Melissa's BioEdit

Melissa is a brown, anthropomorphic hedgehog that was created by User:Aly Parris. She is the oldest hedgehog, despite Scourge being the oldest.

Melissa is 16 years old, 100 cm (3' 3") tall, and keeps her weight a secret. She was described as being 12 years old, but later on, she has grown older (by 4 years). And, she also had a buddy when she was 12 (similar to Shadow's life). Melissa was also the co-creator of Nega the Ultimate Lifeform "Hedgehog".


Early LifeEdit

As a kid, Melissa was raised on a space colony (JSC), that is very similar to Space Colony ARK, with her family. She also had Type One Diabetes, which was incurable at the time. Her great-grandfather (who is dead to this day) made another Ultimate Lifeform to save her life.

Near Death experienceEdit

Melissa's great-grandfather was killed by GUN because they thought that THIS ultimate lifeform was more dangerous than the other one. But before GUN could kill Melissa, her best friend (who keep Melissa company and died by GUN), Alli, manged to aboard her into the "leaving room" with Melissa's siblings (Rosalina, Alicia, and Julian) and her cousins (Kayne and Silver). Alli's last words were, "Sayonara, Melissa the Hedgehog... I wish I could go with you to Earth", and Alli sent them down to Earth, and GUN killed Alli and Melissa's parents in the process.

Life being saved by a brave HedgeFoxEdit

Melissa was about to crash on the ground. Just before hitting the ground, Joanna, a curious but brave HedgeFox, manged to grab Melissa before she hit the ground.

Diagnosed with TB1Edit

Melissa was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes because of her mother. Her mother had TB1 and gave it to her. Ever since then, she's been vomiting once a week and feels okay right now.


Melissa is normally very kind and sweet; she is wild, crazy, and energetic. She has a short attention span and is very impatient. She also has very serve anger-management issues; when she gets angry enough, she will loose her whole mind and go ballistic. She has very low tolerance for rudeness and cruelty. She has a very rough manner of speech in which she swears and threatens people a lot, and she does not bluff. Also, at times, Melissa can get REALLY REALLY aggressive, its really not funny.


Melissa did go with Scourge (this couple lasted only a few months), but Shadow developed feelings for her, as well as Melissa developed feelings for him. Then Jet flirts with her like a typical jerk guy hitting on girls just because of their looks, instead of him actually loving her. Meanwhile, CM Punk tries to flirt with her to get her attention, but that ends up Melissa going crazy and saying inappropriate things at him.

People who loved MelissaEdit

  • Scourge (ex-boyfriend)
  • Shadow (boyfriend)
  • CM Punk the Echidna (she has developed feelings for him)
  • Jet (Jet developed feelings for her, but Melissa did not develop feelings for him)


  • Melissa can run as fast as Scourge (sometimes her speed looks like at Sonic's or Shadow's at times)
  • She has her own hammer (Spike Hammer) as a weapon, but sometimes uses her gun.
  • She can control ESP (because she's related to Silver).
  • She can control ice, water, and fire.
  • Almost has the same abilities as Silver.
  • Melissa can also run on water, fire, and ice.


  • "What in the world are you doing, Jerry?"
  • "What's that you got in your hands?'"
  • "I am Melissa, Melissa the Hedgehog. What? Did you forget me?"
  • "D@#% you, GUN!"
  • "Stay away from Missy or I'll castrate you with my BARE hands, jerk!"
  • "What kind of girl do you have there, Shadow, a femidiot?"


  • Melissa is sometimes mistakened as Amy Rose.
  • It's revealed that Melissa is the cousin of Silver the Hedgehog.
  • Melissa can turn into a seedrian.
  • Melissa was the first fan character she ever made.
  • Her Middle Name is Elizabeth, which is KK's cousin's middle name.
  • Interestingly, Melissa and Melissa's mom have TB1 while her other siblings don't.
  • She is often mistakened to be the fursona of Sir Ales.