"Sweet Hedgehog of Love"
Season 1, Episode 2
Production Code: 2
Airdate: October 5, 2010
Director: Spongebob100
Story: The new kid in town falls madly in love with Amy. How will she deal? Find out!
Written &
Storyboarded by:
"Hedgehog Hunter"
"Amy Gone Batty"
Sweet Hedgehog of Love is the second episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes .


It's a beautiful day at Station Square & Jack the Hedgehog is walking in Town.

Jack: (walking down the street) Hello Rouge the Bat!

Rouge: Hello.

Jack:Hey Blaze the Cat, nice hair.

Blaze: Oh thank you.

Jack: Keep up the good work Vector the Crocodile.

Vector: Thank you buddy.

Jack: (walks to Sonic the Hedgehog's house & knocks on the door)

Sonic: (answers) Hello?

Jack: Hi.

Sonic: Well hello handsome.

Miles "Tails" Prower: Who is it Sonic-- (notices Jack) Whoa! There's two of you!

Jack: Hi i'm Jack the Hedgehog, I'm new here.

Sonic: I'm Sonic, Sonic the hedgehog.

Tails: I'm Miles Prower, but you can call me Tails!

Jack: Oh because you have two tails.

Tails: (chuckles)

Sonic: (chuckles with Tails) Your a funny, bunny.

Jack: Thank you!

Sonic: Anyway lets have a tour!

Jack: Ok.


So Sonic is taking Jack on a tour.

Sonic: This is Station Square

Jack: Wow, it's beautiful. *looking directly at a pink female hedgehog*

Sonic: So anyway, lets have a chilly dog ok Jack?

Jack: (didn't answer)

Sonic: Uh hello?

Jack: Sonic, who is she?

Sonic: Who (looks what he is looking at) Oh no, not her again!

Jack: Who?

Sonic: Amy Rose.

Amy: (appears) Hi Sonic, love always draws together, silly!

Jack: Hi Amy, I'm Jack the Hedgehog.

Amy: Sonic told you about me.

Jack: Yes...

Sonic: (sly grin) I got it... (faking) I gotta go now,bye.

Amy: Bye!

Jack: Ok, now that we're alone... (grabs Amy) ...let's go to my house & play beautiful music together!

Amy: Um are you ok?

Jack:Yes I am, you are the Most Beautiful Hedgehog I've ever seen.

Amy: Oh no...

Jack: Ah yes, we'll be together forever,yes?!

Amy: (escaped from his grip) NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Jack: She is playing hard to get, she is not?

Amy is runing away from Jack but he is following her.

Amy: (founds a trashcan & hides inside)

Jack: Where are you my pink rose of romance? I'm going to be finding you.

Amy: Phew,that was close...

????: Hello darling.

Amy: (turns to see Jack inside another trash can)

Jack: Doing the cancan dance, are you not?

Amy: (put trashcan lids on the trashcan with Jack inside it) AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Jack: (Pops out) Nothing like taking out the trash no?


Amy: (runing to a shed & closes the door & panting heavely While looking out the window)

????: Hello baby.

Amy: (turns to see Jack again with set of keys) But, how did you--

Jack: I am the locksmith of love, am I not?

Amy: (runs out of the shed leaving a hole of her) NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Jack: Whoa, I guess not.


Amy: (runs to a bush & hides under it) He'll never find me under here!

Jack: (appears with her) This is bushy love,no?

Amy:AHHHHHHHHHH!!! (hides inside a hot air balloon lifting her up, up & away) Up, up & away! (looking for Jack)

Jack: Lovely view isn't it?

Amy: Well for Sonic, it isn't that......(notices Jack AGAIN)

Jack: (grabs Amy) Ahh my little lovebird, you don't have to be a hot air buffon for me.

Amy: (escapes his grip & looks down a whole view of Station Square) I've got a choice... (sees Jack) EEK! (jumps off hot air balloon)

Jack: WE DIVE TOGETHER! (dives with Amy)

Amy dives into a lake & as for Jack,well,he landed on the ground leaving a hole of him

Jack: I am not in the lake, no.

Amy: (emerges from the lake) That was nuts, he never gives up... (sly grin) So it's time that I fight fire with fire.


Meanwhile Jack kept looking for Amy

Jack: Where are you Pigeon?

Sonic: Phew I've outdone myself.

Jack: Hi, have you seen Amy?

Sonic: No why?

????: Hi lover boys.

(Jack & Sonic turns to see Amy Rose in her Most Beautiful Dress just like the one from Episode 14 in SONIC X)

Both: Wow Amy, you look beautiful

Amy: (giggles) Thank you & you guys are so funny! (grabs both Jack & Sonic) That i want to kiss you both!

Both: (nerveous looks) Kiss me?!

Amy: Oh come on, just a smooch.

Jack: We like to apreciate the offer Amy, but we really must abuie! (Jack & Sonic Runing away from Amy)

Jack & Sonic: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Amy watches Jack & Sonic runing to the sunset in her Normal outfit

Amy: (in french) I am a stnker,no?

Thats all folks.

The End