The American Moose is an Episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes with only the Indian, Rutt & Tuke


It was a beautiful day & Inside a Mansion is an Indian

Indian: Me go hunt Moose today

Butler: Your Arrow sir (Gives Indian an Arrow)

Indian: Thanks, me come back with Moose (Goes on a hunt for a Moose)


Rutt & Tuke are walking together

Rutt: What a fine day, eh?

Tuke: Gee, I hope there are no Indians today

Rutt & Tuke: (Laughing)

Indian: (Points Arrow at Rutt & Tuke) Halt, you've reached Indian Country

Rutt: You know what, let's run

Tuke: Ok

Rutt & Tuke: (Runs away)

Rutt: Look out, get out of the way

Tuke: Cramp!

Indian: Those are the moose (Chases after them)

Rutt & Tuke: (hides in a Cave)

Indian: Halt, this is Indian Country

(a bear paw appears out of the hole & appears to be a Bear, it scratched the Indian to pieces)

Indian: Me felt bear presences (Fells to pieces)


Rutt & Tuke: (Hiding in a Rabbit Hole)

Indian: Me can't find him anywhere, me find moose somewhere else (Walks away)

Rutt: Tuke, go see if he's still around

Tuke: Ok, eh? (As his head pops out of the Hole, the Indian fired an Arrow threw his Right Antler & tuke came back down) He's still around eh?

Rutt: Really? Let me check (Peeks out of the Hole & the Indian fires another arrow through Rutt's Left Antler & he came back down) Your right, he's still around eh?

Indian: Me found Moose in Rabbit Hole (To Rutt & Tuke) Halt this is Indian Country

Rutt & Tuke: (Comes out of the hole dressed up as Indian Cheifs) Pow! (As they left, the indian wave back at them)

Indian: (Notices Rutt & Tuke's Antlers & their Tails poping out of the Disguise) That's the Moose HALT! (Goes after them again)

Rutt & Tuke: (Tooks off the Disguise & makes a run for it)

Indian: (Looks around) Where did moose go?

Rutt & Tuke: (Dressed up as Indians)

Rutt: Me found Moose in that Cave (Points to the Tunnel with the Train Tracks followed inside)

Indian: I found Moose

Tuke: Me call moose (Blows a Moose Whistle which is acculty a...see for yourself)

Indian: (Aims the Arrow in the Tunnel) HALT! You have no where to hide from the Indian

(A Train comes & runs the Indian over)

(The Moose whistle which is acculty a Train Whistle)

Rutt & Tuke: (Run away)

Indian: (Run over by a Train) Uhhh, Why am I catching Train?


Indian: (Searching for Rutt & Tuke) Ohh! Just wait until me get both Moose

Rutt & Tuke: (Appears as Waiters)

Rutt: Hello & welcome to Shish-kebab, the Fancy Restrurant of Shish-Kebabs everywhere

Tuke: (Takes the Indian to a Chair) Come on in, sir. Don't be shy.

Rutt: And now we represent to you...

Tuke: (Shows the Indian a Shish-Kebab made out of TNT) The Kebab-Snacker!

Indian: (Eats the Shish-Kebab of TNT) Mmmmm


Indian: (Sent flying out of the door)

Rutt: Thank you

Tuke: Come again eh?

Indian: (Sent flying to the River)


Indian: Well me think no moose where I go (Sinks to the bottom of the Ocean)

Rutt & Tuke: Let's go eh? Alright. Here we go (Runs together)


Indian: (Found Rutt & Tuke) Me have found you crazy moose

Rutt: Now look buddy, how about you should try finding the World's Biggest Moose in all of Canada eh?

Tuke: Yeah, eh? It's in that cave (points to the Cave)

Indian: Uh, me think it's train trick again, but me can take any chances (goes inside the Cave) Halt Giant Moose this is Indian Country

The Giant Moose is HUMUNGOUS & starts attacking the Indian

Giant Moose: What do you want shorty?

Indian: Mmm, nothing (runs for his life) Giant Moose To Big, me had betta hut outta here

Rutt: Thanks buddy

Tuke: We couldn't have done it without you eh?

Giant Moose: Your welcome (to Audience) You know, I'm Rutt's & Tuke's Uncle

"That's All Folks"

The End