This is an Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes Episode

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It was a beautiful day & Jack & Blaze THC are ready to go on a Cruise

Jack: I can't believe we're going on a cruise today

Blaze THC: Yeah but the sad thing is that the kids can't come 

Jack: Yeah, who's gonna be the Babysitter

(Just then we hear a rumble & Jack & Blaze THC look to see 1000 Types of Animals running for their lives)

Jack: What the heck?


Jack: What's going on here?

Crocodile: The Tasmanian Devil is on the Loose, run, run, run for your lives (Runs away)


Jack: Tasmainian Devil? We don't have time for Tasmainian Devils, we gotta find a babysitter

Blaze THC:UUGH, I don't have time for this


Taz: (Spinning around like a Tornado & stops) (Snarling, Growling & Gibberish & spots Stardust, Skate Jr. & Jackline)

Blaze THC:Ehem!!!

Taz: Huh?

Blaze THC: (Makes herself look more feircer than Taz) I need a favor!!!

Taz: Huh? Favor?

Blaze THC: (Grabs Taz and telelports to the house)

Taz: (Looks around while speaking gibberish)

Blaze THC: Me and my husband are going on a cruise that won't allow kids, so we need you to babysit Stardust, Skate Jr. and Jackline

Taz: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah (Licking his lips)

Blaze THC: If I find one single fur or quill missing, you will be eating mush at a Hospitle for WEEKS!!!

Taz: Ok.

Daffy: (Watching from the bushes) So that's it, eh? Hmmm, that gives me an Idea to get rid of these kids & make it like an Accident (Evil Laughter)


Jack: We'll be back in 3 days

Jackline:(Cuddling Taz)

Taz: (Notices how cute they are, he changed his mind) Aww. (Rocking Stardust, Skate Jr. & Jackline to sleep) (Humming)

Jackline:(Is asleep)*Purring*

Skate Jr.:(Sucking his thumb asleep)

Stardust: (Having a nightmare)

Daffy: (Hiding behind the Craddle) (Whispers) This is gonna be fun. HOO HOO, HOO HOO! (grabs Stardust, Skate Jr. & Jackline) Got them

Taz: (Spots Daffy) (Roars at Daffy & grabs Stardust, Skate. Jr. & Jackline back & put them back on the craddle) (Glares at Daffy)

Daffy: Mother

Taz: (Attacks Daffy)

Daffy: (has Broozes, some of his feathers are missing & has lumps on his Head) Where did I go wrong?


Jackline:(Crying cause she was nearly kidnapped)

(Shall we have Tikal help)

(Spongebob100: Sure)

Taz: (Covers his ears & screaming in pain)

Stardust: Mr. Taz you ok?

Taz: (Gibberish & points to Jackline crying)

Stardust: Oh, Come on I'll show you, my mommy did this time, If is was ever scared she'd sing my a lulaby

Taz: Huh? How you sing a Lulaby?

(Ya mind playing as Tikal?)

Stardust: I don't sing but Tiakl can

Taz: Me don't sing either

(Spongebob100: Sure)

Tikal: Hello Taz, how is your day? Is their a problem?

Taz: (Gibberish, points to Jackline crying) Do you know how you play the Lulaby?

Tikal: Sure. I'm happy to help

Daffy: (Spots Taz & Tikal with Stardust, Skate Jr. & Jackline) Aha, there is that Tasmainian Devil. I'll give him an Exploding Pineapple (Pulls out his Grenade & pulls the pin out of it)

Tikal: Here goes (sings a lulaby to put Jackline to sleep)

Daffy: (Yawns) I feel a little sleepy (goes to sleep)

Stardust: Thanks Aunty Tikal

Jackline:(Holding Taz's Finger)

Tikal: Your Welcome


Taz: What that?

Daffy: (black covered)



Taz: She hungry

Tikal: (Feeds Jackline with baby food)

Jackline:(Holding Tikals finger)

Tikal: Maybe I can help you babysit Jack & Blaze THC's Kids

Taz: Alright

Stardust:(Nuzzles Taz)

Tikal: Ok

Daffy: (Holding a Club) Here Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty. Here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty. Here Kitty...(Notices the Cats are all around him)

Taz: Excuse me (roars at Daffy & makes the cats scared & starts scratching Daffy's Face in fear)

Daffy: Ow, ohh ohh ow! (throws the Cats into the water, but they all come back up again & daffy dives into the Water making the Cats go away)



Tikal: Don't worry, they'll go away by themselves

Taz: Only 1 day to go

Skate Jr.: (Hads his medicine and is taking his nap)

Jackline:(Cuddling up to Taz)*Meowing*

Taz: Awww.

Daffy: (Lights up the TNT) (Evil Laughter)

Tikal: (Notices Daffy is back) Daffy's back again

Taz: (Grins at Daffy)

Daffy: Here boy, go get the stick. Fetch (Throws the TNT away)

Taz: (Caught the TNT & gives it back to Daffy) Here you go

Daffy: Oh, Thank...


Daffy: (Black covered)

(Phone Rings: It is Blaze THC)

Taz: (picks up the phone) Hello?

Blaze THC: Hey Taz, Put me on speaker please

Taz: Ok (Puts the phone on Speaker) Yes?

Stardust: Hi Mommy

Blaze THC: Hey Sweety, Me and Your Father won't be long


Taz: Ok, how long til you come back

Blaze THC: 2 Hours at least

Tikal: Don't worry, we'll take care of your Babies

Blaze THC: Thanks Tikal

Skate Jr.:(Coughing)

Tikal: (Feeding Skate Jr. some Medicine) Your Welcome, bye

Jackline:(Nuzzles Taz)

Taz: Awww she's cute

Tikal: So what can we feed them next?

Daffy: At first you don't suceed...(Pulls out a Grenande from the Box) Try, Try again (Pulls the Pin & throws it at Taz then close his eyes, plugs his ears & starts counting) 1, 2, 3, 4...

Tikal: Say, it's some kinda of a new tropical Fruit (Picks the Grenade up) Would they like to try it?

Taz: Nope, I don't see fruit all grey, that is yucky

Tikal: No? Well I don't blame you Taz, let's find something else (Throws the Grenade away)

Taz: Ok

(The Grenade lands next to Daffy)

Daffy: 46, 47...(notices a Grenade) Mmmm, a Pineapple (Picks the Grenade up) Hmmm, that's strange, I don't remember a pineapple looking grey, but what the heck. Through the Teeth & in the Gums, look out stomach, here it comes (About to eat the Grenade)


Tikal: (Notices Daffy is all banged up & his feathers from his Upper Body, Arms & Head fall out) Are you alright, Daffy? Maybe you should see a Doctor

Daffy: Ahh, Shad up (falls on his back)

Tikal: Is that a yes or a no?


(With Blaze THC & Jack)

Jack: Hey, honey. I found a book about Tasmainian Animals & a page about a Tasmainian Devil

Blaze THC: And what else?

Jack: It says that the Tasmainian Devil is the most powerful & most Vicious Murderous beast in all of the world with his jaws powerful as a steel-trap , he has ravenous appetite — eats tigers, lions, elephants, buffaloes, donkeys, hippopotamuses, rhinoceroses, giraffes, octopuses, moose, ducks, Aardvarks, Ants, Bears, Boars, Cats, Bats, Dogs, Hogs, Elephants, Antelopes, Pheasants, Ferrets, Gazelles, Stoats, Goats, Shoats, Ostriches, Penguins, Warthogs, Yaks, Newts, Walruses, Gnus, Wildebeests, & especially Hedgehogs, includling his fond of Crossbreeds like Hedgecats

Blaze THC:If I can quite remember I told him that If I found a single Fur or Quill missing He will be eating mush out of a hospital for weeks, so there isn't anything to worry about *Yawns*

Jack: What if he never listens to you?

Blaze THC: Then we will go Jaze on him

Jack: I don't know, the Tasmainian Devil is super Powerful

Blaze THC:Trust me (Extends claws)

Jack: Oh ok, if we get beaten by a Tasmainian Devil, we'll be the ones eating mush out of a Hospital for Weeks

Blaze THC:(Growling)

Jack: Sorry, but we gotta get home fast, but how are we gonna get home super fast?

Blaze THC: Driver, put pedal to the metal please!!!

Driver: Yes maam (Drives without Jack & Blaze THC)

Jack: Hey, come back here!

Blaze THC:(Summons her Speeder Bike)

Jack: Ok, that'll do

Blaze THC: LET'S GO!!!

Jack: Ok (Hops on Blaze THC's Speeder Bike & Puts his helmet) Safety First

Blaze THC:(Gets on, and Floors it)

Jack: Whaaaaaooooo! I hope it's not too late


Taz: (Tickling Jackline) Coochum Coochum


Daffy: That's the last draw, I'll pull out my secret weapon! (Pushes a Cannon & puts a cannonball in the cannon & aims it at the door) Yoo hoo, I got a surprize for ya

Taz: (Opens the door)

Daffy: Here is the surprize (aims the Cannon at Taz) RIGHT IN THE KISSER! !

Taz: (Grabs the Cannonball from the Cannon & goes back inside)

Daffy: Hey, come back here with my Cannonball (Banging on the door) Open up, open up, open...(the door opens itself to reveal a bigger Cannon) ...up. Mother (tries to run away, but the cannon fired at Daffy causing him to fly into his Cannon & accidently fired himself to the Wall & Crashed)


(And the Cannonball landed on Daffy's Head)

Tikal: Oh you change your mind, thank you (Grabs the Cannonball & takes it inside)

Daffy: Your...not...Welcome


Daffy: (Bury the Mines in different places on the Front Yard of Jack & Blaze THC's House) There, I planted the mines, now I know where they are

Stardust:Aunty Tikal he is at it again

Tikal: Don't worry, I'll be back (teleports to where Daffy is)

Daffy: How did you do that?

Tikal; Teleportation & by the way, that makes 2 of us (Takes the Piece of paper of where the Mines are & teleports back) Sorry

Daffy: Oh no, how will I get to you

Tikal: Don't we'll help

Daffy: (Sneaking back to Jack & Blaze THC's House) I hope your right (Steps on a Mine by accident)


Tikal: That's 1

Daffy: (Steps on another Mine by accident)


Tikal: That's 2

Daffy: (Steps on another Mine by accident)


Tikal: That's another makes 3

Daffy: (Steps on a 4th Mine by accident)


Tikal: That's 4

Daffy: (Steps on a 5th Mine by accident)


Tikal: 5

Daffy: (Steps on another Mine by accident)


Tikal: 6

Daffy: (Steps on another Mine by accident)


Tikal: 7, how do you know the mines are there, you only miss the other 13 & are you ok?

Daffy: (Goes back to where he started) Ahhh Shad up (falls on his Belly)

(A speeder bike is heard)

Jackline: (Her left eye begins glowing)

Taz: Huh? Jackline you ok?


Tikal: Look, Blaze THC & Jack are home

Jack: We're back (notices Daffy) Daffy Duck?

Stardust: Daffy tried to kidnap us but thanks to Taz and Aunty Tikal they kept him away

Jack: Thanks Taz & Tikal, we couldn't have done it without you.

Taz: Your welcome

Jack: Not at all, but first my wife & I have something for Daffy for trying to kidnap our Children

Blaze THC: Wanna do Jaze or Black?

Jack: I don't know, we haven't tried Black before

Blaze THC:(Cuts Jack and then cuts herself) Black is a blood fusion of me and you

Jack #1: You know what I don't understand though?

Jack #2: What?

Jack #1: Why did you cut us in half in the first place

(Blaze only cut his palm and hers)

Jack: We have different Blood Types, if we do it now, our blood will be blocked

Blaze THC:Blood FU... SION HA!!!

Jack: I was afraid she said that

(Blaze THC & Jack got fused together to make...)

Black: BLACK

Taz: Ohhh (Licking his Lips) Fresh Meat ! (Attacking Black & Daffy, causing Black to defuse)

(Jack, Blaze THC & Daffy are all banged up)

Jack: (slurry) Is there a doctor in the house? (falls down)

Taz: Whoopsie

Tikal: At least Taz has skills

Blaze THC: Helios

Taz: Huh? Who is a Helios? Where did Fresh Meat go?

(The Helios spell heals Jack)

Jackline:(Nuzzles her dad)

Jack: (Gets up) What just happen? (Notices Daffy is trying to get away) Daffy is trying to get away, we'll have to try again

Taz: Try again what?

Tikal: I think it's better that you stay inside because Black is Jack & Blaze THC

Taz: Uh Oh

Tikal: (Puts Taz back inside) There, ok Taz is in the clear

Jack: It's time to try again (Fuses with Blaze THC back into Black)

Black: Now where we're we? Oh yeah, get Daffy! (Chases Daffy)

Daffy: AHH Hoo hoo, Hoo hoo, Hoo hoo, Hoo hoo, Hoo hoo, Hoo hoo, Hoo hoo, Hoo hoo, Hoo hoo...

(Black chased Daffy into the City)

Taz: (gets confused & then looks at the Audience & shrugs in confusion)

(Back with Daffy)

Daffy: (Notices a Deadend) Oh No! (looks at Black)

Black: (Jack's Voice) We'll send you... (Blaze THC's Voice) All the way...(Both Voices) To the Moon !!!

Daffy: (his pupils on his eyes shrinks in fear) (in Tiny Voice) Mother

Black: (Uppercuts Daffy to the Moon)

(Then Black defuses back to Jack & Blaze THC, they both look up in the sky to see Daffy is been blasted away to the moon with smirks on their faces)

(Meanwhile at the Mountains)

Man #1: (notices Daffy been blasted to the moon) (points upwards) Look up in the sky

Man #2: (notices Daffy been blasted away as well) Is it a bird?

Man #1: Is it a plane?

Man #1 & 2: It's Stupor Duck!

Daffy: (blown away up to the Moon) (normal voice) AHHHHHHHHH !!!


Daffy: (Crashed on the Moon) Ow, what a prediciment (notices Earth) Oh No. How will I get down?

Moon Bugs: NEEEE Whats up Duck?

Daffy: (Looks at Moon Bugs) Oh brother (Facepalms)

"That's All Folks"

The End