This is Ep. 46 of Amy Rose & the Looney tunes

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After her many years of pregnancy, Amy Rose is about to become a mommy and Sonic a Daddy.

(The Following takes between 4:59 am and 5:06 am)

(At the Hospital)

Sonic: (Pacing back & forth in the Waiting room)

Darkstorm: SONIC!!!

Sonic: What is it, Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: I got here as soon as I heard *Panting* Plus I broke your speed record.

Sonic: Aw Man, again?

Darkstorm: yep, ya ok?

Sonic: Amy is gonna have a Baby soon

Darkstorm: Ya no kidding, I can hear her screaming from here.

Amy: (Screaming & panting heavily)

Sonic: I think you betta leave, Darkstorm

Darkstorm: Why is that?

Sonic: (Pushes Darkstorm out of the Hospital) Oh look at the time, you gotta go now bye (Closes the Door behind him)

Darkstorm:Not cool dude.

Sonic: Phew, that was a close one, for a second I thought Darkstorm is gonna laugh at me

Darkstorm:(In Sonic's mind) I would never laugh at you man.

Shadow:(Reading Zombie land)

Sonic: (Reading a Cookbook of "How to make Chilly Dogs")

Shadow: So why ya here Sonic?

Sonic: Amy is having a Baby, why?

Shadow: Just asking.

Darkstorm:(Teleports in) Ok Sonic, 1. I'd never laugh at ya, 2. What the Heck, and 3. Why did you just Push me out man?

Sonic: I'm afraid you'll laugh at me that you think that Amy & I are already married (Covers his Mouth) Oops

Darkstorm: That isn't funny, Now when Peter farts in Meg's face now that is funny, but you and Amy being married isn't funny and I congradulate ya.

Sonic: Ok, Ok I get it, shouldn't you be somewhere right now?

Darkstorm:(Sighs) Alright, Call me at sun rise ok?

Sonic: Ok, Bye Darkstorm & I'm sorry

Darkstorm:(Smiles and Teleports to his home)


Sonic: What?

Shadow:Just remebering the time when I watch family guy.

Sonic: Just forget it, Shadow

Nurse: Sonic Hedgehog?

Sonic: Yes, that's me

Nurse: Amy is ready to see you.

Shadow: Go get 'em tiger.

Sonic: Ok (Opens the Door) Uh, Hi Amy?

Amy: Come in Sonic

Sonic: Are you ok?

Amy: (Carries a Healthy Baby Boy) I am ok & I'm happy because I gave birth to a Healthy Baby Boy & I'm naming him Thrash & you know what that means? We can live together forever

Sonic: Yeah, live together forever (Laughing, then started to cry)


(The Next morning)

Thrash:(Crying in hunger and wants his Mommy)

Amy: I'm coming (Feeds Thrash with a Baby Bottle filled with Milk)

Thrash:(Calms Down while he is being fed and closes his eyes)

Amy: Isn't he beautiful

Sonic: Yeah, Beautiful as a Blooming Flower

Thrash:(Opens his eye, they have some color and it is Emerald Green like his dads)

Tails:(Knocks on the door)

Sonic: I'll get it (Opens the Door) Hello?

Tails: Hey Sonic.

Sonic: Guess who gave birth to a Baby?

Tails: Yo yanking my tails.

Amy: Hi Tails (Carries Baby Thrash)


Tails: Awwww, Congradulations you two, The reson why I am here is that Sally wants to see both you and Amy pronto, Darkstorm, Shadow, Cream, Cheese, and Knuckles are at Sally's home.

Sonic & Amy: Ok

Eddy's Brother: Their both going to Sally's house eh? Hmmm, it gives me an Idea


Ed, Edd n Eddy are sitting on the Streets

Espio:(Listening to the Carma Chameleaon)

Edd: Think of it, Eddy. We can go through the Forest of Nature with Tikal

Eddy: THis stinks I'm bored

Ed: I forgot to wear Underwear guys

Espio: That is Discusting, thats it you guys are working for team Chaotix.

Edd: Why thank you

Eddy: Yep, let's go

Ed: (Carries Edd & Eddy) I like being a Chaotix

Vector:(Kicks out Rolf, Jimmy and Johnny) You better get out and never come back!!!!

Rolf: Why is Rolf being Kicked out by Big Teeth Vector

Jimmy: Don't spill me

Johnny: What's that Plank? Plank says that we've been replaced by Ed, Double D & Eddy

Charmy:(Grabs Plank and Tosses him) go fetch (Laughs)

Jonny 2x4: (Goes after Plank) Plank!

Vector:And take your badges (Tosses the Badges)

Rolf: They can't do that to the Son of the Shepard

Vector:(muscles Buldge to show Rolf he was tougher than Rolf)

Rolf: I guess Big Teeth Vector can

Eddy: What's up Streach?

Rolf: Rolf is being kicked out by Big-Teeth Vector

Vector:(Grabs a Bat) Better run!!!

Rolf & Jimmy: AHHHH (runs away with Jonny 2x4)

Espio: Vector we gotto go Sally Acorn request's to see us.

Ed: (Carries Edd & Eddy to Sally's Mansion) Coming, we are so alike

(At Sally's Mansion)

Darkstorm:Man this place is bigger than mine.

Ed: Knock Knock

Vector: I like this kid.

Edd: What a big party

Eddy: Yeah, I kinda like it, I hope my Big Brother didn't show up

Baby Thrash:(Giggles)

Sarah: Ed.

Ed: Hello Baby Sister

Sarah: ED! Leave Jimmy Alone

Vector: I am the guy who fired him.

Baby Thrash: (tries to get Sarah's and Jimmies attention)

Darkstorm:(Does Knuckle Push ups with Knuckles)

Knuckles: Ya can't beat me.

Jimmy: Awww, Thrash is cute

Sarah: Yeah Jimmy, he is cute

Edd: It's so nice to be at the Party, I hope nothing happens to us

Eddy: Yeah, Yeah, where's Sonic & Amy at?

Darkstorm:48, 49, 50

Knuckles: 51, 52, 53

Ed: If Thrash is here, then where's Sonic & Amy?

Thrash:(Falls asleep)

Darkstorm: 54, 55, 56

Eddy: (Spots Sonic & Amy) There

Edd: Greetings & Congratulations

Amy: Thank you, Ed, Edd & Eddy

Knuckles:(Falls to the Floor) I give.

Eddy: I guess we're here but where's Sally?

Sally: Hey everyone.

Ed, Edd n Eddy: Hi Sally

Sally: Before I start this congradulations party I would to say Congrads to Sonic and Amy for having a beautifull baby and to the Ed's for aquiring a job.

Edd: Thank you

Amy: (Kisses Sonic)

Sonic: (Blushes)

Sally: And without any further ado let party!!!

(the party music starts)

(On top of the Sally's Mansion)

Eddy's Brother: And now let the show begin (Throws about 5 El Mondo Stink Bombs inside the Mansion)

Eddy: What the? An EL MONDO STINK BOMB



Eddy's Brother: (Hides in a Mist & Grabs Thrash & Runs back to Mondo-A-Go-Go)

Eddy: Hey what's going on?

Thrash:(Starts Crying)

Darkstorm:(Coughs) Thrash is kidnapped!!!

Edd: And it's your Brother, Eddy

Eddy: WHAT?!?!

Amy: My Baby, Ed, Edd, Eddy & Sonic, your gonna help me get my Baby back

Sonic: Amy, you mean "Our Baby"

Amy: (Hugs Sonic) Let's go (Grabs, Ed, Edd, Eddy & Sonic & follows Eddy's Brother)

Eddy: And I'm desperate enough to believe ya


Amy: Where did your Big Brother go Eddy?

Eddy: I think he's at the Spot that he always lives here now

Edd: And that would be...

Eddy: Mondo-A-Go-Go!

Darkstorm:(Turns to stone in his failier)

Sally, Oh my, is Darkstorm ok, he looks like the Weeping angels from Doctor Who

Eddy: Man my Brother is good, too good that is

Vector: It doesn't matter Amy and Sonic are upset as hell.

(A tear goes down Stone Darkstorms face)

Sally: Dang it Darkstorm, somebody help me out here.

Ed: (Carries Darkstorm) I got him Sally

Sally: I didn't know that Ed is Strong

Eddy: He's a Natural

Amy: Come on, let's go

(They went off to Mondo-A-Go-Go)

Ed: I'm coming guys, good as I am Eddy (Follows them while carrying Darkstorm)

(At Mondo-A-Go-Go)


Eddy's Brother: Ok, stop crying, I'll put my plan into Action with the World's Largest El Mondo Stink Bomb

Thrash:(Still Crying)

Eddy's Brother: When this Stink Bomb explodes it'll stink about over 100 Countries & everyone will be pranked by me, Eddy's Big Brother

Thrash:(Cry's himself to sleep)

(Meanwhile from Outside of Mondo-A-Go-Go)

Eddy: There it is

Darkstorm:(Awakens) I won't fail to get the child!

Sally: At least you not stone incased.

Espio:Amy I think I can hear your baby sleep crying.

Amy: I must Resuce him, because he is my Baby

Darkstorm:(Grabs Amy and Sonic and Power Jumps over the Fence)

Ed: (Carries Sally, Edd & Eddy & goes through the Gate)

Vector:Man I like the way Ed thinks.

Edd: Remember Eddy's Brother's House is a shape of a Whale

Thrash:(Wakes up and starts crying again)

Ed: BABY! (Leads everyone to Eddy's Brother's House)

Darkstorm:(Follows Ed)

Eddy: There it is

Amy: I think we need to get my baby outta here

Ed: Look (Points to the Worlds Largest El Mondo Stink Bomb)

Darkstorm:(Roars In anger)

Thrash:(Crawls to his Mother)

Amy: It's time for a plan

Darkstorm:(Draws a Crucifix in the ground)


Eddy's Brother: (Hears a Knock on the Door) Who can that be? (Opens the Door) Can I help you?

Darkstorm/ Preacher: Yes I am from the holy order and we are her to give $400.

Eddy's Brother: Wow, that must be a hard Bargen

Amy, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Sonic & Sally: (Go through the Back window)

Darkstorm/ Preacher: I also hear that this place is haunted I am here to dehaunt the place.

Eddy's Brother: What? I don't remember this place being haunted

Darkstorm/Preacher:(Trows holy water in Eddy's Brothers face) Of couse not (Tosses Tails Doll)

Eddy's Brother: Huh?

Amy: (Grabs Thrash Gently & Carries her) THIS IS FOR CAPTURING MY BABY (Bonks Eddy's Brother on the head with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Edd: But Eddy, what about the "Worlds Largest El Mondo Stink Bomb"?

Darkstorm: Send it into the sun or we can send it to (Holds back laughing)

Eddy: Send it to where?

Darkstorm:Planet Uranus

Ed: Is it a planet?

Eddy's Brother: You don't have much time, because it's about to go off in 15 seconds

Edd: What about Mars?

Darkstorm:(Radio's Starship Savannna) We have a pick up for stink bomb to Mars and the pay is 20 gold Bricks!!!!

Eddy: I've got a better Idea (Loads the Worlds Largest El Mondo Stink Bomb on the Worlds Largest Catapult) Ready Ed?

Ed: Contact ! ALL ABOOOORD !!! (Fires the Worlds Largest Stink Bomb at Mars)

(On Mars)

Marvin: (Spots the Worlds Largest Stink Bomb) Wow, what a strange Undentified Astroid. Boy it's so Creative itself...(The Stink Bomb hits Mars)


Mars is covered by a Stinky Smell

Marvin: I'm not Angry, I'm just hurt

(Back on Earth)

Military Police:(Arresting Eddys Brother)

Thrash:(Feeling Sick)

Eddy's Brother: Aw Come on, let me go, please?

Eddy: Sorry Bro, your going to Jail

Military Police:(Puts a streight jacket on Eddy's Bro)


Amy: Aww, let's go back to Sally's Mansion

Sally: Oh yeah, let's go back

Thrash:(Eyes are red and Forehead is warm)

Amy: What is happening to him?

Ed: (Gasps) He's turning into a Monster

Darkstorm: Hey I am the only who can do that , I think, but Thrash May have the Flu or something won't know till we get to Sally's.

Edd: Let me be the Doctor, please? Thank you


(At Sally's Mansion)


Eddy: Where are you Double D?

Edd: Say it, say it

Eddy: (Groans) Paging Doctor Double D, Baby with a Flu, to the living Room, stat

Edd: That's good Eddy

Eddy: Whatever

Thrash:(In his crib with a blanket)

Edd: Hold still please (Checking Thrash's Temperature) Hmmmm

Thrash:(Begins to freak out)

Edd: Oh dear, it looks like your baby is freaking out, beacuse of the Flu

Amy: (Gasps)

Edd: We need a cure

Thrash:(Begins to sweat)

Ed: What's wrong with Thrash?

Edd: He's burning up, we need an Ice Pack, quick

Eddy: (Puts Ice Cubes in a Pack & puts the Ice Pack on Thrash)


Edd: Eddy! That's too many Ice

Eddy: Alright fine, don't be a bird (Takes some of the Ice away)

Thrash:(Sneezes fire)

Darkstorm: (Takes the hit)

Ed: Nice shot

Edd: Oh dear, he's got the Fireball Sneeze

Eddy: The what?

Darkstorm: Amy remember when the Thrash that came with Shight from the Future, the Thrash from the future said he was Pyrokenetic and Speed type.

Amy: Oh Sonic, we can be together forever with our Baby

Sonic: (Carries Thrash)

Darkstorm:(Holds his dog tag necklace over Thrash)

Thrash:(Grabs the Necklace)

Edd: We need to protect Thrash from his allergies, Ed.

Ed: [Eddy holding him by his shirt] Jimmy cracked corn and I don't care.

Thrash:(Puts on the Necklace, but still curious)

Eddy: We've wasted enough time, With Thrash, Sonic & Amy are gonna live together forever (Echos) forever, forever, forever

Sonic: (Gulps) (Holding Thrash in his Arms)


Sonic: (SCREAMS)

(That event was only a dream)

(As the Dream ends, Eddy Screams)

Eddy: (Looks around in his Bedroom & he is between Ed & Edd) What a nightmare. Ed? Double D?

Edd: Eddy, what's wrong?

Ed: Yes, mommy?

Eddy: I had a strange Nightmare about Sonic & Amy having a baby name "Thrash"

Edd: You must've eaten to many Chilly Dogs before Bed, Eddy

Eddy: Oh yeah, our Sleepover Party, just the 3 of us in my Bedroom

Edd: Here's a tip for you Eddy: Don't eat too many Chilly Dogs before bed. Got it?

Eddy: Ok, got it, Double D, I'll never eat Chilly Dogs before bed, ever again

Edd: Good. Goodnight Eddy. Pleasent Dreams. (Sleeps in Eddy's Bed)

Ed: I know how you feel Eddy, Nighty Night (Sleeps in Eddy's Bed with Edd)

Eddy: Alright Good Night (goes back to Sleep with Ed & Edd)

"That's All Folks"