Pinky Pink Bunnies is a Rocket Jo Short from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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(With Special Guest Stars: Yin, Panini & Gazpacho)


It was a Sunny day & Gazpatcho is having a slow day

Gazpacho: (Sighs) (Looks to the Left & then to the Right) Slow day (Spots Yin & Panini) Hey there, where are you going?

Yin: Going for a special Accation

Panini: Pink Bunnies only, so long

(They both leave Gazpatcho)

Gazpatcho: Pink Bunnies, special accation? Hmmmm. Time to put on a Disguise


(At the Costume Shop)

Gazpatcho: Is there a Pink Bunny Costume that I can wear for my size?


Rocket Jo: (getting ready to lanuch with his Own Jetpack by strapping his Seat Belts On & gets ready to fly)

Yin & Panini: (Spots Candace walking by Rocket Jo)

Yin: Ready?

Panini: Yes

(Yin & Panini attacks Candace)

Rocket Jo: (checks to see what's going on)

Yin & Panini: (glares at Rocket Jo)

Yin: Yes?

Panini: What do you want? We're very busy here

Rocket Jo: Hmm?

Yin & Panini: (looks at each other & grins at Rocket Jo)

Yin: You know what, let's attack Jo instead

Panini: Great idea, pal

Rocket Jo: Uh oh!

(Yin & Panini attacks Rocket Jo)

Rocket Jo: (falls on his belly & got crushed by his own Jetpack)


Rocket Jo: (looks around to see no Yin or Panini in sight) (sighs in relief) (Gets ready to activate his Jetpack)

(Yin & Panini appears outside Rocket Jo's JetPack)

Rocket Jo: (notices Yin & Panini are inside the Jetpack) AHHH!!

(Yin & Panini attacks Rocket Jo again & they trip him)

Rocket Jo: (falls on his Back, can't get up because he's straped to the Jetpack) (Growls)

Yin & Panini: (laughs at Rocket Jo) Hi Five, Sister! (hi fives each other)

Rocket Jo: (sighs)


Rocket Jo: (looks around & then looks inside his Jetpack, but no one is around) (Straps his Seatbelts on) (sighs in relief)

(But Yin & Panini appears out of nowhere thanks to the Smoke Bombs)

Rocket Jo: (shields himself)

Gazpatcho: (Appears in a Pink Bunny Suit falling) GERANIMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Rocket Jo: (looks up to see Gazpatcho in a Pink Bunny Suit & helds up a sign that says "Mother")

Gazpatcho: (Lands on top of Rocket Jo, crushing him & his Jetpack) Yes, so that's your special Accation, I thought it would be kinda dangerous, but we did it as a Team right?

Yin & Panini: (Facepalm)

Gazpatcho: What? What's wrong with a Mammoth in a Pink Bunny Costume? (Munches a Carrot)

Rocket Jo: (Groans)

"That's All Folks"

The End