It's an ATATTT Christmas! is a christmas special from Ashley Thorn & the Tiny Toons.

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(It was a snowy day at the Acme Loonerversity & Ashley Thorn is heading towards the School wearing a Santa Hat.

Ashley: (wearing a Santa Hat) Merry Christmas everyone.

Spongebruno: Merry Christmas Ashley.

Paul: Yeah, Merry Christmas.

Ashley: Hi guys. Today is Christmas Eve & I'm getting ready for Christmas.

(Music starts to play)

Xillon: Don't tell me this is gonna be a musi-

(Ashley starts to hum a song called "Santa Has His Eye On Me")

Xillon: Yup, it's a musical...

Spongebruno: I just love musicals

Paul: Me too.

Eduardo: (appears with Edwina & Edric) Hiya guys

Tony and Romeo: (Arrive)

Tony: Hey, Ashley. How are you doing?

Ashley: Merry Christmas, Romeo & Tony. You too Eduardo, Edwina & Edric.


(With Dr. Gumbo)

Dr. Gumbo: (So angry, he starts chewing on paper) Grrr... that red hedgehog is up to it again, Merval!

Merval the Koopa (Dr. Gumbo's "henchman"): Sir, I don't really think she did any-

Dr. Gumbo: Bah, humbug! I don't care what she did.

Merval: (Mumbles - "Scrooge, always the Scrooge") But you just sai-

Dr. Gumbo: (Duct tapes Merval's mouth)

Merval: (In thoughts - "I never get to finish what I say...")

Dr. Gumbo: I need to come up with a plan to end this "Christmas" what that red hedgehog calls it, but how can I do that?

Merval: (Muffled) Well maybe if you let me talk, I could hel-

Dr. Gumbo:  What was it? I didn't hear that.

Merval: (Faceplam)

Dr. Gumbo: (starts thinking) Eh, I got nothing. I'm not so good at being an evil genius though.

Merval: (Removes the Duct Tape) Well, maybe if you let me talk, I could-

Dr. Gumbo: FINE ! I'll let you talk. Jeez.

Merval: Finally. Well, anyways, how about you just get a mind controller thingy and use it on the people?

Dr. Gumbo: Quiet Merval, I'm brainstorming! Hey! I've got one! How about I get a mind controller helmet and convince the people to buy it?

Merval: (Frowns) I just said that.

Dr. Gumbo: Are you back talking to me now, huh?! (Duct tapes Merval's mouth) And now your mouth is now back to being slient.

Merval: (Rolls his eyes)

Dr. Gumbo: Hold on. Plankton & Vicky had done this before & they both failed, because Spongebob had foiled Plankton's Plan Z & also Amy had foiled Vicky's plan. I know this plan had already been foiled by those 2, but this is ridiculous!

Merval: (In thoughts - "Well..... oh, just shoot a duck")

Daffy: (Appears) I read that. (Glares at Merval)

Dr. Gumbo: And besides that would be naughty of me to do that. No wonder I get loads of coal every year. (points to a big pile of coal) I want to be good for a change! But I hate being nice!

Daffy: (Sarcasm) Oooh, this is gonna be a Grinch ripoff, huh? Yay.

Dr. Gumbo: I heard that! (blasts Daffy with a plasma ray gun)

Daffy: (Ash covered) You're.... oh, nevermind.

Dr. Gumbo: Now on with the plan, in hopes of getting me off the naughty list.


Ashley: (skipping happily)

Tony: (Working on a project)

Ashley: Hi Tony, are you building something?

Tony: Building? Oh, no. I'm making an invention.

Ashley: Oh ok then. What kind of invention are you making?

Tony: I don't know-a.... I haven't thought-a of it let-a.

Ashley: Oh ok then, good luck & have a very merry Christmas. (happily skips away)

Tony: ....There's something strange about her....

Rocker, Blazer, Sharkbait, Cobra, Digger & Frozone: (arrives)

Cobra: What's so strange about that?

Tony: She seems..... nevermind.

Rocker: Oh ok then

Sharkbait: Alright then

Ashley: (Skipping happily) (notices Midnight, Blu, Bloodshot, Rubis, AppleBuck & Sweetiepie) Hi girls. Merry Christmas. (hugs Midnight, Blue, Bloodshot, Rubis, AppleBuck & Sweetiepie)

Bloodshot: I'm not a big..... hug fan...

Blu Berri: Yay! Hugs!

Ashley: So how are you guys doing today?

Midnight: Good.

Ashley: That's good to hear, I really love Christmas.

Sweetipie: Oh.... me too.


(Back at Dr. Gumbo's Lair)

Dr. Gumbo: (looking through the telespoce) (imitating Ashley) "That's good to hear, I really love Christmas" Bah!

Merval: (Removes the duct tape again, squeals quietly) Si-sir..... you got any i-deas..? I-I don't...

Dr. Gumbo: Quiet Merval, I'm still thinking. I heard that there's one element that can turn the nicest sap into the biggest jerk they can be.

Merval: (Gasps) Jerk-Jerktonium?

Dr. Gumbo: Bingo Dingoes! And I know just the place to find it. Plankton had the Jerktonium stored in the Chum Bucket.

Merval: Huh? We're going to steal it? Because y-you don't wanna be on the Naughty List!

Dr. Gumbo: This time, I'll ask for Jerktonium.

Merval: ......Oh.

Dr. Gumbo: Off to the Chum Bucket

Merval: (Nods)

Dr. Gumbo: (goes off to the Chum Bucket)

Merval: (Follows him)


(At the Chum Bucket)

Dr. Gumbo: (knocking at the door)

Plankton: (Opens the door) Hello?

Dr. Gumbo: Greetings, my name is Dr. Gumbo. Evil Genius & counterpart of Dr. Eggman. Can me & my henchmen named "Merval", please borrow your Jerktonium?

Plankton: I suppose....

Dr. Gumbo: Thanks (grabs the big jar with the Jerktonium inside) Bye (leaves with the jar of Jerktonium)


(Ashley is seen walking around)

Ashley: (decorating the school with christmas decorations) Perfect.

(Dr. Gumbo and Merval appear)

Ashley: What the? Oh hi Dr. Gumbo & Merval, what are you two doing here?

Merval: Ashley, would you like some fruit cake? It's very sweet...

Ashley: Okie dokie.

Merval: (Hands Ashley a piece of "fruit cake" [Jerktonium])

Ashley: Thank you. (eats the piece of "fruit cake", but doesn't feel affected at all) Mmmm, delicious fruit cake, Dr. Gumbo & Merval. I didn't know your great cooks.

Merval: (Mutters - Wha-what?) Would you like another piece?

Ashley: Sure, I love Fruit cakes.

Merval: (Hands her another piece)

Ashley: (eats another piece of "fruit cake", but still doesn't feel affected at all) Yummy. That tastes delicious.

Merval: (Still suprised) Have a bunch! (Gives Ashely a bunch of Jerktonium)

Ashley: (eats them all, but still doesn't feel affected) Yummy! That's the best fruit cake I've ever had. My taste buds really like the taste of the fruit cake.

Merval: Say... why don't you give some to ALL your friends, eh?

Ashley: Sure thing, except that we're all out of fruit cake.

Merval: Eheheh..... we'll ummmm, make some more....

Ashley: Okie dokie then.

(Merval and Dr. Gumbo leave)

Merval: (To Dr. Gumbo) What now, genius?!

Dr. Gumbo: Why is she immune to the Jerktonium. We betta analyze her, to see why.

Merval: Better plan. Feed the Jerktonium to the whole school! Well..... Ashely as an exception.

Dr. Gumbo: Well what are you waiting for? Create enough fruit cake for everyone.

Merval: Wait a sec, boss. I need to scan this last crumb to see what all the ingredients are.

Dr. Gumbo: (groans) Fine.

Merval: (Scans)

Dr. Gumbo: (pacing back & forth)

Merval: Let's see.....  '30% fruit cake,  70% jerk'....

Dr. Gumbo: Whatever the percent chances, just go out there & deliver the fruit cake or I'm gonna clobber you like there's no tommorrow!

Merval: (Cowers) Yes sir... (Goes to deliver the Jerktonium)


Cobra: (sighs)

(Ashley is seen with a bag of Jerktonium)

Ashley: Hey, guys! Some friends of mine gave me a bunch of fruit cake to give to you. Wanna try some?

Cobra: (notices the Jerktonium) Hmm...

Rocker, Blazer, Sharkbait, Digger & Frozone: Ok then.

Cobra: (pushes the 5 away from Ashley) No thank you, not until you tell me who your friends are?

Ashley: Merval and Dr. Gumbo. But they're being nice this year for some reason. They didn't do a single bad thing!

Cobra: Remember the last time when Dr. Gumbo tried to take over the school?


Dr. Gumbo: (uses his army of evil robots to take over the School) (evil laughter)

End of Flashback

Cobra: He's mad I tell ya, mad!

Ashley: Oh, he may be mad, but what about Merval?

Cobra: He's Dr. Gumbo's asistant, duh.

Elusive: (Growls) Yeah, Ashely. Try to think straight for once.

Cobra: (grabs something from the bag & it's a fruit cake, which is covered in Jerktonium) Ashley, what's that green stuff covering the fruit cake?

Ashley: It looks like frosting, I never seen frosted fruit cake before!

Cobra: (facepalms) No Ashley. I reconize this green element anywhere. It's the Jerktonium! And it's covered every single fruit cake that Dr. Gumbo made.

Ashley: But you just said "what's that green stuff?".

Cobra: (groans & facepalms) The green stuff IS Jerktonium!

Ashley: Esssh. I didn't know that. I already fed some to Shade, Romeo, and the others. I think Tony might know.... even though he IS a jerk now.

Rocker: (notices Ashley's lips that has a bit of crums from the fruit cake) Wait, is that fruit cake crums on your lips?

Ashley: Yeah, but it didn't effect me. That's why we're going to Tony, though he may be a jerk! C'mon! (Runs off)

Rocker, Blazer, Sharkbait, Cobra, Digger & Frozone: (follows Ashley)


Tony: So whaddya want from me?

Ashley: We just wanna know more about this Jerktonium stuff!

Tony: (Rolls his eyes) Let me guess, you fed the Jerktonium to almost the whole school?

Ashley: Uh-huh.

Tony: You're an idiot.

Ashley: Uh-huh.

Blazer: (chuckles) He said "Idiot"

Digger: So how did Ashley be immune to the Jerktonium?

Tony: (Pokes Ashley) Hmm … You don't act jerky. For some reason it's not affecting you. (He puts a scanner in front of her) It must be a combination of your tiny brain and pure heart. You're immune to jerktonium, Ashley, but the rest of us will need an antidote. I'll set the analyser to calculate the formula.(He pulls a switch and a music score pops out) Why, this formula for the antidote don't make no sense at all!

Sharkbait: I know it's all gobbledy gook!

Rocker: Wait a minute, they're all music notes.

Cobra: When there's music notes, there's a song. But what song does have this music pattern?

Ashely: Hmmm... (Hums the tune, Tony is cured from Jerktonium) That's it! The song is the cure!

Frozone: The song is the cure? Heh, I have no idea.


Dr. Gumbo: Well, Merval? How you find out why Ashley is immune to the Jerktonium?

Merval: Yes. It's a combination of her tiny brain and pure heart.... but the others are jerks. (Hears singing from outside) Huh? It sounds like.... Ashely!

Dr. Gumbo: And why is she singing?

Merval: I don't know, but I'm gonna check it out.

Dr. Gumbo: Just do it !

Merval: (Cowers away)


Cobra: (with Ashley, Rocker, Blazer, Sharkbait, Digger, Frozone & Tony) Alright, here they are (points to the classmates who are effected by the Jerktonium) You know what to do?

(She clicks his fingers and mistletoe appears over the heads of the two students she fed Dr. Gumbo's fruitcake to, curing them of jerktonium poisoning. She clicks again and a pile of presents appears, curing two other students. A little boy begins to play Christmas baubles like bells)

Ashley: (Singing) Bring joy to the world, it's the thing to do, but the world does not revolve around you, don't be a jerk, it's Christmas! (Throws a snowball at Ditzy and cures him)

Be nice to babies and animals, old folks, too. 'Cause that's how you'd like them to treat you! Use turn signals. Don't screen my calls. Don't you wreck the house when you deck the halls.

Spit your gum where it won't wind up on my shoe. squeeze toothpaste from the bottom of the tube. Don't be a jerk. It's Christmas! It's Christmas!

(Hands a gift to Gold, who continues to pass it down a line, curing people as they receive it, except for Squire, who is unaffected)

When others are talking, never interrupt. Don't put people down or leave the toilet seat up. It's the time for family and holly and turkey. 'Tis the season to be jolly not jerky!

Chorus: Jolly, not jerky!

Ashley: Santa brought nearly every gift on your list. Why whine about the one that he missed? Don't be a jerk, it's Christmas! It's Christmas! Don't be a jerk, it's Christmas!

Cobra: Well I'll be a monkey's uncle. Everybody's cured!

Rocker: Yeah, now that the Jerktonium problem is solved, what are we going to do now?

Ashley: Santa should be here any minute....

Tony: You ain't kidding. Here he comes now!

(They all clear the way as Santa Clau's' sleigh and reindeer land in front of the school

Ashley: Oh, boy! Santa! You made it!

Santa: Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho! Cool your jets there, kid. I'm afraid I'm the bearer of bad tidings.

Ashley: Oh, no!

Frozone: Wha?

Digger: The bearer of what now?

Sharkbait: What does that mean?

Blazer: And what's going on here?

Santa: (At Ashley) Oh, yes. It seems you're all on my naughty list this year.

Ashley: Naughty list?

Santa: No buts about it. You've all been a bunch of jerks

Ashely: But...

Santa: But nothing! Coal for everyone! Except Dr. Gumbo.

Cobra: Ok look, there's 2 problems with that theory. Problem A. how can you tell that the 2nd Generation of the Piraka & I be on the naughty list when we didn't do anything naughty & didn't eat the Jerktonium & B. how can we be on the naughty list if we're with Ashley saving the entire school from being a jerk this entire time?

Santa: A., well...... you get your presents this year and B., the students were still jerks for quite a while. And I believe Ashley was the worst of all....

Ashley: How?

(The crowd parts and reveals the rampaging Metal Ashley Merval managed to build)

Metal Ashley: (Focuses on Ashley, and Santa) I am ready to destroy Christmas! (She transforms into her mega mode) Destroy Santa!

Ashley: You want Santa? You gotta get through me!

Metal Ashley: Okie dokie. (Karate chops Ashley)

Tony: Okay, this is getting weird. First of all, why did an Ashley robot appear out of no-

Shade: (Slaps Tony) Just shut up and do something!!

Blazer: Is that a Metal Ashley?

Rocker: Looks like it.

Frozone: I sence that this Metal Ashley is what Dr. Gumbo's doing.

Cobra: And it's time that we betta stop this Metal Maniac! (tackles Metal Ashley)

Rocker, Blazer, Sharkbait, Digger & Frozone: (tackles Metal Ashley)

Cobra: (to Metal Ashley) Alright, Metal Ashley! We're not gonna let you ruin christmas!

Ashley: (Still fighting Metal Ashely) Is that all you got?

Metal Ashley: (Throws Ashley away)

Cobra: Ashley! (to Rocker, Blazer, Sharkbait, Digger & Frozone) 2nd Gen of the Piraka, you guys keep that robot busy while I check to see if Ashley is ok.

Rocker: Ok, what are you gonna do?

Cobra: Me? I'm gonna help Ashley. Ok, 1, 2, 3! (goes off to help Ashley)

Sharkbait: Alright Metal Ashley, now you deal with the 5 of us.

Digger: (to Metal Ashley) How are you gonna stop us from protecting Santa now?

Blazer: Yeah Metal Ashley, there's only 5 of us & only 1 of you.

Shade: (Attacks Metal Ashely)

Frozone: Better yet, there's 6 of us & only 1 of you, Metal Ashley.

Rocker, Blazer, Sharkbait, Digger & Frozone: (attacks Metal Ashley)

Santa: I'm outta here. (Hides in the school, but Metal Ashely finds him)

Rocker: Not good! Ashley the Hedgehog & Cobra the Piraka, where are you?

Ashely: (Destorys the robot by mistake) Oops...

Cobra: Whao, nice one Ashley. You've stopped Metal Ashley.

Ashely: Thanks. ^-^

Frozone: (notices a large piece of metal from the back of Metal Ashely, has words on them) What's this? There's some words on this piece of Metal Ashley (picks the piece up & reads it) Everyone, take a look at this. It says "If found, please return to Dr. Gumbo"

Merval: Eheh.... (Nervous smile)

Dr. Gumbo: Uh oh!

Rocker: (notices Dr. Gumbo & Merval) There's Dr. Gumbo & his henchman, Merval.

Santa: OK, boys, let's give Dr. Gumbo what he deserves. (The elves pour coal onto Dr. Gumbo) So long, kiddies! (He flies away)

Sharkbait: We did it ! We've saved Christmas!

Shade: Yeah yeah....

Digger: Let's celebrate with a Christmas party.

Ashely: Hey, you've gotta have one , ya gotta....

Spongebruno: Wait, where's Paul?

Ashely: Hm?

Frozone: I'm not sure. I hope he's not doing like what his mentor does before.

Ashely: Yep....

Blazer: Anyways, let's get this party started!

Dizty: Alright!

Tony: Huh? No funny ending?

Cobra: Nope. Not that we know of.

Tony: Aw, man..... (He pulls up a sign that says "That's All, Folks! .....")

"That's All Folks!"

The End