Survival of the Fitness is a Rocket Jo Short from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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(With Special Guest Star: Cervantes)


Rocket Jo: (Has a big belly) (walks up to the Jetpack) Phew (notices his big belly)

(Rocket Jo tries to lift it up to his chest making muscular, but fails when the fat comes back down to his belly)

Rocket Jo: (growls) (thinking until he gets an idea) Aha! (looking through the Channel Guide & found the Fitness Program Channel) Aha! (grins)


Rocket Jo: (brings out a Stool & places it down in front of him & then places a TV on the Stool) (turns the TV on)

(The TV turns on & the Fitness Instructor is Cervantes)

Cervantes: nice job hippos next we'll be doing wide stance push-ups now set a goal for yourself how much are you gonna do?

Rocket Jo: Hmm? (thinking) (shrugs & then do push-ups, but he does it very slowly)

Cervantes: FASTER!!!!

Rocket Jo: Yipe! (does push-ups faster) (when he's done with his 25th Push Up, he fell on his stomach) (panting)

Cervantes: so... how much was that?

Rocket Jo: (wrote down a 25 on a piece of paper & gives a piece of paper with a number 25 on it to Cervantes)


Rocket Jo: (sighs) (waves his finger no & points to the Jetpack that he made & flaps his arms, making the impression of him flying)

Cervantes: so you want to lose enough weight to fly the jet pack

Rocket Jo: (nods yes)

Cervantes: -yells out the t.v.- WELL TRY IF YOU EVEN WANT TO WALK OUT THE DOOR WITH IT!!!!!!

Rocket Jo: (Growls) (turns off the T.V.) (straps his seatbelts on to the jetpack, lifts up the landing gear & gets ready to fly) (grabs the handle & pulls it down to start the jetpack, but it flies off without Rocket Jo) Hmm? (notices the Jetpack is flying without him)

Ethix: uhhh sir was that your jet pack

Rocket Jo: (notices Ethix & looks up & nods yes)

Ethix: it flew in the lake I'll....go buy you a new one

Rocket Jo: (nods no & hands up a sign that says "There's no need, I'll get it back myself") (Leaves)

Rik: a-alright then

"That's All Folks"

The End