Lovely Parenthood is an episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes with Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) & Blaze THC

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It was Nightime & we see the Hospital. The Camera zooms into the Waiting room where Jack was waiting for Blaze THC

Jack: (Reading) (To the Viewers) Oh hi, you might be wondering why I'm waiting here in the waiting room in the Hospital, well you don't want to know (keeps reading)

Blaze THC:(Her screams of pain are heard)

(Maybe Amy, Sonic, Darkstorm, Shadow, Blaze, Manic and Sonia should be in this)

Amy: Hi Jack, what's going on?

Jack: Something is wrong with Blaze THC

Amy: What is it?

Jack: I don't know

Sonic: Hey Cous, what's going on here & why do I hear screaming?

Amy: (Gasps) Blaze THC is having a 3rd Baby

Jack: (Stammers) 3rd Baby?

Amy: Yes, so good luck

Jack: Thanks, by the way, why are you two here?

Amy: Because Sonic has an Accident

Sonic: A Big one

(We can see Sonic in a Wheelchair covered with a Arm Cast, a Leg Cast & Bandages)

Jack: Oh I see

Amy: Don't worry Sonic, you'll be well in no time

Sonic: Ok

Amy: (Pushes Sonic's Wheelchair with Sonic sitting on it out of the Hospital, taking him Home)

Jack: Oh boy (Keeps on reading)

Darkstorm:(Running From his fan girls) *Turns to stone*

Jack: Huh? Oh well

Shadow & Blaze: (Reading next to Jack)

Jack: Shadow, Blaze what are you guys doing here?

Shadow: For our Daughter

Blaze: My daughter is having her 3rd Baby

Jack: So I see

Darkstorm:(Breaks out of stone encasment)

Jack: Darkstorm, what are you doing here?

Darkstorm: Hiding from fangirls.

Jack: Ok if you say so

Nurse: Jacky Hedgehog, Shadow Hedgehog, Blaze Cat?

Jack, Shadow & Blaze: Yes?

Nurse: Blaze THC is ready.

Jack: We're coming

(Jack, Shadow & Blaze goes through the Door)

Jack: Blaze the Hedgecat? I'm here & so we're your parents

Blaze THC: I know heard them coming

The Newborn:(Ears twitch)

Jack: Awww, it's so cute is it a Boy or a Girl?

Blaze THC: Female Hedgecat

Blaze: Aww, she's so cute

Shadow: Yeah

Jack: What should we name our Newborn, Blaze the Hedgecat

Blaze I don't know.

Jack: Hmm? She's a Hedgecat like you & look, her Colour matches mine

Blaze THC:Jackline?

Jack: Ok, that'll do. Maybe we add some Pizzazz into it.

Blaze THC:(Giggles)

Darkstorm:Back (Closes the door on his fan girls)

Jack: Darkstorm, are you ok? What happen?

Darkstorm: My fan girls and their BF's

Jack: Let me guess they are trying to get you because they like you

Darkstorm: On the bolt

Jack: That's what I thought, our Baby is so cute, Blaze THC

Jackline:(Grabs her daddies finger)

Jack: Aww, she even grabed my Finger

Jackline:(Yawns, and falls asleep)

Blaze THC:(Smiles)

Jack: (Smiles) We have our 3rd Baby


(At Jack & Blaze THC's House)

Jackline:(Crying in hunger)

Stardust: (Has a Headache)

Blaze THC: Jacky can you feed Jackline?

Jack: Ok, can you take care of Stardust & Skate Jr. please? (Feeds Jackline with Milk in a Baby Bottle)

Blaze THC:(Picks up Stardust and Skate Jr.) I am gonn take them to Darkstorms ok Jacky?

Jack: Ok, so that means I'll stay here with Jackline, right?

Blaze THC:(Kisses Jack to indicate she'll be back and goes to her speeder)


Jack: Bye Blaze my beautiful Kitten, I'll see you later

Jackline:(Starts crying)

Jack: Aw don't cry Jackline, I'll take care of you. (To the Viewers) I can take care of Jackline, I mean. How hard can it be?


Jack: (Rocking Jackline's Cradle with Jackline in it to sleep)

Jackline:(Purring and sucking on her fathers finger)

Blaze THC:(Returns and hugs her husband) *Whispering* Hey Honey

Jack: Hi Blaze my beautiful Kitten, how's your day today?

Blaze THC:(Harsh Clicking in her robotic arm) Just dropped off Stardust and Skate Jr, Mind helping me fix me arm?

Jackline:(Ears twitch)

Jack: Sure, now hold still, this won't hurt a bit (Fixing Blaze THC's Robotic Arm with a Hammer, Screwdriver & a Rench) It sure is hard work

Jackline:(Yawns and wakes up)

Blaze THC:(Picks up her daughter)

Jack: (Finishes fixing Blaze THC's Robotic Arm) There

Blaze THC:(Sniffs and goes to change Jackline Diaper)

Jack: (Sniffs) Sheesh, Jackline got a stinky


Blaze THC:(Changes Jackline)

Jack: (Hears the Phnoe Ringing) I'll get it (picks up the Phone) Hello? What? Your telling me that Eggman is at it again, don't worry, I'll be right there (Hungs up) I have a Special Mission waiting for me, Amy, Sonic, Sonia & Manic is waiting for me at Station Square, see ya later Honey, I'll be right back (Goes Outside)


Jack: (goes back inside) There, there, calm down (gives Jackline a Toy)

Blaze THC:(Creates a Jack Plushie and Gives it to Jackline)

Jackline:(Grabs the Jack Plushie)*Giggles*

Blaze THC: Now she how plushie version of you Jacky

Jack: Thanks honey, take of our Children, I'll be right back (Goes outside again)

Thrash:(From the Future)*Bumps Jack* Sorry uncle Jack

Jack: That's ok


(It was 6pm)

Jack: (All Banged up)

Sonia: Thanks for helping us Cous

Manic: Yeah Thanks

Sonic: We couldn't done it without you

Amy: Can I stay with Jack for a while?

Sonic: Sure

Amy: Thanks

(SOnic, Sonia & Manic left)

Jack: I couldn't done it without me (Falls on his back)

Amy: Oh dear (Carries Jack into his house) (Knockes on the Door)

Blaze THC:(Opens the Door)

Thrash:(Playing with Jackline)


Jack: (Slurry) Hi honey, I'm home. Eessh (Falls on his Belly)

Jackline:(Crawls to her daddy and nudges him)

Amy: He's all banged up, so put him to bed please, Blaze the Hedgecat?

Blaze THC:(Snaps her fingers and Jack teleports to bed)

Jackline:(Crawls to Amy)*Giggles*

Thrash:Hey mom.

Amy: Hi Thrash, how's it going?

Thrash: Been turned down by a lot of hiring jobs

Amy: Oh my. About how many Thrash?

Thrash: 12

Jackline:(Wants Amy to hold her)*Giggles*

Amy: (Holding Jackline) Really that many?

Jack: (Comes back down stairs, but still has lots of Bruises)

Thrash: Yeah, they said that "No Way In Hell Will We Hire You"

Amy: (Notices Jack still standing) I think Jack is better

Jack: Ca Gurgle Purple Fishpan (Faints)

Amy: Sort of.

Blaze THC: (Grabs 4 cokes and a bottle of milk)

Amy: Oh thank you

Jack: (Gets up) Thanks honey

Blaze THC:(Giggles)


Jack: (Drinks a Coke)

Amy: (Drinks a Coke) Mmm

Jackline:(Wants her milk)

Thrash:Well I gotta go (Runs out the Door)

Jack: (Feeds Jackline Milk) Ok, see ya Thrash

Blaze THC: So Amy how is baby Thrash and Uncle Sonic?

Jackline:(Cuddles her daddy)

Amy: They are Good by the way & our Baby is like an Angel

Jack: (been squeezed by Jackline) Help! Jackline made a Boo Boo

Jackline:(Does Healing Flames and heals her daddy)

Jack: Thanks. Well I'll be DogGone, she has Healing Powers already.

Jackline:(Has her mothers Giggle)

Jack: No wonder Jackline squeezed me too tight, I guess she's all Muscle (Giggles)

Thrash:(Runs in hiding from Saphire)

Jack: Thrash, what is it now?

Saphire: THRASH (Has a blue Piko Piko Hammer)

Amy: Hello I have a Piko Piko Hammer to (Shows Saphire her Piko Piko Hammer)

Saphire: Thrashy.

Thrash: (Is cornered) Hey Saphire.

Saphire: I have found you now your force to go on a date with me.

Thrash: Seam familiar mom?

Amy: She's just like me!

Sonic: Oh No

Amy: Just like me, Just like me, Just like me!

Sonic: Stop please

Amy: Come on Sonic, it's time to go on our date (Grabs Sonic's Ear with her Finger & Thumb & drags him)

Sonic: Ow, cut it out can't ya?

Thrash: Dad when we get the chance lets run for it ok?

Sonic: (Tries to run, but Amy is still holding his Ear) Ow! She's holding my Ear really tight

Thrash: Sorry Mom, but Fire Quills!!

Sonic: (Pokes his Quills against Amy & Saphire by Accident) Oops

Amy: Ouch! That hurt, Sonic Hedgehog, don't you dare poke me with your Quills

Saphire:(Eye show rage)


Sonic: YIPE! (Runs with Thrash)

Amy: Come back here Sonic (Chases Sonic with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Saphire:(Gets on her hover board) THRASH GET BACK HERE (Grabs Amy and gets her on her board)

Amy: Thanks Saphire. Now let's go get our Boyfriends

Thrash:(Conjures his Hover Board and his Dads) Dad your Board

Sonic: Oh right (Hops on his Hoverboard called the "Blue Star", Grabs Thrash & gets him on his Board) Let's get outta here!

Thrash: I have my own dad (Holds up his known as the "Rouge Shadow" and gets on)

Saphire: Awww they are so cute when they have hover boards

Amy: I've got my own Hoverboard (Holds up her known as the "Pink Rose" & gets own) There sure are, Saphire. There sure are.

Saphire:(Kicks her board into over drive and Captures Thrash) Gotcha!!!

Amy: (Kicks her Board into Overdrive) Yahoo! (Captures Sonic) Gotcha Sonic!!!

Sonic: Whao, your Boards had been Upgraded

Amy: Thank you. Now come on, it's time for our Date (Grabs Sonic by the Ear again & walks away while holding Sonic)

Saphire:(Giggles and Cuffs Thrash to her)

Thrash: Crude

Amy: Come on, let's go

(Amy takes Sonic on a Date, while Saphire does the same with Thrash)

Jack: There nice Girlfriends

Jackline:???(Opens eyes to reveal them to be a beautiful gold like her mothers pupils)

Jack: Jumping Junipter, her eyes are pure Gold


Jack: I guess she's full of surprizes, I guess so

"That's All Folk's"

The End