New Student Clown - Xillon is an episode from Ashley Thorn & the Tiny Toons.

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It was a beautiful day in ACME Looniversity & we see that Ashley is getting ready for class.

Ashley: Hi guys.

Romeo: Ello, Ms. A-Ashley! It'sa me, Romeo!

Ashley: Hi Romeo, what's new?

Romeo: Nothing-a much.

Ashley: Oh ok then. Just asking.

Daffy: Uhh, hey. Welcome back to class, students! (Mutters) We have a new student today.

Amy: What Daffy is trying to say it out loud is that we have a new student today. So let's put on our happy faces for our new student. I want all of you to introduce to our new student, Xillon. (shows her classmates, Xillon) He is Link's Aprentice. (to Xillon) So tell me about yourself, how are you today in your first day in ACME Looniversity?

Xillon: Uhhh, errr, good...

Amy: That's good, now everyone, let's be nice to our new student ok?

Ashley: Ok

Amy: Now then Xillon, it's time for you to find your seat.

Xillon: (Takes a seat)

Ashley: (to Xillon) Hi there, my name is Ashley Thorn.

Xillon: ........Hi.

Ashley: It's very nice to meet you.

Amy: Ok Class, today we're gonna learn about the funny cartoon sounds.

Daffy: Like.... (A group of hot girls appear; Daffy howls like a wolf at them)

Amy: And this...(jogs on the spot & then runs around, with a cartoon running sound appears as Amy runs around & then stops)

(Ten Minutes Later)

Daffy: (Panting) Okay....any....ques....tions? (Faints)

Spongebruno: Nope, I think we can remember

Paul: Yeah.

Xillion: ....What?

Edric: We can remember some of the Funny Cartoon Sounds.

Amy: Alright then, let's continue with our lesson

Xillon: .....Okay.

Squire: (sighs) Oh please.

Edwina: So Xillon, how was your day today?

Xillon: ...Good.

Eduardo: (notices his stomach is growling) (chuckles) I'm hungry

Daffy: (Gets up; sighs) Lunch is soon....

Rocker: Soon?

Cobra: Yes, what he said

Sharkbait: Alright then

Daffy: (Nodds)

Amy: Alright, does anyone know any other funny cartoon sounds?

Whole Class: NO.

Amy: Oh ok then. They are other funny cartoon sounds. Like this (bonks Daffy on the head, making a funny bonk sound) And like this (blows up a balloon & then let the balloon's air let out of the balloon causing to make a Funny Balloon / Air Releasing Sound) And this (hears a sputtering engine sound coming from a Maxwell car)

Daffy: (rubs his head) Ow...

Amy: Sorry Daffy.


(At Lunch)

Ashley: It's very fancinating listening to Funny Cartoon Sounds.

Xillon: Yeah, but uhhh.... how do i fit in to be the Hero Of Time?

Ashley: Maybe your master, Link can help you be the Hero of Time.

Xillon: .....Fine.

Ashley: So where is your master?

Xillon: (Shrugs)

Ashley: Maybe someone can help us find your master. Maybe we can ask Fifi Le Fume to help us.

Xillon: (Growls) I can help myself....

Ashley: Oh ok then. Maybe we can take a car if your master is far away.

Xillon: I don't use cars.....

Ashley: Oh, so if we not getting any help & not taking a car, what should we use for travel?

Xillon: (Points to his Pony outside, which is like Link's horse, Epona)

Ashley: Wow, what a cute little pony. Let's go.

Xillon: ......I'm a bit of.... a lone wolf, let's say.

Ashley: Okay then? (hops on the pony gently) Hop on Xillon.

Xillon: (Hisses) You know what lone wolf means...

Ashley: But you might be in danger of any Next Generation Enemies.

Xillon: I'm 14, and Link did it as a ten year old.

Ashley: Ok then. (hops off) Sorry, I was trying to help you.

Xillon: (Rides off)

Tony: (Watches) What a drama queen.

Ashley: I heard that!

Tony: (Pokerface)

Ashley: Maybe my friends know a thing or two about Xillon.


Ashley: (walks down the hallway) Guys? Do you know anything about Xillon?

Everyone: ....No?

Ashley: (sighs) I guess he is mysterious. Maybe there's someone who knows something about people who are mysterious.

Everyone: (Rolls their eyes)

Ashley: I know, maybe I can asked one of the teachers to help & I know just the teacher that knows mysterious people.


Ashley: (goes into Shadow's Classroom) Excuse me, Mr. Shadow? There is a new student who is the mentor of Link, his name is Xillon & he said that he's a lone wolf. Do you know anything about Xillon?

Shadow: (Rolls his eyes) No....

Ashley: But do you know anything about his master, Link?

Shadow: Hmmm, Link did save Hyrule from Ganondorf, but he pefers to fight by himself, I think that Xillon does the same....

Ashley: That's it ! That's why Xillon is working alone. Thanks Mr. Shadow. (leaves Shadow's Classroom, but comes back) By the way, what lessons did you teach the students in your class?

Shadow: Dark Humor, that's for example, you make a joke about one person being dead, when they're alive.

Ashley: (gets a little bit freaked out) Oookay? I'll catch up with you later. Bye Mr. Shadow (leaves the classroom)

Shaow: ....Bye. (Muttering) It's not that freaky...

Ashley: (comes back) I heard that. (leaves the classroom)


Ashley: Ok, how can I get to Hyrule City. Think Ashley, think (starts thinking)

Tony: OWWWW!

Ashley: Are you ok, Tony? What happened?

Tony: Mama mia! (Stuck in a pile of tires) I was-a trying to getta me some pizza, but these-a stupid tires-a fell!

Ashley: Here let me help you (pushes away from Tony, one by one)

Tony: (Finally free)

Ashley: Are you ok, Tony? Where's your brother Romeo?

Tony: (Shrugs)

Ashley: Ok then. I was trying to figure how am I gonna get to Hyrule City. Do you have any ideas?

Tony: No....

Ashley: (sighs) I wonder what type of Transportation I can use to follow Xillon to Hyrule City?

Tony: A bike?

Ashley: I guess that'll do. But where could I find a Bike?

Tony: (Shrugs)

Ashley: (sighs) I guess I have got to go get one.

Tony: Meh....

Ashley: How can I find a bike? (looks around) I gotta start looking

Tony: The store...

Ashley: Ok, but I need some money or else I'm running on foot.

Tony: Go-a stea- "borrow" some money from Mario's cousin, Wario.

Ashley: Tony, I'm not gonna steal any money. (notices that she has money the entire time) Well what do you know, I have some money this entire time.

Tony: (Sighs)

Ashley: (goes to the store) Hello? I like to buy a bike, please?

Emo Dawg: Ummm, which bicycle would you like?

Ashley: Um, What kind do you have?

Emo Dawg: Basicly the same ones, cept' different sizes and designs.

Ashley: Ok then. (notices a Red Bike) I'll take the Red one, please?

Emo Dawg: Okay.... (Gives her the red bike)

Ashley: (gives Emo Dawg her money) Here you go & thanks

Emo Dawg: (Counts)

Ashley: I might as well get going. Bye.


Ashley: (riding her red bike to Hyrule City) I hope Xillon is not in danger. (spots Xillon near the Castle) There he is!

(With Xillon)

Anope (Xillon's pony): (Neighs)

Ashley: (arrives) Hi Xillon.

Xillon: GET OUT. (Stabs a dragon's stomach)

Ashley: Why do you have to be so mean to me Xillon?

Xillon: I remember....

Link: (Fighting Ganondorf)

Xillon: (Watching) Whoah....

Link: (Growls) Get out before he gets you!

Xillon: (Frozen)

Ganondorf: (Smirks and heads torwards the young Xillon)

Link: (Gasps and grabs Xillon)

Xillon: U-uhhh....

Link: (Smiles) Welcome, kid.

(End of flashback)

Ashley: Wow. Your we're trying to save me from a dragon.

Xillon: (Looks older, as if he were in his mid-teens) Yes...

Ashley: Whao, you look alot like your master, Link.

Xillon: (Nods) Yes..... my mentor.... (His horse looking older, too)

Ashley: Wow, you've grown up so fast

Xillon: (Hair flowing because of the sudden wind)

Ashley: I see that you don't need my help after all. Anyways, are you ready to get back to Acme Loonerversity?

Xillon: ....Perhaps.

Ashley: Then let's go home (rides her bike back to Acme Loonerversity)

Xillon: ........Let's go, Anope! (Rides off)

Ashley: (to Audience) I guess it just goes to show you that we've grown up so fast

"That's All Folks"

The End