Genre Metal
  • Darkstorm the Halfbreed
  • Patricia the Skunk
  • Amy Rose
  • Patty the Skunk
  • Anu the Anubis Warrior
  • Darkstorm the Halfbreed
  • Patricia the Skunk
  • Amy Rose
  • Patty the Skunk
  • Baby Keren the Anu skunk
  • Anu the Anubis Warrior

Royal Storm Lineage is a Merrie Melodies from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

(Only Darkest and Spongebob 100)

Italic: Song Lyrics

Bold: Non Song Lyrics

Underline: Doing Verb & Non Song Lyrics


Darkstorm: (Reading the Storm family tree book)

Amy, Patricia & Patty: (appears)

Amy: Hi Darkstorm, what are you doing today?

Darkstorm: Just Reading about my family history (The book is hard to read since it is in Halfbreed language)

Patricia: Wow, very nice. You have a family Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: Well of course

Darkstorm: Don't you ever know aout the great Storm family?, Take my great great great Grandfather Vorkutastorm, warrior of the my home realm the first demon king

Amy: Wow, I never knew he was the King, like ringing a Bell with a Ding-a-ling (holds up a Bell & rings it)

Darkstorm: Most of my family were great kings (A page opens to a Wolf demon and a human girl)

Patricia: There's even a Wolf Demon & a human in this page, like someone's wearing a ring (shows that she's wearing a Ring)

Darkstorm: This is my Great Great Great Grandfather WolvousStorm and his wife Tanahk, the first inter realm relationship

Patty: Now that's a cute couple baby, looks like they have a Love Chip (holds up a Love Shaped Computer Chip)

Darkstorm: Not even close, ah now here is me Uncle RevousStorm the Caretaker, he married a Cowgirl, and this is my Grandfather TurahkousStorm he married a You schoolgirl name Hicushay

Amy: In the Old West at High Noon, with a Horseriding Cowboy keeping the Bad guys at bay

Darkstorm: No, not at all Ame's, you chase Sonic like Murmaider to me, Heres my Great Uncle Visortahkstorm the Dragon Demon, he had thousands of girls mate with him but he only married one and her name was Josephina

Patty: Oh my goodness that was harsh, Because that's not cool. Have you ever tried one of Patricia's Sisters name Nina?

Darkstorm: Heh, Well lots of things happen, I mean look at my Aunt Tentisinstorm, She caused thousands of men to fight to the death for her

Patricia: But how can ever do that? Do they ever have a crush on her or something like a Club Member?

Darkstorm: Lets not forget that The females storms were very irresistable

Amy: Wow, they look beautiful, gorgeous, & super nice, just like the time I was making myself Irrestistable to Sonic, but he keeps on calling for while connected to a Telephone Cable

Darkstorm: Because Sonic don't like you, no offense

Amy: Non taken for building up my defence

Anu: Honey I am home and Keren stinks again

Patricia: Oh my goodness, she needs a Diaper Change for a drain

By the way, how is Patty doing?

Anu: She is doing good in her training

Patricia: Ok Keren, it's time to change your diaper (changes Keren's Diaper with a nice clean one)

There, your now a nice clean diaper & you & Keren are super nice together as a family

Keren: MOMMA *Her first word*

Patricia: Look, Keren has spoken her first word today

Patty: Wow, I'm so proud of my twin sister, I say

Keren: Sister love

Patty: Yeah, sister love (Cuddles Patty)

Amy: Aww, that's soo sweet. You girls are getting along already.

Keren: Hedgey girl Pretty

Amy: Thanks (to Patricia) Your Baby Girl likes me Patricia

Patricia: She does like you.

Amy: Wow (to Keren) (baby talk) Hello Keren, who's a cute little baby? Who's a cute little baby? You are

Keren: *Giggles but very hungry* WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Patricia: Here's your bottle of milk (feeds Keren with Milk in a Baby Bottle)

Keren: *Wants Amy to feed her*

Amy: I'll do it for Keren (feeds Keren with Milk in a Baby Bottle) Here you go, little girl

Keren: *Feeds*

Patricia: Wow, Keren really likes you Amy

Amy: Yeah, she thinks I'm her mommy

Patty: Next after you feed a Baby, you gotta burp it by patting the baby on the back gently

Amy: Ok

Keren: *Finishes*

Amy: (picks up Keren & pats her on the back)

Keren: *Burps*

Amy: There you go. (to Darkstorm) Is there any more reletives you want to show us?

Darkstorm: Sure

Patricia: Ok let's continue

Darkstorm: Gladly, Here is the so called all mother of demons now encase in protodermis and dry ice and my Uncle Totorikstorm, the very first storm

Amy: The Very First Storm that starts to Form

Darkstorm: You know him, my father Snowstorm *Hisses*

Patricia: Oh yeah, he's the one that's gone evil on you, I wish his heart is warm

Darkstorm: I want him dead for the pain he caused me in my child years

Patty: I don't believe it either, it makes me well up with Tears

Amy: Oh dear, but don't worry, I'll help the Deer

Darkstorm: OK MOVING ON

Patricia: Sorry, continue

Darkstorm: Well that is it Patricia

Patricia: Oh ok then

Amy: Thanks for sharing these memories of your family Darkstorm

Darkstorm: Yeah but new brothers or sisters, Aunts and Uncles appear every week or so

Patricia: Ok then.

Amy: Bye Darkstorm

Patty: (leaves)

Patricia: (leaves with Keren in her arms)

Amy: (leaves)