Robot Rabbot is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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It was a beauitful sunny day out here on the Farm & Elmer Fudd is shown as a carrot farmer who is happily going about his chores singing "In a Little Red Barn (On a Farm down in Indiana)"

Elmer: (singing) In a little red barn on a farm down in Indiana, For the sycamore trees where the Wabash breezes play.

(Suddendly a Female Southern Voice joins in the Song)

Elmer & Female Southern Voice: What's more, I'm pining for a yellow moon that's shining.

(Halfway through the song, he realizes that the Voice cames from Bunnie Rabbot who has joined Elmer's singing.)

Bunnie: On a little red barn on a farm down Indiana, I say Indiana way hey-hey-hey. Yee-Haw! (dives into her rabbit hole, and carrots fly into the air from the rabbit hole, not before poking her head out of the hole) Well I am a Rabbit after all (goes back in her rabbit hole)

Elmer: (angrily laments) Ooooh, da wascalcy wabbit is in my cawwots again! And it's not Bugs Bunny this time. It's her Cousin, Bunnie.

Bunnie: (pokes her head out) Well I am Bugs Bunny's Cousin after all. It runs in the family after all. Oh & by the way, sugah. That's Rab-BOT. I'm partly Roboticized you know (goes back in her rabbit hole)

Elmer: Oooooh, I'll get you, you wascalcy rabbit (rushes into his house to retrieve a shotgun & comes back) I'll fix that rabbit. Yoo Whoo, Mrs. Rabbit.

Bunnie: (had conveniently left the hole & goes up to Elmer without him noticing)

Elmer: I have something

Bunnie: For me? Well let me have it.