Sonic Trouble is an episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes, with only Amy, Black, Sonic, Julie-Su, Charmix, Nack & Shadow


It was a beautiful day & Amy is still looking for Sonic

Amy: Sonic, where are you?

Sonic: (Hiding from Amy) Oh Dear, she's after me, I betta do something (Hides in the Dumpster) I hate doing this, but I betta hide until Amy is gone

Amy: Sonic, I wonder where he is, oh well, I'll just take a stroll


Amy: (Walking into town while humming)

Ed, Edd n Eddy arrives

Edd: Hello Amy

Ed: What are you doing?

Amy: Walking into town

Eddy: Sonic is hiding again does he?

Amy: Yep & I can't find him anywhere

Eddy: We don't have time for that, we had to deliver Blue Paint to Vector

Ed: (Carries 10 Buckets of Blue Paint) I got the Blue Paint Eddy (Trips & splattered Blue Paint on Amy) Oops

Amy: I'm covered in Blue Paint even my Clothes are Blue

Edd: Oh dear, I'm sorry, Ed is

Eddy: He's just too Stupid & too Clumsy

Edd: Eddy!

Amy: That's ok, I betta head back to my House to put on New Clothes

Eddy: Ok, Bye Amy

Amy: (Walks away)

Eddy: (Turns to Ed) Oh Ed

Ed: Yes, Eddy?

Eddy: YOU NINCAPOOP!!! (Kicks Ed at the bottom again & again & again)


(In Amy's House)

Amy: (Washes her Clothes to get all the Blue Stains off & her Clothes are back to normal) There (Puts her Clothes in the Washing Machine) (Goes into the Dressing Room & Came back out with her New Clothes look exactly like her Normal Clothes) Forturnaley I always had hundreds of my Clothes look exactly like mine Old Clothes for such an Emergency (Goes out the door, forgetting that her Fur & Quills are still Blue)

Black: Hello Sonic

Amy: Uh I'm Amy

Black: Sure you are

Amy: No really it's me (You can see a little bit of Pink in the Quills)

Black: Amy? Is that you?

Amy: Yep it's me, What's up doc?

Black: Your still wearing a blue coat of Paint (Shows Amy a mirror to see she is Blue insted of Pink)

Amy: Oops I forgotten the Wash my Fur & Quills

Black: Oh Well come on, let's go find Sonic

Amy: Ok

Julie-Su: Is that Sonic in a...Nah it can't be, It must've been my Imagination (Chuckles) or is it?


(Amy & Black walks through the City)

Amy: Hi guys

Charmix & Nack: (Muffled Laughing)

Amy: They couldn't take their eyes off of me

Black: Let's keep looking

Charmix & Nack: (Laughing)

Shadow; (Looks at Amy mistaken for Sonic) Now that's embrarassing

Newspaper says "Sonic is Laughing Stock in the City"


Sonic: (Gets out of the Dumpster) Phew I made it

Paper Boy: Paper (Throws a newspaper at Sonic's Face)

Sonic: What the? (Reads the Newspaper that says "Sonic is Laughing Stock in the City") Ahhhh, What's going on, I didn't do it, but how?

Amy: Hi Sonic

Sonic; Amy, your Fur is covered with Blue Paint

Amy: I know, they couldn't take their eyes off of me because they think I'm you in a dress

Sonic: (Relieses it Amy all along) Amy, why did you do it?

Amy: Ed accidently spill Blue Paint on me by accident

Sonic: (Grins) (Grabs Amy) Time for you Bath

Amy: Why did I get the feeling I'm not liking that kind of Bath Time?

Sonic: (Puts Amy in the Washing Machine & turns it on)

Amy: (Spining around in the Washing Machine)

The Washing Machine sets on Wash to Rinse to Dry to Super Dry & the Washing Machine open itself

Amy: (Comes out as a Floating Pink Puff of Fluff)


Black: Are you ok, Amy?

Amy: (Dry herself & her fur is back to normal) I'll get Sonic for that

Sonic: (Gulp) I gotta go (Goes out of the Door & he spots Julie-Su, Nack, Charmix & Shadow as an Angry Mob) Oh man (Runs away)

Charmix, Nack, Shadow & Julie-Su: (Chases Sonic to a deadend)

SonicL Uh Oh Dead end (Looks at the Angry Mob) Not in the Face, Not in the Face

The Angry Mob attacks Sonic, you can hear Smashing, Bashing, Crashing & Sonic Screaming


(In the Hospital)

Sonic: (Banged Up with Broozes, Black Eyes & Lumps on his Head, he is covered with Bandages) Well they taught me into it

Amy & Black: (Enters his Room)

Sonic: Oh No

Amy: Sonic, I'm sorry about what I did today, man I made a big mess haven't I?

Black: But that doesn't matter anymore

Amy: We can be together forever because...

Amy & Black: We Love You (Kisses Sonic & their Kisses burns Sonic)

Sonic: Ahhhhhh, Loves Burns so bad

"That's all Folks"