My Little Piraka is an Episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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(It was a Beautiful Day in Equestria & we heard someone traveling Underground with a Buzzing Sound)

(Coming out of the Ground is the 6 Piraka)

Zaktan: Well, here we are! The Piraka Convention!

Reidak: (notices they are at Ponyville, Equestria) Hey, wait a minute. This doesn't look like the Piraka Covention to us

Thok: Let me check the map (checks the Map) Oh great, we've should've know we made a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

Vezok: Oh well, as long as we're here. We might as well see the show

Avak: Where are we anyway?

Hakann: There's a sign over there (points to a Sign) It says "Welcome to Ponyville, Equestria".

Piraka: (looks shocked) PONYVILLE, EQUESTRIA?!

Zaktan: And it's all your fault for making us gone in the Wrong Direction, Hakann! (bonks Hakann on the head)

Hakann: Ow! (rubbing his head) Well sooorry. We're traveling Underground & where we going is unpredicable when we're traveling underground

Reidak: Maybe we should find someone to tell us where the Piraka Covention is

Applejack: Howdy!

Hakann & Thok: AHH! (jumps onto Avak's Arms)

Avak: You almost scared the pants out of us, anyways what's your name?

AppleJack: I'm Applejack!

Zaktan: I'm Zaktan & this is Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok

Reidak: And we're the Piraka!

AppleJack: So then, partners, what can i do for ya? I'm always up for an' helping hoof!

Thok: Yeah, do you know the Directions to where the Piraka Convention is at?

Applejack: Nope! But i know that my friend Pinkie Pie is having a party soon!

Zaktan: Oh ok then, well I guess we're stuck here guys

Reidak: Aw man, now what are we gonna do?

Zaktan: The only thing we can do, stay right here in Equestria until we get the Directions to the Piraka Covention, speaking of Piraka, where is Vezon?

Applejack: Welp, see ya!

Piraka: Bye!

Reidak: So we'll play along, things can get preaty dull back at Voya Nui anyway

Zaktan: Come on, boys. We got a party to catch


Vezon: (burrowing Underground) Wait for me, I can't see nothing. Normal People travel by Foot or Car or Boat or Plane. Anything's better than this!

(Vezon passes a Warning Sign that says "Beware of Discord")

Vezon: (bumps into the Statue of Discord & emerges from the Ground) Ow! That statue ran right in front of me. (reads) "Statue of Discord". I wonder where am I now? (looks at the Sign that says Equestria) What?! Equestria?!?! I....! [gets mad and lifts up the Statue of Discord & breaks it by slamming it to the ground] Barnacles! (panting) Great, now I'm lost all over again. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to...

(The statue cracks)

Vezon: Oh a wize guy, huh? (grabs a Statue & starts slamming it to the ground) Take that & that, I'll knock the stuffings out of yah! (throws him away)


Vezon: (panting) (to Audience) Sometimes that Statue can follow you whatever you do or go, it's like follow the leader or something

(An evil laugh is heard)

Vezon: Ok, back for a 3rd time huh? Well you see that I'm, I'm a...huh? (looks up to see Discord) Whao, who the heck are who?

Discord: I am Discord. By the way, thanks for letting me out. Now i can make chaos!

Vezon: Ok, hold the phone. My name is Vezon the 7th Piraka & how about I just join you? Like they say, "2 is better than 1".

Discord: Of course!

Vezon: Thank you, now let's go make some chaos together

(They both went to Ponyville)

Vezon: And we're off !


Zaktan: The Party has got to be around here somewhere but where?

Reidak: You mean it's over there (points to the Party)

Avak: Yeah, that's the one

Vezok: Let's PARTY!!

(The Piraka heads over to the Party)

Hakann: We're here!

Pinkie Pie: Oh hi people i don't know! I'm Pinkie Pie!

Zaktan: Hi there, I'm Zaktan & this is Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok.

Vezok: And we are the Piraka!

Reidak: And we're here to PARTY!

Amy: (walking in Ponyville) (sighs) Hi Piraka, what are you doing here? I thought you've gone to the Piraka Convention

Zaktan: We we're until Hakann made us a Wrong Turn of Albuquerque.

Amy: Oh my, so who are you friends behind you (points to the Ponies behind the Piraka)

Reidak: Where?

(The 6 Piraka turn to see the Ponies)

Piraka: WHAO!

Avak: (notices AppleJack) You again?

Thok: Yep, I say that's her

Vezok: Hi AppleJack, who are your new friends?

Amy: (to Twilight Sparkle) Hi there. My name is Amy Rose.

Twilight: Hi..

Amy: Don't worry, the Piraka are one of my friends

Hakann: Uh guys? Why does the sky getting all dark all of the sudden?

(The Sky turns Dark all of the sudden)

Twilight: (Gasps) H-he's back!!

Amy & Zaktan: Who's back?

Twilight: Discord!!

Reidak: Who's Discord?

Twilight: Well, he's a- a... darn! I need to learn about his species! Well, he's an evil...thing.

Amy: You mean a Draconequus?

Twilight: H-how did you know..?

Amy: (pulls out a book that says "Animals of all Shape, Size & Magical Beings") I found his species in page 467 right here

Twilight: I really need to know where they sell that book!

Amy: I buyed that from that store over there (points to a Store that says "The Super Library: Where you can find your very book super fast")

Twilight: Nevermind, We need to stop Discord!

Vezok: But how, who's the Knucklehead that freed him in the first place?

Vezon: (appears behind him) That...would be me

(Everyone turns to see Vezon)

Pinkie Pie: Who are you, guy?

Vezon: Who am I? (glares at Pinkie Pie) Who am I?! I'm Vezon, the 7th Piraka. I'm the roughest, toughest, Piraka in Voya Nui & all of the Islands belonging to the Piraka!

Pinkie: Okie-dokielokie!

Vezon: AHHHH SHAD UP! (slaps Pinkie Pie) And besides, I'm not alone!

Pinkie: Ow!

Zaktan: And what do you mean by "Not Alone"

Vezon: You'll see. Allow me to introduce you to a friend of mine, name of Discord

Pinkie: You again!!

Vezon: Yes & he wants revenge on you Ponies for trapping him with your Elements of Harmony

Reidak: Elements of what now?

Amy: What are the Elements of Harmony?

Twilight: They are items that we used to defeat Nightmare Moon and Discord.

Amy: Oh ok then. How many elements are their?

Twilight: Six of them.

Zaktan: Wait a minute, that's the same number of the Piraka.

Amy: Yeah. We need to collect all 6 to stop Discord. It's like collecting the 7 Chaos Emeralds

Rainbow Dash: Chaos Emeralds?

Amy: The Chaos Emeralds are the 7 Gems that allows you to transform into your super form when you have collected all 7 of them

Rainbow Dash: Cool!!

Amy: I know right. Sonic, Shadow & Silver are the only ones who can activate their Super Forms with the 7 Chaos Emeralds

Vezon: (sighs) Discord, squish them!

Piraka: (jaw drops as they saw Discord)

Discord: Fools..

Amy: Eh, what's up Cordy?

Discord: What's up? (Points up) Chocolate mlik rain.

Amy: (pulls a Pink Umbrella out of her Pocket & uses it to cover herself from the rain) (pulls a Red Umbrella out of her pocket & gives it to Discord) Here you go & watch out for the Lighting Storm

Discord: Don't you know i'm a villian?!

(A Storm comes in & then the Lighting Electrocutes Discord & he is Black Covered)

Discord: Ow.

Amy: I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.

Vezon: Wait till I get my hands on...(got electrocuted by Lighting as well & he's black covered as well) Ouch

Amy: Now that's a "Shocking" Development

Pinkie: That's what you guys get!

Vezok: Let's get outta here & find the Elements of Harmony or whatever they're called

Thok: He's right, we must act fast

Avak: Let's go! (hops on Applejack) Yah, Mule! Yah, Yah, Yah!

AppleJack: Alright, Partner!

Zaktan: (hops on Twilight Sparkle)

Vezok: (hops on Rainbow Dash)

Hakann: (hops on Pinkie Pie)

Thok: Excuse me, please? (hops on Fluttershy) Thank you

Reidak: (hops on Rairity) Sorry

Amy: I wonder how am I gonna keep up with all of you guys. I can't run in Super Sonic Speed, just only Normal Speed

Derpy Hooves: Muffins... Oh! I'll help youuu!

Amy: Oh, ok then

Derpy: Hop on!

Amy: Ok (hops on Derpy) Thanks

Zaktan: Now let's go! Yah, Mule! Yah, Yah, Yah!

(Our heroes go to find the Elements of Harmony)


Zaktan: Whao, Mule! Whao, horsey, whao! WHAO! Oh come on Whao! Oh for the love of... when I say "Whao" I mean...

Twilight: Umm....

Zaktan: Whao?

(The Ponies stop, launching the Piraka at a Tree)

Piraka: WHAO! (crashed into a Tree)

Reidak: (feels dizzy) When we say "Whao", we mean whao

Piraka: (falls down on their backs)

Amy: (lands on both feet) Are you guys ok?

Vezok: We're ok. Just a little dizzy

(With Vezon & Discord)

Vezon: (watching them with his Telescope) (sighs) If they have the Elements of Harmony, we are no match for them, Discord!

Discord: Oh, don't worry.

Vezon: We'll get rid of them & make it look like an Accident

Discord: Indeed...


Vezon: (looks at Amy, the Piraka & the Ponies) (holds up an ACME Remote Control RC, then puts it down) This should be a blast (holds up TNT & straps it onto the RC with Duct Tape) There, now all we have to do is to control the RC with TNT on it, we'll make it go to that Amy Rose with those Piraka & Ponies by using this Remote Control to control the RC to make it go to those Goodie Goodie Ponies, along with Amy Rose & the Piraka & then...KABLOOIE!

Discord: Great plan!

Vezon: One of us should use the Remote Control RC, while the other lights a match to lit the TNT

Discord: I'll control it.

Vezon: Fine then I'll light the match (lits the match & then lits the TNT) Ok, now let's get rid of those Brats for good

Discord: Perfect!

Vezon: Well what are you waiting for, control the RC already

Discord: (Controls the RC)

(The RC is heading towards Amy, the Ponies & the Piraka, but it redirected right back at Discord & Vezon)

Vezon: What the...It's chasing us Discord! Hurry before it touches us!

Discord: (Runs)

Vezon: Run! (runs)

(They running as fast as they can & they hide behind a Boulder)

Vezon: (panting) I think it's gone, Discord you go out & check

(The RC was in front of them)

Vezon: Oh no


(Vezon & Discord are black covered)

Vezon: Ouch

Amy: (with her ACME Control Hacker) Their not the only ones who can drive an RC

Pinkie Pie; Yay!

Amy: Let's keep looking, if you see one of the Elements. Call us if you found one, ok?

Pinkie: Okay!

Amy: Let's Split up, we'll find more of the Elements of Harmony that way. Reidak you go with Rairity, Hakann you go with Pinkie Pie, Vezok you go with Rainbow Dash, Avak you go with AppleJack, Thok you go with Fluttershy & Zaktan & I go with Twilight Sparkle, got it?

Piraka: Got it!

Amy: Good,

Rainbow Dash: Let's do this!

Amy: Ok, let's go!

(They split up into 6 Groups & goes out to find the Elements of Harmony)


Vezon: We gotta figure out a way to stop those Ponies from using the Elements of Harmony. But how? Discord you've faced them before, what did you do to stop the Ponies from using the Elements of Harmony?

Discord: I'll use my magic!

Vezon: Say, now why didn't I think of that before (holds up his Spear) We'll use your magic to stop them! How do we do that?

Discord: Err, wel i can't explian it.

Vezon: Then here, wear this (puts the ACME Mind Reader Helmet on Discord's Head) Let this help you remember your past attempt on the ponies (turns it on & it shows Discord tricking & hypnotising the Ponies except for Twilight Sparkle) Hmm, looks like you've tried Hypnosis on those Ponies except 1. Why didn't you tell me you can use Hypnosis?

Discord: Er, i just wanted to keep it a secret!

Vezon: Look, at first you don't suceed, try try again. Ever heard that moto before?

Discord: Yes...

Vezon: Then remember this moto & try that attempt again

Discord: Oh, yes...!

Vezon: Good, let's go!


(with Reidak & Rairity)

Reidak: Yoo Hoo, Mr. Element. Come out, come out, wherever you are

Rarity: (Looking for the Element)

Reidak: (eating a Krabby Patty) I know you don't like getting dirty & stuff. But how would you like a Krabby Patty?

Rarity: Oh, no thank you, darling.

Reidak: (chuckles) Ok, more for me (eats another Krabby Patty) Mmm, delicious. (notices something shiny) I spot something Shiny. Wait here, I'll go get it (goes to the Shiny Thing, which is acculty one of the 6 Elements of Harmony)

Rarity: H-hey! That's one of the elements!

Reidak: No wonder it's so shiny. And it looks like a Necklace. Come on let's go back

Vezon: (hiding in the bushes) You know what to do, Discord?

Discord: Of course!

Vezon: Good, now go & hypnotis them!

Discord: (Disguses himself)

Reidak: That's 1 down & 5 more to go. Hey, I think I saw someone coming. Over there (points to Discord in Disguise) Yeah, there

Disguised Discord: (Points to Rarity) Hey! that ro-err, dimond over there is a fortune! Don't let anyone get it!

Reidak: Diamond? I don't see no...(spots a giant Diamond) Wow that Diamond's Huge

Disguised Discord: Yes, go ahead and get it...

Reidak: Thanks...but no thanks. I'm not interested with those Giant Diamonds. However Rairity & I are betta be going, but thanks for asking though. Bye (leaves) Come on Rarity, let's go. (notices Rairity is not with him) Rarity?

Rarity: Don't touch my dimond!!

Discord: Oh, even YOU think that rock is a- i mean.. Bye!

Reidak: Huh? Come on Rarity, let's get going & please put that diamond down. (picks up an Element of Harmony of Generosity) Now let's go

Rarity: I'm staying rIGHT here!!

Reidak: (sighs) Oh for the love of lizards. Alright, that's it (carries Rarity) I gotta tell the others about this (walks off while carrying Rarity)

Rarity: Let go of me!!!

Reidak: Sheesh, I've heard of Spoiled Brats, but this is Ridiculous!


(With Hakann & Pinkie Pie)

Hakann: (looking around) Still don't see the Element, do you Pinkie Pie?

Pinkie: Ehh, nope!

Hakann: We betta keep on looking (spots a Balloon) Huh? What's a Balloon doing here in the middle of nowhere?

Vezon: (hiding behind the bush, snickering)

Pinkie: A balloon? Let me have it!!

Hakann: Ah yi yi. Here you can have the balloon. Sheesh (founds an Element of Harmony of Laughter) Found one! (picks it up) We got one. Come on Pinkie Pie, we're outta here. (looks around) Pinke Pie?

Pinkie: Why do you hate my Parties!! WHY?!?!

Hakann: Uhhh, what? I don't get it, what's going on here?

Pinkie: I don't even wanna SEE you!

Hakann: What are you talking about, Pinkie Pie. The Piraka first met you about an Hour ago. (carries Pinkie Pie) Now come on, let's go before I really blow my stack!

Pinkie: Arggh!

Hakann: (sighs) Great, just great. Now she's acting like me. I betta tell the others (starts running while carrying Pinkie Pie)


(With Vezok & Rainbow Dash)

Vezok: (holding onto Rainbow Dash who is going super fast) Whao Horsey, whao! Whao! Too Fast! Whao Rainbow Dash Whao! WHAO!

Rainbow Dash: The fun's just begining! (Flies at fast speeds)

Vezok: Whao horsey whao! WHAO!

Rainbow Dash: (Searching for the element)

Vezok: (accidently let's go of Rainbow Dash) Uh oh! (falls to the ground)


Vezok: Ow, I think I have my nose in the dirt (notices an Element of Harmony of Loyalty) I think I found it, Rainbow Dash. (looks around) Rainbow Dash? Where'd you go? It's time to head back (sighs) Where could she be?

(Rainbow Dash has her head stuck in the ground)

Vezok: Rainbow Dash, what are you doing?

Rainbow Dash: (Pulls her head out) there!

Vezok: Huh? But I found an Element of Harmony for ya

Vezon: (hiding with Discord) Time to land that Fish. It means time to hypnotis Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash: Great!

Vezok: Come on let's go (leaves)

Vezon: (aims his spear at Rainbow Dash & blasts her with the Hypnotising Beam)

Rainbow Dash: Noo!!

Vezok: Rainbow Dash? Are you ok? (notices Rainbow Dash is been hypnotised) Hello? (waves his hand at Rainbow Dash)

Vezon: (to Rainbow Dash) This is your leaders, Vezon & Discord. Find Amy Rose, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok & dispose of them.

Rainbow Dash: O-okay.

Vezon: There's Vezon, SICK'EM!

Vezok: (notices Rainbow Dash is been corruptted like what Discord & Vezon did to Rarity & Pinkie Pie from before) Uh oh!

Rainbow Dash: What do you want?

Vezok: Uh Coconut Pancakes?

Rainbow Dash: I don't have any!!

Vezon: (hypnotises Rainbow Dash) Discord, do something!

Rainbow Dash: Now get outta my way, punk!

Vezok: Yikes! I'm outta here! (runs away)

Vezon: Oh never mind. I got this one

Vezok: I gotta tell the others about this


(With Avak & AppleJack)

Avak: Where are we, AppleJack? Duh, I think we're lost

AppleJack: I dunno parnder!

Avak: Someone should get a sky high view & see which way we gone to. Do you mind if you hold still while I stand on you to get a higher & better view?

AppleJack: Sure!

Avak: Ok, hold still because I'm heavier than you (stands on top of AppleJack) and also taller (looks around & spots an Element of Harmony of Honesty on a Branch up high in a Apple Jack) I think I found something shiny (hops off of AppleJack) Don't worry, I'll get the Element down from here (climbs up the Apple Tree & sits on top of a Branch that has the Element) I wish their could be a faster way to get that Element of Harmony down off this Apple Tree. AppleJack, do you have any ideas?

AppleJack: Ehhh, nope!

Avak: (sighs) What did you do to get the Apples out of that Apple Tree? Did you use a Special Technique to get the Apples down from the tree (grabs the Element of Harmony) Got it ! I'm coming down!

Vezon: (hides in the leaves of another Apple Tree) Ok Discord, your turn

AppleJack: Hmm, i found ten carrots! (Snickers)

Avak: Carrots? Is there Bunny Rabbits around here anyway?

AppleJack: Why sure! And they can turn money into gold!!

Avak: Anyways let's go (walks off) Bunny Rabbits turn money to gold, now that's...(stops because he reliezes something) Hey, wait a minute. Bunny Rabbits can't turn money into gold. AppleJack are you lying to me?

AppleJack: No!

Avak: Big whoop, I don't even like salad. Now come on

Vezon: (zaps AppleJack & turns her corruptted) 4 Down & 2 more to go

Avak: Huh? Who's there?

Vezon: (runs off)

Avak: (shrugs & keeps on walking) (notices AppleJack is losing color & she's corrupted as well) Sheesh, I know why a lier feels like. AppleJack, are you ok? Your look like your losing color

AppleJack: Nah, by the way, i'm rich!

Avak: Oh brother. I have a feeling that Discord & Vezon did this too ya (carries a Corrupted AppleJack) Come on let's go! (walks off with a Corrupted AppleJack on his back)


(With Thok & Fluttershy)

Thok: Hmm, it's somewhere around here. But where?

Fluttershy: I really don't know...

Thok: It could be anywhere

Vezon: (hides behind a Bush with Discord) (to Discord) So Fluttershy is the hardest one to use mind control on?

Discord: Of course!

Vezon: We got to try hypnotising her by force. Here comes Thok & Fluttershy. Do your stuff, Discord

(Discord turns into a butterfly)

Thok: (founds an Element of Harmony of Kindness) Found it. Now come on, let's go back to our friends. Fluttershy there's a butterfly on your head

Fluttershy: Oh, well that's okay..

Thok: Come on, let's go

Vezon: Discord, now!

(Discord Corrupts Fluttershy)

Thok: Fluttershy? Are you ok?

Fluttershy: Why should you care?!?!

Thok: I never seen you acting know....mad. It's not the real you (carries Fluttershy) Come along, I gotta tell the others about this (walks back to the others while Carrying Fluttershy on his back)

Fluttershy: (Growls)

Thok: Don't you...(growls) me Fluttershy. Oh boy


(With Amy, Zaktan & Twilight Sparkle)

Amy: We're getting very close

Zaktan: Yeah the Element of Harmony should be somewhere around here

(The Camera zooms out to see a Temple in Ruin)

Twilight: (Sees a shiny thing) I think i found one!

Amy: Let's see! (picks it up & it's the Element of Harmony of Magic & it looks like a Crown)

Zaktan: What's with the Crown? Belongs to a King or something

Twilight: It's one of the Elements!

Amy: Wow, we've found one of the Elements of Harmony. Let's get back to the others

Zaktan: Ok then. But I still think it's a Crown

(They go tell the others)

Reidak: (still carrying a Corrupted Rarity) Hey guys, I think I have a problem

Hakann: (carrying a Corrupted Pinkie Pie) That goes for me too

Vezok: (holding onto a Corrupted Rainbow Dash) WHAO, MULE! WHAO! OH COME ON WHAO! (being bucked off by a Corrupted Rainbow Dash & crashes into a Tree) Don't just stand there, Get me outta here!

Zaktan: Hold on, I gotcha (pulls Vezok out of the Tree) Are you ok?

Vezok: (feels dizzy) Still ok

Avak: (carrying a Corrupted AppleJack) What happen to the other ponies?

Thok: (carrying a Corrupted Fluttershy) I don't know, but I sence that the other ponies are corrupted as well

Twilight: What's going on?

Amy: Yeah & what happen to Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, AppleJack & Fluttershy?

Reidak: I don't know, but when Rarity & I found one of the elements, I notice a strange person with a Strange Boulder that looks like a Giant Jewel & all of the sudden Rarity started an obsession with it.

Hakann: And when Pinkie Pie & I saw that strange Balloon in the middle of nowhere. Pinkie Pie started being angry at me, maybe even angrier than me & Knuckles combined

Vezok: While Rainbow Dash & I have found one of the elements, I noticed Rainbow Dash gotten so mad that she almost attacked me like a Wild Animal

Avak: While AppleJack & I have found one of the elements, I noticed AppleJack said to me that bunny rabbits can turn money into gold & then I noticed bunny rabbits can't do that. I think AppleJack kept on lying to me

Thok: And I sence that Fluttershy has gotten angry & keeps on growling at me when we found one of the Elements

Zaktan: Wait a minute, can I get a tenny tiny time out here. Who did this to the Ponies? The only one left that is not corrupted would be Twilight Sparkle

Amy: And I think I know who done this to the Ponies & it's Discord & Vezon that did this to them.

Twilight: So Discord did it again..

Amy: Yep & this time he has help from Vezon

Zaktan: (gasps) Oh no, the Curse of the Piraka! It will be unleashed on Equestria

???: And mobius...

Amy: Huh? Who's there?

???: I am--- HEARTLESS!!! THE ZEZOK!!!!

Zaktan: Are you working for Discord & Vezon?

???: I work for King Harzok, why would i ever betray my master?

Reidak: Then what are you doing here?

Heartless: Cause i'm on a mission, that's why.

Amy: A Mission?

Vezok: For what?

Heartless: It's private.

Amy: Oh ok then.

Thok: We're trying to stop Discord & Vezon cause we're running out of time

Avak: Wait, where did Twilight Sparkle go?

Hakann: I don't know, you tell me

Heartless: (Shrieks)

Amy: (pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer) Stay back!

???: (knocks Heartless out) (slams Heartless to the ground 3 times, spins Heartless around & throws Heartless far far away, just like Vezon did before, but only farther & the Heartless dissapears with a Twinkle in the Sky) (walks up to Amy, the Piraka, Twilight Sparkle & the 5 Corrupted Ponies) (comes out of the shadows, revealing himself to be Kai the Hedgehog) So you must be.....Amy Rose

Amy: Kai the Hedgehog?!

Shadow Bugs: (Run at super speeds, after Heartless and create a way more powerful, pitch black, clone) (Also make Heartless dying for energry)

Kai: (shoots a Traquilliser at the Heartless & the Shadow Bugs, causing them to fall asleep & lose their power forever)

Discord: There's no way you're gonna stop us! Kai! Away! This is OUR battle!

Kai: I'm afraid your messing with the wrong Bounty Hunter. My name is Kai the Hedgehog, Dr. EggPlankton's Bounty Hunter

Vezon: Wait, we remember you. Your that Bounty Hunter who is the #1 Bounty Hunter in the Most Wanted List.

Kai: That is correct & you should know that I have a grudge agaisnt the Freedom Fighters & the Sonic Underground, even the Knothole Freedom Fighters

(While Kai, Discord & Vezon are arguing each other, the heroes sneak away from them as quickly as possible)


(With the Heroes)

Amy: Quick we need to escape from those 2 villains & find a hiding spot & fast

Zaktan: Good thing the Piraka fixed one of our Hot Rods

Amy: You have a Hot Rod?

Reidak: Yeah, sure (presses the button on the Car Keys)


(Just then a Red Car approaches & stops in front of Amy, the Piraka & the Ponies)

("Oh Yeah" [Yello song] begins)

Vezok: This is it, one of our hot rods

Rainbow Dash: Awesome!!

Thok: This Hot Rod is a 1961, Ferrari 250 GT California Sports Car. We modify this car into the ultimate racing machine.

Hakann: Check it, it has 2000 Horsepower, 10 Thrusters, Flame Decals, Super Thick Tires, Black Leather Interior & under the hood we have super deluxe Triple Overhead Engine.

Amy: Perfect! We can use that to escape from those Villains for now. Everybody hop on (hops on the Red Hot Rod)

(The Piraka hops on their Hot Rod as well, with Zaktan in the Driver Seat)

Rainbow Dash: (Puts on random black shades) Oh yeah!

Amy: Come on in girls.

(The Ponies got inside the Hot Rod)

Amy: I guess I got shotgun

Zaktan: Hold on. This might be preaty fast. Ok, it's gonna be super duper fast (steps on the gas pedal)

(They drive off)


(With the Villains)

Kai: Hah! You think you could outsmart me do you? Nothing could capture me by you two hooligans

(Camera zooms out to see Kai is in a Straight Jacket)

Kai: When it's a little bit of evil

Vezon: I think you should know why I have the Curse of the Piraka

Discord: (Crosses his arms)

Vezon: If you don't believe me, then watch this (open fires his Piraka Curse Magic at a Pony turning a Pony into a Piraka) See?

Discord: Well, then... we could use this on mobius, too.

Vezon: No one can escape my Piraka Curse. (his red aura appears & a familliar red smoke appears around Vezon) I can use my Piraka Curse on the world, thanks to the Makuta

Discord: (Grins)

Vezon: It's the perfect time to unleash my Shadow Piraka! (unleashes his Shadow Piraka, they are looked like a Piraka & they're Black with Red Armor) I'll start with 10. Like they say, "We start out an army that small & then the army grows bigger & bigger". With the Shadow Piraka on our side, we will conquer Equestria & all of Mobius with the True Chaos from the Makuta (evil laughter, until he notices a Mokujin replica of Kai with TNT) What the...?

(Vezon & Discord looks at each other in confusion & then...)


(Vezon & Discord are both black covered by the blast of Dynamite)

Vezon: (shakes the black off) Now where'd he go?

Kai: (on a Tree Branch) Like I said before, "Nothing could capture me like a common beast" (runs off)

Vezon: 10 Shadow Piraka, after him! And the other 10 Shadow Piraka, find Amy Rose, the Piraka & the Ponies & bring them to me

(10 Shadow Piraka salutes & then goes after Kai & the other 10 Shadow Piraka salutes & then goes to find Amy, the Piraka & the Ponies)

Discord: (Growls)


(At Twilight's Home)

(The Piraka are baracading the doors, while Amy & Twilight Sparkle are looking for a cure for the Piraka Curse)

Amy: All we need to do is to make an Antidote, but first let's fix your friends Twilight Sparkle, do you know how?

Twlight: (Thinking: C'mon, Twilight, think of something!)

Zaktan: If you ask me, I'm gonna get a soda (opens up a door to reveal lots of Scrolls & the Scrolls fall on him) ACK! (got crushed by the Scrolls) (muffled) Get me outta here!

Amy: Oh dear (pulls Zaktan out of the Scrolls)

Zaktan: (has a Scroll in his Mouth, like he was holding in his mouth it like a dog) (spits it out) Bleah! How did those Scrolls end up in my mouth?

Twilight: (Reads the scrolls)

Amy: We need someone who knows how to make an Antidote for the Piraka Curse, but who?

Reidak: I don't know

Twilight: I can make one! (To Amy) Would you like to help, Amy?

Amy: Sure! I love to help

Twilight: Okay!

Amy: Let's see (looks through a book about "Antidotes")

Twilight: Stop! (See's that the cure is on page 300) It's on page 300!

Amy: It's the cure for the Piraka Curse, let see we need those ingredients to make that antidote, but where could we find some?

Twilight: I might have some in the cabniets!

Amy: Ok, let's see (looks in the Cabniets) Ok so, what are the Ingredients to the Antidote?

Twilight: Water, Magick Dust, and.. dust!

Amy: Ok, let's see (grabs a bottle of water) Water, (grabs a box of Magick Dust) Magick Dust (sets the bottle of water & a box of Magic Dust on the table) & finally (grabs another box with original dust) Dust ! (sets the box of Original Dust on the Box with the other 2 Ingredients) Ok got the ingredients, let's follow the instructions on how to make the Antidote

Twlight: Step 1. - pour the water into a bowl.

Amy: (pours the water into the bowl) Ok, what's next?

Twilight: Step 2. mix the Magick Dust with the water.

Amy: Got it (pours the Magick Dust into the water & mix them all together with a clean wooden spoon)

Twilight: Anddd, step 3. -dump the dust in and mix!

Amy: Okey dokey (pours the original dust in the bowl & mix the Ingredients up to make the Antidote for the Piraka Curse)

Zaktan: The Antidote is Complete

Reidak: We don't have much time. First we gotta fix your friends from Corruption & then we'll stop the Piraka Curse together

Twilight: But how?

Avak: We betta hurry & fix your friends soon.

Vezok: I think they don't have memory of friendship

Amy: Twilight Sparkle, remember when you saved your friends from Discord's Corruption. What did you do to save your friends?

Twilight: (Thinking)

Thok: (using the ACME Sumbarine Telescope to look around Ponyville) I'll be on the lookout

Hakann: Ok then

Amy: (waiting for an answer from Twilight)

Twilight: (Slient)

Zaktan: I can't remember what just happened here, but it's like I need to rejog my memory or something

Twilight: ....

Reidak: Like a Memory Reboot? (rim shot)

Avak: (not impressed) Ha, ha. Very funny

Twilight: ENOUGH!!

Piraka: Sorry

Twilight: This is serious! There's no time to fool around like a child!

Thok: Hmm, I sence that your 5 friends need a Memory Spell to turn them back to normal

Twilight: Great! But uhh..

Avak: But what?

(A black and white creature was hiding in the shadows)

Amy: Guys? Do you have the feeling you we're being watched?


The "Creature"

Hakann: Uh, no. Why did you asked?

Kai: (hanging onto the Ceiling with a grin on his face)

(A hissing was heard)

Amy: Is that a Snake or something?

Zaktan: It sounds like a Snake & my Nickname is "The Snake". Now that's a cowincidence

(Growling is also heard)

Kai: (chuckles)

Amy: It's the Shadow Piraka, I think they found us

(The Shadow Piraka bursts through the Door)

Shadow Piraka #1: Indeed you are, Amy Rose the Hedgehog!

Shadow Piraka #2: And as for you Ponies & Piraka, Discord & Vezon are waiting for you & they are coming to get you

Scratch (The black and white creature): And bad luck awaits you. Hmph.

Kai: And the bad news keeps on coming (lands on the floor) At least for the villains that is

(The Dino Bros., or Hai and Sai, appear)

Hai: Not on our watch!

Sai: Whatever...

Hai: We're going to help you guys! (Points to the Ponies and others)

Amy: Ok!

Zaktan: You can start off by distracting those Shadow Piraka that are right behind you

(The Shadow Piraka captures Sai & Hai & takes them to Discord & Vezon)

Reidak: Or maybe not

Hai: Aii--(Punches one of the Shadow Piraka and escapes with Sai) yah! That's a move master Splinter taught me!

Amy: No Stop! Those Shadow Piraka are the Ponies that has been transformed by Vezon & Discord !

Shadow Piraka 1: (Growls) This is our battle.

Amy: Then drink this! (sprays the Antidote on Shadow Piraka 1, turning a Shadow Piraka back into a Pony) The Antidote works!

Vezok: Zaktan, Twilight Sparkle, what are we gonna do about Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, AppleJack & Fluttershy? They're still corrupted by Vezon & Discord

Zaktan: Hmmm, Reidak you'll think of something generous for Rarity, Hakann you'll think of something funny for to help Pinkie Pie get her Original self back, Vezok you'll think of something that is Loyalty like be loyal to your friends for Rainbow Dash to get her loyalty back, Avak you'll think of something honest for AppleJack & Thok you'll think of something that would be Kindness for Fluttershy to get her Kindness self back. You all know what to do?

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: Yes, Zaktan!

Zaktan: Good now go rescue Twilight's Friends from corruption!

(Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok goes to Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, AppleJack & Fluttershy trying to get their Elements back inside them)

Amy: Good luck guys. Come on Zaktan & Twilight Sparkle, let's go cure the Ponies from the Piraka Curse

Hai: (In a ninja pose) What bout' us?

Zaktan: (sighs) Never mind that, but thanks for helping though. Amy, the Piraka, the Ponies & I can take care it from here.

Amy: And you betta get outta here before the Piraka Curse catches you & turns you into a Shadow Piraka too

Hai: C'mon, Sai! (Jumps away with Sai)

Reidak: Twilight Sparkle, I need to think of something Generous to Rarity, so Rarity can have her generousity back. But what?

Twilight: How about a 'amazing' oufit for her?

Reidak: Hmm, what kind of Dress does Rarity like?

Amy: I got it (whispers to Reidak)

Reidak: Ohhh, good idea. (goes to a Courrupted Rarity) Hello Rarity, hows about I give you an preaty outfit that you can wear. Here, wear this (gives Rarity a beautiful outfit) Here you go.

Rarity: Oh, it's wonderful! Thank you, darling!

Reidak: Your welcome

(Rarity went back into Colour)

Reidak: That's one down & 4 more Corrupted ones to go. By the way, Rarity your still holding the boulder

Hakann: Hmm, I wonder what can I use. (checks the Records) Hmmm "Merry Go Round, Broke Down" perfect. (goes to a Corrupted Pinkie Pie) Hoo Yoo, Mrs. Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie: (Gasps) It's my favorite song of all time in the universe!

Hakann: Then it's time to bring your laughter back! (starts the record player)

("Merry-Go-Round, Broke Down" plays)

Hakann: (Starts singing) "Ohhhhh, now Hakann is my Name, and laughter is my game. Come on cowpoke, untie my rope & watch me go insane!" (steps on a rake, making it slams on his face & does it again, this time on the back side of his head making him fall on his belly)

Amy: (notices Pinkie Pie is laughing) It's working

Zaktan: Seriously? Hakann your out of your mind.

Hakann: Thanks (Continues singing while holding 3 Bowling Balls) "Well singing ain't my line, it's tough to make a rhyme, if I get stuck, I'm out of luck & I'm slurping on a lime" (Juggles the 3 Bowling Balls, but the Bowling Balls lands on his head, getting a big lump on Hakann's Head) (slips on a Banana Peel & falls down the stairs into the Basement)

(Hakann's Silly Dance makes everyone laughing, including Fluttershy)

Hakann: "C, D, E, F, G, H, I" (comes out of the Basement) "I... love to raise some cain, believe me it's no strain, it feels so great to smash a plate and look there is no pain" (grabs a plate from the stack & then smashes plate on his head with it]

[Suddenly the record player begins to repeat itself and so does Hakann who keeps saying 'no pain' and smashing his head with plates one at a time]

Pinkie Pie: '''YAY!! That's the best song ever!

(Pinkie Pie went back into colour)

Vezok: (stops the Record Player) Ok, that's 2 down & 3 more to go.

Hakann: Thanks, I needed that (fell on his back)

Avak: I'm next. (goes to AppleJack) (to Twilight Sparkle) Uh Twilight, how can I get AppleJack to bring back her element: Honesty?

Twilight: Try to tell her something that's true?

Avak: That'll do. I'll try (thinks really hard) Umm. (sighs) Ok to tell you the truth...the Piraka & I...we're (mumbling)

Amy: What's that?

Avak: The Piraka & I we're....(mumbling)

Zaktan: Come on spit it out

Avak: The Piraka & I we're...(mumbling)

Amy: One more time...for AppleJack & the rest of us

Avak: REIDAK, HAKANN, VEZOK, ZAKTAN, THOK & I ARE EVIL DARK HUNTERS! (panting) There, the Piraka & I we're trying not to tell the truth about this to anyone, but I did. (panting) There, Happy?

AppleJack: ..Yeah?

(AppleJack went back into Colour)

Amy: Thok, your next.

Thok: I hope I suceed (to a corrupted Fluttershy) Um, excuse me Fluttershy? Would you please show some kindness to me? You don't mind, do you?

Fluttershy: Why, yes...

Thok: (sighs) Oh thank you, Fluttershy

(Fluttershy went back into Colour)

Amy: Ok, at last exceptly not least, Rainbow Dash.

(Everyone notices Rainbow Dash is gone along with Vezok)

Amy: Wait, where is she?

Zaktan: And where's Vezok?

Vezok: (from offscreen) Whao Horsey Whao! WHAO!

(Everyone notices a Corrupted Rainbow Dash is trying to get away, but Vezok is trying to stop her, but he is struggling)

Rainbow Dash: Get off of me!

Vezok: Not unless you'll have your Royalty back! (to Amy & Twilight) HEELP!

Amy: Looks like Vezok's in trouble, we have to help him

Rainbow Dash: (Growls)

Vezok: Get me down.

Amy: Twilight, is there a Spell that can get Rainbow Dash back into Colour?

Twilight: Well, me and the ponies captured her before...

Zaktan: Ok, then what happened?

Vezok: Hurry! She's taking to the air !

Twlight: She turned back to normal! Fluttershy, go chase Rainbow Dash as you did before! I'll get the Balloon!

Avak: Uh yeah, I'm kinda afraid of Heights because Stone Types fall down super fast.

Zaktan: Sorry Avak, but it's the only way to save Vezok & turn Rainbow Dash back to normal with a Memory Spell

Vezok: (still holding onto Rainbow Dash) Well you guys betta do it fast, because I can't hold on to Rainbow Dash much longer. I might fall to the Ground & it's really Painful !

Amy: Come on guys, we got Rainbow Dash to catch & Vezok to save

Twlight: (Gets out the Balloon)

Amy: Quick, get inside (hops inside the Hot Air Balloon)

Reidak, Hakann, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (hops inside the Hot Air Balloon)

Fluttershy: I'm ready..

Zaktan: Ok, then/ Yah Mule! Yah! Yah! Yah!

Fluttershy: (Whimpers)

Reidak: (facepalms) Oh what now?

Fluttershy: ..I'm not ready.

Avak: Oooooooh! (sighs) (grabs a piece of rope & ties Fluttershy to the Hot Air Balloon) There now you can pull the hot air balloon while it's carrying us now. (gets back inside the Hot Air Balloon)

Thok: Ok, then let's go

Fluttershy: O..kay. (Flies off after Rainbow Dash)

Amy: Look, We're gaining up on Rainbow Dash!

Hakann: (notices the Rope is around his feet) Uh oh (his legs got caught in the Ropes) WHAO!

Reidak: (got his legs caught in the ropes as well) ACK!

Zaktan: Oh dear

Reidak: (to Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle & AppleJack) Who is watching the ropes?

Twilght: (Gasps) No-one!

Hakann: Guys! Your suppose to watch the ropes!

Amy: Sorry!

Vezok: (still holding on to Rainbow Dash) When I'm holding onto Rainbow Dash, she got a little slower.

Amy: That's it ! We can slow Rainbow Dash down by hopping onto Rainbow Dash's Back. Zaktan, Avak & Thok, you guys are gonna have to jump onto Rainbow Dash when we get close enough to her.

Zaktan, Avak & Thok: What?!

Zaktan: Are you crazy?!

Amy: It's a risk that you guys need to take

Avak: Ok, you win

Thok: Fluttershy, we need to get close enough to Rainbow Dash so we can catch her, can you please go faster for us?

Fluttershy: You bet. (Boosts up)

Amy: We're catching up! Ready you 3

Zaktan, Avak & Thok: Ready!

Amy: GO!

Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (jumps out of the Hot Air Balloon & onto Rainbow Dash, causing her to slow down even more)

Zaktan: Gotcha!

Rainbow Dash: (Growls)

(With the combine weight of Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok, Rainbow Dash got lowered to the Ground & lands)

Zaktan: Now Twilight !

(Everyone gets out of the Balloon and it lands to the ground)

Reidak & Hakann: (lands on their bellies)

Hakann: (panting) Next watch....the rope

Reidak: (panting) Yeah.

Amy: We got Rainbow Dash. Twilight, it's time to use your Memory Spell

(Twlilight uses Memory Spell)

(Rainbow Dash has got her Colour back)

Rainbow Dash: Wh-what happened?

Amy: It's good to have you back Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash: Huh?

Amy: We'll explain everything

Rainbow dash: Okay..

Zaktan: Right now we have Vezon & Discord to be captured

Reidak: Where could they be at now?

Amy: (holding up an ACME Villain Tracker) Acording to this, that Discord & Vezon are somewhere over...(points to Canterlot) there

Vezok: Is that a Castle?

Twilight: It's Canterlot!!

Zaktan: !

Reidak: What's wrong?

Zaktan: I think we're in for a Warm Welcome

(We see a Black Dodge Humpback Panel Truck coming towards Amy, the Piraka & the Ponies & coming out of the truck revealing to be the Rahkshi)

Turahk: Alright you guys, fall out !

(The Rahkshi surrounds Amy, the Piraka & the Ponies)

Amy: Turahk!

Turahk: Ah, Amy Rose, it's nice of you to drop in. You & your friends are coming with us, cause Vezon & Discord hired us to stop you guys

Rainbow Dash: No way!! (Kicks them)

Turahk: (got bucked by Rainbow Dash & got his head on upside down) Hey!

Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk: (laughing at Turahk nonstop cruelly & madly)

Guurahk: (giggles at bit)

Turahk: Stop that laughing! (readjust his head back to normal) You know what happens...(slams Vorahk in the head with his Staff, making him stop laughing)...if you can't...(slams Kurahk in the head with his staff, making him stop as well)...stop...(slams Lerahk in the head with his staff, making him stop also)...laughing?!

Panrahk: (still laughing)

Turahk: (pulls out a Plunger & throws it at Panrahk, making his Mouth got covered in the Suction part of the Plunger making him stop laughing) One of these days, your Kraata's gonna die laugh

Guurahk: Uh Turahk?

Turahk: What?

Guurahk: (points to Amy, the Piraka & the Ponies going inside Canterlot Castle)

Turahk: HEY! STOP!

(The Rahkshi goes after Amy, the Piraka & the Ponies inside Canterlot Castle)

Rainbow Dash: See ya!

(The Large Doors slams on Turahk's Face)

Turahk: (Feels dizzy)

Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk: (starts laughing again)

Turahk: (shakes his head & he doesn't feel dizzy anymore) I told you to Stop that Laughing!

Guurahk: Please allow me (slaps Lerahk's, Panrahk's, Vorahk's & Kurahk's Heads in one single row)

Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk: OW!

Turahk: Thanks

Guurahk: Your welcome

Turahk: (looks at the Castle) Canterlot Castle. Get Vezon & the Draconequus


(Inside the Castle)

Amy: Phew, that was a close one. Those Rahkshi nearly caught us

Zaktan: Somehow Discord & Vezon made an alliance with the Rahkshi like those 2 did with each other & they are planning to revive the Makuta.

Rainbow: Say whaaat?

Zaktan: Like I said, they we're planning to revive the Makuta, the Rahkshi's Father.

Amy: We need to warn the Princesses about this problem & fast

Twilight: Right.

(Amy Rose, the Ponies & the Piraka goes to the throne room to warn Princess Celestia & Princess Luna about Discord & Vezon)

Celestia: Yes?

Amy: Greetings, my name is Amy Rose (bows down in respect)

Zaktan: (bows as well) I'm Zaktan & this is Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: (bows as well)

Amy: We're here to tell you that Vezon freed Discord from his stony prison & now they teamed up together to take over ponyville

Luna: Oh my..

Zaktan: With these 2 Villains teaming up together. They'll revive the Makuta

Celestia: You need to use the Elements of Harmony, my little ponies. Hurry, before they take over.


(There's a loud Knock on the Front Doors)

Turahk: (from outside) Open up in the name of the Makuta

Amy: They're here ! We betta think of a Stradegy to stop them. (gets an idea) I got it. Let's lure them into a Trap. Ok here's what we gonna do. We'll...(whispers to the Ponies & Piraka)

(With Vezon, Discord & the Rahkshi)

(The Rahkshi burst through the Front Doors to see that no one's inside the castle)

Lerahk: Looks like they gave us the slip, huh boss?

Turahk: Nah, the Ponies got the Elements of Harmony stashed somewhere

Vezon: Well find them & dispose those Elements of Harmony because you Rahkshi are the Elements of Chaos

Discord: They have to be here somewhere!

Vezon: But where?

Turahk: (notices Amy Rose washing the Dishes) Hold it right there

Amy: (washing the Dishes) Eh, what's up doc?

Turahk: Ok wisegirl, where's the Elements of Harmony?

Amy: Haven't seen them (continues washing the dishes)

Discord: We know you're lying..

Vezon: What's in the sink?

Amy: My Dishes, I've gotta do my chores you know

Turahk: (Gasps) I see. Search the Castle boys & leave no stone unturn

(Gurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk starts searching in the Throne Room)

(They didn't know that the Piraka & Ponies are hiding from them, getting ready for an Ambush)

(Turahk, Vezon & Discord goes up to Amy)

Vezon: Look, Rose. We got a tipoff that the Elements of Harmony are here & they're conrengated by serveral others

Discord: Give them to us..

Turahk: Or we'll blast you! So where are the Elements, Hedgehog!

Amy: If you 3 keep talking like that & I'm gonna have to wash your mouths off ! (puts 3 bars of Soap into Turahk's, Discord's & Vezon's Mouth, 1 bar of soap for each mouth. Making them lose their balance & falls down the stairs back to the Throne Room)

Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk: (notices Turahk, Discord & Vezon had bars of soap in their mouths & laughs at them once again)

Guurahk: Oh my (tries to stop herself from laughing, but fails)

Discord: (Growls)

Turahk: For the last time, STOP THAT LAUGHING!

(But the other 5 Rahkshi can't stop laughing)

Vezon: (spits the Soap out of his mouth)

Turahk: (spits the soap out as well) Look boys! (slams Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk in the head with his staff)

Guurahk: (Stops laughing & gulps) Sorry about that

Vezon: Now where'd those Elements gone to?

Zaktan: HEY!

(The Villains turn to see the Piraka)

Reidak: Gotcha (presses the Button & the Windows & Doors are all sealed up with Steel)

Amy: And by the way, the ponies are the Elements of Harmony (points to the ponies, wearing the Elements of Harmony)

Vezon: Uh Oh

Rahkshi: Uh Oh !

Amy: NOW!

(The ponies use the Elements Of Harmony to turn Discord into a statue again)

Vezon: (gulps)

Turahk: (looks dumbstruck) Whao

Zaktan: Your turn Vezon

(The Piraka gets close to Vezon)

Vezon: Not in the face! Not in the face!

Piraka: (attacks Vezon)

Vezon: (feels dizzy) (slurry) The next time we meet, I'll make sure everyone will be voted out tonight (falls on his belly)

Amy: And then they we're 6

(Amy, the Ponies & Piraka turns to the Rahkshi)

Turahk: Oh dear

Guurahk: What do you mean Turahk? We're the Elements of Chaos, remember?

Turahk: Oh yeah, I forgot about that. But they only work if the Makuta was Awaken from the dead once again

Lerahk: Uh oh !

Panrahk: Mother

(The Rahkshi starts backing up)

Vorahk: Easy, easy boy

Kurahk: Our goose was cooked

Turahk: At least it can't get anymore worse

(The Rahkshi accidently bumped into Princess Celestia & Princess Luna & the Rahkshi turned to the 2 Princesses)

Guurahk: You just have to say that didn't you

Turahk: Me & my big fat mouth

Celestia and Luna: (Growls)

Amy: (pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer) (growls)

Turahk: (gulps) Mother

(From Outside we can hear Amy Rose attacking the Rahkshi with her Piko Piko Hammer & at the same time, Celestia & Luna attacking the Rahkshi with their Magic & we see the 6 Rahkshi been blown away & out of Equestria, heading towards the City & finally they landed in the Dumpster with a Thud)

Rahkshi: (all felt dizzy from the Impact)

Turahk: (Slurry) Me & my big mouth, super stupid

(The Dumpster Lid closes on Turahk's Head)

Turahk: Ouch!


(Back in Canterlot)

Vezon: (got handcuffed by the Police)

Rainbow Dash: See ya.. in six years!

Vezon: Like Snaptrap would say "I will now PLOT MY REVENGE !"

(The Police puts Vezon inside the Prisoner Cargo of the Police Truck)

Vezon: And I'm warning you, the next time we meet. I'll turn all ponies into pony rides

(The Cargo closes & the Police Truck drove away)

Amy: Well we did it. We've stop Vezon from reviving the Makuta

Zaktan: And everything's back to normal

Pinkie Pie: So? Are we gonna party or what?! Woo!

Reidak: Ok, just once.

Hakann: Let's party !

Rainbow Dash: Let's do this!!

(In a Sonic Second, Pinkie Pie started the Party back in Ponyville)

Avak: Well, I guess we did it

Thok: Yep

Avak: We've stop Discord, Vezon & the Rahkshi

Vezok: Uh-huh

Amy: Guys, you said you've made a wrong turn here.

Zaktan: Yeah & I guess it is worth it. By the way, aren't we forgetting something?

Reidak: I think so, but I can't remember what is it though. Oh well, never mind

Amy: Oh ok then. Just asking

Pinkie Pie: (Eats a slice of cake)

Amy: This Party is amazing, it's like we're having a get together in some convention or something

Zaktan: Convention? (relieases something) OH MAN! The Piraka Convention! The Piraka & I forgot about that Convention

AppleJack: Betta be goin'!

Amy: Guys, I wonder if the Piraka we're stubborn enough to go to the Piraka Convention

Zaktan: See ya later, bye!

(The Piraka travels underground to the Piraka Convention like they did before)

Amy: Yep, they're stubborn enough. (to Ponies) Well, goodbye girls

The Ponies: Bye, Amy!!

Amy: (leaves Ponyville) (to Audience) The Ponies from Ponyville are Cute, don't you think? (marches while Playing a Flute in a tune called "The Girl I Left Behind Me" all the way back home)

"That's All Folks"

The End