Fly Paper Capers is an episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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(It was a beautiful day today & we see Avak driving his Brown 2007 Ford Mustang up to a grassy field)

Avak: (comes out of the car and brings some boxes from the trunk over under a tree) Oh boy, this is an ideal spot for a 4th of July picnic! (He puts the boxes down, and goes back to the car for more) I can hardly wait to shoot off my firecrackers and rockets and roman candles.

(There is now a large collection of boxes of fireworks, and Avak has put up a tent.)

Avak: (wipes the sweat from his face after all of the hardwork) Well, that’s that. And now to shoot off some firecrackers (strikes a match and lights a firecracker. He throws it and it goes bang)


Avak: Whee! Hooray for the 4th of July! (throws another firecracker, which rolls up, next to a big city called "Stickyfeet" inside the City Dump) Whee! Hooray! Hooray!

(A Fly pokes his head out, curious at the noise.)

Avak: Three cheers for the red, white and blue!

Fly: (comes out of dirt mound, peers and sniffs at the lit firecracker)

(The firecracker explodes in fly’s face)


Fly: (knocked over and covered in soot.) (looks at Avak, gets up and yells incomprehensibly at Avak)

Avak: (holding a lit match, ready to light another cracker and laughs at the fly) Hahahahaha! That little fly can’t take it! (An evil smile spreads across Avak's face, as he grabs another firecracker and throws it at the fly) Here’s where I have some fun.

(The firecracker rolls up to the city of Stickyfeet where several flys are milling around. They all recognise it and run away. The firecracker explodes)


(Avak smiles and lights and throws a series of crackers at the city of Stickyfeet)


(The City of Stickyfeet is now a smoking ruin.)

Fly: (pops out of the hill and shakes his fist at Avak) Of course you know, this means war! (jumps up and hides in an anthill as nother firecracker explodes next to anthill)


Fly: (black covered) (looks out and glares at Avak)