Reidak Amuck is an Episode from "Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes"


(It was a Stormy Day in Voya Nui & Reidak gets into the act_

Reidak: Stand back you Toa, I Reidak shall Destroy you all, with my Buzz Saw (Swings his Buzz Saw left to Right like a Muskerteer until he reached Blank Scene) All fear my....Buzz...Saw? (Tip toe his way Off Screen & Tells the Artist) Psst, hey buddy, do you mind to give me some Scenery, if you please?

Artist: (Draws a Scenery only it looks like a Farm in a Hot Sunny Day)

Reidak: (Jumps out again) Stand back you Toa, I Reidak shall....(Notices a Scenery that looks like a Farm) (Turns to the Artist) Fine, have it you way

(He Goes Offscreen & Walks out as a Farmer only Black & Yellow with a Rake)

Reidak: Ol Mc Reidak had a Farm E I E I Ohhhhhh

(The Scenery changes to Alaska)

Reidak: And on this Farm he had an Igloo (Sings slower & more dumber) E I E I Ohhhhhhhhhhh do you think you could make up our Minds please

(He Goes Offscreen while Draging his Rake & come out in his Winter Uniform only Black & Yellow while he is Sking)

Reidak: Dashing through the Snow, He ya ya ya ya ya, Through the Fields we go

(The Scenery changes to Hawaii)

Reidak: Laughing all the (Sees the Scenery again) Waeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

(He Looks at the Artist with an Annoyed / Mad Face and goes Offscreen & dresses in his Hawaiian Shirt, a Straw Hat, a Yellow Lei & Yellow Shorts with a Little Guitar)

Reidak: Farwell to thee, farwell to thee

(He pass through a Blank Scene)

Reidak: The Wind carry back our sad ha-han, Our last Embrace, before we say...(he stops to See a Blank Scene) Hey... Uh? Buster, you may think of the surprize that this is an Animated Cartoon...

(As he Continued as the Artist Erased him all the way up)

Reidak:...And an Animated Cartoon needs Scenery & all my years of...

(Just then he Dissapeared, but you can hear his Voice)

Reidak: Alright Smart Guy, where am I ?

Artist: (Draws him Back but in his Cowboy Costume ,but only Black & Yellow with a Guitar

Reidak: (He Shrugged & then plays his Guitar while Smiling but no Sound, that got his Attention, he looks Annoyed & helds a sign that says "SOUND PLEASE")

(We can hear a Gun Loading & when he played it, it sounds like a Machine Gun & it shooked. When it stops he hold his Hat & when he Played the Guitar again, it sounds like a Car Horn. He Rubed his Chin & throws the Guitar to the Ground causing it to Break which made a sound of a Gun Shot & then a Donkey sound. He picks it up & Leaves.)

(Reidak comes back without the Cowboy Suit & glares at the Artist. When he tries to Speak with his Finger Pointed & his Hand sticking out , But his yell is sounded like a Rooster. He closed his Mouth. He tries it Again & this time it sounded like a Monkey Jungle Noise. He Closes his Mouth again & when he tries to talk, it only makes a "Eeh" sound & he quickly Closes his Mouth. He puts his hands down, Breathes very Hard & his Red Eyes starts Glowing very Bright with Anger)

Reidak: (Screams like Crazy) AHHHHHHHHHHHHH (Yells) AND I NEVER BEEN SO HUMILATED IN ALL MY LIFE ! (His Finger Fell as he Smiled & then he Frowned as his Eyes stoped Glowing) Look Mac, just tell me what's going on. Lets get Oganized, hmm? How about some Scenery if you please? (He Walked Off)

Artist: (Draws the City, only it's Black & White)

(Then Reidak walked back with & turned around with his Back Showing)

Reidak: Wow that's dandy. Ho ho, that's Rich, I'll say (Turns his head to the Artist) Now how about some colour Please?

Artist: (He Paints Reidak while he Screams)

Reidak: Hey

(The Artist paints Reidak in Diferent Colour Patterns)

Reidak: (Jumping around like Crazy while Yelling) Not me you slop Artist !

(He Breathes Hard as the Artist Erase Reidak Except his Eyes & Muzzle)

Reidak: Well? Where's the Rest of me?

(The Artist paints Reidak with a Black Lions Mane, a Black Lobster Body, a Yellow Left Crab Claw, Yellow a Right Paw & Black & Black Elephant Feet & a Black Fish Tail)

Reidak: It Isn't have I should feel goodness no...(Walks to a Yellow Blank) And Goodness no that isn't how shouldn't keep myself trim goodness no, it hurts me & I've done that. That wierd all of a Sudden, I don't feel like myself today...

Artist: (draws a Mirror in front of him)

Reidak: Well I do feel alright & yet I...I...Uh (Looks at a Mirror) ACK! (Turns to the Artist with an Angry Look) You know better than that!

Artist: (Erases Reidak & the Mirror Quickly)

Reidak: Well?

Artist: (Draws Reidak back to Normal, but with a Sailor Suit)

Reidak: Ah Sea Picture, I always wanted to do a Sea Epic, now Mr Rembran, if you kindly Approach with a little Appropiate Scenery (Sings) Over the Sea's lets go men

Artist: (Paints a Sea under him & an Island near by with Palm Trees, a Volcano and Smoke coming & draws near Reidak)

Reidak: We're shoving right off, We're shoving right off...(He notices that he's above water) Again? (Falls into the Water & heads to the Island Far away & Shouts very loud) Hey, Come here! Come here ! Give me a Close up, a close up!

(But the Whole close up to where Reidak is, but still far)

Reidak: This is a Close up?! (Yells) A CLOSE UP YOU JERK, A CLOSE UP

(The Whole Scene went towards to his Eyes)

Reidak: Thanks for the Close up Cousin (Walking through back to his Normal Self & Turns around) Now look, lets have an Understanding

(That's when a Black Blanket fell on his head)

Reidak: Now what?

Artist: (Draws a Brown Stick)

Reidak: Brother, what a way to run a Rail Road (Puts the Stick Under the Black Blanket) Now as I was saying...

(The Stick Broke & the Blanket fell on Reidak)

Reidak: (He pushes it back & hold it, but he slips & hits to the Ground) AHHHHHHHH (Tears apart the Black Blanket with Toren Blankets on Top) (Panting) All Right let's get this Picture started !

(The Scene Strinks in the Middle & shows a 'THE END' Sign.)

Reidak: NO, NO! (Pushes The End Sign) Listen pal, here's the deal, how about you go your way & I'll go mine, Live & let Live, Right? Right. (To Audiance) Ladies & Gentleman there will be no Interuptions. So I shall attempt to entertain you in my own Speical Fashion

(Reidak Dances in his own Way as the Scene goes up half way showing an another Reidak)

Reidak 2: (To Artist) Now What?

Reidak 1: What are you doing down here?

Reidak 2: Down Here?! What are you doing up there? (Looks at the Artist while Pointing at Reidak 1) Down Here

Reidak 1: (Grabed Reidak 2 by the Neck bringing to his Scene & the scene went back up)

Reidak 2: Listen you, If you wasn't me I'll smack you right in the Puss

Reidak 1: You let that bother yah, Jack

Reidak 2: That's it Your Asking for it (About to punch him)

(The Artist Erase the First one which made Reidak Spin & Fall on the Ground)

Artist: (Paints the Sky, then a Avitar Hat, Goggles, a Scarf on Reidak & then a Plane)

Reidak: Oh Brother, I'm a Buzz Boy, I can be better than Tails

Artist: (Turns the Propeller that make the Plane Fly)

Reidak: (Fly through the Skies)

Artist: (Draws a Mountain)

(We hear a Crash Offscreen)

Reidak: (Flying with a glass over him & holding a Steering Wheel) Uh Oh Time to hit the old silk (Opens the Glass & Jumps) GARANIMOOOOOOO ! (Pulls the String to Activates the Parashute)

Artist: (Erase the Parashute & Replaces it with a Anvil)

(The Anvil Drops along with Reidak & you can hear Crashing noises in Offscreen)

Reidak: (Kept banging the Anvil with a hammer while Mumbling)

Artist: (Erase an Anvil & Paints a Missile)

Reidak: (When he hits the Missile, it Expoldes)


Reidak: (He's Black Covered) Hand.... (Shakes the Black off) Alright, Enough is Enough, this is the Final, this is the very, very last straw ! Who is Responsible for this...this?

(A Black Hand with a Green Bracelet hold a Paint Brush & Paints a White Door)

Reidak: I Demand that you show yourself ! Who are you? Huh?

(Then another hand only white with a Golden Bracelet & tan skin closes the Door with a Pencil)

(The Camera Zooms out to see 2 Artists, that they are only Jack the Hedgehog & Amy Rose)

Jack & Amy: (Turned to the Audiance)

Jack: Phew, Finished !

Amy: Ain't we are stinker's?

"That's All Folks"