Do not Feed the Animals! is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes


It was a Beautiful day in the Zoo & the Zoo Keepers: Yin, Yang, Dudley Puppy, Kitty Kastwell & Amy Rose are about to close the Zoo

Yin: It's closing Time

Yang: Finally! (Closes the Zoo)

Dudley: Well I guess it's time for our Final Favor from Zoo Kepper Captain Mr Krabs

Kitty: Oh Borther

Amy: Here he comes

Mr Krabs: Ok Zoo Keepers, It's time to do the Most Dangerous Mission of all, Tell the Citizens : DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS !

Kitty Katswell: (Gasps)

Yang: No thank you

Yin: (Slaps Yang)

Yang: Ow

Mr Krabs: Anyways I'm heading back to the Krusty Krab for my Money to be Counted with Spongebob & Squidward and if you Feed just one Animal, You will be turned into have fun with the Job (Leaves with the Door Closes)

Yang: Cool

Yin: (Slaps Yang)

Yang: Curse you math



Yin: We have to keep the other from Feeding the Animals

Yang: Uh ok

Amy: Guys we need to do something about....(She heard Humming) Someone's coming

It was Foghorn Leghorn

Foghorn Leghorn: (Humming) Do Dah, Do Dah (Humming) Oh the Do Dah Day, What the, ah say what is going on here

Dudley: Do not feed the Animals

Foghorn Leghorn: Sometimes they more confused than a Mouse in a Bulless Show (Chuckles)

Amy: Hello just remember to not Feed the Animals

Foghorn Leghorn: (Looked at the Animals all Hungry with Empty Stomachs) I think ah say I think it's time to take care of those Animals, Hungry that is.


Foghorn Leghorn: (Sets up a Cage with a Rope atatched to it like it's a Pulley) This is gonna more fun than a Barrel full of Half Witted Monkeys

Yin: Are you sure Foghorn will Feed the Animals?

Yang: Nah, I need to know what happen to him

Yin & Yang are on this X

Foghorn Leghorn: (Lets go of the Rope that holds the Cage)

The Cage fell down

Yin & Yang: FooNado (Uses their Woo Foo Skills to Lift the Cage, throws it out of the way & the Cage lands with Foghorn Leghorn Trapped in the Cage)

Yin: So you are saying

Foghorn Leghorn: I need to, ah say I need to think of something less Confining


Foghorn Leghorn: (Dressed as an Indian) (Yowdiling) I'm a ah say I'm a Indian, but where are the Indian Fighters at?

Dudley & Kitty Katswell: (Appeared as Indian Fighters with ShotGuns with Corks)

Foghorn Leghorn: (Gasps) Dudley & Kitty (Chuckles) Well Kitty & Dudley, I'm gonna pull your Corks (And he did but the Guns Fired leaving him with holes in his Beak & puts the Corks Back in the Guns)


Foghorn Leghorn: I guess it's time to do a little Duck Call, Geese that is (Does a Duck Call but it was a Pig Call so it attracts a Pig & he accidently rides on a Pig & ended up crashed into a Tree)

Amy: Sometimes he is getting serious (makes a Snare Trap) I felt sorry for him

Foghorn Leghorn: Whao, Whao, Whao, That's not, ah say that's no good all, I can step on it nothing happens (And He did) I can have the Bait, nothing happens (And He Did) I can jump over it nothing happens (And he did, but he ended up trap Door & Springs him out & Ended up caught in a Snare Trap) Well, still got more of those Long Headed Books?

Mr Krabs: (Appears) Hello Zoo Keepers, hows it going?


Mr Krabs: (Notices the Lion has been Fed) Did you feed that Lion?

All: (Turns to Yang) YANG

Yang: What? I got boerd

Mr Krabs: Alright now, you know what am I gonna do now?

Dudley: You mean Pizza?

Kitty Katswell: Can I get my Last Request

Mr Krabs: (Freed Foghorn Leghorn & Licks the Cage Bars that trapped Foghorn Leghorn before to see the Bars Dissolve & he feed the Other Animals) There we go, good as new

All: But, But, But, But, But, But, But, But, But, But, But, But

Mr Krabs: Yeah I lied, these Bars Uselly Dissolve by Syliver

Amy: Wait, I get it now, you are trying to test us so we can be Careful not to feed the Animals, right?

Mr Krabs: Nah, I just like to mess with yah (Laughs)

Foghorn Leghorn: You mean, ah say You mean Mr Krabs trick you guys for Feeding the Animals? Wow that's, ah say that's Cold

Yin: So it's all for nothing?

Yang: Curse you Krabs

Amy: Ah forgot it, lets get outta here

Amy, Yin, Yang, Dudley, Kitty & Foghorn Leghorn leaves the Zoo

Foghorn Leghorn: Come on, lets g ah say let's go have a Picnic in the woods

Amy: Ok, lets sing

All: (Humming) Do Dah, Do Dah (Humming) Oh the Do Dah Day !

(Later back at the Zoo)

Mr Krabs: (Still Laughing & Spitting at the Same Time leaving with Syliver everywhere even on the Cage Bars) I can't believe I've tricked them real good

Mr Krabs is still Laughing until he notices the Bars have Dissolved & the Animals are free & Escaped the Zoo because of his Syliver Spitting everywhere

Mr Krabs: Aw Crud, I've gotta learn to say it, not Spray it

"That's all Folks"

The End