Hedgehog of Seville is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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Everyone is sitting down in their chairs, getting ready to watch a play called "Barber of Seville"

(Meanwhile Amy is being Chased by Bowser over hills, Bowser is spitting Fireballs at Amy like a dragon (Trying), then Amy goes into the Back Stage)

Amy: (Hiding behind the Stage Doors) (Panting) Boy, does he have Anger Management Issues

Bowser: (burst through the door)

Amy: (hides behind the door)

Bowser: Alright Amy Rose, I may have been defeated by the Mario Brothers, but I got you trap

Amy: (Flicks the Switch)

(The Curtains went up)

Bowser: (Still looking for Amy to capture her)

(The Music starts & Bowser turns to see he is in a Play)

Bowser: What the?

Amy: (Sings) "'How doooooo? Welcome to my shop, let me cut your mop, let me shave your crop, gently, gently"

Bowser: I'm outta here

Amy: "'Hey yooooooou. Don't look so paplex, let me get the rest, can't you see your next, yes your next, your so next" (Pushes Bowser into the Barber Shop & puts him down on a Barber Chair)

Bowser: For what?

Amy: (Fills the Large Silver Cup with Shaving cream) "'How about a nice close shave, this is where you will behave... (Pours Shaving Cream on Bowser's Face) Just pour your face & lather in soap, don't escape like a dope, there's no escape in rave & there's no use for you to shaaaaave" (Shaves Bowser with a razor, but she ended up hurting Bowser)

Bowser: Ow, Ow, Ohh, Ouch, Oh, Ouch, Oh, Oh, Ow

Amy: (Shows Bowser a mirror) "'There, your nice & clean, although you face, looks like you come through a machine" (hides from Bowser)

Bowser: (Sings as well) "'Ohhhhhhh, Where to find the Hedgehog"

Amy: (Dresses as a Beautiful Lady) "'What, what you do want the Hedgehog, can't you see that I'm much sweeter, I, I am your sinoirita, you, you are a type of Guy & let me straighten your Tie... (Puts Duct Tape on Bowser's Mouth) & I shall dance for you" (Taps her feet to the Rythme & Bonks on Bowser's Shell 2 times with her Piko Piko Hammer & Taps her feet to the rythme again & Bonks on Bowser's Shell 2 times with her Piko Piko Hammer again & dances away)

Bowser: (Feels dizzy & falls on his back & can't get up, but he did & takes a good look at the Beautiful Lady, which is acculty Amy in Disguise because of her Tail sticking out)

Amy: (Notices that she forgot to hide her Tail) Oops

Bowser: (Tries to breathe Fire at Amy, but the Duct Tape is pulling back the Fireball & making him repel himself back on the Barber Chair) Ouch

Amy: (Tooks off the Disguise) Time for some massages on your head

Bowser: I really needed that

Amy: (massages Bowser's Head with her hand, then both hands, then all fours, then stands on his head doing the massaging thing)

Bowser: Ahhhhhhhh, this is the life

Amy: (Grabs the Shaving Cream & sprays around Bowser's Head & then puts Lettuce on his for a bowl & puts like 50 Fruits on his Head like she is building a tower & then she sprays more Shaving Cream on top & finally adds a cherry on top)

Bowser: I felt something Fruity on the top of my Head

Amy: (shows Bowser a mirror so that he can see whats on his head) What do you think?

Bowser: (gets angry) (runs and gets the big hair cutters knife) Wait, till I get my hands on you

Amy: (retaliates by doing the snake flute thing (costume and all) and makes an electric shaver come out of a bowl and attack Bowser)

Bowser: Get away from me you garganurin guzzling gizmo you. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. Whaoooooooooooooo. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Wait a minute, what am I doing? (Breathes Fire at the Electric Shaver & he burns it)

Amy: EEK! (Takes off the Costume & jumps onto a barber chair after Bowser chases him, and Bowser does the same, and they both raise their seats, Amy being higher than Bowser, as they are rising at a certain height)

Bowser: (tries to Breathe Fire at Amy and it appears as if he falls when he does it, keep going for three times)

Amy: (gets to a sand bag keeping the curtains up, and she unties it, sending the sandbag falling on Bowser, sending him to fall back to the stage level)

Bowser: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Amy: (Slides back down, helps Bowser stand up, dusts him off) There we go

Bowser: (knocked out looking stupid and wierd out) (Stupid & Weird Voice) Thank you

Amy: (puts a Black Gentleman hat on him)

Bowser: (Gives Amy 25 cents, still knocked out looking Stupid & Wierd out) Here you go it's worth every penny

Amy: Thank you, come again (walks Bowser to the door)

Bowser: (stumbles about)

Amy: (leading him through a door)

Bowser: (Spins around the Door & he accidently goes back in again)

Amy: Ah, your back (puts Bowser back in a seat, places Bowser's head on the Shoe shiner plate & rubs his head with a Towel) Next, about those toes (Cliping Bowser's Toenails with Nail Clippers & paints Bowser's Foot Pink & puts a sign on top of Bowser's Foot that says "Wet Paint) Do not touch (Uses Hair Restorer on Bowser's Face)

Bowser: (Grows a Beard)

Amy: Time for a close shave (Uses a Tiny Push-Mower to shave Bowser's Beard)

Amy: There, now for the Clay (Uses Quick-Dry Cement on Bowser's Face & makes a Cube out of Cement on Bowser's Face & breaks the Cube with her Piko Piko Hammer & sweeps Bowser's Face) Almost Done (using figaro fertilizer and hair growth stuff on Bowser's Head & flowers started growing on his head) What do you think?

Bowser: Huh? (Notices Flowers growing out of his head) AHHHH!! (Chases Amy with an Ax, but then stops) Uh Oh. AHH!

Amy: (Comes back with a Bigger Ax & chases Bowser again, but then stops)

Bowser: (comes back with a Gun & chases Amy again, but then stops)

Amy: (Comes back with a Bigger Gun & chases Bowser again, but then stops)

Bowser: (Comes back with a Cannon & chases Amy again, but then stops)

Amy: (Comes back with a Bigger Cannon & chases Bowser again, but then stops)

Bowser: (Comes back with the Largest Cannon of all & chases Amy, but then Stops & relieses something's wrong) Wait a minute, I don't have the World's Largest Cannon (Turns to the Largest Cannon, which is acculty made out of Dynamite) Mother


Bowser: (Black Covered) Ouch (Shakes the Black off & looks around & notice Amy had dissapeared) Now where'd that Pink Hedgehog run off to

Amy: YOO HOO, Mr. Bowser

Bowser: (Looks up to see Amy up on the Top Level of the Stage) Ohhhh (Goes up the Stairs & when he made it, Amy dissapeared) Where'd she go now?

Amy: (Appears behind Bowser & Pushes him off the Lights Level) Bye Bye

Bowser: (Falling) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! (Lands on a Giant Cake)


Bowser: (Covered in Icing) Aww Man

Amy: (Munching on a Carrot) Eh? Next.

"That's All Folks"