Hedgehog Lift is an Episode From "Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes"


A newspaper announces the test flight of the world's biggest airplane.

The plane lands at an airport, its giant wheel covering Bugs Bunny's hole in which Amy & Jack are taking care of it til he's gone.

Jack: What's Going on here?

Amy: I don't Know?

Jack & Amy: (pop out from the Rabbit Hole)

Jack: Wow, Now that's what I call an Aircraft

Amy:Look here comes Tails

Tails: (appears) What's going on Guys (Looked at the World's Largest Plane) WOW! I want to fly that thing!

Jack: Well then Lets go in (Takes the Stairs)

Amy & Tails: (follows the Orange Hedgehog inside)


Meanwhile at the Bank

(You can hear Banging noises from Thok, the Drifter of the Piraka)

Thok: And no one will stop reaching til you reached the Ceiling (hears the police approach and drives off to the airport, with plans to hijack a plane and take refuge in another country where he won't be found)


Meanwhile Back in the Plane

Amy: Wow we're inside the Cockpit

Tails: I can't believe that we're inside a Cockpit

Jack: Ok. me neither (Puts on his pilot hat on) Come on play along

Amy & Tails: (Puts on their Pilot Caps Too) OK!

Jack: (playing as Pilots) Pilot to Co-Pilot, Contact ! (Imataes as an Engine Running & Making Plane Noise)

Thok: (appears) What the?

Amy: Co-Pilot to Engineer we need more Power

Tails: More power coming right (sees Thok) Up?

Jack: (imitates gun firing) Pilot to Bombadier, Over Rodger!

Amy: (taps Jack's Shoulder) Excuse me? But we have company

Jack: Huh? (notices Thok) Uh hi there. What's up Doc?

Thok: Alright, Now fly this thing Pilots

Amy, Jack & Tails: Pilots?!

Amy: I think you misunderstood, you see...

Thok: (aims his Ice Gun at Amy, Jack & Tails) Get it going, or I'll blow your heads off right under your hats!

Amy, Jack & Tails: (looks at each other & shrugs)

Jack: Ok, Alright. Let's see, maybe this might start it? (presses the ignition button, and the plane sets off down the runway and flies over a busy traffic intersection.)

Amy: Hey we're Moving (sees Empire State Building) Jack, LOOK OUT!

Jack: What's the matter? (notices this) YIPE (pulls up)

(The Plane Goes Up into Outer Space, sending Thok falling to the plane's tail.)

Amy: (notices that she, Jack & Tails we're about to crash into the moon) EEEK! (steers the plane back down toward Earth, sending Thok falling to the plane's nose)

Thok: Ow

(The Plane is going down)

Jack: (reads the instruction manual) In order to control the plane, pulling the steering wheel towards yourself would make the plane to go upwards.

Tails: (reads the instruction manual) While the steering wheel is pushed away from yourself would make the plane go downwards.

Thok: (arrives in the cockpit) Great Icebergs of Antarctica! (checks out the front window of the plane, Noticing the Earth growing larger in the window)

Amy: (reading the instruction) Refer to Page 5, illustration E.

Thok: Quick do something! Read faster! We're about to crash back down to Earth!

Amy: We refuse to look anymore pages because you taught mean to us.

Tails: We'll drive the plane for you, Only if you say sorry.

Thok: (slaps himself in the head) Oh no (notices United States appears in the window) Ok, you crazy mammals. I'm Sorry.

Amy: Now say sorry with sugar on it

Thok: What?! No way!

Jack: Ok (relaxes)

Tails: Uh guys?

Amy: Just play along & keep your cool (relaxes)

Tails: (gulps) Ok (relaxes)

Thok: (Playing with his Yo-Yo & Jacks to pass the time & then sees the country side, thinking that they are going to crash for a matter of seconds) I'm Sorry with sugar on it, are you happy now?

Amy: That's Better (steers the plane straight back up into space)

Thok: Whao

Amy: (kept the plane steady) There. Now it's time to go to radio the authorities to inform them that we need to bring the plane back.

Jack: Yeah, or else we're dead meat.

Thok: Bring it back?!

Tails: Yes (grabs the Book which is the Instruction book called "How to fly a Plane?") And we need this too.

Thok: (turns to see Tails) Oh No you don't, Give me that Book!

Tails: (drops the Book & kicks it out the Door of the Plane) Oops, sorry.

Thok: OOOH! Look at what you've done! (Runs to get the Book until he looked down & ran back in the Plane without the book)

Jack: (hears knocking on the Door) I'll get it (Opens to see Thok Hanging on the Door at the Outside of the Plane) Nope, sorry, can't use any today! [slams door on him] Try next Monday

Thok: (opens the Door & heads inside & closes the door, in Burning Anger) That does it!

Amy: What's going on here?

Thok: (Grabs aims his Ice Gun & Zamor Shpere Launcher at Amy, Jack & Tails) I'll give you a count to 10 to tell me how to fly this Plane or else I'll blast you 3 into Kingdom Come, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.........

Amy: (grabs an Trap Door Knob & Pulled it, that Brought Thok Falling to the Ground)

Thok: 6, 7, 8, 9...(looks around) 10? Now where'd those Skunks of the Hedgehogs & Fox go? (notices he's falling) YIKES! (climbs up the Sky to get Inside the Plane) Ohh! That's it! Now they done it, big time!

Jack: (sings) I Dreamed of a genie she's the light brown Hare

Thok: (enters the cockpit) Alright I had enough of you 3 flying, give me that wheel.

Amy: Ok (broke the wheel & throws out the window) Whoops, I wish I haven't done that.

(The Plane is going Down)

Thok: You crazy Mobians, look at what you've done! (afraid of crashing, he Presses every single button & then he pushes the Robot Pilot button)

(But the robot ends up chickening out, grabbing a parachute from the parachute locker, and jumping out of the plane himself)

Jack: Gee that leaves us with only 1 Parachute

Tails: I guess we had to draw straws to see who wins

Thok: Ok, you 3 draw the straws

(While Amy, Jack & Tails are distracted with the straws, Thok grabs the parachute and his bag of stolen money.)

Thok: I'm taking the parachute, GERNIMOOOOOOOOOO! (Activates the Parashute) So long Mobians! (Laughing until he landed in a Police Car) Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha... Wooooh....

(Meanwhile the Plane is about to Crash)

Amy: Thok double crossed us he escaped while we're going to crash!

Jack: Oh man, we're gonna die!

Jack & Tails: (hugging each other in fear)

Amy: (notices they are about to crash in any second) Uh Oh! (Pull the lever & the Plane stops in Mid-Air) Phew. Ok boys, you can stop hugging now.

Jack & Tails: (stops hugging when they noticed each other) Huh? (lets go of each other) Eck!

Tails: We've stopped? But how?

Jack: What the? We've survived? Amy, how did you know?

Amy: There's a good thing that this plane has Air Brakes

Jack: (his jaw drops to the ground)

Fish: [offscreen in ominous voice] Wha-wha-wha!

Jack: There was really an Air-Brake, I though you we're yanking our chains

Amy: (sighs) I guess you need flying lessons next time

Jack: I won't let you down! Goodbye now! (goes out the door, not noticing the plane is in Mid-Air) Uh oh! (falls off) AHHHH!


Jack: I'm ok!

Amy: (sighs) I guess he really needs to earn his wings

Tails: I guess your right Amy, I guess your right

Jack: (offscreen) Can somebody help me get down from this tall Tree!


Jack: OOF! Never mind

Amy & Tails: (sighs) Ai Yi Yi

"That's All Folks"

The End