Pink Jewel of Love is an episode of Amy Rose & The Looney Toons.

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(The 6 Piraka we're walking along down the Streets)

Zaktan: Guys, what do you think we should do now?

Reidak: I don't know

Jewel: (Walking by) Hmph! Forever alone! So not true! Like, i'm looking for a booyy! ....That's a hero & single!

Hakann: What do you think, should we do?

Vezok: I still don't know

Jewel: ..Okay maybe that 'Forever alone' thing IS true!

Avak: There's nothing to do & now we...


(6 Piraka crashed into Jewel the Bat)

All: OW

Thok: Sorry about that

Jewel: (Thinking: Yes! now all i have to do is act ummm.. Pretty!) Ahem! Why hello there.

Reidak: Who are you?

Hakann: We haven't seen you before in our lives

Jewel: I'm Jewel the Bat but you can call me Jewel!

Vezok: Ok Jewel, where did you came from?

Jewel: The future! Why do you ask? Please tell me.

Zaktan: My name is Zaktan & this is Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok & we're the Piraka

Jewel: It's nice to meet you all!

Avak: We're trying to figure out what are we doing today

Jewel: Well. you can go to my dating game! It's for all singles!

Thok: Yeah, about that, we don't do dating so we give a simple farewell adiue, so bye bye

(The 6 Piraka ran away from Jewel)

Jewel: (To the viewers) Little boys are so Childish! Except they are not Little!

Dragon Darkstorm and Bakuu: (Training)

Jewel: Well... umm no. I'll just put up posters for it! (Puts up posters that say "Come over to my place for the Dating game! ~Jewel Bat") There! All done!

Teniahk:(Runs into Jewel) Oh Sorry

Jewel: It's okay!

Darkstorm:(Lands) Hey there

Jewel: Hi! I'm Jewel!

Darkstorm: Darkstorm the Halfbreed

Bakuu: Bakuustorm the Two Tailed Cat Halfbreed

Jewel: It's nice to meet you two!


Jewel: Okay then! Do you have any friends that are single? if you do tel him about this! (Show them one of the posters) See what i mean? Err..yeah.


Zaktan: I think Jewel is gone

Reidak: I don't get it, why are we running away from Female were tougher than Female

Zaktan: You don't understand, Jewel wants to...Marry one of us

Piraka: (Gasps)

Zaktan: I know, so let's stay away from Jewel until she has a Boyfriend

Vezok: Uh Why?

Thok: Yeah why?

Zaktan: Let's just go

Hakann & Avak: Loud & clear, Zaktan your great one


Reidak: Now what? (Opens the door) Hello?

Rahkshi Lerahk: Where is Zaktan he owes the Rahkshi $30

Rat: (Trying to sleep)

Rahkshi Turahk: I guess I am gonna be single for life

Jewel: (Comes in) Wait...did someone say single? i'm single!

Rahkshi Turahk: I am.

Jewel: I'm Jewel the Bat! And you are?

Rahkshi Turahk: Turahk

Jewel: It's nice to meet you!

Rahkshi Turahk: Same her Miss Jewel

Jewel: Thank you.

Turahk: Well you hosting a dating game eh?

Jewel: (Blushes) Yeah..

Turahk: I'll see you there

Jewel: Okay.

Turahk:(Kisses Jewels hand before Leaving)

Jewel: (Blushes) Bye.


Jewel: (Leaves)

Teniahk:(Appears next to Jewel)

Jewel: Hello Teniahk!

Teniahk: I am a single Female

Jewel: Oh.

Teniahk: My name mean Love Jewel in Halfbreed

Jewel: I see.

Teniahk:(Jumps to Jewels Head)

Jewel: (Giggles)


Jewel: Sorry but i gotta go now. Bye!

Teniahk:(Does Jewel's hair in a pony tail and Jumps off)

Jewel: I have to go shopping.


Jewel: Bye! (Goes to the mall)


Jewel: Now let's see. What dress should i buy? Aha!( (Finds one) It's perfect! I'll buy it!

Arbiter: Hi there

Jewel: Oh! Hello!

Zaktan: By the way Turahk (gives Turahk $30) Here, take it

Jewel: (Buys the dress)

Reidak: Let's get outta here Zaktan

Zaktan: Ok

(The 6 Piraka hides in the Dumpster)

Avak: There

Vezok: Let's see if the coast is clear

Thok: Righto (peeks his head out of the dumpster & looks around to make sure Jewel is gone)

Hakann: I think she's gone

Thok: Yep, she's gone

Zaktan: What now?

Jewel: Umm i HAVE a boyfriend.

Reidak: Phew, glad that's over

Vezok: Hey, I think I found 5 Pennies

Avak: You know what? Let's dig into the Dumpster for Gold

Thok: Right

(The 6 Piraka look inside the Dumpster for Money)

???: You won't find money there! oh well. I'll look for food in there!

Hakann: And just who are you?

???: I have no name. i'm just a Rat. Bye!


Jewel: (Puts on the dress) Hmm..


Jewel: (Opens the door) Just in time! Come in!

Turahk: (Kisses Jewel)

Jewel: (Blushes)

Turahk:(Purr Growls)

Jewel: Let's go to our date.


Jewel: (Gets in her car) Where should we go?

Turahk: Chinese

Jewel: Okay.


(At the Date)

Jewel: We're here.

Turahk:Two please

Waiter: This way

Jewel: Okay.

Waiter: should be your drinks?

Jewel: Coke.

Turahk: Dr. Peper no ice

Waiter: Okay.

Turahk: So Jewel nice name

Jewel: Thanks.

Turahk:(Purr growls) No Prob.

Jewel: (Looks at the menu) I think i'll have Sweet & Sour chicken.

Turahk: Egg Rolls

Jewel: Okay.

Turahk: So you have any hobbies?

Jewel: Yes.

Turahk: Care to share?

Jewel: Treasure hunting, Bounty hunting,Painting. Too much.

Turahk: Master of fear, Bounty Hunter, Soldier

Jewel: Oh.

(Their Food Arrives)

Jewel: (Starts eating)

Turahk:(Begins to Eat)

(Meanwhile from outside of the Resturant)

Zaktan: 53, 54, 55. We found $55 & a Yo-Yo in the Dumpster

Hakann: Mine! (grabs the Yo-Yo from Zaktan & does Yo-Yo tricks with it) Thanks, I been looking for that Yo-Yo for ages

Piraka (Except Hakann): BLEAH !

Hakann: What? It's just a Yo-Yo

Piraka: Phew!

Vezok: Are you sure, it's not a Coconut, because I'm Hungry

Avak: Me too

Reidak: Wait a minute, I found a $600 Dollor bill

Thok: Well that'll do

Guurahk:(Bumps into Zahktan) Oh I am so sorry Sir (Guurahks is a single Female)

Zaktan: That's ok

Vezok: Yeah that's o...k k k k k k

Reidak: Vezok, are you ok? SNAP OUT OF IT! (Slaps Vezok)

Vezok: Who, what where?

Guurahk:(Giggles) Here (Hands Zahktan a $20 bill) For luck (Walks off)

Zaktan: Oh uh, thanks

Guurahk: Well I got to go Lerahk is gonna throw a fit If I am not back on time

Zaktan: Lerahk, who the heck is Lerahk?

Guurahk: Master of Poison, Look I got to go heres my number (Hands Zahktan her Number and runs off)

Zaktan: Ok thanks.

Piraka (Except Zaktan): (Sings) Zaktan & Guurahk, sitting in the tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G!

Zaktan: Would you cut that out! You got a problem with that?!

Reidak: Uh Nope

A Borahk rolls on Reidak's leg and Rolls away

Reidak: (falls on the Ground) Ouch! Hey, watch where your going.

Thok: Is that a Borahk

Reidak: And it flaten my Legs, Litterally (His legs are Flat & uses a Bicycle Pump to pump air back into his Legs) There, all done

A Red Borahk runs over Thok

Thok: Ouch! I sence I'm in terrible pain. (To Red Borahk) Excuse me, but you've ran over me, so I was suggesting that you say "sorry", please?

Red Borahk: (Turns into its insect form and pecks Thok)

Thok: Ow

Hakann: Is that another Borahk?

Vezok: I think so

Borahk Kal:(Takes Hakann's yo-yo)

Hakann: Hey, that's my Yo-Yo get back here with that

Avak: Uh Guys, I hope there isn't a Stampede around here

A Gigantic Borahk lands on Hakann

Hakann: Yeouch!

Zaktan: Don't worry, we'll get you out!

(Reidak, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok help Hakann get off from the Gigantic Borahk)

Hakann; Thanks, we had a serious Borahk problem

Zaktan: Maybe we need Jewel's Help

Reidak: Let's go ask her before a Stampede of Wild Borahk will be chasing us

Vezok: Righto again

(The 6 Piraka went inside the Resturant to find Jewel)

Thok: If I was Jewel, where would I be?

Krana Chef: Hey get out, No Piraka allowed!!!!

Reidak: Huh, but we need some help from Jewel because a Stampede of Wild Borahk will be heading right for us and...

Krana Chef:Security!!!!!!!

Vezok: Oh brother.

(the 6 Piraka defeated the Security Guards easily)

Zaktan: You we're saying

(Three Borahk security guards)

Avak: More Borahk?

Thok: I'm afraid so

Hakann: No time for that, we gotta find Jewel, but where is she?

Reidak: (Points to Jewel the Bat & Turahk) There she is, with Turahk, let's go

Zaktan: Excuse me, Jewel, Turahk, can we have a talk with you?

Truahk: Whatcha need?

Reidak: We have a Borahk Problem, because there's Borahk coming after us

Jewel: Ah.

Hakann: And we need your help or we're...(notices 100 Borahk surrounded the Piraka) 6 dead ducks

Vezok: RUN FOR IT!

(The 6 Piraka runs away from the Borahk while the Borahk chases after the 6 Piraka)

Zaktan: (Notices Jewel & Turahk make out) Oh brother (To Audience) You know, maybe it's bad enough to have a Stampede already, but Love?! No thanks, I'll pass

(The Borahk chases the 6 Piraka into the Sunset)

"That's All Folks"

The End