm:(Lands in front of the Witches)

Wile E Coyote: (Gulps)

Patricia: Darkstorm, Blaze THC & the Witches...ATTACK!

(Darkstorm, Patricia, Blaze THC & every witch charges at Wile E Coyote)

(Nightmare Mode)


Wile E Coyote: (Silent screams)

(Until then, Wile E Coyote wakes up from his Nightmare)

(the clock says 8:am)

Wile E Coyote: (looks around in his Butte & notices it was all a dream) (sighs in relief) (holds up a sign that says "I'm glad it's only a dream & there's no such thing as Witches")


Wile E Coyote: (notices the Road Runner) (licks his lips)

Darkstorm: I wouldn't say that (Had been Dared By Blaze THC to Wear a Witches hat)

Wile E Coyote: (notices Darkstorm is wearing a Witches Hat) (looks shocked & then he faints)

Patricia: (on her Flying Broom with Blaze THC) Wow, that party is super awesome & we even enjoy defeating that Coyote. Isn't it fun Blaze THC to be a witch?

Blaze THC: Yep

Patricia: Let's go home Blaze THC

Darkstorm: Ditto

(Patricia, Blaze THC & Darkstorm goes back home)

Patricia: Blaze THC, maybe you'll become a part of the Witch Sisters one day

Blaze THC:Ok

Patricia: (puts on a Witches Hat) Blaze the Hedgecat, looks like you've become a part of the Witch Sisters (puts a Witches Hat on Blaze THC) Your amazing becoming a Witch Sister like me

Blaze THC:(Giggles)

Patricia: Blaze THC, your now a new member of the Witch Sisters. It's so nice to meet you. Care to drive my Flying Broom, Blaze THC?

Blaze THC: Naw I'll stick with my Bike

Patricia: Ok then (revs up her Flying Broom's Engines) Then let's go home (Cackles like a Witch)

(Patricia & Blaze THC goes back home while they cackling like Witches)

Road Runner: (riding on another Flying Broom, holding up a "The End" Sign) MEEP MEEP! (follows Patricia & Blaze THC on his flying Broom)

"That's All Folks"

The End