Sufferin' Frogs is an Episode from Amy Episode & the Looney Tunes.

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Fly: (attempting to run away from a frog, Butch, but he's connected to a fishing pole)

(A frog shows up.)

Frog: (ribbit)

Butch: (reeling the fly in) (makes a face that startles the fly)

Fly: (runs away again)

Butch: (begins to reel in the fly once more)

Fly: (holds on to a jerked beef bag)

Butch: (struggles to regain control over the Line)

As the line returns to Butch, a piece of of the bag is on the end, simply stating "JERK".

Frog: (to Butch) RIBBIT!

Fly: (escapes through an open window, then bumping into Michigan J. Frog)

Michigan J. Frog: (puts on his hat on and starts singing)

Hello, my baby

Hello, my honey

Hello, my ragtime gal

Send me a kiss by wire

Baby, my heart's on fire

If you refuse me

Honey, you'll lose me

Then you'll be left alone

Oh baby, telephone

And tell me I'm your own.

Fly: (runs the other way, but Butch is already there)

Michigan J. Frog: (back to his average frog self)

Fly: (gives Michigan J. Frog a hug and sticks his tongue out at Butch)

Butch: (Grabs the fly) Ribbit!!

Michigan J. Frog: (distracts Butch with a song)

Everybody do the Michigan Rag. Everybody likes the Michigan Rag. Every Mame and Jane and Ruth. From Weehawken to Duluth Slide, ride, glide the Michigan Stomp, romp, pomp the Michigan Jump, clump, pump the Michigan Rag. That lovin' rag!

Butch: (retreats)

Michigan J. Frog: (back to his frog self again)


Michigan J. Frog is in the forest with the fly.

Fly: (smiles)

Michigan J. Frog: (sings)

I'm just wild about Harry,

And Harry's wild about me.

Oh I'm just wild about Harry

And he's just wild about, cannot do without

He's just wild about me.

Butch: (runs away with the fly, but trips into a tree stump and loses the it)

Michigan J. Frog: (appears on his head and sings)

"Throw him down, McCloskey,” was to be the battle cry, "Throw him down, McCloskey, you can lick him if you try”; And future generations, with wonder and delight, Will read on hist’ry’s pages of the great McCloskey fight

Butch: (pulls out a frying pan) Good thing I brought this! (wallops Michigan J. Frog but misses and ends up walloping himself with the frying pan)


Back at Butch's home.

Meanwhile, the fly wriggles through a hole in a fence, and when Butch peeks through, he is whacked with a length of pipe When the frog sees his opponent arrive, he "graciously" waves him ahead, and Michigan J. Frog receives the same punishment.

Butch: (chuckles, then losing consciousness)

Michigan J. Frog: (sings) Come back to Erin, Mavourneen, Mavourneen; Come back, Aroon, to the land of my birth;


The fly runs away and disguises himself as an older fly, using mop bristles in the shape of a beard. Both frogs corner him, and the fly points away from himself as if to say He went that way, adding a sneeze to punctuate his façade. The two frogs shrug, run away, soon realize their error and go back to search the mop. They then post lookout in front of the drainpipe the fly has hid within.

Michigan J. Frog: (sings) "Won't you come over to my house, Won't you come over and play, I've lots of playthings, a dolly or two We live in the house 'cross the way, I'll give you candy and sweet things, I'll put your hair in a curl, Won't you come over to my house, And play that you're my little girl."

Butch: (notices a tree stump with an axe embedded in it) Wait a second! (thinking: Fly+Axe=Lunch) (lick his lips, his mouth watering)

Michigan J. Frog: (back to his frog self)

Butch: Look! (points to the axe) We can cut dat fly in half! I mean, he tricked ya two times already, right? So why don't we both have the fly for lunch?!

Michigan J. Frog: (sings) It's a DEAL !


Butch: (holding the axe)

Michigan J. Frog: (holding the fly)

Butch's Devil: (appears) "Wait a minute, stupid! Ya don't have to share dat fly with dat guy! Look." (makes an X Michigan J. Frog's Head) "X marks the spot. Ya get the general idea, don't ya? Okay then. Let him have it!

Butch: (aims for Michigan's head, but stops in reluctance and starts panting)

Butch's Devil: (appears again)

I'm disgusted with ya! Ya yellow! Ya lost your noive! Now listen here. You're a citizen, ain't ya? Ya got rights. That fly was yours foist. You had priorities on him. Okay then. Plant that ax in his toupee, and ya have that little fruitsnapper all to yourself! Go on, swing it!

Butch: (prepares to cut Michigan J. Frog in half, but the axe blade slides off and whacks Butch's head)

Michigan J. Frog: (sings) Please don't talk about me when I'm gone Oh honey, though our friendship ceases from now on

Fly: (escapes)

Butch: (goes after the fly)

Michigan J. Frog: (goes after the fly as well)

Butch: (crashes through a gate)

Michigan J. Frog: (crashes through the gate along with Butch)

Fly: (holding a wooden plank)

Butch:(looks up to see a sign on the gate) Make all deliveries in rear.

Michigan J. Frog: Huh?

(the fly spanks Butch's and Michigan's rears with a wooden plank, over and over and over again)

"That's All, Folks!"

The End.