Muncher Marathon is an episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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(It was a beautiful day & Amy Rose comes out of her house, getting ready to play)

Amy: (breathes in & breathes out) What a beautiful day, today.

Zaktan: (arrives) Hi Amy. Think you can play a little game of horseshoes?

Amy: Sure (picks up a box filled with colored horse shoes & a black stake & sets it up)

Zaktan: (grabs green horse shoes)

Amy: (grabs pink horse shoes) Let's play. I'll go first (throws her pink horse shoe & it lands close to the stake)

Zaktan: Ok, now it's my turn (throws his green horse shoe & it lands in between the stake & the pink horse shoe) Yes!

Amy: Nice throw

Zaktan: Think you can do better Hedgehog Girl?

Amy: I think I can (throws another pink horse shoe & it lands behind the 1st pink horseshoe) Guess not

"More Coming Soon"