Nerin the Cat

Also known as

Rin, Ne, Anti-Teneko, Green Cat, The Mistress




"Why would you ask something like that?!"


Evil, The Suppression Squad (formerly), The Cat Squad


Green/ White Fur, Lt. Blue Irises, Scar over her right eye, Blonde Hair, Hot Pink Lipgloss


Cyan/ Lt. Cyan Shirt, Orange Short Skirt, White gloves w/ Metallic Spikes on the cuffs, White Boots w/ Metallic Spikes on the cuffs

Original Creator


Nerin the Cat (Nerin za Kyatto) is the Moebian counterpart of Teneko Prime.


Nerin is a crazy and schemeing young cat (though you'd think otherwise by the way she dresses) and is often very antisocial. She doesn't seem to interact with her fellow Moebians very much. She can be cold and severe when she meets certain people and loves to judge them at first glance. She also has very little respect for the people around her and thinks of them very lowly, no matter what their age, gender, level of power, etc. And loves to mess with others, show them up and/or hurt them, these acts often gets her trouble. She also has a tendancy to flirt and/or hit on many men at a time but she seems to have her eyes set on Scourge the Hedgehog. Even though she acts this way, she still has a few "friends" but she often uses most of them as pawns for her own schemes and would rather let them die than help them. She's also an adrenaline junkie, doing any dare, mission, or scheme that could cost her life. Nerin also seems to have an exellent memory. She also has a dry sense of humor and is serious most of the time.


  • Good Runner
  • Basic Combat
  • Some Chaos Abilities
  • Use spikes on glove cuffs to slightly injure opponents


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Slish the CatEdit

Slish likes to say Nerin is her "best friend" but in reality Nerin only tolerates her. Their current predicament trapped on Mobius Prime has made them partners. Nerin is the mastermind of the two, just using Slish for some extra "muscle".


Nerin is the anti counterpart of a cat from Mobius Prime. She became green and gained chaos powers due to a dare she did when she was very young involving the master emerald on the sunken island. She was formerly allied with the Supression Squad until one day an accident occured trapping her and Slish the Cat on Mobius Prime.


Tweety Meets the Cat Squad


  • Nerin is a random name KittheCat thought up. Part of Nerin's name is "cold, dignified, severe" in Japanese.
  • Nerin's new theme is Not Like That by Ashley Tisdale