Repairing World of Color is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes


It was a Beautiful day & Amy Rose, Sonic, Tails, Owen, Noah, Courtney, Dudley Puppy, Kitty Katswell, Phineas & Ferb are walking together

Amy: It is a Beautiful Day, the Sun is Shining, The birds are Singing, what more can we want

Owen: Uh Guys

All of them caught Owen's Attention

Sonic: What is it Owen?

Owen: Look

All: (Gasps)

They found Color City Black & White & the sign that says "World of Plankton"

Tails: I guess Owen is right, The City is Black & White

Courtney: Oh dear, whoever did this is a Ruthless Careless Evil Person

Amy: Uh Courtney

Courtney: What? (Hears Evil Laughter)

It was Plankton that turns Color into Black & White on his Bucket Pod similer to the Eggpod

Plankton: Welcome to "World of Plankton", Is where I Got the Color City Code, See? (Holds the Code)

All: (Gasps)

Plankton: All he must Bow to Plankton in "World of Plankton", Hail Plankton, I win, I win

Courtney: Oh I see your Point

Dudley: We must Recolor this City

Kitty: And Fast

Noah: Ok, so let's get to work

Plankton: Oh no you don't (Fires Black & White)

All: (Dodges the Black & White)

Sonic: Give up

Plankton: Never

Sonic: I'll get the Code from Plankton while you Recolor this City

Owen: Gotcha Sonic dude, How do these Paint Brush Dohickies work?


Sonic: Give up Plankton

Plankton: No way

Sonic: Here's your Card, the Ace of Clubs

Plankton: (Grabs the Card & see it has a Picture of a Dynimite) Uh Oh


Plankton: Now that is Painful

Amy: Hi Sonic

Sonic: Amy, what are you doing here?

Amy: Helping you

Plankton: Ahhh Forgot it, I'm controling your Body (Plugs his Mind Controling Device into Sonic's Brain) Time for a Wakey Upy (Controls Sonic & turns him into Black & White)

Sonic: Yes Plankton Master?

Plankton: Destroy that Pink Pest

Sonic: Yes Master (Closing in on Amy)

Amy: Sonic, don't do this to me

Sonic: Must Destroy Amy

Amy: Please, Sonic

Sonic: Must Destroy Amy

Amy: I know I had to do this, but this is the Only way (Kisses Sonic 5 Times & a Big one in the Lips)

Sonic: Must Destroy....(Pulls out the Hammer)...Plankton

Plankton: Oh No

Sonic Smashes Plankton

Plankton: Ouch

Amy's Kisses brings Sonic's Color back

Sonic: Wow, I'm back

Amy: (Puts TNT in the Bucket Pod) Nobody get's left behind (Carries Sonic, Jumps off the Bucket Pod & Activates the Parashute) Goodbye Plankton

Plankton: Oh Barnicles


The Bucket Pod Exploded

Plankton: (Falls to the Chum Bucket) AHHHHHHHHHH


Plankton: Ouch


Phineas: Hey Guys

Sonic: I've tooken Care of Plankton

Ferb: Now we're safe

Amy: Well let's Finish ReColoring


Owen: I'm finished with the Green ones

Noah: I'm done with the Yellow ones

Sonic: I'm finished with the Blue ones

Courtney: I'm finish with the Red & Pink ones

Tails: I'm finished with the Orange ones

Kitty Katswell: And it looks like we're done

Owen: You mean Exaclty done?

Phineas: What do you mean?

Owen: Look

All: (Turned to see the City of Color in Pink) AMY !

Amy: What? I just love the Color Pink

Plankton: "Love the Color Pink" she says Sheesh

"That's all Folks"

The End