Golden Bakes & Quills is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes


It was a Beautiful Day & Amy & Jack are taking until they spot a Sign that say "Help Wanted" in the Bakery

Amy: Help Wanted

Jack: Lets go in

Porky Pig: Oh Hello, would you like a J.J.J.J.J.J Job

Amy: Sure Iike to be in

Porky Pig: Ok, but a Baker needs time to Baker in Exaclty....

Amy: Done (Baked a Cake)

Porky Pig: j.j.j.j.j Jumpin Junipter, no one can bake it fast Perfectly

Jack: I Like to Taste it

Amy: Go Ahead

Jack: (Tasted the Cake & He went Daffy) HOO HOO HOO HOO HOO HOO HOO HOO, It's Incredible

Porky Pig: Wow how did you made that, C.c.c.c.c.c Cake?

Amy: I made them with love (Sees Jack) Wow, what's that on your back?

Jack had Grown a Golden Quill thanks to Amy's Cake

Porky Pig's Eyes changed into 2,5,10,25,50 & then back to normal

Porky Pig: j.j.j.j.j.j.j Jumpin Junipter, A Golden Quill, 24K out of Gold, I'm Rich, you guys are Hired

Amy: Thanks

Jack: So I grow a Golden Quill


Amy is on the newspaper saying "Amy New Baking Legend"

The Other Newspaper said "Jack Grow a Golden 24K Quill"

Amy & Jack are very Popular Today



Zaktan: "Baker Champion & Golden Quill Champ, they are worth a Fortune to Owner" Ok boys it's time to go


The Piraka's Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok headed to the Bakery & Surrounded Porky Pig

Porky Pig: NNNNN No I musn't, I don't wanna sell them...


The Piraka's Grabed Amy & Jack, get in their Car & Drove back to the Apartment

Sonic: (Appears) Wait, Oh Man


Porky Pig is all Banged up & has lump on his Head with a Rake & Shovel Half Broken

Porky Pig: TTTT They taught me into it


Later in the Apartment

Zaktan: Alright, Grow a Quill & Bake a Cake so we can free our Boss Vezon

Amy: Sure, I can...wait a Minute, are you trying to free your Boss

Reidak: And we need a Cake filled with Grenades

Jack: Look, We need some Peace & Quiet

Hakann: Alright we'll leave you alone

Vezok: I just called Sonic, he needs the Weapons in Ready & he'll never call the Cops

Avak: Time to get them some Privicy

Thok: Ok Guys

The Piraka's leave the Room


Zaktan: Sorry

Amy: We gotta get out of here

Jack: How about go through the Laurdry Shute

Amy: Works for me

Jack & Amy went down through the Shute & into the Laundry Shute

It was dark in here, but you can see Amy & Jack's Eyes

Amy: Where are we?

Jack: I don't know but we need to do something & I sure we're 100% ok (Lits his Match to see the Piraka's & Makuta) I could be wrong you know (Blows out the Match)

It was Dark again, but you can hear Bashing, Smashing & Crashing


Zaktan: Quit Fooling around & Grow a Quill & Bake a Cake

Amy: I need to wait for Sonikku

Jack: And I don't Grow Golden Quills in Public

Zaktan: Alright, you two have 5 minutes or else (Imitates Gun Shots)

Jack: (Gulps)

Zaktan: Got it, But remember, 5 Minutes

The Piraka's & Makuta leave the Room

Jack: We Gotta get out of here

Amy: I found the Door

But the Door looks like Reidak, that because it is Reidak

Jack: Locked

Reidak: Key?

Jack: Oh Thank you (Opens Door)

Amy: Reidak?! (Opens the Door to see Zaktan) EEK !

Zaktan: 4 Minutes

Jack: (Closes the Door)

Amy & Jack went down through the Laundry Shute again


Zaktan heard a Knock on the Door

Laundry Man: Your Laundry sir

The Laundry appears to be Jack & Amy

Jack: (Smiles)

Zaktan: 3 Minutes

Makuta:(Pulls out his staff and begins to sharpen it)

Amy: (Gulps)


Jack: (Looks at the Clock) 2 Minutes

Amy: I got it (Makes Rope out of Blankets) Come on

Jack: Ok

Jack & Amy went down on the Rope but hanging on to it, it was Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak, Thok & Zaktan

Jack & Amy: (Sees Zaktan) What the?

Zaktan: (Holds a Sign that says "1 Minute"

Jack & Amy: (Went back up & Waited until the Clock Alarm Rings Loudly)

Zaktan, Mukuta & the Others Surroundded them

Zaktan: No Cake & No Quill?

Jack & Amy: Uh Uh

Zaktan: So Long Pals

????: (Bonks Zaktan on the Head)

Zaktan: Buttermilk Biscuts (Knocked Out)

It was Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic: I'm back

Reidak: Oh Rats

Sonic: And who else I got

It was Vezon

Piraka's: Vezon

Vezon: It's good to be back

Jack: But how?

Sonic: Insted of Calling the Cops, I bailed him Out

Avak: That makes sence

Jack: (Sneezes)

That Sneeze makes him grow another Golden Quill

Jack: Well what do you know? I did it again

Amy: Come on Jack, lets go home

Jack: Ok, lets go (Went with Amy)

Zaktan: Just a Minute (Shows them the List of 100 Golden Quills & a 100 Cakes) Fill them up

Just then the Police have Arrive

Police Officer: Ok, back to Jail with you guys

The Police Took the Piraka's & Makuta to jail

Amy: That was close

Later in the Police Van

Makuta: I am supposed to be at kohli tomarrow, I wasn't planning any evil and beside I got diplomatic immunity.


Jack: Thanks for saving us Sonic

Sonic: Your Welcome

Amy: I want to give to you something very Speical to me

Sonic: Is it a cake?

Amy: No

Sonic: Bread? Cupcake?

Amy: Nope & No

Sonic: Well what is it then?

Amy: These (Gives Sonic 10 Kisses & a Big in the Lips)

Sonic: (Dazed) Thank you (Faints)

Jack: Isn't that sweet



The Piraka's & Makuta are in Jail

Zaktan: I suppose we had that Coming

Reidak: Yes we did

Delivery Boy: Delivery! (Sends the Piraka's a Package)

Hakann: What is it?

Vezok: (Opens the Package to see a Giant Cake with TNT that looks like Candles

Avak: Oh Boy

Thok: (Reading) "To Piraka's, From Amy"

Zaktan: What's the Surprize?

They are About to blow out the Candles until....


Zaktan: I'm not Hungry anymore (Faints)

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: Us too (Faints)

Vezon: Ouch (Faints)

Jack: (Dresses as a Delivery Boy) Now that is one way to end with a Bang (Laughs)

Makuta:(Turns to smoke and escapes) Later Piraka suckers.

Jack: Or I could be wrong you know

Makuta: *Throws Kohlii sphere at Prison*


Jack: If you need me I'll be on the Ground, sleeping Goodnight (Knocked Out)

Makuta: What are you Piraka waiting for X-mas?, move it double time.

Zaktan: You know what? No

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok starts attacking Makuta

Vezon: Oh well if you can't beat them, you might as well Join them (Joins the Fight & starts attacking Makuta)

Makuta: (Voice echos) Come join my brothers and me!

Jack: (Fires a Sleep Dart at the Makuta)

Makuta: So sleepy (Crashes on the Piraka's)

Jack: I said it before & i'll said it again, "That is one way to end with a Bang (Laughing)


"That's All Folks"

The End