"Hedgehog Hunter"
Season 1, Episode 1
Production Code: November 26, 2010
Airdate: November 26, 2010
Director: Spongebob100
Story: Daffy (being selfish as usual) sees Duck Season has arrived and decides to trick Elmer Fudd (the hunter who's attempted to kill him the most)into getting rid of Amy Rose
Written &
Storyboarded by:
"Sweet Hedgehog of Love"
Hedgehog Hunter is the first episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes .


-It's a beautiful day at the forest & a hunter named Elmer Fudd is hunting rabbits.-

Elmer: (turns to camera) SHHHHH, be wery wery quiet, I'm hunting wabbits hehehehehe... (notices signs) Huh what's this?

The sign says Amy Rose' Season.

Elmer: Oh boy, I guess I am not hunting wabbits today, now it's Amy Wose season hehehehehehe! (notices Amy's tracks) oh, Amy tracks hehehehehehehe.

Elmer follows Amy's tracks to her house and the sign that says The House of Amy Rose".

Elmer: Aha a sign, that's her house hehehehehehe!

But it was only Daffy Duck puts up "Amy Rose Season" signs up

Daffy: Survival of the Fittest, Well I hope Amy is gonna get it, besides it was Fun, Hoo Hoo, Hoo Hoo!

Later in Amy's House

Amy: (sighs) Sonic... (notices someone at the door)

Later at outside!

Elmer: Alwight Amy Wose on the count of 10, come on out or i'll bwast you out! (counting to 10) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...

Amy: (coming out from the back door & walks to Elmer Fudd)

Elmer:...8, 9, 10! (shoots inside of the inside) ALWIGHT you Amy Wose, I got you now!

Amy: Eh, what's up doc.

Elmer: Oh uh hi, I was hunting for Amy Wose, have you seen he?

Amy: Well, is she pink like me?

Elmer: Yes.

Amy: And does she have quills like mine?

Elmer: Yes.

Amy:was she wearing a red headband,red dress & red boots?

Elmer: Yes, Yes & Yes!

Amy: (whispering) Well let me tell you something... (yells at his ear) I AM AMY ROSE!!!!!!! (whacks Elmer with her Piko Piko Hammer & runs away)

Elmer: Ohhhhhhhhhh! (tries to fire at Amy Rose but misses again & again & again)

Amy: (hides in a cave)

Elmer: Alwight Amy Wose I'm coming in after ya! (Goes inside the cave) Ok it's getting dark here, I'm gonna light a match. (Light a Match to sees a Bear) Oh No.

The Bear attacks Elmer.

Elmer: (Went out the cave getting all Broozed, Scratched up ) Ow!! (Faints)


Elmer: (chases Amy)

Amy: (Hides behind a boulder)

Elmer: Alwight Amy come out of here or I'll turn you into Cutwards!

Amy: (dresses as a Gentleman) (putting her voice into it) Hello Good Sir!

Elmer: Hello sir, I was hunting Amy Wose and...

Amy: Well you don't need that Gun! (Takes Gun away from Elmer)

Elmer: I don't?

Amy: No...(gives Elmer a Gun made out of Dynamite) ,but you can use this, Good day to you sir!!! (Leaves with her Hair & her ears Showing)

Elmer: (Saw it was Amy in Disguise) Ohhhhhhhhh, Hey you, Come back here!(tries to fire but the Gun Explode)


Elmer: Ow!! (Faints)

Daffy: Huh? What's going on here? (Sees the last dynamite) Mother--


Daffy: I guess I'm the Goat-- (faints)

Amy: (Takes off her Disguise) (Normal Voice) Now that is one to end with a Bang. (Giggles then Runs away)


Amy: Oh my-- (sees Elmer Again) Not again. (hides in the Rabbit hole)

Elmer: Alwight you Mammal, Come on out--

And she did

Amy: Elmer, why are you trying to blast me with your Elephant Gun?

Elmer: Elephant Gun?

Amy: How about you try shooting an Elephant? (goes back inside the Rabbit Hole)

Just then an Elephant Shows up behind Elmer

Elephant: You do & I'll give you such a pinch! (Bashes Elmer then walks away)


Amy: (hides in a rabbit hole)

Elmer: Alwight you hedgehog come on out of here or I'll bwast you out!

Amy: (emerges from hole dressed up as a lady)

Elmer: Why sorry ma'am.

Amy: (putting her voice into it) Oh that's ok. *batting eyelashes*

Elmer: Well I Uh, Hehehehehehehehe.

Amy: (kisses Elmer).

Elmer: Ohh Sweet Mama that's good!

Amy: Thank you & I got a surprise for you...

Elmer: And what's that?

Amy: (normal voice) THIS! (whacks him with Piko Piko Hammer)

Elmer: (sings very slowly) I DREAMED...OF THE GENIE......SHE'S THE LIIIIIIIGHT........BROOOOOOOOWWWWWWN..................MAAAAAARRRRREEEE!!!!!!!!! (Knocked out)

Amy: (Dresses back to her Normal Clothes) That got I'm! (runs away)


Later Elmer is still hunting for Amy Rose.

Elmer: Ohhhhhhhhh wait till i get that mammal!!!!

Amy: Yoo hoooo Mr Hunter! (Appears in front of him)

Elmer: Ohhhhhhhhh-- (prepares to fire realizes he has no bullets left) ,well what do you know, no more bullets.

Amy: No More Bullets!

Daffy: (appears) NO MORE BULLETS, (grabs gun) let me see that silly thing-- (looks inside gun & fires himself by aciddent)

Elmer: Well what do you know? One bullet left.

Amy: One Bullet left?! Hey Laughing boy, there's...

Daffy: I know, I know!

Elmer: I'm sowwy guys, I kept hunting Amy Woses & Ducks, I can't decide which one, either that it really was Amy Wose Season.

Amy: Wait a Minute, if it's Amy Rose season, then who is responsible for this Amy Rose season?

Daffy: Don't be so nievee Amy, everyone know it was me all along!! (notices that he revealed his true intentions) ...ooops.

Amy: So it was you all along did you?

Daffy: Ok I did it, I was trying to get rid of the rabbit, but you are even more worse!

Amy: WHAT?!?!

Daffy: Look, I was trying to tell you that it was really Duck Season! (notices that he slipped up once again) Oops...

All Hunter especially Elmer: (Fires at Daffy)

Elmer: (Looks at his watch) Uh Oh Hunting Season is over, well I gotta go now, sorry about that, goodbye!

Amy: Bye!

Daffy: (walks to Amy Rose & connect his beak back to his face) Your Despicable!

That's all folks.

The End!