Prize Hedgecat is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes


It was a beautiful Day & Jack & Blaze the Hedgecat are living together Happily

Jack: What a day

Stardust:(Giggles) Dou'de toude

Blaze the hedgecat:(Laughs)


Jack: Who can that be?

Blaze the hedgecat:(Picks up Stardust) If it is someone to scare Stardust again!

Jack: I'll go get the Door (Opens the Door to see a Present) A Present, what's inside it? (Opens the Present to see it's Daffy Duck)

Daffy: It's a Duck that's what

Jack: A d.d.d.d.d.Duck?

Daffy: Yes a d.d.d.d.d.Duck

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Pulls out grenade launcher)Grrrrrrrr!

Daffy: Now hold on buster, I'm here to live with you, but this Monstrosity has got to go (Throws the Vase out of the Window)

Jack: Hey cut that out

Daffy: These go too (Throws Chairs out of the Window)

Jack: Cut that out

Stardust:(Throws Daffy out with star dust)

Jack: Thanks (To Daffy) And Stay out (Closes the Door)

Daffy: (Appears) What are you doing with my Dummy?

Jack: 1 more Outburst & you'll be sleeping in a Chicken Coop

Daffy: Coop Shmoop, I ain't sleeping no Coop, Is there a Convertible Coop because I'm a Convertible Duck (A Car Hood appears on his Back & Pretends to Drive like a Car)

Ichigo:(Hallow Infliction) Get out or die!!!!

Jack: (Kicks Daffy out) Who are you? (Closes the Door)

Blaze: Ichigo Kurisaki, Soul Reaper, we may need him Jacky, he is the best of the best.

Daffy: Prehapes I need the Old Jekyll & Hyde Routine on those Wiseguys (Knocks on the Door)

Hallow Ichigo:(Conjures back everything Daffy through out back and Plays with Stardust)


Daffy: I'm sorry you had to push me out of the door like that, it's not good for me

Jack: Well, why not?

Daffy: I had a Split Personality, I'm 2 people in 1, a SkitlFraniac

Hallow Ichigo:Bankai (Sword Changes into black Katana)

Daffy: Uh Uh Uh (Throws Ichigo's Katana away) When someone is nice to me I'm kind & Gentle, but when someone starts pushing me around, Look..out, I turn into a Hidious Monster (Puts on Fake Monster Teeth & Messes his Hair & Starts growling at Jack & Blaze) (ROARS at them to Scare them) (Turns back to normal)Get the Picture?

Jack: (Hanging on the Chandeller looking Scared) I do, I do, Infact I do


Jack: (Hands Daffy Comics) Here's your Comics

Daffy: Thank you

Jack: I'll be right back (Went to the Hallways) (To Blaze, Ichigo & Stardust) Ok guys, we gotta get rid of that Loonertic, in order to do that, I'll call the Pest Control to take him back where he came from

Ichigo: I say we turn him into roasted duck.

Jack: Nah too long, I'm calling the Pest Control (Grabs the Telephone, but the Telephone looks like Daffy)

Daffy: Hello, operator?

Jack: Hello, call me the Pest Control, we have a Dangerous Loonertic in our home

Daffy: You don't say, I'll hook it up right away (Putting his Voice into it) Yes?

Jack: Hello, Pest Control, I need you to get rid of this Dangerous Loonertic in our home

Daffy: You don't say? Where is he?

Jack: He's in the Living Room

Daffy: (Normal) Wanna bet Fatso? (Puts his Fake Monster Teeth on & messes up his hair)

Jack: Why are you calling me a...(Sees Daffy) Eeee

Daffy: Double Crossers (Growling at Jack & Blaze) (ROARS at them to Scare them)

Jack: Ahhhhhh (Jumps up to the Roof) (Came downstairs with a Lump)

Daffy: (Roars at Jack & Blaze)

Jack: Please. Mr. 2 in 1, please don't hurt us

Daffy: (Turns back to Normal)

Jack: Does somebody have a Box of Carrots?

Hallow Ichigo:Bankai!!!!!!

Jack: Ichigo, please we don't wanna get Scared again, we don't want that do we? (Founds a Box of Carrots) There they are (To Daffy) Here have a Carrot (Gives Daffy a Carrot)

Daffy: (Chomps on a Carrot) Mmm Yummy

Jack: Yeah they are...(Notices that the box says "April Fools Carrots") Uh Oh

Pantera Grimmjow:(Pounds on the door)

Jack: Uh Daffy?

Daffy: Not now

Jack: B.B.But...


Daffy's Carrot Exploded

Daffy: (Grins) (Puts his Fake Monster Teeth on & messes up his hair)

Jack: Not again

Daffy: (Roars at Them)

Jack: Ahhhhh, Quick in the Closet (Goes inside the Closet but there is a Skeleton inside) (Comes out of the Closet having a Nervous Breakdown) (Stammering)

Pantera Grimmjow:(Breaks down the door) Ichigo Kurisaki!!!!

Daffy: Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo, Oh Brother, What KnuckleHeads (Laughing) (Went to the Hallway)

Jack: (Hears Daffy) Huh?

Daffy: I can't believe they feel for the Old Split Personality Monster Gag (Laughing)

Jack: Ohhhhhhhh That Duck

Pantera Grimmjow:(See's Daffy) I didn't know there take out duck roast (Licks chopps)

Jack: Guys, I got an Idea that gives him a does of his own Medicin, Blaze lets do a Fusion, I've learn this from Rapid, You point both arms one way, and the other points the other way. Then you point your arms the other way and the other person does the opposite way. Last, you touch your fingers to the other person's finger, so let's do this, Fusion Ha !

Blaze the hedgecat:FUSION HA!

Hallow Ichigo:Bunkai!!!!!

Jack & Blaze: (Fuses together into 1) (You can Call our fusion whatever you want, you can Choose?)

Jaze: JAZE!

Pantera Grimmjow:(attacks Daffy)

Jaze: Wait, not yet, Watch

Daffy: (Pushes Pantera away) Oh Brother, I'm gonna scare the Life out of those Butterballs (Puts his Fake Monster Teeth on & messes up his hair) (Growling)

Jaze: (Does the Same thing)

Daffy & Jaze: (Looked at each other)

Daffy: (Turns back to Normal & turns To Audience) Suffering Catfish, I never knew I was a Hedgecat

Jaze: (Loud Growling)

Daffy: (Scared) I'm not (Looks at Jaze, with his Jaw dropped to the Ground & fell to pieces & put himself back together) AHHHHHHHHHHH (run out of his House, Screaming)

Pantera Grimmjow:(Follows Daffy) I guess my dinner is to go (Drums) now get back here duck

Jaze: Well whoever be scared of a Fusion is a Craving little Coward (Looks at the Mirror) (Split back to normal)

Jack: Ahhhhhh (Hangs on the Chandeller feeling Scared again) So I'm a C.C.Craving little coward

"That's all Folks"

The End