Sonic to the Resuce 1 1/2 is an episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes


It is a Beautiful Day in Nowhere & Courage is taking a Rest but there was someone Knocking on the Door


Muriel: Would you please Go get the door Courage

Courage: (Nods Yes & opens the Door to see a Women with a Mask)

Muirel: Oh look we had a Guest, come in come in

Eustace: Big Deal

Women: (Enters in the House)

Courage: (Feeling a little bit Scared)

Muirel: Don't worry, she is our Guest, she won't hurt you

Courage: (Nods Yes again)

Muirel: Isn't she great Eustace?

Eustace: Blah, Blah, Blah


In Night Time

Courage: (locks Muriel and Eustace and steal Kitty's mouse toy) Oh the things I do for love


In Dinner the Mouse say "To Kitty, Love Cream and Cheese"

Charles: Hey, there'd be none of that around here. Ain't that Kitty's mouse? You are friend of Cream and Cheese?

Courage: (Babble while Taking the Body Part)

Charles: "Right, Cream and Cheese is in a bad way on the city."

Courage: (Puts the Body Part back in the body)

Charles: These two were walking happily on the street. But Cream and Cheese is captured by the Area 99, he didn't like them being so, friend of Animals. He's one nasty piece of junk than the Military School. The Area 99 live down the road. You know where. After you get Cream and Cheese out of here, tell Sonic that i save her. Ok. (Then turn the seat in front and howl.)


Meanwhile, Muriel and Eustace wants to get out, but the door is locked.

Muriel: Eustace, wake up!

Eustace: What!

Muriel: I need to go to the bathroom man, and I can't open the door.

Eustace: Can't open the door, can't open the door, yeah, can't get no sleep neither. (Eustace unable to open door) What? (Eustace bang door with shoulder, then foot and hurts his foot.) Ow, ow, ow, ow.

Muriel: Eustace, Kitty was right about you. You can't fix a thing.

Eustace: Oh yeah, you want some chocolate?


Meanwhile in Area 99, a employee enter and saw another Employees and Cream and Cheese inside the glass prison

Cream: We didn't do it, please let us out.

And the camera appear

Cream: What kind of place? Cheese we gonna get out of here.

And experiments is about to start.



Courage is sneaking outside the area 99 and see in the windows Cream and Cheese inside the glass prison, and Courage read the mouse toy

Courage: Cream and Cheese?


Meanwhile, Kitty wants to get out too. and Muriel and Eustace wants to escape.


Courage sneaking in the Area 99 wall and closer to the Window, but the little wall of darkness will goes on the glass prison with Cream and Cheese on it. Courage see it, but is terrifying

Cream: I Don't Like this.

Cheese: Chao

But Courage thinking about Muriel and Eustace are eaten by monster.


Meanwhile, Muriel Escape from the window.


Courage: Don't worry I'll save you

Courage break the glass prison and free Cream and Cheese

Cream: Oh Thank you

Chesse: Chao

Courage: (Babbling)

And he, Cream & Chesse escapes, but they meet Sonic

Sonic: Courage, what are you doing here?

Courage: (Babbling)

Sonic: Anyways lets go

And then they Escape with Sonic, but the Camera with Laser Beans is all on the corridor

Sonic: Whao

Courage: Ahhhhhhh

With the assistance of those tiny mechanical paper airplanes, they were able to make it to the roof of base

Tails: Quick get in

And they did & escape on to the Tornado and Tails and the Tornado arrive on the floor

Cream: Thank you, too for savin me. (kiss Courage on his cheek)

Kitty goes on a Train, and Cream and Cheese goes too.

Cream: Sonic & Courage had resuced me

Cheese: Chao

Cream: Thanks Courage.

Courage: (Waved Goodbye)

Sonic & Tails: Bye.

Courage: Bye.

Courage Walks straight Home.

And the Scene Shrinks

"That's All Folks"

The End