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Amy Rose (Main Star)

This is the 2nd Movie of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

When some monsters plan to control the Earth, it's up to Amy & her friends to save it.....By playing Basket Ball!

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Chapter 1: Arrival of the Monsters

It was a normal day on Mobius.

Spongebob: (Whistling) Hey Patrick, do you ever get the feeling that you we're being watched?

Patrick: Nope

Edd: It's a very nice beautiful day, I might add

Eddy: Yeah, Yeah, I got the point

Ed: Gravy

Amy: It's a nice day, huh Sonic?

Sonic: Yeah, a nice day out of the open

Reidak: (Eating a Hotdog) Mmm, tasty

Hakann: There's nothing to do

Vezok: Yeah

Zaktan: What should we do today?

Avak: I don't know

Thok: I don't know either

Spongebob: Let's go have some lunch

Patrick: Ok


(On earth, Michael Jordan retires from basketball)

Michael: Playing Basketball is fun, maybe I should try Baseball for a change

(So he tries baseball for a change)

Michael: Ok, I'll try my best in Baseball


(In Outer Space in an UFO, Cerebulon [War of the Monsters] is seeking for some star Attractions for his Failing Theme Park, the "Monster Mountain")

Cerebulon: GRRRRRR! I can't find anything good for my Theme Park now (notices Amy Rose, Sonic, Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok) Aha, it's that Amy Rose & her friends. Maybe their good for being Star Attractions, all I have to do is to capture them & I'll be rich! Monsters, front in center!

(10 Monsters & 2 Boss Monsters from "War of the Monsters" have arrived)

Cerebulon: I want you to get those Attractions to me, NOW!

Goliath-Prime: Yes sir

Vegon: Right away sir


(Back on Mobius, the monsters are now on Mobius)

Amy: Sonic, are those Monsters?

Sonic: I think they are

Spongebob: And their attacking the City

Patrick: Whao

Congar: I found Amy Rose & her friends, get them!

(The Monsters started chasing Amy & her Friends)

Amy: RUN!

(Amy, Sonic, Spongebob & Patrick started running away from the 12 Monsters)

Togera: They're getting away

Preytor: But not for long (flies over them)

Eddy: AHH! Wait for us

Edd: Don't leave us here


(The Eds joins Amy, Sonic, Spongebob & Patrick & then the Piraka joined with them)

Zaktan: I think we need help

Reidak: Heh, no kidding

Vezok: We gotta stop those monsters now!

Avak: Oh tell me about it

Thok: This way

(Our Heroes keep on running away from the Monsters, but the Monsters followed them wherever they go)

Amy: STOP!

(They all stop including the Monsters because their's a Red Light & they wait. We see the Citizens running away from the Right Road to the Left Road & the Green Light went on)

Amy: Ok, we're good

(Our Heroes resumes running away & the Monsters resumes chasing our Heroes)

Spongebob: Does anyone have any bright Ideas?

Amy: We'll not be captured by those Monsters, we betta think of a Place that is safe

Sonic: Like where, Amy?

Hakann: Yeah Amy, where?

Amy: I know just the place, follow me

(Our Heroes followed Amy to the Portal to the Real World)

Agamo: Running away? Here. Let me stop you (Tries to punch our Heroes but he accidently punches Robo-47's Foot)

Robo-47: Ow! (grab his foot & started hopping)

Kinecticlops: Your always getting away

Magmo: Where are they? What have you done to them?

Amy: (Hits Ultra-V with her Gigantic Piko Piko Hammer making Ultra-V crash into Raptros & Zorgalon)

Ultra-V, Raptros & Zorgalon: Owie!

(Our Heroes goes through the Portal to the Real World & it closes by itself)

Goliath-Prime: I'll have my Revenge!

Vegon: We know that

Chapter 2: Meeting Micheal Jordon

(Back on the Real World)

Micheal: Wow, that was tough playing baseball, but at least I tried (Notices a flash of light appearing inside his Closet) Huh? Is someone there?

(In the Closet)

(We can only see Our heroes' Eyes in the Dark)

Sonic: Ames, where are we?

Amy: We're in the Real World, Sonikku

Patrick: Wow, it's so dark in here

Ed: I think I found Swish Cheese

Eddy: Look, we're in a Closet

Edd: A very dark Closet with no Light

Spongebob: It's kinda quiet & small

Hakann: Yeah, I'm getting squished here

Vezok: Me too

Avak: Oh man, we're all squished up together

Thok: I sence we're not alone

Reidak: Anyway, I think we're safe in here

Zaktan: That depends on what you mean by safe

Amy: Ok, how do we get outta here, it's dark in here?

(The closet opens)

Amy, Sonic, Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (Falls out of the Closet)

Amy: Michael Jorden!

Cream: What the?

Amy: Oh sorry Cream, what's going on here?

Cream: I don't know Miss Amy.

Reidak: Can you please tell me, how did you end up in the Real World with us, Cream?

Cream: I'm not the only one!

Zaktan: What do you mean "Not the only..." WHAO!

Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Tikal, Jet, Wave, Storm, Shade, Chaos, Scratch, Grounder & Coconuts: Hello!

SpongeBob: So uh, how did all of you got here?

Patrick: Yeah

Tails: In this safe place

Knuckles: This land of the Real World

Tikal: At least we have is each other

Jet: Come on, you owe us guys!

Eddy: Great, we got stuck in the Real World

Ed: Polly want a Jawbreaker!

Wave: Who's house is this, anyway?

Edd: I guess this is the house of Micheal Jordon

Amy: That's what I'm trying to tell you

Zaktan: Oh

Hakann: Well since we're all here, how did we appear in the Real World inside Micheal's Closet?

Vezok: Maybe they need a hiding spot for the Portal to the Real World & teleported in there

Avak: Are you kidding? There's must be a secret clocked Portal inside this Closet somewhere

Thok: Hmm, nice thinking

Micheal Jordon: (Notices Amy, Sonic, SpongeBob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Cream, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Tikal, Jet, Wave, Storm, Shade, Chaos, Scratch, Grounder & Coconuts) WHAO!

Amy: Uh hi?

Micheal: Whao, I must be dreaming (went up to his Bedroom) What's going on here?

SpongeBob: (Knocking on the door of Micheal's Room) Hello, is anyone in here?

Patrick: Maybe Micheal Jordon needs sleep, I'll crash the Door Down (Charges at the Door)

Amy: Patrick wait !


Patrick: (crashes through the Door) There we go, problem solved

Micheal Jordon: Whao, that Starfish is tough, so why are you guys here for?

Rouge: Well you see, uh...


Shadow: Ed !

Edd: What Ed is trying to say is...

Eddy: We're trying to stop those monsters, but their too strong for us & we've ended up in your World

Edd: EDDY!

Eddy: What?

???: Help!!! (Turns out to be a Raccoon)

Reidak: Who's that?

Micheal Jordon: That's what I want to know too

Storm: Me too

Amy: It's a Raccon. Marine? Is that you?

???: Err i'm from the Looney Tunes universe!!

Amy: Oh right, who are you, little guy?

???: Ron Raccoon. I was suposed to be in an 80's Looney tunes spin-off but it never aired.

Amy: Oh dear, you poor thing

Zaktan: Never aired? But why?

Hakann: We betta hang out here anyway, the monsters are taking over mobius

Vezok: Maybe we should be safe in here

Avak: If they want all of us to be Attractions for their Theme Park, well we...uh...I don't know what happen next

Thok: These Monsters could be trouble

Amy: Guys, do you have any ideas? What do you think Micheal Jordon?

Micheal Jordon: Ohh, look at the time it's 8:50pm, it's time for bed

Amy: But where would we sleep?

Micheal: I wonder if you can sleep in my room and...

Amy: Ok

Micheal: (Sighs) Oh boy

(So Micheal Jordon, Amy Rose, Sonic, Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Cream, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Tikal, Jet, Wave, Storm, Shade, Chaos, Scratch, Grounder & Coconuts all went to bed in Micheal Jordon's Bedroom)

Ron: Hmmm...

Sonic: (In sleep) Mmmm Chilly Dogs

Amy: (Sighs)

(In the Morning)

Micheal Jordon: (Wakes up) Good Morning

Amy: (Yawns) Morning Micheal

Sonic: So what should we do first?

Micheal Jordon: I betta get to the Baseball Match (dresses up in his Baseball Outfit) There we go

Stratch: Very nice

Grounder: Yeah you look stunning

Stratch: (elbows Grounder) Shad up, Grounder!

Grounder: What did I do? What did I do?

Amy: Baseball? I thought your a Basketball Player

Micheal Jordon: I was, but now I've retired

Amy: Retired?

Micheal Jordon: Yeah & now I do Baseball, speaking of which I gotta get going to the Baseball Field for a Match, so watch the house for me ok?

Spongebob: Yeah, sure why not?

Patrick: Don't worry, we'll watch the house for ya

Micheal Jordon: Thanks & don't mess us the house got it?

Edd: Ok then

Eddy: This'll be easy as 1, 2 & 3

Ed: Don't worry Micheal, we'll take care of your house or my name isn't....uh

Micheal Jordon: Ed?

Ed: Maybe

Reidak: (Facepalms) Oh brother

Zaktan: So I guess we could hang out in your home, is that a-ok to you?

Micheal Jordon: Look I'm gonna be late so see ya later (leaves in his Baseball Player Outfit)

Amy: Bye! Retired from Basketball? I wonder why?

Spongebob: I don't know, maybe he needs help, we salute you Micheal Jordon

Amy: Yeah & we will help Micheal Jordon do his best

Patrick: (Looks at the Light Bulbs) Wow! Preaty Lights!

Edd: So what should we do?

Eddy: I don't know

Ed: Like what?

Zaktan: Hmmm (everyone started thinking)

Reidak: I'm bored

Amy: Maybe we should go to the Baseball Game to check on Micheal Jordon, just in case.

Shade: That's good Idea, Amy

Sonic: But how am I gonna carry every single one of you guys at the same time?

Spongebob: I know, we could ride the Bus to the Baseball Game

Patrick: Yeah, but where could we find a bus stop?

Amy: (Spots a Bus Stop) It's over there, let's go!

(Amy Rose, Sonic, Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Cream, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Tikal, Jet, Wave, Storm, Shade, Chaos, Scratch, Grounder & Coconuts goes to a Bus Stop)

Eddy: So now what?

Amy: We wait for the bus

Edd: Yeah, isn't it peaceful waiting for a Bus?

Eddy: BORING !

Ed: (reading his Comic Books) Cool

Reidak: (Spots a Bus) There's a Bus!

Zaktan: Let's go in !

Amy: Do you mind if I go first?

Thok: Oh well, as the manners go, the ladies go first

Amy: Thanks (gets inside the bus & hops on the Drivers' Seat) Come on in guys!

Cream: Okay, Miss Amy!

(Amy Rose, Sonic, Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Cream, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Tikal, Jet, Wave, Storm, Shade, Chaos, Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts & Ron goes inside the bus & Amy drives the Bus to the Baseball Fields to find Micheal Jordon)

Chapter 3: Going to the Baseball Game

Spongebob: (looks around in the Real World) Wow, so this is what the Real World looks like?

Sonic: Yeah, I guess so. It's realistic

Patrick: Wow!

Just then, a pink, cartoon pony with blue eyes, dark pink hair and tatoo ballons Jumps by.

Edd: Someone's coming, stop the bus!

Amy: Ok (stops the Bus & notices a Pink Cartoon Pony) Awww, it's a Cute Pony

Eddy: Pony?!

Ed: Aw, it's cute, the little whatyoumaycallit

Pinkie Pie: Pony/ That's not my name, you silly willy! I'm Pinkie Pie! Want a cupcake? [Pulls out random cupcake]

Patrick: Cupcake?! I like one, I like one!

Amy: Remember Patrick, to say please

Patrick: Oh right. Please?

Pinkie Pie: Okay! :P (Throws Pat the cupcake)

Patrick: (catches the Cupcake & eats it) Mmmmm, yummy!

Spongebob: Wow, Pinkie Pie is really nice

Reidak: I wonder why did she end up in the real world with us?

Zaktan: I don't know, but we betta keep on moving to the Baseball Game to find Micheal Jordon

Amy: Would you like to join us, Pinkie Pie?

Pinkie Pie: Why sure! I just hope they have cupcakes! And a party!!

Amy: Sure, come on in, there's plenty of room in the bus

Pinkie Pie: Yay!! (Jumps in)

Amy: Let's keep on moving!

(Amy Rose, Sonic, Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Cream, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Tikal, Jet, Wave, Storm, Shade, Chaos, Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, Ron & Pinkie goes to the Baseball in the Bus)

Amy: Look we're here!

Sonic: Just in time too, the Baseball Game is about to start

Amy: Ok gang, let's go!

(Our Heroes gets out of the bus & finds their seats to sit down & watch the game)

Amy: They're they are

(They all sit down on our seats)

Micheal Jordon: Ok, I can do this, I can do this

Amy: There he is!

Just then, A cyan pegaus pony with rainbow hair cleared the skies, going REALLY fast.

Rainbow Dash: This is awsome!! (Grins)

Micheal Jordon: Huh? What the? What are they doing here? And who is that with them? (sighs) Oh well, as long I'm next

Sonic: Do you think Micheal Jordon can do this?

Amy: I hope so Sonic

Rainbow Dash: Me? I'm Rainbow Dash! The cooleat Pony in- Ponyvile?

Edd: Welcome to the Real Word, Rainbow Dash

Ed: I love chickens Eddy

Eddy: (Sighs) Your in the real world, ok?

Rainbow Dash: [Lands] This looks, well, real!

Reidak: That's because it is the Real World

Zaktan: He's right

Pinkie: Umm, let's just watch the Game!

Vezok: Ok

Announcer: Well it's a swell day for a Baseball Game folks, Micheal Jordon is up at bat, & Charlie is on the Pitchers' Mount, here's the wind up & the pitch! It's a fast one

Micheal: (hits it)

Announcer: He goes up to 1st, 2nd & 3rd!

Avak: Whao, nice

Announcer: Next up at bat is Pete & Bob is on the Mount, here's the wind up & the pitch, it's a low ball ! And it's a hit, he goes to 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Home!

Thok: That Pete is too good

Hakann: I wonder how the game will go

Amy: We'll find out

Rainbow: I think it needs to be 20% cooler.

Hakann: What? I can't help it, I'm a Piraka of Fire

Thok: I can help it get cooler, after all I'm the Piraka of Ice


(At the near end of the game.)

Raainbow: Best game ever!

Amy: Yeah, anyways. Let's go see Micheal Jordon

Micheal: (Sighs) What a day. I'm almost done

Amy: Hi there

Micheal: Guys, how did you get here?

Spongebob: We use the bus to get there

Micheal: I need some time to do some practice

Reidak: The scores are now 6 - 5

Hakann: Well your in the lead so far

Vezok: There's no need to worry

Micheal: Really?

Zaktan: Really really

Micheal: Ok, I feel much better now

Announcer: And up at the mount is Cannonball Craig, here's the wind up & the pitch! It's a Fast one!'s a hit !

(Micheal Jordon runs to 1st Base, 2nd Base, 3rd Base & the finally Home Base)

Micheal: Done!

(At the end of the game, Rainbow Dash and pinkie Pie are carrying a congrats cloth sign, But Rainbow's idea went wrong, Pinkie was not a pegaus, so she let go by mistake and fell, But just in time, Rainbow Dash went as fast as she could, saved Pinkie and did a Sonic Rainboom, a Rainbow colored Sonic Boom with a rainbow at the end of it. Everyone cheerd)

Micheal: Amazing (Thought: Who are those guys? They look like Cartoons or something. Whatever they did, I think it's brilliant)

Amy: Ok now that the game is over, let's get back home

Micheal: Ok, let's go

Amy: We need to talk ok? Let's drive back home in your car

Micheal: I don't think there's room in the Car (goes inside his car)

Amy: Let's find out, everybody in the car.

Micheal: Wait, wait wait.

(Everyone went inside Micheal's Car, but they end up being squished)

Spongebob: Ow!

Patrick: It tickles!

Hakann: Not happy

Chapter 4: Lunch Time!

(Everyone went back to Micheal Jordon's House in his Car)

Edd: I can't feel my arms

Eddy: Me neither, Ed?

Ed: Yes Eddy?

Eddy: Did you feel anything?

Ed: All except my Stomach, I'm hungry

Amy: We can get something to eat back at Micheal's Place

Micheal: Ok, but I'm squished here & I need some Concertration on the road

Spongebob: Infact we're all squished up in a car like Circus Clowns. Clowns?! Where?

Patrick: (Laughs)

Rainbow: Did you see me?! I was like saving Pinkie and stuff!! The mayor gave me a reward!! Best day ever!!

Reidak: Yeah yeah yeah, we know. By the way, we're all squished here & I can't move

Rainbow: Tsk Tsk tsk.

Zaktan: It means we all can't move

Micheal: We're home, now how do we get out of here?

A Orange- like pony appears, with a neat cowboy/girl hat.

???: Don't worry! By the way, partners, I'm Applejack! (Busts the door open)

(everyone falls out of the car, except Micheal Jordon when they arrived)

Micheal: Thank you, now everybody inside. I think I'll uh...fix the Car Door later

(everyone went inside Micheal's House)

Micheal: What a day

Amy: Thanks Applejack

Applejack: Welcome!

Reidak: What a game, so what do you want to do next? Bowling? Deep Sea Bingo?

Amy: It's nice to be home

Micheal: It's only 2pm, I'll make dinner for all of you at 7pm, got it?

Amy: Ok!

Micheal: Good, if you excuse me, I'll make lunch for you in the kitchen (goes into the Kitchen)

Amy: Guys, I have a question, why would Micheal Jordon retires from Basketball to do Baseball?

Sonic: (Shurgs)

Spongebob: I don't know

Eddy: (to Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash & AppleJack) Ok, now talk. How did you manage to get to the real world?

Applejack: [Shurgs]

Edd: Excuse me, but is there more of you?

Amy: (notices Twilight Sparkle, Rarity & Fluttershy) Uh guys, we have more guests

Edd: (sighs) I've rest my case

Micheal: Ok, I don't want my family to see you. They would flip out. Since my family's out of town for the week. I guess I'm the only one here to watch the house. Anyways, let's have lunch. I'm eating the Healthy way

Amy: Me too, I want to be Healthy too

Micheal: Anyways, Lunch is served

Amy: I'll sit with Sonic.

Sonic: She has to seat next to me

(Later in Lunch Time)

Micheal: (notices everyone is chowing down the food except Amy who learned her Table Manners) Wow, you guys sure are hungry

Amy: Yes we are. I hope the Piraka learned their Table Manners

Zaktan: We heard that!

Amy: Sorry

Sonic: ...

Spongebob: Sonic, how would you like a Krabby Patty? (hands Sonic a Krabby Patty)

Sonic: Ehh, no thanks.

Spongebob: Ok then, more for me (eats a krabby patty)

Edd: Sonic is everything alright?

Sonic: Yeah, i'm cool.

Edd: Oh just checking

Eddy: Oh great, this is just great. Those Monsters are gonna make us Standees for their Theme Park if we ever get back to Planet Mobius

Ed: Monsters bad for Ed!

Sonic: Well aleast it's not as bad as Mario taking over my series!

Avak: (burps) Excuse me. Anyways, what should we do now?

Amy: I guess we're stuck here in the Real World until we stop those Monsters & save our home

Knuckles: I guess we'll have to do it.. By playing basket ball.

Micheal: Did you say Basketball?

Amy: Yes, we said Basketball

Micheal: I maybe retired from Basketball in the real world, but I'm not retired in your world

Amy: Great! Then come with us to our World on Planet Mobius!

Spongebob: Yeah this is gonna be fun

Patrick: Yeah! Whoo hoo!

Hakann: This is going to be fun, let's go!

Micheal: Well alright, let's do this!

Knuckles: Alright!

Amy: Let's go!

(Everyone, including Micheal Jordon goes through the Portal back to Planet Mobius)

Chapter 5: Back at Planet Mobius & the Training Begins

Amy: Here we are, Home Sweet Home!

Micheal: Wow, it's amazing

Amy: Let's start practicing playing Basket Ball

Sally: Sonic! You're back!

Sonic: Oh hi Sally. We got ourselves a visitor from the Real World

Micheal: (bends down) Hello, you must be Sally Acorn, am I correct?

Sally: Yes, Princess Sally Acorn. And you are?

Micheal: My name is Micheal Jordon

Sally: It's very nice to meet you.

Amy: He's one of the legendary basketball players in all of the Real World

Micheal: Yeah, now I'm retired from Basketball. But I'm not retired in your world

Sally: Would you like to meet Rotor?

Amy: Uh which Rotor do you mean? The Orange Helicoptor one or our Rotor? Because we have more than 1 Rotor

Sally: (Sighs) Our Rotor.

Amy: Oh sorry

Xplode, Meltdown, Thunder, Corroder & Rotor (Hero Factory): (appears)

Xplode: What's going on here?

Amy: Guys, I want you to meet Micheal Jordon

Micheal: Hey, how's it going?

Xplode: It's nice to meet you, anyways be careful of my spikes, they are acculty Missiles & they're also prickly

Meltdown: Like a Cactus

Knuckles: Hey! We gonna get started or what?

Amy: Ok ok, Knuckles. We'll start training. Sheesh, next time you have to be paicent

Micheal: (sighs) Let me teach you how to play Basketball

Amy: Ok Let's go!

(They arrived at the Basketball Court with their Basketball Clothing on)

Micheal: We're here, now let's go train

Tails: Okay!

(They started training for Basketball)

Amy: (in her Pink Basketball wear) How do I look?

Reidak: Is this really nesersary?

Amy: Why?

Zaktan: Well...

(Everyone besides Micheal Jordon wears Pink Basketball Uniforms)

Zaktan: We look silly & stupid

Amy: Sorry, it's the only Basketball Uniform we got. Come to think of it, they're all pink. They we're different colours before. I wonder how did this happened?

Sonic: P-pink?!

Amy: Sorry Sonic, it's the only colour they have

Patrick: I don't mind at all, it's like having a Tatoo

Sonic: Sorry Amy, but pink's not my Colo(u)r.

Reidak: Me neither

Micheal: Guys, we need to start practicing for the Basketball Match against those Monsters you we're talking about

Amy: Please all we need is the Basketball Clothing in order for us to qualify in this Basketball Match

Sonic: Fine..

Vezok: Ok, you win. We'll get to wear these Pink Ones

Amy: Sorry, guys. But I knew we could save our Planet

Spongebob: (struggles to pick up a Basketball) Phew. It's really heavy.

Micheal: Maybe I can help you get stronger. Just try doing Push-Ups

Spongebob: Ok (struggles to do push-ups, done one & falls on his belly) One

Amy: It's ok, Spongebob. Just keep practicing & you'll be stronger in no time

Spongebob: Ok, I'll try. (doing push-ups, but only slowly)

Knuckles: (sighs) I'll teach him.

Amy: Thanks Knuckles

Micheal: (to Knuckles) Wow, you sure know how to play Basketball

Knuckles: I meant that i'll teach him to be strong like me..

Micheal: Ok then, good luck.

Knuckles: Okay, weak bones! Pick up this apple!

Spongebob: The names Spongebob (struggling to pick up the Apple) I think I got it

Knuckles: That's just the nickname i gave you. Now do some push-ups!

Spongebob: Yes General Knuckles! (doing some push-ups & he's done a little bit faster than last time) One, two, three...(falls down) four

Amy: How's it going?

Zaktan: We're trying super hard to shoot a basket, but we doesn't seem to get the hang of it

Reidak: Yeah

Amy: Here let me show you, how's it done. (throws the Basketball into the Basket) There you go, 2 Points. Remember Practice makes perfect

Patrick: Practice makes perfect, got it?

Tails: Yeah...

Amy: I wonder how's everyone else is doing

Thunder: Uh, don't wanna bother you on anything, but Xplode is smitten with Sally

Amy: Really? Where are they?

Meltdown: Over there

Corroder: On the bench

Amy: (notices Xplode on the Bench)

Xplode: (starring at Sally Acorn) Wow

Amy: Xplode, can we talk?

Xplode: Not right now, I'm in love with Sally

Sally: Uhhh..

Xplode: Hi Sally.

Amy: Uhh, yeah. I'll get back to you later ok?

Xplode: Ok

Amy: Good. Ok Ed, Edd & Eddy. How did you 3 do?

Edd: (throws the Basketball, but not that far) I'm not good at sports

Ed: (grabs the Basketball) Set! (throws the ball at Eddy)

Eddy: I got it, I got it (catches it, but been blown away into the wall, by a Basketball, that Ed threw)


Eddy: I'm hurt now

Ed: Are you ok, Eddy? (picks up Eddy)

Eddy: (holds up a Fond Finger signaling #1)

Coconuts: (Stares)

Eddy: What are you looking at?

Coconuts: You might wanna look at this..

Amy: Is there something you want to show us, Coconuts?

Coconuts: I've one a trip to Hawaii! And, THOSE MONSTERS ARE BACK!!!

(The Monsters burst through the Walls with their Black Basketball Wear on)

Cerebulon: Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in

Amy: Cerebulon, you & your monsters shall stop this madness at once

Cerebulon: I'm afraid I am the one who is controling the Monsters, including Goliath Prime & Vegon. And who is that? (points to Micheal Jordon)

Amy: This is Micheal Jordon

Cerebulon: You mean "The Micheal Jordon"? The Basketball Legend?

Micheal: That's me & who are you?

Cerebulon: I am Cerebulon & this is Goliath Prime, Vegon, Congar, Togera, Robo-47, Preytor, Raptros, Kinecticlops, Agamo, Magmo, Ultra-V & Zorgalon

Coconuts: Okay...?

Amy: And we challenge you to a Basketball Game

Cerebulon: Very well. If you win, I'll break their trance & I'll go away & leave you alone. But if you lose...(chuckles)

Micheal: Let me guess we're gonna standees for the rest of our lives?

Cerebulon: (jaw drops to the ground & then readjust his jaw) How did you know?

Micheal: After that Basketball match against the Monstars, I know you we're thinking the same thing

Cerebulon: (growls) Well since we're feeling kind today, so we'll give you all just a fair game

Amy: We accept those terms

Cerebulon: See you in a week. And we monsters win the...(notices the Monsters are getting tierd & sleepy) Yadda, yadda, yadda, I'll be sepreme ruler when I win, alright let's go

(The Monsters leave)

Spongebob: Uh, is someone gonna patch up that giant hole?

Knuckles: How could we?

Amy: We betta train for the Match

Micheal: Right. Ok everyone, Let's get back to Training

Tails: (Starts training)

Amy: (starts training)

Micheal: (starts training) You know Amy, your good at being a team captain

Amy: Thanks, I help someone in need of emergencies.

Patrick: (picks up basketball) Hey Jet, Catch! (passes the basketball to Jet)

Jet: (Catches it)

Patrick: Quick, pass it to me, pass it to me

Jet: (Passes it)

Patrick: I got it, I got it! (the basketball crashes into Patrick's Face) (laughing) That tickles

Knuckles: ('Steals' the ball) Okay, Chaos! Catch! (Throws it to Chaos)

Chaos: (The ball Crashes into it's belly)

Amy: (Doing push-ups easily)

Micheal: Wow, your really strong

Amy: Thanks Micheal Jordon

Eddy: Oh Ed (points to the Basketball) Jawbreaker

Ed: JAWBREAKER! (goes after Chaos with the Basketball) YUM, YUM, YUM!

Edd: No Ed, Stop! That basketball is not a Jawbreaker

Ed: (crashes into Chaos by accident & he's inside Chaos because Chaos is made out of Water, but has the Basketball with him on his hands) Comfy?

Edd: Ed, get outta there!

Zaktan: His hand is sticking out, quick pull him out of Chaos

Piraka: (pulls Ed out of Chaos)

Ed: Land Hoe!


Tikal: He said thanks!

Eddy: (laughing) I can't believe Ed feel for the old "Ball as the Jawbreaker" Trick. Man that's too rich!

Edd: Eddy, we need to keep on practicing, not to goof off all willy nilly

Eddy: Alright, alright

Amy: (sighs) How are the ponies doing?

Tikal; Fine!

Amy: Ok, how is their training going by the way, did they make some progress on how to play basketball?

(The ponies are seen trying to play)

Amy: Hi Ponies, how well did you do?

Twilight: Terrible.

Amy: Hmm, let me help you out. (picks up the Basketball) First you bounce the ball like this (bounces the Basketball while dodging the Wooden Mokujins) Ok, your turn

Twilight: ...I don't have fingers. Hooves.

Amy: Oh, this could be a problem. Maybe you imprevise, you can play. Have you tried standing on two feet?

Twilight: (Tries to stand on her hooves, falls)

Amy: Maybe you need some practice on standing two feet (helps Twilight Sparkle get up) Here you go

Twilight: Thanks, I'll try to dribble.

Amy: Your welcome & good luck. And when you get the hang of dribbling, try to shoot the ball into the Basket up there (points to the Basketball Basket)

Twilight: Okay..

Amy: Good luck my little ponies

Spongebob: (getting tired) Phew, can I please get a glass of water? I think I'm...p p pooped. It means that I'm too tired to go on ever further

Amy: Oh

Tikal; (Panting)

Amy: (gives Spongebob & Tikal glasses of Water) Here you go, here's you glass of water

Spongebob: Gee, thanks (drinks his glass of Water)

Tikal: (Drinks) Thank you.

Amy: Your welcome. (her stomach gurgles) (giggles in embarasment) Sorry, I guess I'm hungry. It's almost Dinner Time

Coconuts: I'm up for some oil! I'm running out!!

Amy: (sighs) Let's go. Ok everyone, that's enough training for today, we'll keep on trying tommorrow ok? Let's go have some dinner

Micheal: But wait, where would I sleep?

Amy: You can sleep in my house if you want?

Micheal: Thank you, I am honoured

Amy: Your welcome

Coconuts: Hey! Me, Scratch, and Grounder really need oil!

Amy: (sighs) How about using Alternative Fuel which is Solar Power

Scratch: Okay!

Amy: Solar Power is perfect, it's power is from the Sun Rays from the Sun

Grounder: Thank you.

Coconuts: Psk! We're villians!

Amy: But there is a downside, when the cloud covered the Sun, your done recharging & I think the sun rays you asorbed will last you for about 24 Hours

Coconuts: We'll watch out for that!

Amy: Ok

Just then, a black lab was hiding in the bushes, spying on our heros. "I've got them"

Cerebulon: (appears behind the Black Lab) You mean "We got them"

Black Lab: Here's the deal, i help you get the imps! (Whips her curled tail) Name's Kaz!

Cerebulon: I'm Cerebulon, the Destroyer of Worlds! Just call me Cerebulon

Kaz: Well then, see ya tomorrow!

Cerebulon: Goodbye. With a chance for those Heroes to go KABLOOIE! (evil laughter, but falls) Ow! Broke a Heel !

Chapter 6: Training Excercize

(Day 2)

Kaz: (Hiding)

Amy: Come on guys, it's Day 2. Let's get this Training started

Micheal: Amy, It's nice of you to let me stay at your home. It's nice & cozey in your home

Amy: Thanks Micheal Jordon

Micheal: Your welcome

Kaz: (Still hiding) I know of a place that can make all of you flithy rich! (Snickers)

Cerebulon: (still hiding) (snickers)

Spongebob: Is someone there?

Patrick: I don't know

Amy: All we now is each other. Now come on, let's work together

Kaz: Wait!! I'm begging you!

Amy: Huh? All we need now is training. I'm sorry, but we're very busy

Eddy: Yep

Ed: Eeyup

Edd: I'm sorry, but we're very busy. You'll understand

Zaktan: And we don't even know you

Kaz: Name's Kaz. Now then, anyone willing to fight me?

Coconuts: Uhhh, I will...

Reidak: Fight you? For what?

Kaz: Because i'm helping those monsters! (Screwkicks Coconuts)

Coconuts: (Punches Kaz)

Kaz: (Grins) Your not as weak as i thought. (Slams Coconuts to a tree)

Coconuts: (Slams Kaz to the ground)

Kaz: (Growls) You win. But if ya want to fight me again, (Jumps to a tree) Just call for Kaz.

Amy: (sighs) Oh boy.

Vezok: Oh brother

Kaz: (Growls) (attacks)

Amy: (stops Kaz's Attack) Kaz, please don't disturb our Training

Kaz: Don't tell me what to do!!

Amy: (pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer) Then I'm sorry, but you leave me no chioce (whacks Kaz with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Kaz: (Bites Amy's leg)

Amy: Ow! (whacks Kaz with her Piko Piko Hammer) Kaz you naughty Bow Wow! Stop that ! You know better than that you naughty puppy

Kaz: (Snickers) Don't be serious. (Punches Amy in the face)

Amy: (dodges) Missed me

Sonic: (traps Kaz in a Cage)

Kaz: .............................

Sonic: Gotcha

Kaz: Bunch of rotten pears you are! Pears? Give me one!

Micheal: Wow, is she ever that crazy?

Amy: I don't know (gives Kaz a Pear) Here

Sonic: (zooms out while carrying a Cage with Kaz inside & then comes back without the Cage & Kaz) Don't worry, I've sent her somewhere far away that she won't be bothered from us ever again

Amy: Thank goodness, now come on let's go do some more training

Mighty: Hey!

Amy: Oh hi Mighty! We're just training for the Basketball game against those Monsters. Would you like to join our team?

Mighty: Sure!

Amy: We're wearing our Pink Basketball Clothing, it's the only colour we got. So uh here you go (gives Mighty his own Pink Basketball Clothing) Hope you don't mind

Mighty: Thanks...?

Amy: Your welcome

Mighty: Let's start training!

Spongebob & Patrick: Hooray!

Big: Froggy?

Ed: Tallyhoe! (throws the basketball up super high that it made a hole through the ceiling) Look at the Ball go!

Eddy: Nice one Ed

Big: Froggy!

Edd: I think Big is looking for Froggy

Eddy: Who's Froggy?

Big: My friend! Err- pet!

Edd: Excuse me, Mrs. Cream. But I remember that Ed is allergic to Rabbits so please don't go near to Ed or he might get a big sneeze ok?

Cream: Okay!

Ed: Aw look. It's a Bunny (goes close to Cream)

Edd: Ed! No!

Eddy: That can't be good

Micheal: What is it?

Cream: Good greif.


Ed: (hugs Cream) Cream's cuddley & hugable & her fur is soft (felt his nose is itchy & let's go of Cream) A...AH...AHHHH.....

Eddy: He's gonna Sneeze! Run for it!

Ed: ACHOO! (bounced off of the Walls, the Floor & Ceiling all around the room & he crashed into Edd & Eddy) Whoops sorry about that guys

Cream: (Groans) Charile Brown.

Zaktan: Come on, we don't have time for that ok? We still got lots of practicing to do

Amy: Zaktan's Right, let's get practicing

Micheal: (practicing scoring Points)

Charmy: Now don't steal it from Charile Brown again!

Reidak: Forget about him already!

Yu: (In prison for some reason)

Avak: Excuse me, but what's that kid doing here in Prison?

Yu: Eggman.. locked me in....

Sonic: I knew Eggman is behind this too

Amy: (to Yu) Did those Monsters lock you up?

Yu; I said Robotnik locked me in.

Amy: But his real name now is Eggman (pulls out an ACME Break-Out Skeleton Key [Can Open any Lock no matter what] ) Ok hold on (unlocks it with the ACME Break-Out Skeleton Key & Yu is now free) There you go

Yu: Me and some humans still call him Robotnik. (Play Sonic Adventure, they call him Robotnik when you talk to them)


Amy: But me & my friends still call him Dr. Eggman

Micheal: Who is Eggman?

Amy: We'll tell you who Eggman is

Micheal: Ok, but first let's keep training

Amy: Ok then. I'm gonna go check on the Ponies to see how are they doing with their dribbling

Micheal: Ok

Amy: (to Twilight Sparkle) How are you & your Pony Friends doing?

Twilight: Better.

Amy: Wow, your doing great & remember "Practice makes Perfect"

Micheal: This could be a great match


(Day 3)

Amy: How's your passes coming along Piraka?

Zaktan: It's tremendous, you wanna see

(The Piraka starts passing the Basketball each other, starting with Zaktan passing the ball to Reidak, then Reidak to Vezok, then Vezok to Thok, then Thok to Avak, then Avak to Hakann & finally Hakann to Zaktan & it keeps on going like a pattern)

Amy: Wow! That's Incredible (to Spongebob) How about you?

Spongebob: This working out thing isn't working out [arms bulge in and out] Ow. Ow. Ow.

Yu: (In blue basket ball suit) I've had this ever since i got in the highschool Basket Ball team! (Sighs) The Cougars.. good times...

Amy: Sorry Yu, but the only color Basketball suit we have is the color Pink

Yu: But i was in the Highschool Basketball team, therefore, i get to wear my own suit. (Gets out a bagful of blue basketball suits) The Cougars are back! Now then, put em' babies on!

Amy: Uh, who's the Cougars?

Spongebob: Sorry, but we're already too late, we already call our team "Toon Squad"

Yu: Well, change the color to blue then!

Patrick: Uh Yu? Why is the Colour of the Cougar Basketball Suits change their colour from blue to pink because it's already started

Yu: Hey, i don't like pink. My girlfriend, Ai does. But not me, and most of us don't like pink except for the girls.

Patrick: I don't mind at all, it's like having a tattoo

Amy: Look (picks up the Pink Colour Maker [It's Super Permanent that it never washes off] [Made by Cerebulon]) (gasps) Cerebulon has corruptted our Basketball Suits. But it's really cute

Zaktan: And the Pink Colour is also Permanent too

Reidak: Just deal with it Yu. Who could be crazy enough to wear the Pink Basketball Suits

Jack & Patricia: (appears in their Pink Basketball Suit)

Jack: Hi guys

Vezok: I've rest my case


(Day 4)

Micheal & Amy: (practicing Dribbling the Basketball)

Yu: (Eating a Butterfinger) Nobody gonna lay a finger on my Butterfinger!

Amy: (sighs) Hey Sonic, how's your basketball skills be doing today?

Sonic: (Busy playing Dr. Mario)

Amy: Excuse me, Sonic.

Sonic: What?

Amy: Aren't you practicing for the Basketball Match? It's Day 4 of our Basketball Training

Sonic: Oh, yeah! (Crushes the Dr. Mario game)

Amy: Come on, it's time to train

???: Ahoy, me Sea Cucumbers! Speaking of Cucumbers, yeh got any for me to eat? I'mma Kappa! A japanese water monster thingy!

Amy: (sighs) We're just training for the Basketball Tournament which is on in the next 3 Days

Micheal: And everyone is getting ready

Amy: The "Toon Squad" Basketball Team is training very hard. I came up with the name of the Basketball Team

Yu: I must go, i'm a Knight, and my job is to protect my kingdom.

Amy: But our world will be captured by the Monsters if we don't win the Basketball Game

Yu: Yes, but i protect the land of Korak (Future Japan), i'm also from there.

Amy: Ohh ok then. (to Spongebob) Do we have more players that joins in?

Spongebob: Yes, we have the 24 Contestants in Total Drama & they are Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, LeShawna, Geoff, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, Eva, Harold, Courtney, Beth, Cody, Tyler, Katie & Sadie, Justin, Noah, Ezekiel, Alejandro & Sierra

Amy: Oh ok then. How are they doing?

(The Total Drama Contestants [Minus Noah] are training as hard as they can)

Amy: (notices Noah on the Seat, reading a book) Huh? Noah, what are you doing? I thought you we're going to train for the team

Noah: Sports: They're not my forte, remember?

???: Well, then, perhaps i can join.

Amy: Hello? Who are you?

???: The guy who was talkin' bout' Cumcumbers.

Amy: Huh?

???: You know!! (Hollers "CUMCUMBERS!!)

(Short Pause)

Patrick: I don't get it

???: I. AM. A KAPPA! K-A-P-P-A.

Spongebob: Who?

???: I'm a Kappa. (Faceplams)

Eddy: Nope, never heard of you before

???: Kappa means River child in japanese. And Kappa is a Species!

Edd: I get it now. Kappa means River Child

Ed: I wonder what is he doing here, Double D?

???: Ah yes, i forgot to say that Children and Cucumbers are their main course!

Zaktan: (bonks ??? on the head) ARE YOU GOING TO EAT THOSE CHILDREN?!?!

Reidak: How could you?

???: No!! (Nervous face, smliing)

Vezok: Well it sounds like your gonna eat them & tell us who you are already!

???: The matchmaker.

Avak: Who?

Thok: Who's the Matchmaker?

The Matchmaker: It's me!! I'm a Kappa and a Vampire! I--- AM THE MATCHMAKER!!

Hakann: Oh you are the Matchmaker. I guess your boiling hot. Would you like some Water?

The Matchmaker: Hmph, well i have to wear old sneakers, a destroyed shirt, and old pants! But atleast i have a fine hat an' coat.

Amy: You can wear these (gives the Matchmaker another Pink Basketball Suit with brand new Sneakers) Because your now part of the New Basketball Team: The Toon Squad

Micheal: Good luck out there & keep on training


Amy: Sorry, It's the only color we got

The Matchmaker: Then why don't ya buy some in da store??

Amy: Because they're all sold out & we've already chose the Team Color & Team Name

The Matchmaker: (Growls)

Amy: Hmm (notices the Basketball Team Suits changes from Pink to Red) How's Red sounds?

Spongebob: (holding a bucket of Red Paint) It's the only Colour we've got.

Reidak: (sighs) Finally! Thanks Spongebob

Spongebob: Your welcome

Amy: Now let's try a handicap practice. I want everyone to stand in straight rows of five. While I choose one of you to try to shoot the basketball into the hoop while everyone tries to stop that person from scoring a goal

SpongeBob: Is this the part where we start kicking?

Noah: No, SpongeBob, that's a chorus line.

Amy: He's right

Patrick: Kicking?! I want to do some kicking!

Ezekiel: Aw, I want to do some kicking too, eh

[Patrick & Ezekiel kicks Eva in the butt]

Eva: Ow! Why, you…! [Eva then assaulted Ezekiel & Patrick and pulverized them across the room and out the door]

Patrick & Ezekiel: Ahh!!!! Hahaahahah!!!!!! [Long pause, then patrick & ezekiel both sticks their head back in through the door]

Patrick: Whoever is the owner of the white sedan...

Ezekiel: You left your lights on, eh? [Patrick & Ezekiel walks in with his body in a trombone. As their sits down, the slide bounced up and slid back down, a note played out their mouth, much to everyone's confusion]

Micheal: (sighs) (facepalm) This is going to be a long training session

Chapter 7: Last Day of Training gone wrong

(Day 6)

Amy: Well, I guess we have to chose the Colour Red for our Basketball Suits instead, thanks to Spongebob

Spongebob: Your welcome again

Micheal: And it's our Last day of Training before the Big Game

Amy: And I guess some of you haven't improved since we've began

Patrick: [chews on a trumpet]

The Matchmaker: (Training)

Amy: But I have a theory, People try hard & do their best in the game, right?

Zaktan: CORRECT!

Amy: So if we try hard, people might think we're good, everybody ready? (everyone picks up their basketballs)

Micheal: Good. Let's see how you'll do it

Amy: Ready...Set...GO!

(Everyone apart from Amy & Micheal play hard, but they kept hitting each other with Basketballs making them fall down to the ground)

Reidak: Ouch!

Amy: Ok new threoy, maybe we should play so quickly, no one can see the ball

Twilight: I can't pick up the ball!

The Matchmaker: Well, at least i don't have big meaty hooves!

Twilight: What did you say??

The Matchmaker: Big. Meaty. Hooves!

Duncan: And maybe we didn't sound so bad if some people didn't try to play with their Big Metal Claws

Corrodor: What did you say, Duncan??

Duncan: Big. Metal. Claws! Yes I said it. You wanna piece of me?

Corroder: Well, these claws ain't just for attracting mates.

Duncan: Bring it on, Corroder! Bring it on!

Spongebob: (breaks up Duncan & Corroder's Fight) No people, let's be smart & bring it off

Geoff: (breaking up Matchmaker's & Twilight's Fight) Yeah dudes, let's just chill out. This is getting way to heavy

Rouge: Oh! So now the talking cheese is gonna preach to us!

Cream: (gulps) Sorry about that

Heather: Oh! And now the Party Boy is in charge now!

(Everyone starts to argue)

Amy: Wait, Wait!

Micheal: I know tesions are high...

[Suddendly in a split second everyone gets into a fight]

The Matchmaker: (Hits Tikal with the basketball giving her a black eye)

Trent & Avak: (yelling at each other)

Thunder: [slams a Basketball Backborad at Avak]

Beth: (did the same on The Matchmaker, but with a Drum)

Amy: There's a deposit on those equipment, people!

Rouge: (Screwkicks Beth)

Harold: Hii-Ya! (karate chops Knuckles)

Reidak: (throws Harold away) MOVE IT OR LOSE IT !

Harold: (crashes to the ground) Ow!

[Corroder & Duncan charge at each other with clarinets, joist style. But both quickly went from anger to shock as they try to screech to a halt, but Ed slams them both with his cymbals]


Coconuts: (Groundpounds Shade)

Micheal: Settle down, please!

[Eva and Meltdown are fighting. Eva breaks the Backboard from Meltdown and Meltdown runs away. Patrick & Ezekiel kicks Eva, who chases him with another trombone]

Patrick & Ezekiel: AHHHH!

Xplode: (notices Tyler is about to hurt Sally) I'll save you Sally! (slams Tyler at the wall with the Basketball at his stomach)

Tyler: OW! Darn it!

???: (Thunderous voice) STOP!!!

(But they didn't hear ??? because of all the shouting & fighting)

(While this occurred, a clock moved from 8:59 to 9:00. Everyone stopped fighting when this happened.)

Jack: Well what do you know, class is over.

(With that, everyone started to leave, heading for the front doors)

(Yawning is heard)

Amy: Guys? I don't know what just happened, but please you gotta stop fighting each other. But you've crushed our one chance of happiness into little tiny bite size pieces

Micheal: Guys, I knew I expected better for you people. Anyways, I'm heading back to the real world to rest up. Remember that Teamwork is the best stradegy so far. Anyways, goodbye & thanks (goes through the portal back to the real world)

Lindsay: Uh, your welcome?

Amy: Guys, what kind of monsters are we?

(Everyone turns their attention to Amy)

Coconuts: Crazy ones.

Amy: Micheal Jordon came to us in his hour of need, and we failed him. Micheal's always been there for us when it was convenient for him. Cream, when you & your mother was trapped in a fire, who rescued you?

Cream: Some guy.

Spongebob: A fireman?

Amy: And Cody when a bear attacked you in season 1 of Total Drama, who revived you?

Cody: The doctors at Playas des Losers.

Coconuts: Who was mini me??

(Everyone stares at Coconuts like he's insane)

Amy: Anyways, if we can all just pretend that Micheal was a fireman, or a doctor, then I'm sure that we can all pull together and discover what it truly means: to be in a Basketball Team

Harold: Yeah, for the firemen!

All: (cheers) Hooray!

Amy: Now let's go make Micheal Jordon proud. Ready? 1, 2. 3, GO!

(Everyone does great)

Amy: (to herself) (Thought: Who is that mysterious voice that said "Stop"?) Hmm

Hai: Me..

Amy: Oh hello there, who are you?

Hai: Hai...

Amy: Oh ok then

Sai: Yup. C'mon, Hai!

Amy: Let's do this!

(Everyone cheers)

Chapter 8: Off to the Stadium in Outer Space

(Back in the Real World)

Micheal: (comes out of the closet) (sighs) What a day (goes into his bedroom & goes to sleep on his bed)

(In the morning)

Micheal: (wakes up to see Amy Rose staring at her) WHAO!

Amy: Hi there, it's time to go to the Basketball Tournament

Micheal: What am I gonna do without our team

Amy: Don't worry about them. They're right beside me

Micheal: (notices the Entire "Toon Squad" Basketball Team) Whao!

Spongebob: We're ready to play Basketball, Micheal Jordan

Amy: Come on, let's go to the Basketball Stadium!

Tails: Wait! It's in space!

Micheal: Outer Space? How do we get there?

Amy: Inside a Rocket Ship.

Patrick: Oh, but where is the rocket ship?

Sumo the Godzilla: (Appears with a huge Rocket Ship) Here, midgets!

Eddy: Who are you calling a Midget, chump!

Sumo: (Shrinks his size to a normal mobian) Nevermind, get in!

Edd: I apolagize about Eddy's Behavior

Ed: Slide on the snow, good I will be!

(Micheal Jordon, Amy Rose & the rest of our friends goes inside the rocket)

Zaktan: How do you start the Rocket?

Reidak: Holy seacow, guys. This must be the control room.

SpongeBob: Yeah, Just don’t touch anything. [Patrick starts playing with everything]

Patrick: Look, I’m winning!

Vezok: Patrick, cut that out!

Amy: Patrick, come on, we can’t hang around in here. This is a big rocket, not some kind of a fun… [turns around and looks at herself as thin in the mirror]…house?

Patrick: Woo-hoo! Winner! Yeah! High score!

Thunder: Hey, Patrick, what was that game, anyway?

Patrick: I don’t know! [notices a lever above his head] Let’s see what this does!

Amy: Patrick, I don’t think we should… [Patrick pulls a lever and Spongebob & Patrick launch off the seat out of the rocket]

Patrick: I like rockets. [both Spongebob & Patrick fall back into the rocket]

Micheal: (sighs) Toons, you can't live with them, you can't live without them. Because they make people laugh

Hakann: Yep

Patrick: More! More!

Edd: No more! [Patrick presses a button and all of them shake a lot then stops]

Amy: Wow, that was fun

Eddy: Okay, one more. [shake again] Okay, that’s enough. Let’s go to outer space.

Ed: Oh, wait, I think this one starts it. [Amy stops Ed from pushing a button]

Amy: Ed, what are you doing? I’m the space traveler here and I happen to know that that particular button is right over here. [presses the engine button and the ship starts up and is blasting off]

Avak: You started the rocket!

Amy: (straps in her Seatbelts) Hold on Micheal, this could get preaty fast

Micheal: Why?

Sumo: (Shurgs)

(The Rocket goes up, up & away, all the way into Outer Space)

Patrick: Hold on, buddy! [while screaming, the others, except Amy are falling down to the bottom of the ship. The ship enters space and both of them start to float] Hey, we stopped falling!

Amy: Look! [points at the dark galaxy] We’re in space now!

HF Rotor: Whee! [all except Amy (who is straped in her seat belt) float around in the ship]

Patrick: Hey! Whoa! Somebody get me down, or up, or something! [Corroder laughs as the ship is going through Outer Space]

Xplode: Wow, it's beautiful, isn't it guys?

Micheal: It sure is, that's the Second time I've been into space, the first time is when I helped the 1st Generation of the "Toon Squad" win the Basketball Game

Owen: Wow, that's awesome!

Micheal: And you guys are the 2nd Generation of the "Toon Squad" with Amy Rose as the Team Captain

Amy: Thanks Micheal

Micheal: No problem

Amy: Sally? How much time do we have to get to the Stadium in Outer Space?

Sally: (Gasps) An hour!

Amy: Come on, let's go team!

Sumo: Oh yeah.

Harold: Whao. Cool

Sumo: And how's it just Cool?

Harold: That we're in Outer Space, GOSH!

Sumo: Pheh!

Amy: Guys, we're here.

(We see a Stadium hovering in Outer Space)

Sumo: Huh?

Spongebob: Wow, I never seen a Stadium in Outer Space before

Patrick: Me neither, come on.

(Everyone goes inside the Stadium & they are in the Docking Bay)

Micheal: We're here guys

Eddy: Yeah, I just hope that...[sees Cerebulon in his Black Basketball Outfit with the words that says "Monsters"] …CEREBULON DOESN'T FIND OUT! CEREBULON!! AH! What are you doing here?

Cerebulon: I'm here as the team captain of my team: The "Monsters".

(Congar, Kinecticlops, Togera, Robo-47, Preytor, Agamo, Magmo, Ultra-V, Raptros & Zorgalon appears in the same Basketball Outfit as Cerebulon's Basketball Outfit)

Amy: And may the Best team win

Cerebulon: Ha!

Sumo: (Bouncing a basket ball)

Amy: Let's play Basketball !

Cerebulon: And may the Best Team Win!

Sumo: (Grins) Yeah.

Amy: Let's do this team !

Chapter 9: The Game Begins!!!

(Team "Toon Squad & Team "Monsters" arrived inside the Basketball Stadium)

Patrick: Whao, these are some scary looking monsters

Spongebob: Maybe we're near a Dump or something

Eddy: You think?

Edd: I don't think that's possible

Ed: I think I swallowed a Bug

Amy: Ok everybody. Let's win one for Mobius!

Sumo: Uh huh!

(The Basketball Game begins with Amy bouncing the Basketball first heading towards the Monster's Basketball Hoop)

Congar: (blocks Amy's Path) Your not going anywhere!

Sumo: (Behind Congar) Oi!

Congar: Huh?

Knuckles: (with Sumo) *growls*

Amy: (passes the Basketball to Spongebob)

Spongebob: (catches the ball) Whao, this is really heavy

Knuckles: To you it is.

Agamo: (charges at Spongebob)

Amy: Spongebob, look out !

Spongebob: (notices Agamo) AHHH! (passes to Cream, but not that far) Phew

Agamo: (grabs the Basketball & starts bouncing it all the way to the Toon Squad's Basketball Hoop)

Xplode: Quick, somebody stop Agamo!

Knuckles: (Pounces on Agamo)

Agamo: (still going because the Monsters are 100 FT Tall) OUT OF MY WAY! (throws Knuckles away)

Sumo: (Chuckles) He's acting like a baby!!


Agamo: (accidently squashed Sumo flat like a pancake)

Amy: Ow! That's gotta hurt

Agamo: (shoots the basketball into the Basket & scores)

Toon Squad - 0, Monsters - 2

Spongebob: Sumo? Knuckles? Are you two ok?

Sumo: (Ingores and grabs the ball)

Amy: Uh Sumo, you shouldn't be straining yourself to much. You must rest easy

Micheal: (helps Knuckles get up) You ok, Knuckles?

Knuckles: YEAH YEAH!!

Micheal: Ok, just checking if your hurt or something, that impact from Agamo is very strong.

Amy: Don't worry, we can catch up

Owen: She's right ! (grabs the Basketball) Let's go get our Oogie Boogie Groove on!

Gwen: Yeah, I know Owen but...

Owen: (bounces the Basketball, passing the Monsters, except Goliath Prime) Here Ezekiel ! Heads Up! (passes the Ball to Ezekiel)

Ezekiel: (catches the Ball) Got it eh?

Kaz: (Blocks) Guess who's back.

Ezekiel: (passes the Ball to Duncan)

Duncan: (catches the ball) And guess who's gonna be squished. (shoves Magmo to Kaz) Move it or lose it !

Magmo: WHAO! (accidently steps on Kaz, squishing her flat like a Pancake) Sorry.

Amy: (to Kaz) Don't tell me that you've joined the Monsters basketball team, did you?

Kaz: Of course i did. (To Sumo) And you joined too, handsome.

Amy: But your not ever a Monster, Kaz

Duncan: (shoots the Basketball in the Basket & scores) He shoots, he scores!

Toon Squad - 2, Monsters - 2

Owen: Nice shot Duncan

Duncan: Thanks Owen

Sumo: (Has the ball, passes it to Rouge while blushing) heh...

Rouge: Oh thank you, Sumo (giggles)

Togera: (charges at Rouge)

Rouge: (dodges out of the way) Missed me

Scratch: Over here!!!

Rouge: (passes the ball to Scratch) Heads up!

Kaz: (Blocks Scratch's path) You're going nowhere.

Zaktan: (grabs the Basketball without Kaz seeing him) (smirks)

Kaz: (Growls) ...

Zaktan: Don't move (jumps on Kaz's Head, then Raptros' Head, then Congar's Head & finally Ultra V's Head & then jumps up, shoots the Basketball into the Basketball Hoop & scores) (Lands) Yeah !

Toon Squad - 4, Monsters - 2

Micheal: Nice Shot Zaktan

Zaktan: Thanks

Kaz: It's my turn now. Hey, Magmo, catch! (Passes it to Magmo)

Magmo: (catches it easily) (bounces the Basketball & goes to the Toon Squad's Basketball Hoop to score)

Kaz: get it...

Magmo: Got it

Ezekiel, Noah & Justin: (goes after Magmo)

Magmo: (grabs Ezekiel with his top left hand, grabs Noah with his bottom right hand & grabs Justin with his Bottom left hand) Gotcha!

Ezekiel: I forgot that Magmo has 4 Arms

Magmo: (shoots the basketball into the Basketball Hoop with his Top Right Hand & scores)

Toon Squad - 4, Monsters - 4

Magmo: (throws Ezekiel, Noah & Justin away)


Noah: OW!

Justin: Not the face

Kaz: (Snickers)

Noah: (to Kaz) Ahhhhhh Shad up!

Eddy: (grabs the Basketball & starts bouncing it) Catch me if you can! (passes the Monsters & Kaz)

Sumo: Hey hey hey! Yeah, Fat Albert refernce. Over here!

Eddy: (throws the ball at Ed) Catch Lumpy!

Ed: (caughts it in his mouth & spits it out & bounces the ball) Knock Knock !

Togera: (rams into Ed & steals the ball from him) Gotcha !

Edd: Ed are you ok?

Ed: North to Alaska!

Knuckles: (Steals the Ball from Togera)

Togera: HEY!

Cerebulon: That's it ! (steals the Ball from Knuckles) I had enough ! Monsters, it's time to play the game, rough! (shoots the Basketball into the Basketball Hoop)

Toon Squad - 4, Monsters - 6

Cerebulon: SCORE !

Amy: We're not giving up that easily

Tikal: Yeah.

Amy: (picks up the Basketball) Ok Tikal, it's your turn (passes the Ball to Tikal)

Tikal: (Passes it to Twilight)

Amy: Catch, Twilight !

Micheal: And try your best

Twilight: (Passes to Grounder)

Preytor: (charges at Grounder)

Grounder: (Shoots the Ball)

Preytor: (jumps up & tries to catch the Ball, but misses)

Toon Squad - 6, Monsters - 6

Preytor: RATS!

Congar: (grabs the Ball) Alright it's time that the Monsters play Dirty !

Kaz: (Flirting with Sumo)

Congar: (being sneaky & passes Sumo very quietly)

Katie & Sadie: They're getting away with the Ball ! (goes after Congar)

Kaz: (To Sumo) Sorry, handsome! I'll flirt with you next time!

Sumo: (Blushes) I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND!!

Congar: (shoots the ball into the basketball hoop)

Toon Squad - 6, Monsters - 8

Katie: (grabs the Ball & starts bouncing it towards the Monsters' Basketball Hoop)

Sadie: Katie !

Katie: Sadie ! (passes the ball to Sadie)

Sadie: (catches the ball)

(The Looney Tunes cast can be seen cherring For the Toon Squad)

Sadie: (passes the ball to Amy)

Amy: (Shoots the Basketball into the Basket)

Toon Squad - 8, Monsters - 8

Amy: Yeah!

Micheal: Nice shot

Amy: Thanks Micheal !

Kaz: We've got to catch up!!

Robo-47: AHH, SHADDAP! (stomps on Kaz) We know that you don't have to remind us


Cerebulon: (slams Kaz & Robo-47 in the Head) BOTH OF YOU SHAD UP!!! Or am I gonna smack your mouths right off your faces!

Kaz: Well he started it!

Cerebulon: I don't care who started it, just go & score a point or else I'm gonna smack your mouths right off your faces & you (points to Kaz) Your not even a Monster

Kaz: Hmph. (Grabs the ball, starts dribbling it)

Vezok: (steals the ball from Kaz & starts dribbling it to the Monsters' Basketball Hoop)

Kaz: IT'S OUR TURN NOW!!! (Grabs the ball from Vezok and shoots it into the Toon Squad's BasketBall hoop)

Avak: (catches the ball with his mouth before it goes into the Toon Squad's basketball hoop) (spits the basketball) Close, but no banana (shoots the ball into the Monsters' Basketball Hoop)

Toon Squad - 10, Monsters - 8

Vegon: (Mouth #1) Kaz, your not worthy of being a Monster. (Mouth #2) Your not even one (grabs Kaz with his 3rd mouth & throws her away out of the Basketball Court) (Mouth #3) Now beat it !

(Crumbling is heard, Giga Bowser appears amd is 100ft tall)

Cerebulon: Now that's a Monster.

Amy: Bowser? What's he doing here?

Micheal: Who's Bowser?

Amy: (Points to Giga Bowser) That's Bowser in his Giga Form!

Spongebob: Poor Kaz, she got kicked out by her own Team & replaced her with Giga Bowser.

Patrick: What do we do?

(A Kaz with sharp fangs, blood red eyes, no clothes except for a bra [ not covering her ceast, just breasts ], red horns, dragons wings, and a whip appears, it's Demonic Kaz)

Edd: Please put your Pants on!

Eddy: And I'm desprate enough to believe ya.

Ed: It's a Boy! I forgot what that is, maybe it's another one. Well that's a keeper. (grabs the ball & throws it super hard, makes the basketball bouncing off the walls, the floor & the Ceiling & into the Monster's Basket)

Toon Squad - 12, Monsters - 8

Eddy: Lucky Shot, Ed,

Ed: Who put out the Tarter Sauce?

Giga: I'm not here to play (Pins the ball) i'm here to finish it. (Breathes fire)

Amy: Hey! You stop your madness right now Giga Bowser.

Micheal: I'm afraid I'm gonna ask you to leave.

Giga: Make me, Jordan.

Micheal: (sighs) I thought you we're gonna say that. (snaps his fingers)

Patrick, Ed, the Piraka & Owen: (lifts Giga Bowser up with their Combine Strength & throws him out of the Basketball Stadium)

Zaktan: Now how do you like that, looks like in space, no one can hear you scream. And I can't hear him.

Amy: Let's get back to the game.

Heather: (grabs the ball) How are doing?

Ultra-V: (rams into Heather & steals the ball from Heather)

Noah: Sports: they're not my forte remember?

Meltdown, Thunder & Corroder: I got it ! I got it ! I got it ! (tries to stop Ultra-V, but he rams all 3 into the ground) Ow!

Kinecticlops: They got it.

Ultra-V: (shoots the ball into the Toon Squad's Basketball hoop)

Toon Squad - 12, Monsters - 10

Xplode & Rotor (Hero Factory): You ok guys?

Meltdown: FINLAND!

Xplode: Oh brother. How are Ezekiel, Noah & Justin doing?

Amy: They'll be alright for now.

Micheal: It's not over yet

Amy: Right, we'll keep on trying our best!

Sumo: (Glares at Demonic Kaz) You, you l-

Kaz: (Punches Sumo into the wall) Regret it. I'm joining your team.

Duncan: You what?!

Piraka: You What?!

Amy: But why would you join our team Kaz?

Kaz: No need for question this time, let's go.

Togera: (grabs the Basketball & bounces towards the Toon Squad's Basketball Hoop & scores)

Toon Squad - 12, Monsters - 12

Chapter 10: Interference by Eggman

(A Round man with facial hair and blue glasses appears)

The Man: Game's over, Amy.

Amy: Looks like we're ahead by 2 Points. (Notices the Man) Dr. Eggman?! What are you doing here?

Eggman: Oh, nothing. I just wanted to drop in... and destory you guys!

Micheal: I don't think so. (goes in front of the Toon Squad) You want them, then you have to go through me, cause I'm Micheal Jordan, Legendary Basketball Player.

Eggman: Okay. (Push Jordan out of his way) Now then, behold of the Biolizard..... TWO!!! (Points to a giant Biolizard, except it's robotic and is updated)

Amy: (pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer) We don't have time for this. We're in a middle of a Basketball Game. (slams her Piko Piko Hammer on the Biolizard II)

Micheal: There's Mud in your eye! (throws a Basketball at the Biolizard's Eyes, destroying the Robotic Eyes, blinding the Biolizard)

Amy: Is it just me, or was it deja vu all over again?

Sonic: We can't stop it just like this! We need the emeralds!!

Spongebob: But their back on Planet Mobius, how do we get them now?

Micheal: Emeralds?

Amy: They called Chaos Emeralds, you need all 7 to activate your Super Form.

Micheal: I think you guys...(holds up the 7 Chaos Emeralds) Forgot these.

Amy: It's the Chaos Emeralds! Where did you get them?

Micheal: Well during training, I sorta found them all while you guys are training

Amy: (grabs the 7 Chaos Emeralds) Thanks Micheal

(The Monsters comes closer to the Toon Squad)

Amy; Looks like we're tied with the Monsters, but right now we have to stop Eggman's Biolizard first

Sonic: Let's do this!

Amy: (the 7 Chaos Emeralds goes around her) Right ! Time to take that Boilizard down, Super Sonic Style! (turns into Super Amy)

Sonic: Mind sharing, Ames?

Super Amy: Of course Sonikku (grabs Sonic's Hand) Micheal? How about you?

Micheal: I don't know, that's a lot of energy. But I'll give it a shot

Super Amy: (grabs Micheal's Hand with her other hand) Here goes! (shares her Super Form energy with Sonic & Micheal, transforming both Sonic & Micheal into their Super Forms)

Super Micheal: Whao (notices his Basketball Gear changed from Red into Golden) So this is what a Super Form feels like?

Super Amy: Yes, a super from has loads of Positive Energy.

Sliver: How about me and Shadow join?

Super Amy: Sure, the more help, the better (Shares her Super Form Energy with Shadow & Silver, transforming them both into their Super Forms) There you go.

Shadow: Now, i'll show you my true power!

Super Amy: Let's do it, to it !

(Super Amy, Super Micheal, Super Sonic, Super Shadow & Super Silver charges at the Biolizard II, full force)

(Biolizard II attacks them)

Super Amy: (Dodges) Whao! That was close.

(It fires lasers at then, then roars)

Super Amy: Guys Watch out! (dodges the laser)

Super Micheal: (dodges the Laser)

Super Amy: (Pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer in it's Super Form which is Golden instead of Yellow & Silver instead of Silver) I'll show you the true power of my Piko Piko Hammer! (smashes the Biolizard with her Super sized Piko Piko Hammer)

Super Shadow: Chaos... BLAST!!!

Super Sonic: Just like the good ol' days, eh, Shads?

Super Shadow: Hmph.

Super Micheal: You two defeat this Beast called Biolizard before?

Super Shadow: Course'. But he's gotten stronger..

Super Amy: Then we'll have to stop the Biolizard II the hard way!

Super Sonic: It'll take double the attacks!

Super Amy: Ok, Let's do this!

(They attack Biolizard II twice)

Super Micheal: Amazing.

Super Amy: We got that Biolizard weaken for now. We need to find it's weak spot to stop that Biolizard.


Super Micheal: Hey, I'm a Human, remember that? And by the way, the names, Micheal Jordon! (attack the Biolizard II, very hard)

Super Shadow: (Attacks)

Super Amy: (attacks with her Super Piko Piko Hammer)

(Biolizard II is weakened)

Super Amy: Ok, Micheal, Sonic, Shadow & Silver, let's all combine our powers to defeat this Robotic Beast !

(The Monsters witnesses the Super Forms)

Cerebulon: (gasps) It can't be.

Vegon: It is

Goliath Prime: The Super Forms

Cerebulon: Monsters, do something?

Congar: Sorry, but your on your own, cause...

Congar, Togera, Robo-47, Preytor, Raptros, Kinecticlops, Agamo, Magmo & Ultra-V: WE QUIT ! (goes to the Toon Squad's Side & glares at Cerebulon, Vegon, Goliath Prime & Zorgalon)

(Super Amy, Super Micheal, Super Sonic, Super Shadow & Super Silver charges right through the Biolizard II)

(The monster is destoryed)

Super Amy: Yeah!

Super Micheal: (notices a Basketball) We still have a game to finish. And only 10 Seconds left. (grabs the Basketball & goes to the Monster's Basketball Hoop)

Vegon, Goliath-Prime & Zorgalon: (tries to catch Super Micheal, but he's too fast)

Cerebulon: VENGENCE IS MINE!!!

Super Micheal: I don't think so ! (goes over Cerebulon, streaching out his Arm, extending more like a toon)

Cerebulon: What the?!

(Using his extendable arm, supplemented by the power of toon physics, Jordan manages to make the basket and win the game)

Toon Squad - 14, Monsters - 12

Game Over, Toon Squad Wins!


Eggman: NO! My monster!!

Super Micheal: And that's how we play Basketball.

Super Amy: You've lost once again, Eggman.

Super Micheal: Now then Eggman (grabs Eggman) Your going to Jail ! (throws Dr. Eggman inside a cage, very hard, because he is in his Super Form)

Super Amy: (traps Dr. Eggman inside a Cage) Now your trapped, Eggman.

Eggman: Grrrr!

Spongebob: We've won the Basketball Game

Patrick: Yeah ! Whoo Hoo !

Cerebulon: I can't believe that I've lost.

Super Amy: Now then, about our deal. We win, that means you'll leave Planet Mobius alone.

Cerebulon: Ok, but how did 9 of those Monsters break my trance in the middle of a game?

Kaz: Cause they wouldn't want a fool as a leader!

Cerebulon: That tears it, this means war ! The Deals off ! (swats everyone away except Amy & Micheal)

Super Amy: Cerebulon's gone mad !

Cream: We better stop him!

Super Micheal: But how?

Super Sonic: Well, i could defeat Perfect Chaos by myself!

Super Amy: We're facing Cerebulon & we need to find a Weakness inside of Cerebulon's 1st & 2nd Forms & then we weaken the 3rd & Final Form of Cerebulon. Sonic, I won't let you get destroyed by that mean Cerebulon. I'll help you stop that Cerebulon

Super Micheal: (turns back to normal)

Micheal: Don't worry, I'll get everyone else back to the Rocket.

Super Amy: Ok, good luck

Micheal: Thanks

(Micheal Jordon leads everyone back to the Rocket, leaving Super Amy, Super Sonic, Super Shadow & Super Silver facing Cerebulon)

Chapter 11: Super Amy, Super Sonic, Super Shadow & Super Silver vs. Cerebulon, Vegon, Goliath-Prime & Zorgalon

Super Amy: Let's stop that Big Alien, Cerebulon, Vegon, Goliath-Prime & Zorgalon. There's 4 of us & 4 of them, we'll choose who's fighting who.

Super Sliver: Same.

Super Amy: Silver you fight Zorgalon, Shadow you fight Vegon & Sonic you'll fight Goliath-Prime while I fight Cerebulon. Let's do this !

Super Sonic: Yeah!

(Super Silver fights off against Zorgalon, Super Shadow fights off against Vegon, Super Sonic fights off against Goliath-Prime & Super Amy fights off against Cerebulon)

Super Shadow vs. Vegon

Super Shadow: Chaos.... BLAST!!

Vegon: (Got hit & all 3 of his Plant Heads fall down, being knocked out, because he's a Giant Plant Monster)

Super Shadow: (Attacks Vegon while he's knocked out)

Super Amy: Be careful Shadow. Vegon has 3 Venus Fly Trap-like heads. Don't get too close to Vegon's Mouths or you might get chewed up to bits.

Vegon: (wakes up & tries to Bite Super Shadow)

Super Shadow: (Avoids Vegon's Plant Heads)

Vegon: Hold still will ya!?

Super Shadow: (Does 'chaos spear')

Vegon: (got hit) (grows roots & the roots tries to attack Super Shadow from below)

Super Shadow: (Dodges the Roots)

Vegon: (Spits Toxic Acidic Vemon at Super Shadow)

(Shadow does chaos control, and attacks Vegon)

Vegon: (got hit) ARGH!!!

Super Shadow: (About to do a homing attack on Vegon) Give up yet?

Vegon: Never! (stretches his neck, trying to bite Super Shadow)

Super Shadow: Too bad. (Does a Homing Attack on Vegon's head)

Vegon: (his First Head got hit & got knocked out) (Head #2) Hey, that hurt ! (Head #3) Yeah, what he said.

Super Shadow: (Does a homing attack on the other heads)

Vegon: (got hit & his Right Head got knocked out) (Head #2) I will have my revenge! (his Middle head got knocked out & Vegon is now knocked out)

Super Shadow: Hmph.

Super Silver vs. Zorgalon

Zorgalon: (tries to blast Super Silver with his Laser Gun)

Sliver: (Dodges and attacks Zorgalon)

Zorgalon: Stand still ! (tries to grab Silver with his Crab Claws)

Sliver: (Avoids)

Zorgalon: (grows long extra Robotic Arms with Large Wreaking balls for hands) Your gonna get it, Hedgehog ! (tries to attack Super Silver with his Long extra Robotic arms)

Super Sliver: (Uses his physic powers)

Zorgalon: (notices he is floating due to Silver's Physic Powers) Hey! What's the big idea?

Super Sliver: (Slams him to the ground)

Zorgalon: Ouch! (gets up very carefully) You nearly damaged my brain

Super Sliver: (Attacks)

Zorgalon: (got hit & been blown away by the blast) AHHH!!! (crashes into a Wall & Zorgalon's knocked out)

Sliver: (Grins)

Super Sonic vs. Goliath Prime

Goliath-Prime: (starts throwing Bombs at Super Sonic)

Super Sonic: (Dodges the bombs and attacks)

Goliath-Prime: I'll crush him ! (tries to crush Super Sonic)

Super Sonic: (Charges at supersonic speed, that he's a blur)

Goliath-Prime: Stand still, wherever you are !

Super Sonic: Never! (Does a homing attack)

Goliath-Prime: (got hit) Augh! You'll pay for that ! (tries to attack Super Sonic)

Super Sonic: (Kicks)

Goliath-Prime: (got hit again) Ow !

Super Sonic: (Punches)

Goliath-Prime: I'll kill you ! (throws more Bombs at Super Sonic)

Super Sonic: (Grins) Like that's gonna happen! (Spin dashes)

Goliath-Prime: (got hit again) (malfunctions a little bit)

Super Sonic: (Rams into him)

Goliath-Prime: (malfunctions as Sparks fly off of his body) Oh No !

Super sonic: Wait for it....

Goliath-Prime: (shuts down & falls on his back)

Sonic: Do you know who i am?

Super Amy Rose vs. Cerebulon

Super Amy: (charges Cerebulon)

Cerebulon: (Tries to attack, but Amy attacks first so he got hit) I'll get you!

Super Amy: Not today ! (smashes Cerebulon with her Super Piko Piko Hammer)

Cerebulon: (got dizzy, but then shakes his head to snap himself out of his dzzy trance)

Sonic: Heh, Ames did it.

Cerebulon: I'm not giving up that easily.

Super Amy: I knew he was gonna say that (starts smashing Cerebulon with her Super Piko Piko Hammer)

Cerebulon: (got dizzy again, but more dazed) It really damages my brain.

Super Amy: 1.....2.....3! (smashes Cerebulon on Cerebulon's brain with her Super Piko Piko Hammer, dealing Cerebulon heavy damage)

Cerebulon: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! (rear back, howling in agony, clutching his hemmoraging brain) (falls down with his brain Damaged)

Super Amy: And your out, Cerebulon !

Shadow: Hmph..

Super Amy: (turns back to normal)

Amy: That was close. Come on Sonic, Shadow & Silver. Let's go back to the others & head back to Planet Mobius.

Sonic: What she said!

(Amy, Sonic, Shadow & Silver heads back to the others, who are waiting next to their Rocket)

Amy: We're back.

Micheal: Your ok, but how...?

Amy: Thanks to our Super Forms, we've manage to stop Cerebulon, Goliath-Prime, Vegon & Zorgalon.

Micheal: Amazing job back there.

Knuckles: I'd hate to say it... but Amy did... awesome!

Amy: Thank you Knuckles.

Micheal: Now then, about those 9 other monsters.

Congar: Look, we're sorry about teaming up with those Monsters

Kinecticlops: We don't wanna listen to those 4 Evil Ones, no way, no how.

Agamo: For now on, we'll live on Planet Mobius with you guys. Is it a deal?

Amy: Apology Accept & yes, but promise me you'll behave or else I'll give you the Piko Hammer Slammer

(Everyone giggles)

Amy: It's a working name for my Piko Hammer Abilities.

Micheal: Come on, let's go home.

(Everyone + Congar, Togera, Robo-47, Preytor, Raptros, Kinecticlops, Agamo, Magmo & Ultra-V goes inside the Rocket & heads back to Planet Mobius)

Chapter 12: Home Sweet Home

(They've landed back on Planet Mobius)

Amy: Home Sweet Home.

Pinkie Pie: OOO! Should i, like, throw a super duper scooper big party?

Amy: Ok Pinkie Pie, let's have a party!

Pinkie Pie: (Setting up)

Micheal: (sighs) What a long day I had.

Spongebob: I didn't know you can stretch your arm like that.

Patrick: Yeah, just like a cartoon.

Pinkie Pie: (Humming while baking the goods)

Ed: Yummy Bake goods

Eddy: (sighs) What a day.

Edd: It appears that we had won against the Monsters.

Zaktan: Yeah I guess we did.

Shadow: Thanks for the obvious.

Zaktan: Your welcome

Pinkie: Okay, let's get ready to PAR-TAY!

Amy, Spongebob & Patrick: YEAH !!! (Starts dancing)

Eddy: Let's Mambo!

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (starts dancing)

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (starts dancing)

Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, LeShawna, Geoff, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, Eva, Harold, Courtney, Sadie, Beth, Cody, Tyler, Katie, Justin, Noah & Ezekiel: (starts dancing)

(Music playing)

Owen: Whoo Hoo !

Micheal: (smiles)

Twilight: I still can't beleive that Amy and the others defeated those monsters!

Micheal: Yeah, they did great.

Zaktan: And I still can't believe that Micheal scores the winning basket for our team!

Fluttershy: (Nodds in agreement)

Amy: Thanks for helping us win the Basketball Game, Micheal Jordon. You really are a legendary basketball player

Micheal: Your welcome Amy.

Rarity: I gotta say, darling. You did brilliant.

Micheal: Thank you Rairity, you guys are great at basketball. Just remember two thing, 1.: "Pratice makes Perfect" & 2.: "Have Fun!"

Rainbow: Are ya kidding me, Rarity... "Brilliant"? HE DID AWESOME!

Amy: (giggles)

Micheal: You guys did great. Thanks for helping me regain my skills as a basketball player. I'll go back to the real world now

Amy: And there's your ride home (points to the portal back to the real world)

Micheal: Good bye everyone & remember, have fun. (walks up to the portal)

Amy: Hey Micheal Jordon, enjoy your future. It's gonna be great !

Micheal: I will, thank you & good bye (goes through the portal taking him back to the real world)

Rainbow D: Heh, that guy's good.

Amy: He sure is, Rainbow Dash. He sure is


(Micheal Jordon returns to the real world)

Micheal: I made it back home (looks up towards the sky) Goodbye my friends & thank you.

Credits Song #1: Space Jam End Credits Music

Credits Song #2: More Healthy! (Tekken 1 & 2)

Credits Song #3: My Sweet Passion (Amy Rose's Theme Song)

(After the Credits, Amy appears in front of the "Warner Bros" Sign, holding a Basketball in her hand)

Amy: That's all Folks!

The End